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Matthew Paulson - Founder of MarketBeat.com I (Matthew Paulson) founded MarketBeat.com (then called Analyst Ratings Network) in 2011 with the mission of creating high-quality stock research tools and making them available to investors at all levels. Early on, I recognized that the best research tools in the world are useless unless they are backed by comprehensive, accurate and up-to-the-minute financial data. After realizing that existing financial data providers offered incomplete and fragmented datasets, I set out to create the most comprehensive datasets of analyst ratings, earnings, dividends, insider trades and other financial data points and began making that data available through our website and our daily newsletters for free.

Five years later, MarketBeat has grown by several orders of magnitude but our core mission remains the same: making real-time financial information easily accessible to investors at all levels. By offering unique and proprietary datasets along with a modern and intuitive user interface, MarketBeat has become the go-to resource for retail and institutional investors alike. More than two million people visit MarketBeat.com each month and more than 435,000 investors subscribe to MarketBeat's daily email newsletter. MarketBeat's reporting has also been featured by a number of major financial media outlets, including Barron's Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, MarketWatch and Seeking Alpha.

MarketBeat offers a variety of free market calendars and a free daily email newsletter that contains a comprehensive summary of analysts' upgrades and downgrades called MarketBeat Daily Ratings. MarketBeat also publishes a premium daily newsletter called MarketBeat Daily Premium that offers investors an easy way to keep track what is happening with their stocks. MarketBeat All Access subscribers have access to a suite of advanced research tools that they can use to analyze their portfolio and research potential investments. If you're not sure which of MarketBeat's products is right for you, check out our compare products page.

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Matthew Paulson
Founder, MarketBeat.com