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PFE   48.29 (-3.32%)
NFLX   242.70 (-0.58%)
S&P 500   4,207.27 (-0.07%)
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QQQ   324.08 (-0.57%)
AAPL   168.49 (-0.44%)
MSFT   287.02 (-0.74%)
META   177.49 (-0.48%)
GOOGL   118.84 (-0.72%)
AMZN   140.64 (-1.44%)
TSLA   859.89 (-2.62%)
NVDA   179.42 (-0.86%)
NIO   20.82 (+3.84%)
BABA   94.87 (+2.64%)
AMD   98.12 (-0.94%)
MU   62.32 (+1.50%)
T   18.04 (+0.17%)
CGC   3.15 (-4.26%)
GE   78.90 (+2.28%)
F   15.83 (+2.13%)
DIS   117.69 (+4.68%)
AMC   25.46 (+7.56%)
PYPL   99.11 (+0.20%)
PFE   48.29 (-3.32%)
NFLX   242.70 (-0.58%)

Insider Trading Activity (Form 4 Filings)

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CompanyInsider NameBuy/SellShares Bought/SoldTotal TransactionShares Held After TransactionTransaction DateDetails
3M stock logo
John Patrick Banovetz (EVP)Sell3,145$472,756.40 14,0848/10/2022
AAR Corp. stock logo
AAR Corp.
David P Storch (Director)Sell25,000$1,170,250.00 315,0908/10/2022
ACCO Brands Co. stock logo
ACCO Brands Co.
Roxanne M Bernstein (EVP)Buy10,000$66,200.00 10,0008/10/2022
Agilysys, Inc. stock logo
Agilysys, Inc.
John Mutch (Director)Sell2,000$98,920.00 38,4238/9/2022
Aldeyra Therapeutics, Inc stock logo
Aldeyra Therapeutics, Inc
Perceptive Advisors Llc (Major Shareholder)Buy15,000$117,750.00 11,350,0858/10/2022
American Equity Investment Life Holding stock logo
American Equity Investment Life Holding
Jeffrey D Lorenzen (EVP)Sell25,000$1,000,000.00 36,4398/9/2022
AmerisourceBergen Co. stock logo
AmerisourceBergen Co.
Steven H Collis (CEO)Sell11,480$1,655,990.00 205,1788/9/2022
AMETEK, Inc. stock logo
Steven W Kohlhagen (Director)Sell3,000$380,430.00 45,9648/10/2022
Apple Hospitality REIT, Inc. stock logo
Apple Hospitality REIT, Inc.
Glade M Knight (Chairman)Buy5,000$81,050.00 493,0938/9/2022
Bank of Hawaii Co. stock logo
Bank of Hawaii Co.
Peter S Ho (CEO)Sell5,500$449,185.00 239,1818/10/2022
Becton, Dickinson and Company stock logo
Becton, Dickinson and Company
Samrat S Khichi (EVP)Sell9,185$2,392,141.40 5,9288/9/2022
BigCommerce Holdings, Inc. stock logo
BigCommerce Holdings, Inc.
Jeffrey Gordon Richards (Director)Sell27,302$519,830.08 75,6338/9/2022
CBIZ, Inc. stock logo
CBIZ, Inc.
Chris Spurio (Insider)Sell13,222$598,295.50 163,5888/10/2022
Commerce Bancshares, Inc. stock logo
Commerce Bancshares, Inc.
John W Kemper (CEO)Sell4,285$310,276.85 184,3038/10/2022
Compass Diversified stock logo
Compass Diversified
Anholt Investments Ltd. (Major Shareholder)Sell146,937$3,483,876.27 7,937,8828/10/2022
CoStar Group, Inc. stock logo
CoStar Group, Inc.
John W Hill (Director)Sell1,400$104,286.00 20,5988/10/2022
Cummins Inc. stock logo
Cummins Inc.
Srikanth Padmanabhan (Insider)Sell6,020$1,336,500.20 22,0208/10/2022
Desktop Metal, Inc. stock logo
Desktop Metal, Inc.
Ric Fulop (CEO)Buy30,000$92,700.00 20,253,9998/11/2022
DigitalOcean Holdings, Inc.
Amy Butte (Director)Sell5,000$250,000.00 34,7608/10/2022
Douglas Elliman Inc. stock logo
Douglas Elliman Inc.
Ronald J Kramer (Director)Buy10,00053,300.00 40,0008/9/2022
Energy Transfer LP stock logo
Energy Transfer LP
Kelcy L Warren (Chairman)Buy1,591,092$17,406,546.48 49,578,4778/9/2022
EPAM Systems, Inc. stock logo
EPAM Systems, Inc.
Jason D Peterson (CFO)Sell1,662$705,917.88 11,7628/9/2022
Everest Re Group, Ltd. stock logo
Everest Re Group, Ltd.
John A Weber (Director)Sell3,000$812,760.00 3,0968/11/2022
Flagstar Bancorp, Inc. stock logo
Flagstar Bancorp, Inc.
Reginald E Davis (EVP)Sell750$30,210.00 1,1488/9/2022
Fox Factory Holding Corp. stock logo
Fox Factory Holding Corp.
Dudley W Mendenhall (Director)Sell2,000$208,860.00 10,1108/9/2022
Fox Factory Holding Corp. stock logo
Fox Factory Holding Corp.
Christopher Tutton (Insider)Sell8,055$831,356.55 11,7128/9/2022
Fusion Pharmaceuticals Inc. stock logo
Fusion Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Steven Gannon (Director)Buy44,400$90,132.00 56,4008/11/2022
Genco Shipping & Trading Limited stock logo
Genco Shipping & Trading Limited
Cayman Gp Ltd. Ccp II (Major Shareholder)Sell25,000$437,500.00 30,8028/9/2022
Green Plains Partners LP stock logo
Green Plains Partners LP
Michelle Mapes (Insider)Buy5,000$64,400.00 14,2428/9/2022
Haverty Furniture Companies, Inc. stock logo
Haverty Furniture Companies, Inc.
Steven G Burdette (President)Sell6,250$187,500.00 8,5778/11/2022
Innovative Industrial Properties, Inc. stock logo
Innovative Industrial Properties, Inc.
Alan D Gold (Chairman)Buy1,000$94,220.00 212,3088/10/2022
Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. stock logo
Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
David B Weiner (Director)Sell11,875$31,587.50 892,6258/11/2022
Integra LifeSciences Holdings Co. stock logo
Integra LifeSciences Holdings Co.
Lisa Evoli (EVP)Sell1,165$65,018.65 17,9978/10/2022
International Money Express, Inc. stock logo
International Money Express, Inc.
Adam P Godfrey (Director)Sell150,000$3,799,500.00 1,869,5918/10/2022
Kellogg stock logo
Kellogg W K Foundation Trust (Major Shareholder)Sell146,153$11,000,936.31 56,877,9918/10/2022
Lattice Semiconductor Co. stock logo
Lattice Semiconductor Co.
Sherri R Luther (CFO)Sell10,000$629,600.00 135,8118/10/2022
M&T Bank Co. stock logo
M&T Bank Co.
Kirk W Walters (Director)Sell21,116$3,800,880.00 6,1348/9/2022
Merchants Bancorp stock logo
Merchants Bancorp
Randall D Rogers (Vice Chairman)Sell10,000$280,000.00 100,1948/9/2022
Mettler-Toledo International Inc. stock logo
Mettler-Toledo International Inc.
Gerry Keller (Insider)Sell450$593,473.50 558/9/2022
Morningstar, Inc. stock logo
Morningstar, Inc.
Joseph D Mansueto (Chairman)Sell10,529$2,688,264.28 12,378,8138/10/2022
MSA Safety Incorporated stock logo
MSA Safety Incorporated
William M Lambert (Director)Sell28,767$3,627,806.37 42,8698/9/2022
NetScout Systems, Inc. stock logo
NetScout Systems, Inc.
John Downing (EVP)Sell3,000$101,010.00 116,0868/9/2022
NetScout Systems, Inc. stock logo
NetScout Systems, Inc.
Michael Szabados (COO)Sell7,500$254,175.00 40,3108/9/2022
Northfield Bancorp, Inc. (Staten Island, NY) stock logo
Northfield Bancorp, Inc. (Staten Island, NY)
Patrick Louis Ryan (Director)Sell3,500$51,905.00 45,2088/10/2022
Nucor Co. stock logo
Nucor Co.
Kenneth Rex Query (EVP)Sell5,000$708,200.00 76,1008/10/2022
Omega Flex, Inc. stock logo
Omega Flex, Inc.
Mark F Albino (Director)Sell888$106,053.84 269,2098/10/2022
Omnicom Group Inc. stock logo
Omnicom Group Inc.
Michael J Obrien (VP)Sell18,000$1,268,460.00 131,1188/9/2022
PTC Therapeutics, Inc. stock logo
PTC Therapeutics, Inc.
Stephanie Okey (Director)Sell2,296$118,519.52 1,8678/9/2022
QuantumScape Co. stock logo
QuantumScape Co.
Kevin Hettrich (CFO)Sell56,437$666,520.97 475,9588/9/2022
Radius Health, Inc. stock logo
Radius Health, Inc.
Rubric Capital Management Lp (Major Shareholder)Buy4,012$40,400.84 6,963,3178/10/2022
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. stock logo
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Christine A Poon (Director)Sell15,000$9,313,650.00 1,8728/9/2022
RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd. stock logo
RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd.
Brian Gerald John Gray (Director)Buy7,500$979,650.00 23,6218/10/2022
Reservoir Media, Inc. stock logo
Reservoir Media, Inc.
Ezra S Field (Director)Buy13,000$98,670.00 67,9408/9/2022
Rocky Brands, Inc. stock logo
Rocky Brands, Inc.
James L Stewart (Director)Buy1,000$27,930.00 18,8408/11/2022
SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. stock logo
SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc.
Daniel C Mayer (Insider)Sell2,000$109,800.00 11,0388/10/2022
Stem, Inc. stock logo
Stem, Inc.
Saul R Laureles (Insider)Sell14,125$211,875.00 16,4538/10/2022
SunPower Co. stock logo
SunPower Co.
Douglas J Richards (EVP)Sell23,912$619,320.80 23,9098/10/2022
SunPower Co. stock logo
SunPower Co.
Vichheka Heang (Insider)Sell14,000$349,300.00 5,0468/10/2022
Targa Resources Corp. stock logo
Targa Resources Corp.
Regina Gregory (Insider)Sell6,494$437,630.66 55,5928/10/2022
Templeton Global Income Fund stock logo
Templeton Global Income Fund
Saba Capital Management, L.P. (Major Shareholder)Buy6,232$29,415.04 32,486,1398/9/2022
The Carlyle Group Inc. stock logo
The Carlyle Group Inc.
Carlyle Group Inc. (Major Shareholder)Sell181,938$8,416,451.88 40,897,6248/9/2022
Tidewater Inc. stock logo
Tidewater Inc.
Robert Robotti (Director)Buy560,224$9,999,998.40 2,669,2718/9/2022
United States Cellular Co. stock logo
United States Cellular Co.
Deirdre Drake (EVP)Sell7,364$225,927.52 8,6238/10/2022
Universal Display Co. stock logo
Universal Display Co.
Lawrence Lacerte (Director)Sell10,366$1,194,266.86 190,3668/9/2022
Upland Software, Inc. stock logo
Upland Software, Inc.
Ian Burk (Insider)Sell16,748$187,745.08 72,0818/9/2022
Vistra Corp. stock logo
Vistra Corp.
Paul M Barbas (Director)Buy8,000$199,200.00 90,4448/10/2022
VOXX International Co. stock logo
VOXX International Co.
Beat Kahli (Director)Buy10,000$93,000.00 4,930,0008/10/2022
Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. stock logo
Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc.
Gerhard Zeiler (Insider)Buy20,000$293,800.00 230,5078/8/2022
Xylem Inc. stock logo
Xylem Inc.
Victoria D Harker (Director)Sell5,000$501,300.00 21,0998/10/2022
Yum! Brands, Inc. stock logo
Yum! Brands, Inc.
David Eric Russell (VP)Sell4,454$527,888.08 17,2668/10/2022
ZoomInfo Technologies Inc. stock logo
ZoomInfo Technologies Inc.
Carlyle Group Inc. (Major Shareholder)Sell181,938$8,416,451.88 40,897,6248/9/2022
Insider Trading - What You Need to Know

In a digital world, insider trading is becoming easier, and harder, to define

According to the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) insider trading “refers generally to buying or selling a security, in breach of a fiduciary duty or other relationship of trust and confidence, while in possession of material, nonpublic information about the security.”

That definition would seem to imply that insider trading violations only occur when someone acts on the information. However, the SEC also says that insider trading violations also include the act of “tipping” inside information.

This is because for something to constitute insider trading individuals must have access to information that the general public does not have the ability to access. And, the individuals then act on that information to inform trading usually of specific equities.

Continue reading this article to help you understand the topic of insider trading. We’ll define insider trading and look at important specifics such as what makes someone an insider, why insider trading is harmful to markets and to the point we just made under what conditions insider trading can be legal.

What Three Conditions Have to Be Met for Insider Trading to Occur?

There are three conditions that have to be met for an act of insider trading to be illegal:

  1. Information must be passed along by an insider.
  2. The individual(s) receiving the information must act upon (traded) that information.
  3. The trading activity must take place before the tipped information is available to the general public.

That last point is a key one to understand. In many cases, the information used for a trade becomes public knowledge. The point is that if an individual were to find out something days or weeks before the general public, they could prepare a trade to maximize their own gain.

Two Examples That Help Explain Insider Trading

Two recent high-profile cases illustrate the relationship between insiders and insider trading. The first involved American retail businesswoman, writer, and television personality Martha Stewart. In this case, Stewart received a tip from her broker who worked at Merrill Lynch. Stewart did not work for the company in question nor did she work for Merrill Lynch. However, she was an existing shareholder of the stock in question.

Stewart was convicted of insider trading based on evidence that she had made trades before the information that was tipped to her became public. She served five months in prison and two years of probation including five months under house arrest.

The other case involves Mychal Kendricks a professional football player. Kendricks entered and exited trades based on information he received from an acquaintance who was a broker with Goldman Sachs. This case was a bit greyer because Kendricks was not a client of the broker. Nevertheless, he was given access to confidential information that could materially affect the price of the securities he traded prior to that information being released to the public. Kendricks served one day in prison, was sentenced to three years of probation and 300 hours of community service.

How is the Word Insider Defined in Insider Trading?

Once again, let’s look at what the SEC has to say about this. The commission says the definition of who is an insider “can include officers, directors, major stockholders and employees of an entity whose securities are publicly traded.” This is a broad definition that is intended to presume that insiders should put the company’s interest ahead of their own.

The SEC policy states that, in general, “an insider must not trade for personal gain in the securities of that entity if that person possesses material, nonpublic information about the entity.” They go on to say that individuals “must not disclose that information to family, friends, business or social acquaintances, employees or independent contractors of the entity.” However, an insider may make trades or discuss the information after it has been made public.

As it relates to insider trading, the definition of “insider” expands even more. In fact, any individual who buys or sells shares of a security based on inside information can be guilty of insider trading.

What Harm is Being Done Because of Insider Trading?

The first reason that insider trading is harmful relates to the insider’s fiduciary duty. A common question that gets asked is why shouldn’t individuals benefit from having insider information? The answer is they are supposed to put the company’s interests ahead of their own. This includes brokers and analysts who have access to this information. When that information is traded on, they are allowing that information to be used to benefit others ahead of the company.

This idea of benefiting some to the exclusion of others leads to the second fundamental harm of insider trading. It violates the principle of transparency. When the market is functioning properly both retail and institutional investors have access to the same information. At times, you already hear retail traders claiming the market is a rigged game. If insider trading was allowed to proceed without any consequences, retail investors would lose even more confidence in the market.

How is Insider Trading Different from an Idle Conversation?

In reality, it’s not but it has to do with intent of the person giving the information. In the case Dirks v. SEC, the Supreme Court determined, “the mere disclosure of material, nonpublic information, by itself, does not necessarily constitute a breach of an insider’s fiduciary duties.”

What does that mean in plain terms? If someone overhears a conversation in which insider information is disclosed, they can act on the information if they were not aware that it was confidential. This was the premise behind the ruling in the Dirks v. SEC case.

At that time, Barry Switzer was the head football coach at the University of Oklahoma. Switzer overheard a conversation between the former CEO of Texas International and his spouse while at a track meet in Texas. The former CEO had no idea that Switzer heard the information and Switzer had no idea the information was confidential. The case went to trial and the Supreme Court ruled that the CEO did not breach his fiduciary duties. However, this was only because the CEO was engaged in what he had reason to believe was a private conversation. If he was relaying that information to Switzer himself, even if he believed the information wouldn’t be acted on, it would have met the standard for insider trading.

At What Point Does Receiving Inside Information Become Insider Trading?

The key definition of insider trading stems from the word trading, which constitutes an action. Here’s a hypothetical example.  Jane is an executive at XYZ Company. She knows that the company is going to acquire another company and shares that information with family and friends before it becomes public information.

In and of itself, that does not constitute insider trading. It does, however, become insider trading if anyone who is privy to that information uses it to make enter and/or exit trades prior to the information going public.

The same logic goes for those that receive the information. If they don’t act on it, then it’s just information. If they make trades based on it, then it constitutes insider trading.

However, this serves to clarify the importance of the insider not disclosing the information. They may trust their family members and close friends to not trade the news. However, once the information is out, they have less control of who else may hear about it and act on it.

How Can Insider Trading Ever be Legal?

With every example we’ve discussed, how can insider trading ever be legal? The answer is only under very restrictive conditions. First, the trade must be reported to the SEC via a Form 4 within two business days of when the trade occurred. This will make the trade part of the public record. Additionally, the trader must list all the company’s directors and officers along with any share interest they have in a Form 14a filing.

Although insider selling frequently draws the attention of retail investors, the reality is that company insiders sell company stock. And they can do so for a lot of reasons, many being personal.

Information about insider trades is available on many financial websites. However, the best place to look is the SEC’s EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval) database. Furthermore, SEC rules prevent insiders from trading company stock within any six-month period.

With that in mind, it’s more telling when insiders buy their company’s stock. To do so under those conditions, an investor could not be blamed for presuming the company’s outlook was good.

The Bottom Line on Insider Trading Comes Down to Intent

Insider trading seems simple enough to understand, and yet it’s one of the more misunderstood terms in the financial world. It’s not as abstract as “you know when you see it” but whether something constitutes insider trading really comes down to access and intent.

The everyday retail trader or investor has access to more information than ever before. And there are professional traders and analysts who publish content to keep fueling this news cycle. In a certain way, that makes defining insider trading a little easier. Simply put, there’s a lot of information, including speculative rumors, that is found in the public domain.

In the end, there are two basic questions that have to be asked. One is the information idle speculation or is it credible information from someone with access? Second, is the information in the public domain?

In the case of illegal insider trading, the intent is to act on inside information before the public has knowledge of it. In this way, a select few “insiders” can profit from the information.

However, legal insider trading has always existed. And if properly disclosed, it can be a benefit to retail and institutional investors as a supplement to fundamental or technical analysis.


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