S&P 500   3,091.84 (+0.16%)
DOW   27,691.49 (+0.00%)
QQQ   201.54 (+0.29%)
AAPL   261.81 (-0.15%)
FB   194.47 (+2.56%)
MSFT   147.07 (+0.66%)
GOOGL   1,297.21 (-0.08%)
AMZN   1,778.00 (+0.36%)
CGC   19.25 (-5.17%)
NVDA   209.61 (+0.69%)
MU   46.90 (+1.38%)
BABA   186.97 (+0.14%)
GE   11.42 (+0.62%)
TSLA   349.93 (+1.40%)
T   39.17 (-0.51%)
AMD   36.71 (+1.10%)
F   9.04 (-0.44%)
ACB   3.57 (-1.38%)
PRI   129.95 (+0.56%)
NFLX   292.01 (-0.74%)
BAC   33.09 (-0.27%)
GILD   64.32 (-0.50%)
DIS   138.58 (+1.35%)
S&P 500   3,091.84 (+0.16%)
DOW   27,691.49 (+0.00%)
QQQ   201.54 (+0.29%)
AAPL   261.81 (-0.15%)
FB   194.47 (+2.56%)
MSFT   147.07 (+0.66%)
GOOGL   1,297.21 (-0.08%)
AMZN   1,778.00 (+0.36%)
CGC   19.25 (-5.17%)
NVDA   209.61 (+0.69%)
MU   46.90 (+1.38%)
BABA   186.97 (+0.14%)
GE   11.42 (+0.62%)
TSLA   349.93 (+1.40%)
T   39.17 (-0.51%)
AMD   36.71 (+1.10%)
F   9.04 (-0.44%)
ACB   3.57 (-1.38%)
PRI   129.95 (+0.56%)
NFLX   292.01 (-0.74%)
BAC   33.09 (-0.27%)
GILD   64.32 (-0.50%)
DIS   138.58 (+1.35%)
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Upcoming Conference Calls

Below you will find a list of upcoming earnings conference calls for publicly-traded companies. Public companies often schedule conference calls to discuss their earnings or share other information with investors. Learn how individual investors can utilize conference calls.

Date of CallCompanyTitle
11/13/19CAE (CAE)CAE Earnings Call
11/13/19Cisco Systems (CSCO)Cisco Systems Earnings Call
11/13/19PagSeguro Digital (PAGS)PagSeguro Digital Earnings Call
11/13/19Spectrum Brands (SPB)Spectrum Brands Earnings Call
11/13/19Copa (CPA)Copa Earnings Call
11/13/19Semiconductor Manufacturing International (SMICY)Semiconductor Manufacturing International Earnings Call
11/13/19Arcos Dorados (ARCO)Arcos Dorados Earnings Call
11/13/19Energizer (ENR)Energizer Earnings Call
11/13/19Meritor (MTOR)Meritor Earnings Call
11/13/19Perspecta (PRSP)Perspecta Earnings Call
11/13/19Fiverr International (FVRR)Fiverr International Earnings Call
11/13/19Luckin Coffee (LK)Luckin Coffee Earnings Call
11/13/19Beazer Homes USA (BZH)Beazer Homes USA Earnings Call
11/13/19OneSmart International Edun Gr (ONE)OneSmart International Edun Gr Earnings Call
11/13/19Clearsign Combustion (CLIR)Clearsign Combustion Earnings Call
11/13/19Ctrip.Com International (CTRP)Ctrip.Com International Earnings Call
11/13/19Evogene (EVGN)Evogene Earnings Call
11/13/19Tower Semiconductor (TSEM)Tower Semiconductor Earnings Call
11/13/19Westell Technologies (WSTL)Westell Technologies Earnings Call
11/13/19Stratasys (SSYS)Stratasys Earnings Call
11/13/19Ping Identity (PING)Ping Identity Earnings Call
11/13/19Tetra Tech (TTEK)Tetra Tech Earnings Call
11/13/19Edap Tms (EDAP)Edap Tms Earnings Call
11/13/19Harrow Health (HROW)Harrow Health Earnings Call
11/13/19Atento (ATTO)Atento Earnings Call
11/13/19Cheetah Mobile (CMCM)Cheetah Mobile Earnings Call
11/13/19Fuel Tech (FTEK)Fuel Tech Earnings Call
11/13/19Summer Infant (SUMR)Summer Infant Earnings Call
11/13/19Gladstone Capital (GLAD)Gladstone Capital Earnings Call
11/13/19Ideal Power (IPWR)Ideal Power Earnings Call
11/13/19S&W Seed (SANW)S&W Seed Earnings Call
11/13/19Alpine Immune Sciences (ALPN)Alpine Immune Sciences Earnings Call
11/13/19Change Healthcare (CHNG)Change Healthcare Earnings Call
11/13/19China Yuchai International (CYD)China Yuchai International Earnings Call
11/13/19Cyren (CYRN)Cyren Earnings Call
11/13/19Enservco (ENSV)Enservco Earnings Call
11/13/19Alithya Group (ALYA)Alithya Group Earnings Call
11/13/19Energy Focus (EFOI)Energy Focus Earnings Call
11/13/19Eyenovia (EYEN)Eyenovia Earnings Call
11/13/19H2O Innovation (HEOFF)H2O Innovation Earnings Call
11/13/19Hollysys Automation Technologies (HOLI)Hollysys Automation Technologies Earnings Call
11/13/19McClatchy (MNI)McClatchy Earnings Call
11/13/19Points International (PCOM)Points International Earnings Call
11/13/19Personalis (PSNL)Personalis Earnings Call
11/13/19Reeds (REED)Reeds Earnings Call
11/13/19Super League Gaming (SLGG)Super League Gaming Earnings Call
11/13/19Summit Wireless Technologies (WISA)Summit Wireless Technologies Earnings Call
11/13/19BEST (BEST)BEST Earnings Call
11/13/19Sierra Metals (SMTS)Sierra Metals Earnings Call
11/13/19Alkaline Water (WTER)Alkaline Water Earnings Call
11/13/19China Biologic Products (CBPO)China Biologic Products Earnings Call
11/13/19Hillenbrand (HI)Hillenbrand Earnings Call
11/13/19CorePoint Lodging (CPLG)CorePoint Lodging Earnings Call
11/13/19Gamida Cell (GMDA)Gamida Cell Earnings Call
11/13/19Vipshop (VIPS)Vipshop Earnings Call
11/13/19Acasti Pharma (ACST)Acasti Pharma Earnings Call
11/13/19Biocept (BIOC)Biocept Earnings Call
11/13/19Crown Crafts (CRWS)Crown Crafts Earnings Call
11/13/19DiaMedica Therapeutics (DMAC)DiaMedica Therapeutics Earnings Call
11/13/19Griffon (GFF)Griffon Earnings Call
11/13/19Canada Goose (GOOS)Canada Goose Earnings Call
11/13/19Liquidia Technologies (LQDA)Liquidia Technologies Earnings Call
11/13/19Lantronix (LTRX)Lantronix Earnings Call
11/13/19Matinas BioPharma (MTNB)Matinas BioPharma Earnings Call
11/13/19Haymaker Acquisition (OSW)Haymaker Acquisition Earnings Call
11/13/19Simulations Plus (SLP)Simulations Plus Earnings Call
11/13/19Tel-Instrument Electronics (TIKK)Tel-Instrument Electronics Earnings Call
11/13/19Y-mAbs Therapeutics (YMAB)Y-mAbs Therapeutics Earnings Call
11/13/19Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals (CYCC)Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Earnings Call
11/13/19electroCore (ECOR)electroCore Earnings Call
11/13/19Kamada (KMDA)Kamada Earnings Call
11/13/19Palatin Technologies (PTN)Palatin Technologies Earnings Call
11/13/19Social Reality (SRAX)Social Reality Earnings Call
11/13/19VolitionRX (VNRX)VolitionRX Earnings Call
11/13/19XCel Brands (XELB)XCel Brands Earnings Call
11/13/19Sierra Metals (SMTS)Sierra Metals Earnings Call
11/13/19NetApp (NTAP)NetApp Earnings Call
11/13/19Cosan (CZZ)Cosan Earnings Call
11/13/19Diamond S Shipping (DSSI)Diamond S Shipping Earnings Call
11/13/19Rewalk Robotics (RWLK)Rewalk Robotics Earnings Call
11/13/19Sundial Growers (SNDL)Sundial Growers Earnings Call
11/13/19Catasys (CATS)Catasys Earnings Call
11/13/19Ever-Glory International Group (EVK)Ever-Glory International Group Earnings Call
11/13/19InfuSystem (INFU)InfuSystem Earnings Call
11/13/19Asante Solutions (PUMP)Asante Solutions Earnings Call
11/13/19Linx (LINX)Linx Earnings Call
11/13/19Navigator (NVGS)Navigator Earnings Call
11/14/19China XD Plastics (CXDC)China XD Plastics Earnings Call
11/14/19Arcimoto (FUV)Arcimoto Earnings Call
11/14/19Reshape Lifesciences (RSLS)Reshape Lifesciences Earnings Call
11/14/19CorMedix (CRMD)CorMedix Earnings Call
11/14/19Inuvo (INUV)Inuvo Earnings Call
11/14/19Eastside Distilling (EAST)Eastside Distilling Earnings Call
11/14/19EuroDry (EDRY)EuroDry Earnings Call
11/14/19Hudson Technologies (HDSN)Hudson Technologies Earnings Call
11/14/19Lincoln Educational Services (LINC)Lincoln Educational Services Earnings Call
11/14/19Stealth BioTherapeutics (MITO)Stealth BioTherapeutics Earnings Call
11/14/19OncoCyte (OCX)OncoCyte Earnings Call
11/14/19Sigma Labs (SGLB)Sigma Labs Earnings Call
11/14/19XpresSpa Group (XSPA)XpresSpa Group Earnings Call
11/14/19Yirendai (YRD)Yirendai Earnings Call
11/14/19Aemetis (AMTX)Aemetis Earnings Call
11/14/19Azure Power Global (AZRE)Azure Power Global Earnings Call
11/14/19Osmotica Pharmaceuticals (OSMT)Osmotica Pharmaceuticals Earnings Call
11/14/19Village Farms International (VFF)Village Farms International Earnings Call
11/14/19Nice (NICE)Nice Earnings Call
11/14/19WidePoint (WYY)WidePoint Earnings Call
11/14/19Axonics Modulation Technologies (AXNX)Axonics Modulation Technologies Earnings Call
11/14/19BIO-key International (BKYI)BIO-key International Earnings Call
11/14/19BioNTech (BNTX)BioNTech Earnings Call
11/14/19BioXcel Therapeutics (BTAI)BioXcel Therapeutics Earnings Call
11/14/19Correvio Pharma (CORV)Correvio Pharma Earnings Call
11/14/19CorMedix (CRMD)CorMedix Earnings Call
11/14/19Chicken Soup for The Soul Entrtnmnt (CSSE)Chicken Soup for The Soul Entrtnmnt Earnings Call
11/14/19Dare Bioscience (DARE)Dare Bioscience Earnings Call
11/14/19Great Elm Capital (GECC)Great Elm Capital Earnings Call
11/14/19Globant (GLOB)Globant Earnings Call
11/14/19aTyr Pharma (LIFE)aTyr Pharma Earnings Call
11/14/19New Age Beverages (NBEV)New Age Beverages Earnings Call
11/14/19Precision Optics (PEYE)Precision Optics Earnings Call
11/14/19Quest Resource (QRHC)Quest Resource Earnings Call
11/14/19Titan Pharmaceuticals (TTNP)Titan Pharmaceuticals Earnings Call
11/14/19Usio (USIO)Usio Earnings Call
11/14/19Zosano Pharma (ZSAN)Zosano Pharma Earnings Call
11/14/19Aurora Cannabis (ACB)Aurora Cannabis Earnings Call
11/14/19Altimmune (ALT)Altimmune Earnings Call
11/14/19Aurinia Pharmaceuticals (AUPH)Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Earnings Call
11/14/19Eton Pharmaceuticals (ETON)Eton Pharmaceuticals Earnings Call
11/14/19Fortuna Silver Mines (FSM)Fortuna Silver Mines Earnings Call
11/14/19Fulcrum Therapeutics (FULC)Fulcrum Therapeutics Earnings Call
11/14/19Inuvo (INUV)Inuvo Earnings Call
11/14/19Mediwound (MDWD)Mediwound Earnings Call
11/14/19Stereotaxis (STXS)Stereotaxis Earnings Call
11/14/19Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics (BCLI)Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics Earnings Call
11/14/19Canopy Growth (CGC)Canopy Growth Earnings Call
11/14/19Second Sight Medical Products (EYES)Second Sight Medical Products Earnings Call
11/14/1951job (JOBS)51job Earnings Call
11/14/19Sorl Auto Parts (SORL)Sorl Auto Parts Earnings Call
11/14/19Tricida (TCDA)Tricida Earnings Call
11/14/19Banco Bradesco (BAK)Banco Bradesco Earnings Call
11/14/19Mobivity (MFON)Mobivity Earnings Call
11/14/19PlusTherapeuticsInc . (PSTV)PlusTherapeuticsInc . Earnings Call
11/14/19Applied Materials (AMAT)Applied Materials Earnings Call
11/14/19Motus GI (MOTS)Motus GI Earnings Call
11/14/19Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage (NGVC)Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage Earnings Call
11/14/19Opera (OPRA)Opera Earnings Call
11/14/19Research Solutions (RSSS)Research Solutions Earnings Call
11/14/19SINA (SINA)SINA Earnings Call
11/14/19Weibo (WB)Weibo Earnings Call
11/14/19Williams Industrial Services Group (WLMS)Williams Industrial Services Group Earnings Call
11/14/19Wireless Telecom Group (WTT)Wireless Telecom Group Earnings Call
11/14/19Xunlei (XNET)Xunlei Earnings Call
11/14/19ConturaEnergyInc . (CTRA)ConturaEnergyInc . Earnings Call
11/14/19Digirad (DRAD)Digirad Earnings Call
11/14/19International Game Technology (IGT)International Game Technology Earnings Call
11/14/19LiqTech International (LIQT)LiqTech International Earnings Call
11/14/19Twin River Worldwide (TRWH)Twin River Worldwide Earnings Call
11/14/19Vascular Biogenics (VBLT)Vascular Biogenics Earnings Call
11/14/19RISE Education Cayman (REDU)RISE Education Cayman Earnings Call
11/14/19Repay (RPAY)Repay Earnings Call
11/14/19WidePoint (WYY)WidePoint Earnings Call
11/14/19MICT (MICT)MICT Earnings Call
11/14/19Kulicke and Soffa Industries (KLIC)Kulicke and Soffa Industries Earnings Call
11/14/19CSS Industries (CSS)CSS Industries Earnings Call
11/14/19GSE Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ) (GVP)GSE Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ) Earnings Call
11/14/19Suburban Propane Partners (SPH)Suburban Propane Partners Earnings Call
11/14/19Voxeljet (VJET)Voxeljet Earnings Call
11/14/19111 (YI)111 Earnings Call
11/14/19GDS (GDS)GDS Earnings Call
11/14/19Wix.Com (WIX)Wix.Com Earnings Call
11/14/19Magic Software Enterprises (MGIC)Magic Software Enterprises Earnings Call
11/14/19Dolby Laboratories (DLB)Dolby Laboratories Earnings Call
11/14/19Farfetch (FTCH)Farfetch Earnings Call
11/14/19FalconStor Software (FALC)FalconStor Software Earnings Call
11/14/19Digi International (DGII)Digi International Earnings Call
11/14/19NVIDIA (NVDA)NVIDIA Earnings Call
11/14/19Wheaton Precious Metals (WPM)Wheaton Precious Metals Earnings Call
11/14/19Tufin Software Technologies (TUFN)Tufin Software Technologies Earnings Call
11/14/19Ideanomics (IDEX)Ideanomics Earnings Call
11/14/19Brookfield Asset Management (BAM)Brookfield Asset Management Earnings Call
11/14/19Viacom (VIA)Viacom Earnings Call
11/14/19Viacom (VIAB)Viacom Earnings Call
11/14/19Walmart (WMT)Walmart Earnings Call
11/15/19Helmerich & Payne (HP)Helmerich & Payne Earnings Call
11/15/19Eros International (EROS)Eros International Earnings Call
11/15/19Weyland Tech (WEYL)Weyland Tech Earnings Call
11/15/19JD.Com (JD)JD.Com Earnings Call
11/15/19J C Penney (JCP)J C Penney Earnings Call
11/15/19Bio-Path (BPTH)Bio-Path Earnings Call
11/15/19Celsion (CLSN)Celsion Earnings Call
11/17/19Cabot Microelectronics (CCMP)Cabot Microelectronics Earnings Call
11/18/19Kornit Digital (KRNT)Kornit Digital Earnings Call
11/18/19Bilibili (BILI)Bilibili Earnings Call
11/18/19Qudian (QD)Qudian Earnings Call
11/18/19ZTO Express (Cayman) (ZTO)ZTO Express (Cayman) Earnings Call
11/18/19Manchester United (MANU)Manchester United Earnings Call
11/18/19Ascendis Pharma A/S (ASND)Ascendis Pharma A/S Earnings Call
11/18/19Ashland Global (ASH)Ashland Global Earnings Call
11/18/19America's Car-Mart (CRMT)America's Car-Mart Earnings Call
11/18/19Woodward, Inc.Common Stock (WWD)Woodward, Inc.Common Stock Earnings Call
11/18/19CooTek (Cayman) (CTK)CooTek (Cayman) Earnings Call
11/18/19Magal Security Systems (MAGS)Magal Security Systems Earnings Call
11/18/1921Vianet Group (VNET)21Vianet Group Earnings Call
11/18/19LexinFintech (LX)LexinFintech Earnings Call
11/18/19Puxin (NEW)Puxin Earnings Call
11/18/19Fang (SFUN)Fang Earnings Call
11/18/19Wanda Sports Group (WSG)Wanda Sports Group Earnings Call
11/19/1958.com (WUBA)58.com Earnings Call
11/19/19LAIX (LAIX)LAIX Earnings Call
11/19/19Endava (DAVA)Endava Earnings Call
11/19/19China Distance Education (DL)China Distance Education Earnings Call
11/19/19Medtronic (MDT)Medtronic Earnings Call
11/19/19Alcon (ALC)Alcon Earnings Call
11/19/19MAXIMUS (MMS)MAXIMUS Earnings Call
11/19/19TJX Companies (TJX)TJX Companies Earnings Call
11/19/19PPDAI Group (PPDF)PPDAI Group Earnings Call
11/19/19Kohl's (KSS)Kohl's Earnings Call
11/19/19Aramark (ARMK)Aramark Earnings Call
11/19/19RADA Electronic Ind. (RADA)RADA Electronic Ind. Earnings Call
11/19/19Gilat Satellite Networks (GILT)Gilat Satellite Networks Earnings Call
11/19/19Home Depot (HD)Home Depot Earnings Call
11/19/19Urban Outfitters (URBN)Urban Outfitters Earnings Call
11/19/19JinkoSolar (JKS)JinkoSolar Earnings Call
11/19/19TransDigm Group (TDG)TransDigm Group Earnings Call
11/19/19ESCO Technologies (ESE)ESCO Technologies Earnings Call
11/19/19Gazit Globe (GZTGF)Gazit Globe Earnings Call
11/19/19New Jersey Resources (NJR)New Jersey Resources Earnings Call
11/20/19Sonos (SONO)Sonos Earnings Call
11/20/19Spire (SR)Spire Earnings Call
11/20/19Pennantpark Floating Rate Capital (PFLT)Pennantpark Floating Rate Capital Earnings Call
11/20/19Lowe's Companies (LOW)Lowe's Companies Earnings Call
11/20/19Oaktree Strategic Income (OCSI)Oaktree Strategic Income Earnings Call
11/20/19Oaktree Specialty Lending (OCSL)Oaktree Specialty Lending Earnings Call
11/20/19Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile (SQM)Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile Earnings Call
11/20/19GreenTree Hospitality Group (GHG)GreenTree Hospitality Group Earnings Call
11/20/19Qiwi (QIWI)Qiwi Earnings Call
11/20/19Star Bulk Carriers (SBLK)Star Bulk Carriers Earnings Call
11/20/19Stein Mart (SMRT)Stein Mart Earnings Call
11/20/19Cubic (CUB)Cubic Earnings Call
11/20/19Viomi Technology (VIOT)Viomi Technology Earnings Call
11/20/19Fanhua (FANH)Fanhua Earnings Call
11/20/19La-Z-Boy (LZB)La-Z-Boy Earnings Call
11/20/19Pinduoduo (PDD)Pinduoduo Earnings Call
11/20/19NetEase (NTES)NetEase Earnings Call
11/20/19Nuance Communications (NUAN)Nuance Communications Earnings Call
11/20/19iMedia Brands (IMBI)iMedia Brands Earnings Call
11/21/19i3 Verticals (IIIV)i3 Verticals Earnings Call
11/21/19Shoe Carnival (SCVL)Shoe Carnival Earnings Call
11/21/19X Financial (XYF)X Financial Earnings Call
11/21/19American Software (AMSWA)American Software Earnings Call
11/21/19Enanta Pharmaceuticals (ENTA)Enanta Pharmaceuticals Earnings Call
11/21/19Pure Storage (PSTG)Pure Storage Earnings Call
11/21/19Splunk (SPLK)Splunk Earnings Call
11/21/19BJs Wholesale Club (BJ)BJs Wholesale Club Earnings Call
11/21/19Anaplan (PLAN)Anaplan Earnings Call
11/21/19Baozun (BZUN)Baozun Earnings Call
11/21/19Entera Bio (ENTX)Entera Bio Earnings Call
11/21/19Stage Stores (SSI)Stage Stores Earnings Call
11/21/19Matthews International (MATW)Matthews International Earnings Call
11/21/19Ooma (OOMA)Ooma Earnings Call
11/21/19Ross Stores (ROST)Ross Stores Earnings Call
11/21/19StoneCo (STNE)StoneCo Earnings Call
11/21/19Bazaarvoice (BV)Bazaarvoice Earnings Call
11/21/19KNOT Offshore Partners (KNOP)KNOT Offshore Partners Earnings Call
11/21/19Brady (BRC)Brady Earnings Call
11/21/19GAP (GPS)GAP Earnings Call
11/21/19L Brands (LB)L Brands Earnings Call
11/21/19Macy's (M)Macy's Earnings Call
11/21/19Berry Global Group (BERY)Berry Global Group Earnings Call
11/21/19Aurora Mobile (JG)Aurora Mobile Earnings Call
11/21/19PennantPark Investment (PNNT)PennantPark Investment Earnings Call
11/21/19Delta Apparel (DLA)Delta Apparel Earnings Call
11/21/19Intuit (INTU)Intuit Earnings Call
11/21/19Post (POST)Post Earnings Call
11/22/19Destination XL Group (DXLG)Destination XL Group Earnings Call
11/22/19J M Smucker (SJM)J M Smucker Earnings Call
11/22/19RMR Group (RMR)RMR Group Earnings Call
11/22/19Buckle (BKE)Buckle Earnings Call
11/22/19Hibbett Sports (HIBB)Hibbett Sports Earnings Call
11/22/19Sunlands Online Education Group (STG)Sunlands Online Education Group Earnings Call
11/22/19IEC Electronics (IEC)IEC Electronics Earnings Call
11/22/19Foot Locker (FL)Foot Locker Earnings Call
11/22/19Atkore International Group (ATKR)Atkore International Group Earnings Call
11/22/19Future Healthcare of America (FUTU)Future Healthcare of America Earnings Call
11/25/19Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals (ARWR)Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Earnings Call
11/25/19Caleres (CAL)Caleres Earnings Call
11/25/19MTS Systems (MTSC)MTS Systems Earnings Call
11/25/19Niu Technologies (NIU)Niu Technologies Earnings Call
11/25/19Palo Alto Networks (PANW)Palo Alto Networks Earnings Call
11/25/19ReneSola (SOL)ReneSola Earnings Call
11/25/19PVH (PVH)PVH Earnings Call
11/25/19Nutanix (NTNX)Nutanix Earnings Call
11/25/19Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)Hewlett Packard Enterprise Earnings Call
11/25/19Agilent Technologies (A)Agilent Technologies Earnings Call
11/25/19Ituran Location and Control Ltd. (US) (ITRN)Ituran Location and Control Ltd. (US) Earnings Call
11/25/19Ambarella (AMBA)Ambarella Earnings Call
11/25/19Monmouth R.E. Inv. (MNR)Monmouth R.E. Inv. Earnings Call
11/25/19Jacobs Engineering Group (JEC)Jacobs Engineering Group Earnings Call
11/25/19Golub Capital BDC (GBDC)Golub Capital BDC Earnings Call
11/25/19Beacon Roofing Supply (BECN)Beacon Roofing Supply Earnings Call
11/26/19Golar LNG (GLNG)Golar LNG Earnings Call
11/26/19BOS Better OnLine Sol (BOSC)BOS Better OnLine Sol Earnings Call
11/26/19QAD (QADA)QAD Earnings Call
11/26/19QAD (QADB)QAD Earnings Call
11/26/19Golar LNG Partners (GMLP)Golar LNG Partners Earnings Call
11/26/19Dell (DELL)Dell Earnings Call
11/26/19Analog Devices (ADI)Analog Devices Earnings Call
11/26/19Abercrombie & Fitch (ANF)Abercrombie & Fitch Earnings Call
11/26/19Arco Platform (ARCE)Arco Platform Earnings Call
11/26/19Citi Trends (CTRN)Citi Trends Earnings Call
11/26/19Best Buy (BBY)Best Buy Earnings Call
11/26/19Elbit Systems (ESLT)Elbit Systems Earnings Call
11/26/19Autodesk (ADSK)Autodesk Earnings Call
11/26/19Partner Communications (PTNR)Partner Communications Earnings Call
11/26/19BOX (BOX)BOX Earnings Call
11/26/19HP (HPQ)HP Earnings Call
11/26/19Hormel Foods (HRL)Hormel Foods Earnings Call
11/26/19Keysight Technologies (KEYS)Keysight Technologies Earnings Call
11/26/19Momo (MOMO)Momo Earnings Call
11/26/19Dicks Sporting Goods (DKS)Dicks Sporting Goods Earnings Call
11/26/19Veeva Systems (VEEV)Veeva Systems Earnings Call
11/26/19Luby's (LUB)Luby's Earnings Call
11/27/19Cellcom Israel (CEL)Cellcom Israel Earnings Call
11/27/19Deere & Company (DE)Deere & Company Earnings Call
11/29/19Natuzzi, S.p.A (NTZ)Natuzzi, S.p.A Earnings Call
12/02/19Coupa Software (COUP)Coupa Software Earnings Call
12/02/19Diana Shipping (DSX)Diana Shipping Earnings Call
12/03/19salesforce.com (CRM)salesforce.com Earnings Call
12/03/19Marvell Technology Group (MRVL)Marvell Technology Group Earnings Call
12/03/19Zscaler (ZS)Zscaler Earnings Call
12/03/19Bank of Montreal (BMO)Bank of Montreal Earnings Call
12/03/19Donaldson (DCI)Donaldson Earnings Call
12/04/19Royal Bank of Canada (RY)Royal Bank of Canada Earnings Call
12/04/19Descartes Systems Group (DSGX)Descartes Systems Group Earnings Call
12/04/19Tilly's (TLYS)Tilly's Earnings Call
12/04/19Greif (GEF)Greif Earnings Call
12/04/19Greif (GEF.B)Greif Earnings Call
12/04/19Slack (WORK)Slack Earnings Call
12/05/19Crowdstrike (CRWD)Crowdstrike Earnings Call
12/05/19Pagerduty (PD)Pagerduty Earnings Call
12/05/19Zuora (ZUO)Zuora Earnings Call
12/05/19Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM)Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Earnings Call
12/05/19Okta (OKTA)Okta Earnings Call
12/05/19Dollar General (DG)Dollar General Earnings Call
12/05/19Science Applications International (SAIC)Science Applications International Earnings Call
12/05/19Zoom Video Communications (ZM)Zoom Video Communications Earnings Call
12/05/19Cooper Companies (COO)Cooper Companies Earnings Call
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One part of being a successful investor is staying informed about the news and events surrounding the companies in which you are a shareholder. Your job is made somewhat easier because, as a publicly traded company, a business is required to provide existing shareholders with relevant information including annual reports, financial statements, notification of shareholder's meetings, and changes to their board of directors. Even if the company does not mail shareholders this information, they will have a section of their website where this information is captured usually entitled something like "Investor Relations". 

One of the resources investors have available, but frequently do not maximize as they could, is the conference call. Sometimes called the "earnings call" this is an important event during which the CEO and other senior executives discuss the state of the company with analysts. As a shareholder of the company, you are entitled to listen in on this call.

The focus of this article is to go into detail about the process of a conference call, how investors can prepare for the call, and what to listen for to get the information they need to make sound investing decisions.

What is a conference call?

A conference call is an event that allows companies to provide information to any interested party. This includes institutional investors (such as the large investment banks and stock analysts) but is also available to individual investors. Conference calls are usually scheduled every quarter and typically coincide with the release of a company's earnings report. While most companies take advantage of the opportunity to have a conference call with analysts, there is no legal obligation for them to do so.

In the past, conference calls were restricted to Wall Street analysts and institutional investors. However, largely due to the accessibility of a call via the Internet, virtually all public companies allow individual investors to listen to the call live. In fact, you don’t have to be a current shareholder to listen to the call.

Why do companies do conference calls?

A conference call is a form of marketing and public relations for a company. It is an opportunity for them to control or, in some cases, change the narrative of the company. For example, if the company had a solid quarter marked by exceptional growth, the conference call can be a way for them to highlight their accomplishments. On the other hand, if they had a poor quarter, the conference call gives them the opportunity to calm investors who may be looking to jump ship. Sometimes despite positive earnings, analysts are concerned about a company’s future growth because of some known event. Conversely, sometimes a company’s poor performance can be easily explained. Because a conference call typically takes place after the earnings report has been released, executives are not going to lie about their results, but they have a fiduciary obligation to present their company in the best light possible.

Most successful companies know that it's good public relations (not to mention investor relations) to be forthcoming. It doesn't mean that companies won't put a spin on their conference call. Of course, they will. But in general, there is more harm to a company if they avoid analysts then to speak with them.

How is a conference call structured?

Most conference calls follow the same basic format. For participants who are listening to the call on the phone, there will be a dial-in number and passcode. For those who are listening to the call over the Internet, they will be provided with a link to stream the call. At the beginning of the call, the host of the call (someone from the company) will introduce the members of the management team who will be making statements on the call. After this, someone from investor relations or from the company's legal department will go over what can be called the "fine print" of the call. Basically, it's a reminder that past performance doesn't indicate future results, and that while much of what is going to be talked about will be in future terms, there is no guarantee that any events discussed will happen with certainty.

The next section of the call is perhaps the most tedious, but depending on how much research you’ve done can be valuable. This is when the earnings report is reviewed in detail. All of the raw financial data is explained and reviewed. The officers of the company will typically provide some commentary that may go “off script”. For the most part, however, any information in this section of the call is readily available through press releases that have generally already been posted on the company’s site.

So is there any value to this part of the call? Yes, if you know what to listen for. In many cases, this part of the presentation will be divided among several executives including the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and other executives. With the caveat that most companies are looking to put the most positive spin on their results, you can get a lot of information by their future projections. Does what they report track with any research you’ve done? If there were major issues that affected their performance negatively, have those issues been resolved, or will they be resolved soon?

 The last part of the call is a question-and-answer period between the company executives and analysts/investors. This is perhaps the most useful part of the call for investors because analysts will quickly cut through the marketing speak and push for clarity on areas that might be unclear or that warrant a deeper explanation. Think of this like the manager, or coach, of a college or professional sports team addressing the media. The reporters will generally ask the coach questions that they don’t necessarily want to answer. The answer they give can give you a clue about how confident they are about a particular outcome.

Why is the conference call important?

The conference call generally occurs after a company has released its earnings reports. After the call, analysts and investment banks will make their “buy”, “sell”, or “hold” recommendations. So for a company that reported good earnings, the conference call is a way to inspire confidence that they will continue to provide a good return on investment (ROI) for their shareholders. On the other hand, if their report disappointed or “missed” either in terms of revenue, earnings per share (EPS) or both, the conference call gives companies the opportunity to mitigate any damage done to their share price.

How do you prepare for a conference call?

The basic steps you take to prepare for a conference call are really no different than the steps you’d take for making any major purchase. You have to do some prep work in advance of the call, you listen to the call, and then you form your analysis.

  • Preparing for the call – the two basic steps to take when preparing for a conference call are to review the company’s earnings statement from the previous quarter and compare it to recent company news and their current earnings report. What were analysts concerned about after the last earnings report? Were those issues resolved or in the process of being resolved? How do their results track with other companies in their sector, and if relevant with the broader economy? For example, you might expect that an oil company's stock might be going up as crude oil prices rise. But if the company you are investing in has a share price that is declining, this should be a caution flag, if not a red flag. You should also then compare their past quarter's earnings statement with their most recent statement. Obviously, you're looking for consistency if the last quarter was good, and improvement (or maybe just no further erosion) if the report was not good. Much of this information is available either on the company's website or on other financial sites. It may take a few hours to digest all the information, but it will be time well spent.
  • Listening to the call – this means actively listening, particularly to the question-and-answer period in the end. Remember, there is a natural tension between analysts and the company. The company is trying to present themselves in the best possible light and the analysts' job is to paint as realistic a picture as possible. Although individual investors very rarely get to ask questions (in some cases, there are thousands of listeners on a call), the analysts will probably ask the questions that you were thinking of. And, let’s face it; they’ll probably come up with a few that you never even considered.
  • Analyze the call - By doing your research beforehand, you are in a better position to form opinions. Are there any questions in your mind that were left unanswered? Can you make any educated guesses about that answer based on the information you have? Did any of the financial information provided by the company seem irrelevant or self-serving? It's okay to answer yes to this question. The thing about statistics is they can be twisted to make any conclusion you want to make. So if some metric seemed odd to you, chances are the analysts saw it the same way. In the end, trust your gut. In many cases, a conference call will simply confirm what you may have already felt, but in some cases, you may get some surprises. And finally, pay attention to the stock price in the days immediately following the call. That is usually the best indicator of how institutional investors felt about the company's performance on the call.

Are conference calls recorded?

Obviously many individual investors may not have the time to stream an hour-long conference call while they’re e at work. The good news is, in most cases, the conference call will be recorded. Usually, the recording can be found on a company's website in the investor relations section. In the event, the company does not choose to make the recording accessible, it can generally be found on other financial websites. Even if you can only find a written transcript, it can still be valuable.

The bottom line on conference calls

If you're planning to invest in individual stocks as opposed to mutual funds, then it is imperative that you become comfortable with doing the ongoing research to evaluate your stock's performance. Too often, investors miss valuable clues that are hiding in plain sight and hold on to a stock longer than they should, or miss a chance to increase their investment of a stock that is ready to take off. Preparing for, listening to, and analyzing a conference call is one of the simplest ways to make an informed opinion about a stock or stocks in your portfolio.

A company, while not necessarily trying to be misleading, will always be trying to put their best foot forward. Analysts, while not necessarily trying to be combative, are trying to get clear answers. Keeping those two opposing forces in mind, and doing your own research in advance of the call can help you form solid opinions.  Of course, sometimes stock prices take on a life of their own so even if your analysis tells you one thing, it may be wise not to fight the movement of a stock.


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