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7 Dividend Dynamos with a Yield of More Than 7%


Despite signs of a slowing economy, investors continue to climb the wall of worry. And let's face it, many of the most popular technology stocks are the opposite of value investing.  

So is now the time to buy dividend stocks? Not according to billionaire hedge fund manager David Einhorn, who recently expressed his belief that value investing is dead.  

Those are harsh words for investors who enjoy the passive income and compounding growth that come from great dividend stocks. However, while Einhorn is offering a new investing methodology, the basics of dividend investing still hold.  

If you want buy-and-hold stocks to build wealth slowly, there aren't many better options than high-yield dividend stocks. That's particularly true during periods of high inflation.  

In this presentation, we cover seven stocks that all have a dividend yield of over 7%. As you would expect, energy stocks and material stocks are heavily represented on our list, but as you'll see you can find high-yield dividend stocks in many sectors of the economy.

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