S&P 500   3,147.58 (+0.97%)
DOW   27,984.17 (+1.11%)
QQQ   204.76 (+1.15%)
AAPL   269.47 (+1.46%)
FB   200.44 (+0.54%)
MSFT   151.24 (+0.87%)
GOOGL   1,339.24 (+1.54%)
AMZN   1,748.20 (-0.71%)
CGC   18.52 (-0.43%)
NVDA   212.63 (+1.53%)
BABA   200.42 (+0.21%)
GE   11.00 (+1.95%)
TSLA   336.80 (+1.13%)
ACB   2.45 (+0.00%)
PRI   136.14 (+1.37%)
BAC   33.73 (+1.90%)
GILD   67.15 (+0.60%)
S&P 500   3,147.58 (+0.97%)
DOW   27,984.17 (+1.11%)
QQQ   204.76 (+1.15%)
AAPL   269.47 (+1.46%)
FB   200.44 (+0.54%)
MSFT   151.24 (+0.87%)
GOOGL   1,339.24 (+1.54%)
AMZN   1,748.20 (-0.71%)
CGC   18.52 (-0.43%)
NVDA   212.63 (+1.53%)
BABA   200.42 (+0.21%)
GE   11.00 (+1.95%)
TSLA   336.80 (+1.13%)
ACB   2.45 (+0.00%)
PRI   136.14 (+1.37%)
BAC   33.73 (+1.90%)
GILD   67.15 (+0.60%)
S&P 500   3,147.58 (+0.97%)
DOW   27,984.17 (+1.11%)
QQQ   204.76 (+1.15%)
AAPL   269.47 (+1.46%)
FB   200.44 (+0.54%)
MSFT   151.24 (+0.87%)
GOOGL   1,339.24 (+1.54%)
AMZN   1,748.20 (-0.71%)
CGC   18.52 (-0.43%)
NVDA   212.63 (+1.53%)
BABA   200.42 (+0.21%)
GE   11.00 (+1.95%)
TSLA   336.80 (+1.13%)
ACB   2.45 (+0.00%)
PRI   136.14 (+1.37%)
BAC   33.73 (+1.90%)
GILD   67.15 (+0.60%)
S&P 500   3,147.58 (+0.97%)
DOW   27,984.17 (+1.11%)
QQQ   204.76 (+1.15%)
AAPL   269.47 (+1.46%)
FB   200.44 (+0.54%)
MSFT   151.24 (+0.87%)
GOOGL   1,339.24 (+1.54%)
AMZN   1,748.20 (-0.71%)
CGC   18.52 (-0.43%)
NVDA   212.63 (+1.53%)
BABA   200.42 (+0.21%)
GE   11.00 (+1.95%)
TSLA   336.80 (+1.13%)
ACB   2.45 (+0.00%)
PRI   136.14 (+1.37%)
BAC   33.73 (+1.90%)
GILD   67.15 (+0.60%)
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Today's 52-Week Highs (12/6/2019)

A 52 week high is the highest price that a stock has traded at in the last year. Many investors use 52 week highs as a factor in determining a stock's current value and as a predictor of future price movements. What you need to know about 52-week high stocks.

Market Cap:
52-Week High
52-Week LowCurrent
Apple (AAPL)$269.63$142.00$269.51+1.5%Analyst Downgrade
STMicroelectronics (STM)$25.41$12.00$25.31+1.7%
ABB (ABB)$22.56$17.71$22.51+0.4%
JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM)$135.48$91.11$135.36+1.7%
Morgan Stanley (MS)$50.12$36.74$49.95+1.8%Analyst Report
Hanger (HNGR)$27.16$15.50$26.94+1.2%
Eaton (ETN)$93.67$64.46$92.76+1.0%Analyst Downgrade
Lululemon Athletica (LULU)$233.12$110.71$230.11-0.3%Upcoming Earnings
Analyst Report
Analyst Revision
Hologic (HOLX)$52.86$37.48$52.80+1.0%
Nike (NKE)$97.16$66.53$96.88+1.1%Analyst Upgrade
Insider Selling
Dover (DOV)$113.30$65.83$113.01+1.5%Analyst Report
United Rentals (URI)$159.25$94.28$158.70+3.5%
ITT (ITT)$71.91$44.89$71.09+0.4%
Zumiez (ZUMZ)$35.25$17.57$34.28+12.6%Earnings Announcement
Analyst Report
Insider Selling
Unusual Options Activity
Analyst Revision
Heavy News Reporting
PPG Industries (PPG)$133.82$94.41$132.61+1.1%Analyst Report
Companhia Paranaense de Energia (ELP)$15.39$7.45$15.22+1.3%
Genesis Healthcare (GEN)$1.75$0.92$1.74+5.2%
Northern Trust (NTRS)$109.33$75.96$108.72+0.8%
T. Rowe Price Group (TROW)$124.60$84.59$124.29+1.0%
Capital One Financial (COF)$101.42$69.90$101.36+1.8%Insider Selling
Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX)$224.66$151.80$222.07-0.8%Analyst Downgrade
ASML (ASML)$281.97$144.50$279.65+3.5%Analyst Report
Tenet Healthcare (THC)$35.51$16.60$35.34+3.0%
Methode Electronics (MEI)$40.98$20.99$40.50+6.0%Earnings Announcement
Analyst Upgrade
Heavy News Reporting
Powell Industries (POWL)$47.37$22.55$47.09+3.5%Earnings Announcement
Analyst Downgrade
Heavy News Reporting
Clean Harbors (CLH)$87.94$46.21$86.41+3.8%Analyst Report
Insider Selling
Watsco (WSO)$182.18$131.88$181.94+1.2%Heavy News Reporting
COSTAMARE INC/SH (CMRE)$9.07$4.20$8.89+0.4%Heavy News Reporting
Sanderson Farms (SAFM)$170.78$93.98$167.13-0.3%
Agilent Technologies (A)$82.35$62.00$82.19+0.8%
PNC Financial Services Group (PNC)$154.75$108.45$153.60+0.9%Analyst Downgrade
Insider Selling
TELUS (TU)$38.74$32.46$38.71+0.3%
Huntington Bancshares (HBAN)$15.21$11.12$15.12+1.5%
NuVasive (NUVA)$74.70$43.51$74.51+1.0%
Nordson (NDSN)$168.21$110.16$167.18+0.7%Upcoming Earnings
Analyst Downgrade
Hormel Foods (HRL)$45.84$37.00$45.50-0.6%Insider Selling
James Hardie Industries (JHX)$19.94$10.00$19.83+0.6%
Mitsui & Co Ltd (MITSY)$370.41$282.64$363.21+0.6%
Brookfield Asset Management (BAM)$58.76$36.58$58.37+0.4%Unusual Options Activity
Cosan (CZZ)$18.88$8.04$18.62-0.1%
CHIMERA INVT CO/SH NEW (CIM)$20.58$16.88$20.57+0.7%Analyst Downgrade
Fyolo Technology (AHII)$0.00$0.00$0.00flat
Quanex Building Products (NX)$19.75$10.70$19.47+0.4%Upcoming Earnings
Analyst Upgrade
Global X Genomics & Biotechnology ETF (GNOM)$16.25$11.88$16.25+1.7%
TAL Education Group (TAL)$46.28$24.66$46.21+1.8%Stock Split
Amedisys (AMED)$167.85$103.76$166.71+0.8%Analyst Report
Ingersoll-Rand (IR)$134.60$85.15$131.82+2.1%Analyst Upgrade
Commercial Metals (CMC)$22.26$13.27$22.22+2.3%
Stericycle (SRCL)$66.28$34.36$65.99+2.3%Analyst Upgrade
Cohen & Steers (CNS)$68.23$32.95$67.90+0.9%
BancFirst (BANF)$60.10$48.07$59.78+0.7%
UnitedHealth Group (UNH)$283.04$208.07$279.79-0.8%Analyst Report
Analyst Revision
CBRE Group (CBRE)$58.61$37.45$58.19+0.5%Analyst Downgrade
U.S. Bancorp (USB)$60.58$43.14$60.30+1.2%
Anixter International (AXE)$89.79$50.05$88.95+0.2%
Cirrus Logic (CRUS)$74.42$31.25$74.07+2.7%
LSI Industries (LYTS)$6.12$2.48$6.11+2.5%Analyst Downgrade
South State (SSB)$85.42$56.55$84.99+1.4%
LPL Financial (LPLA)$93.00$56.20$92.06+0.4%Analyst Downgrade
Hudson Pacific Properties (HPP)$36.51$27.12$36.46+1.0%Analyst Downgrade
TRI-TECH HLDG I/SH SH (TRITF)$0.00$0.00$0.00flatHigh Trading Volume
SYSCO (SYY)$83.43$59.44$83.16+0.2%
Douglas Dynamics (PLOW)$55.40$33.54$54.63flat
Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMY)$60.63$42.48$60.60+1.8%
Parker-Hannifin (PH)$202.93$140.82$202.25+1.4%Analyst Report
First Bancorp (FBNC)$40.03$30.50$40.03+1.5%Analyst Upgrade
Freshpet (FRPT)$58.11$28.44$57.73+0.6%Analyst Downgrade
Stock Yards Bancorp (SYBT)$41.78$28.02$41.56+1.9%Analyst Upgrade
Seacoast Banking Co. of Florida (SBCF)$30.40$22.35$30.17+2.1%Analyst Upgrade
SEASPAN CORP/SH SH (SSW)$13.30$7.35$13.27+3.3%Analyst Upgrade
Southside Bancshares (SBSI)$36.10$29.71$36.02+1.6%Analyst Upgrade
UQM Technologies (UQM)$1.71$0.80$1.71flat
Perma-Fix Environmental Services (PESI)$7.48$1.90$7.39+2.6%
Pinnacle Financial Partners (PNFP)$63.35$43.23$62.96+1.8%Analyst Upgrade
Preferred Bank (PFBC)$56.50$39.87$56.22+1.3%Analyst Upgrade
MSA Safety (MSA)$127.67$86.72$127.35+1.7%
Franklin Electric (FELE)$55.93$39.92$55.80+1.2%Analyst Downgrade
Vical (VICL)$2.02$0.60$2.00+3.5%
Western Alliance Bancorporation (WAL)$54.46$37.39$54.00+1.7%
Makh Group (WWIN)$4.00$1.30$4.00flat
Boston Scientific (BSX)$43.85$31.56$43.85+1.3%Insider Selling
Allianzgi Diversified Incm and Cnvrtb Fd (ACV)$24.96$17.51$24.90flatDividend Announcement
Select Medical (SEM)$23.35$12.96$23.34+3.0%Insider Selling
Heavy News Reporting
United Community Banks (UCBI)$31.66$20.23$31.55+1.9%Analyst Downgrade
Hartford Multifactor Developed Markets (ex-US) ETF (RODM)$29.20$24.94$29.18+0.5%
Benchmark Electronics (BHE)$35.34$20.01$35.11+0.9%
BlackRock (BLK)$497.26$360.79$494.86+0.9%Analyst Upgrade
Unusual Options Activity
Heavy News Reporting
Darling Ingredients (DAR)$24.09$17.99$24.01+1.5%
Arthur J Gallagher & Co (AJG)$93.73$68.19$93.26+0.4%
Graphic Packaging (GPK)$16.80$10.13$16.67+0.7%
Quidel (QDEL)$71.37$44.27$71.18+3.9%Analyst Upgrade
Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg. (TSM)$54.92$34.22$54.84+0.8%Heavy News Reporting
WD-40 (WDFC)$195.69$153.91$195.12+0.8%
ORIX (IX)$85.49$67.00$85.28+1.1%Heavy News Reporting
Amdocs (DOX)$69.95$52.60$69.78+0.7%Analyst Upgrade
Axcelis Technologies (ACLS)$23.26$13.99$23.06+1.4%Analyst Downgrade
Heavy News Reporting
Prestige Consumer Healthcare (PBH)$38.91$26.25$38.84+1.8%
Lamar Advertising (LAMR)$86.22$64.51$86.22+1.4%Dividend Announcement
Moody's (MCO)$231.81$129.26$231.37+0.9%
Humana (HUM)$350.28$225.65$347.69+0.7%Analyst Downgrade
Insider Selling
AK Steel (AKS)$3.31$1.66$3.29+3.6%Analyst Upgrade
Itron (ITRI)$83.10$44.35$82.87+2.0%
Magellan Health (MGLN)$81.02$51.88$79.52+3.4%Heavy News Reporting
Douglas Emmett (DEI)$44.66$32.32$44.58+1.0%
Applied Industrial Technologies (AIT)$65.57$49.45$65.44+1.8%
First Republic Bank (FRC)$113.18$79.42$112.98+1.8%
Stantec (STN)$27.21$20.22$27.21+0.8%Analyst Revision
Heavy News Reporting
Brown & Brown (BRO)$38.42$25.72$38.23+0.2%Analyst Upgrade
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO)$320.41$208.34$320.41+1.4%
Medical Properties Trust (MPW)$21.53$15.25$21.52+1.1%Analyst Upgrade
Primerica (PRI)$136.53$90.28$136.22+1.4%
Mdu Resources Group (MDU)$29.59$22.73$29.59+1.0%
Kellogg (K)$66.46$51.34$66.19+0.7%
M/I Homes (MHO)$46.31$20.34$46.03+1.9%Analyst Downgrade
Universal Health Realty Income Trust (UHT)$123.55$58.70$123.49+1.5%
Bohai Pharmaceuticals Group (BOPH)$0.00$0.00$0.00flatHigh Trading Volume
CDTi Advanced Materials (CDTI)$0.75$0.10$0.75+77.3%Upcoming Earnings
Redpoint Bio (RPBC)$0.00$0.00$0.00flatHigh Trading Volume
Swisscom (SCMWY)$52.51$44.15$52.43-0.2%
Solar Senior Capital (SUNS)$18.17$14.50$18.11+0.6%Analyst Upgrade
Polar Wireless (BCDI)$0.00$0.00$0.00flat
Apollo Global Management (APO)$45.28$22.63$44.95+0.9%
Aberdeen Standard Physical Palladium Shares ETF (PALL)$177.51$112.10$177.51+0.6%Heavy News Reporting
Financial Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLF)$30.37$22.05$30.34+1.3%
KeyCorp (KEY)$19.77$13.65$19.65+1.7%Analyst Upgrade
Fortune Brands Home & Security (FBHS)$65.00$35.27$64.72+1.3%Analyst Report
UTD NATL BK CAI/SH (UNBK)$33.00$32.00$32.25flat
Anglo American Platinum (AGPPF)$88.36$34.15$88.36+4.5%
J D Wetherspoon (JDWPY)$94.77$69.47$94.77flatHigh Trading Volume
Rexnord (RXN)$31.97$21.38$31.84+2.1%Analyst Report
Insider Selling
WisdomTree Japan SmallCap Dividend Fund (DFJ)$75.50$60.85$75.50+1.3%
IES (IESC)$23.50$14.61$23.40+6.8%Heavy News Reporting
Wesdome Gold Mines (WDOFF)$7.08$2.34$7.04+3.3%
iShares Core High Dividend ETF (HDV)$97.11$79.39$97.06+1.0%Heavy News Reporting
Eaton Vance Municipal Income Trust (EVN)$13.00$10.92$12.98+0.6%Dividend Announcement
MIND C.T.I. (MNDO)$2.60$2.09$2.60flat
BroadVision (BVSN)$3.58$0.74$3.50+6.3%
Apollo Investment (AINV)$17.11$12.05$17.05+0.7%Analyst Upgrade
MCCORMICK & CO /SH (MKC)$173.31$119.00$172.54+0.2%Heavy News Reporting
Globus Medical (GMED)$57.11$38.01$57.08+0.3%Analyst Downgrade
Iliad (ILIAF)$127.39$88.94$127.39flatHigh Trading Volume
Protagenic Therapeutics (PTIX)$2.00$1.40$2.00flat
First Citizens BancShares (FCNCA)$527.22$355.18$525.85+1.8%
Restoration Hardware (RH)$239.88$84.11$238.34+2.2%Earnings Announcement
Analyst Report
Analyst Revision
Heavy News Reporting
SPDR S&P Bank ETF (KBE)$46.85$34.92$46.73+1.5%
ADDvantage Technologies Group (AEY)$2.70$1.23$2.70+2.6%
United Bancorp (UBCP)$13.50$10.25$13.12+1.7%
Addex Therapeutics (ADDXF)$1.91$1.48$1.91flatHigh Trading Volume
ForceField Energy (FNRG)$0.00$0.00$0.00flat
PSM HOLDINGS IN/SH (PSMH)$0.00$0.00$0.00flatHigh Trading Volume
iShares U.S. Aerospace & Defense ETF (ITA)$228.70$145.00$228.17+0.8%High Trading Volume
BlackRock Floating Rate Income SFI (FRA)$13.15$11.63$13.12+0.1%
GALAPAGOS NV/S (GLPG)$213.31$85.00$212.86+1.5%Analyst Upgrade
Luna Innovations (LUNA)$7.55$2.68$7.51+0.4%Heavy News Reporting
Woodward, Inc.Common Stock (WWD)$122.03$68.40$121.41+2.1%Analyst Upgrade
Insider Selling
Analyst Revision
HTC CORP/S GDR REGS (HTCKF)$4.92$4.81$4.92flat
Independent Bank Group (IBTX)$59.58$44.14$59.20+1.5%Analyst Upgrade
Boulder Growth & Income Fund (BIF)$11.58$9.45$11.58+0.5%
Jumbo (JUMSF)$18.75$18.00$18.75flat
Tristate Capital (TSC)$24.79$18.20$24.75+2.0%Heavy News Reporting
Blackstone Mortgage Trust (BXMT)$36.81$30.84$36.79+0.4%Analyst Upgrade
Heavy News Reporting
Zurich Insurance Group (ZURVY)$39.77$28.51$39.69+0.5%Analyst Upgrade
Penns Woods Bancorp (PWOD)$33.10$23.23$33.10+1.2%Analyst Downgrade
Epizyme (EPZM)$17.67$5.14$17.50+9.7%Analyst Downgrade
MAM Software Group (MAMS)$12.12$6.53$12.12flat
CORNERSTONE CMN/SH (CRSB)$19.50$15.50$19.50flat
Tri-Continental (TY)$28.46$21.83$28.46+0.5%Upcoming Earnings
Portsmouth Square (PRSI)$85.00$72.12$85.00flat
EACO (EACO)$21.55$13.19$21.55+4.6%
Gabelli Healthcare & WellnessRx Trust Closed-Ended Fund (GRX)$11.25$8.76$11.25+0.8%
WisdomTree Japan Hedged Equity Fund (DXJ)$55.25$44.86$55.22+1.1%
iShares Russell 2000 ETF (IWM)$163.41$125.81$163.21+1.4%
Health Care Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLV)$100.62$80.61$100.61+0.9%Heavy News Reporting
Two Rivers Bancorp (TRCB)$21.56$11.54$21.56+1.6%
iShares Russell 1000 Value ETF (IWD)$134.88$104.07$134.85+1.0%Heavy News Reporting
iShares Core S&P Small-Cap ETF (IJR)$82.94$65.04$82.79+1.6%
iShares MSCI Japan ETF (EWJ)$60.61$48.99$60.61+1.1%Heavy News Reporting
Consumer Staples Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLP)$62.84$48.33$62.82+0.6%
Max Sound (MAXD)$0.00$0.00$0.00flat
Chinamerica Andy Movie Entert Media (CAME)$1.15$0.75$0.95flatHigh Trading Volume
Skyline (SKY)$35.23$12.72$35.21+1.6%Insider Selling
Unusual Options Activity
LIGHTHOUSE BK S/SH (LGHT)$26.25$20.20$26.25flat
Capital Financial (CPFH)$900.99$900.99$900.99flatUpcoming Earnings
High Trading Volume
Royce Global Value Trust (RGT)$11.21$8.29$11.21+0.8%Dividend Increase
Allegion (ALLE)$123.81$74.83$123.36+0.9%Analyst Report
TECSYS (TCYSF)$11.97$9.37$11.97flat
Quorum Information Technologies (QIFTF)$0.84$0.47$0.84flat
Nexia Health Techn (NIGTF)$0.00$0.00$0.00flatHigh Trading Volume
Manitok Energy (MKRYF)$0.00$0.00$0.00flat
Cabo Drilling (CBEEF)$0.00$0.00$0.00flat
Fortescue Metals Group (FSUMF)$6.83$2.76$6.83+0.7%
China Internet Cafe Holdings Group (CICC)$0.21$0.00$0.21flat
FONU2 (FONU)$0.00$0.00$0.00flat
Allianzgi NFJ Dividend int & Prm Stgy Fd (NFJ)$13.07$10.04$13.07+0.4%
Rockwell Diamonds (RDIAF)$0.00$0.00$0.00flat
Investview (INVU)$0.05$0.00$0.04flat
Invesco Global Listed Private Equity ETF (PSP)$12.67$9.69$12.67+0.9%
Cogeco (CGECF)$71.80$51.49$71.80flat
Growlife (PHOT)$0.55$0.00$0.52flat
Gepco (GEPC)$0.00$0.00$0.00flatHigh Trading Volume
Metro (MTRAF)$43.81$33.96$43.81flat
Seneca Foods (SENEB)$38.05$24.08$38.05+2.8%
CASIO COMPUTER/ADR (CSIOY)$192.15$110.26$192.15+0.1%Analyst Downgrade
TDK (TTDKY)$109.79$64.66$109.40+0.5%Analyst Upgrade
Wellesley Bancorp (WEBK)$41.85$27.74$41.75+22.6%Ex-Dividend
Analyst Upgrade
Heavy News Reporting
SEVERSTAL PAO/S GDR REGS (SVJTY)$16.51$15.60$16.51flat
MORGAN STANLEY Morgan Stanley Capital Protected Notes Based on S&P 500 (MOR)$32.64$22.46$32.41+0.8%
Blackrock Coporate High Yield Fund (HYT)$11.37$8.95$11.37+0.4%
Trans Energy (TENG)$5.01$3.95$5.01flatHigh Trading Volume
iShares Russell 2000 Growth ETF (IWO)$211.66$156.03$211.35+1.1%
iShares MSCI Netherlands ETF (EWN)$33.08$25.33$33.05+1.1%
iShares MSCI Switzerland ETF (EWL)$39.22$30.24$39.14+0.7%
Integrated Drilling Equipment Hlds (IRIG)$0.02$0.02$0.02flat
Alphabet (GOOG)$1,344.00$970.11$1,342.06+1.6%Analyst Report
Analyst Revision
National Bank of Canada (NTIOF)$55.38$39.85$55.38+1.6%
ServisFirst Bancshares (SFBS)$37.46$29.17$37.15+1.1%
Ares Management (ARES)$33.70$16.18$33.50+1.0%
Sonic Healthcare (SKHCF)$20.14$14.73$20.14flat
Bio-Rad Laboratories (BIO.B)$347.20$220.93$347.20flat
Sosei Group (SOLTF)$23.58$8.03$23.58flat
Aspen Aerogels (ASPN)$8.01$1.60$8.01+0.7%Analyst Downgrade
Daseke (HCACU)$10.79$10.00$10.79flat
Synchrony Financial (SYF)$38.07$21.77$37.83+0.9%Analyst Report
ICTS International (ICTSF)$2.75$0.15$2.75+8.7%
Alibaba Group (BABA)$201.42$129.77$200.46+0.2%
Invesco Shipping ETF (SEA)$9.92$7.85$9.91+2.1%Heavy News Reporting
Citizens Financial Group (CFG)$39.53$27.62$39.08+1.3%Analyst Upgrade
Heavy News Reporting
iShares MSCI EAFE Small-Cap ETF (SCZ)$62.05$49.51$62.01+0.8%
ATCO LTD -CLASS I Common Stock (US funds) (ACLLF)$38.36$28.31$38.36+1.5%
Canadian Utilities (CDUAF)$30.20$20.71$30.20+2.5%
Forward Pharma A/S (FWP)$5.92$0.71$5.90+85.6%
Bank of America (BAC)$33.80$22.66$33.75+1.9%Analyst Downgrade
Flughafen Wien (VIAAY)$13.04$8.97$13.04+29.1%Upcoming Earnings
Peak Resorts (SKIS)$11.00$3.75$11.00flat
JETS Contrarian Opp Index Fund (JCO)$10.00$8.23$9.95-0.1%Dividend Announcement
Qorvo (QRVO)$107.57$54.74$106.80+2.6%
Alphabet (GOOGL)$1,342.00$977.66$1,339.95+1.6%Analyst Report
Analyst Revision
Sunny Optical Technology (Group) (SNPTF)$17.00$7.68$17.00+5.8%Heavy News Reporting
Invesco S&P Global Water Index ETF (CGW)$40.31$29.76$40.28+0.6%
Boardwalk REIT (BOWFF)$36.89$27.61$36.80+0.8%
Petrobras Argentin (PEFGF)$1.39$1.10$1.39flat
OHR Pharmaceutical (OHRP)$7.16$1.60$6.86-0.4%
Easterly Government Properties (DEA)$23.36$15.16$23.34+0.9%Insider Selling
Rocket Pharmaceuticals (RCKT)$24.34$10.75$22.28+11.5%Analyst Report
Analyst Revision
Heavy News Reporting
EVN (EVNVY)$3.79$2.75$3.79flatUpcoming Earnings
China Fruits (CHFR)$0.00$0.00$0.00flat
First Trust Switzerland AlphaDEX Fund (FSZ)$52.11$42.15$52.11+0.8%
UTG (UTGN)$40.00$29.36$39.80+10.8%Analyst Downgrade
ResMed (RMD)$151.50$90.64$151.10+0.6%Insider Selling
Cogeco Communications (CGEAF)$90.10$46.63$90.10flat
Next Fuel (NXFI)$0.17$0.00$0.17flat
Pinnacle Bancshares (PCLB)$29.15$21.36$29.15flat
Vipshop (VIPS)$13.48$5.04$13.44+2.2%
First Trust Emerging Markets Small Cap AlphaDEX Fund (FEMS)$37.14$31.42$37.06+1.4%
Gibson Energy (GBNXF)$19.58$13.10$19.58+0.6%Analyst Upgrade
IA 1ST BANCSHAR/SH (IOFB)$43.00$35.10$43.00flat
Schneider Electric (SBGSF)$98.68$65.48$98.68+1.2%
Straumann (SAUHF)$963.60$589.90$963.60+0.4%
NOBLE GRP LTD/ADR (NOBGY)$0.57$0.57$0.57flatUpcoming Earnings
High Trading Volume
Tantech (TANH)$2.20$1.40$2.15+5.6%
Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Fund (FAX)$4.31$3.82$4.31flat
Innergex Renewable Energy (INGXF)$13.13$8.21$13.13+1.8%Heavy News Reporting
Capstone Therapeutics (CAPS)$14.10$0.01$14.10flatUpcoming Earnings
Fortress Transprtn and Infr Investrs (FTAI)$19.00$12.84$18.95+1.8%Analyst Upgrade
MAN WAH HOLDING/ADR (MAWHY)$14.43$7.24$14.43flat
Bexil (BXLC)$14.00$9.33$14.00+5.4%
Merck & Co., Inc. (MRK)$89.24$70.89$89.19+0.5%
PARKSON RETAIL/ADR (PKSGY)$2.68$2.15$2.68flatHigh Trading Volume
Pharming Group (PHGUF)$1.60$0.74$1.60flat
Energizer (ENR)$52.87$32.54$52.57+1.6%Analyst Upgrade
Invesco CEF Income Composite ETF (PCEF)$22.93$19.33$22.91+0.3%
Origin Energy (OGFGY)$5.73$4.22$5.71+0.7%
SPY (XSPY)$0.09$0.07$0.09flatHeavy News Reporting
Top Honesty Group (GWIN)$0.51$0.51$0.51flat
WANT WANT CHINA/ADR (WWNTY)$43.45$39.06$43.25flat
Aimmune Therapeutics (AIMT)$29.69$16.95$29.47+1.2%Analyst Upgrade
Latitude 360 (LATX)$0.00$0.00$0.00flat
Global Blood Therapeutics (GBT)$78.30$34.92$78.00+4.9%Analyst Downgrade
Insider Selling
Hostess Brands (GRSHU)$10.80$9.94$10.80flat
Schwab Fundamental U.S. Small Company Index ETF (FNDA)$39.80$30.98$39.80+1.5%
ADOCIA/S (ADOCY)$12.38$11.57$12.38flatHigh Trading Volume
Fidelity MSCI Consumer Staples Index ETF (FSTA)$37.47$29.04$37.47+0.6%
IMPALA PLATINUM/S (IMPUY)$8.82$2.22$8.75+2.9%
Repro-Med Systems (REPR)$4.85$1.35$4.72-0.2%High Trading Volume
Eurofins Scientific (ERFSF)$540.10$334.00$540.10+1.2%Heavy News Reporting
Surgery Partners (SGRY)$14.43$5.38$14.31+2.2%
SWISS RE LTD/S (SSREY)$27.64$21.93$27.50+2.0%Analyst Downgrade
Heavy News Reporting
Newron Pharmaceuticals (NWPHF)$7.50$6.55$7.50flatAnalyst Upgrade
High Trading Volume
Royce Value Trust (RVT)$14.74$10.94$14.69+1.0%Dividend Cut
iShares Cohen & Steers REIT ETF (ICF)$117.52$88.40$117.52+0.3%High Trading Volume
Generac (GNRC)$101.90$45.43$101.84+3.0%Insider Selling
Century Financial Corp PA (CYFL)$23.00$19.10$23.00+1.0%Heavy News Reporting
Nicolet Bankshares (NCBS)$74.45$46.02$74.07+1.1%
AVEVA Group (AVEVF)$56.94$29.10$56.94flat
BioMerieux (BMXMF)$91.65$60.50$91.65+0.1%
CALAMOS CONV. OPPTYS. & INCOME FUND (CHI)$11.03$8.17$10.97-0.1%Dividend Announcement
HOVNAN 1000 DS REP 1 SRS A PRF (HOVNP)$4.95$1.65$4.95+21.8%High Trading Volume
Triumph Bancorp (TBK)$37.65$27.21$37.51+2.7%
SmartFinancial (SMBK)$23.17$16.17$23.15+2.7%
S&P Global (SPGI)$274.15$156.68$273.98+0.9%
Midland States Bancorp (MSBI)$28.50$19.56$28.47+1.3%Analyst Downgrade
Insider Selling
RANDSTAD HLDG N/ADR (RANJY)$29.84$20.71$29.84+0.3%Upcoming Earnings
Analyst Upgrade
Atkore International Group (ATKR)$42.37$18.29$42.28+2.1%
AB SKF (SKFRY)$19.35$13.78$19.28+0.6%
First Trust NASDAQ Clean Edge Green Energy Index Fund (QCLN)$23.19$16.31$23.14+1.2%
Eaton Vance Tax-Advantaged Global Dvd. (ETG)$17.83$12.39$17.76+0.6%Dividend Increase
IHS Markit (INFO)$73.62$44.52$73.59+1.2%
Acacia Mining (ABGLF)$3.09$1.99$3.09flatHigh Trading Volume
Brookfield Business Partners (BBU)$42.24$29.82$42.24+0.1%
Nomura (NMR)$5.24$3.05$5.24+2.5%
Sulzer (SULZF)$106.00$100.50$106.00flat
FB Financial (FBK)$39.79$30.33$39.62+2.2%
ASM International (ASMIY)$112.27$38.44$111.80+0.8%
NIPPON SHEET GL/ADR (NPSGY)$6.07$6.02$6.07flat
Matinas BioPharma (MTNB)$1.73$0.50$1.69+8.3%
Acushnet (GOLF)$31.52$20.24$31.47+1.3%
Air Industries Group (AIRI)$1.61$0.70$1.50+2.0%
GDS (GDS)$48.59$20.84$46.95-0.4%Unusual Options Activity
CAPITA GRP/ADR (CTAGY)$7.99$4.84$7.99flatHigh Trading Volume
International Seaways (INSW)$27.67$15.15$27.00+0.6%
Ingenico Group (INGIF)$100.04$51.14$100.04+4.3%
HOWDEN JOINERY/ADR (HWDJY)$32.00$20.17$32.00flatHigh Trading Volume
Mediaset Espana (GETVY)$13.75$12.80$13.75flatUpcoming Earnings
High Trading Volume
ITV PLC/ADR (ITVPY)$19.07$12.64$19.07+2.2%Analyst Upgrade
Milestone Scientific (MLSS)$1.56$0.26$1.51+0.7%
BOOHOO GRP PLC/ADR (BHOOY)$68.60$59.00$68.60flatHigh Trading Volume
Tingyi (Cayman Islands) (TCYMF)$1.50$1.40$1.50flat
Butler National (BUKS)$0.60$0.24$0.58+3.4%
Ampliphi Biosciences (APHB)$4.45$0.15$4.45+7.0%
Eaton Vance Ltd Duration Income Fund (EVV)$13.14$11.28$13.06-0.1%Dividend Increase
Invesco KBW Bank ETF (KBWB)$57.51$41.02$57.32+1.4%
RIGHTMOVE PLC/ADR (RTMVY)$16.63$10.45$16.60+1.4%
1PM Industries (OPMZ)$0.00$0.00$0.00flat
SCHNEIDER ELEC /ADR (SBGSY)$19.80$12.84$19.64+0.9%Analyst Downgrade
Axel Springer (AXELF)$70.08$56.14$70.08flat
Continental Gold (CGOOF)$4.09$1.33$4.08+0.5%Analyst Downgrade
IG GRP HOLDINGS/S (IGGHY)$8.95$6.00$8.95flat
Kia Motors (KIMTF)$30.30$30.30$30.30flatHeavy News Reporting
Orkla ASA (ORKLY)$9.93$7.48$9.91+0.9%Analyst Downgrade
Jeld-Wen (JELD)$23.51$13.28$23.01-0.4%Analyst Report
Morgan Advanced Materials (MCRUF)$3.80$2.99$3.80flat
Derwent London (DWVYF)$42.00$39.60$42.00flatAnalyst Downgrade
High Trading Volume
SPORTS DIRECT I/ADR (SDISY)$7.70$6.90$7.70flatHigh Trading Volume
Heavy News Reporting
Domino's Pizza Enterprises (DPZUF)$35.75$26.79$35.75flat
Spirent Communications (SPMYY)$11.50$5.91$11.50+3.5%Analyst Upgrade
Heavy News Reporting
SEGRO (SEGXF)$11.26$7.43$11.26flatAnalyst Downgrade
Essentra (FLRAF)$5.48$4.92$5.48flat
Restaurant Group (RSTGF)$1.84$1.59$1.84flat
Polymetal International (POYYF)$15.90$9.95$15.90+5.3%
Gecina (GECFF)$169.50$137.25$169.50flat
MTU AERO ENGINE/ADR (MTUAY)$144.33$88.15$143.45+1.8%Analyst Report
Legrand (LGRVF)$79.30$55.40$79.30flat
WisdomTree International SmallCap Dividend Fund (DLS)$69.00$58.00$68.90+0.4%
NOSTRUM OIL & G/ADR (NSTRY)$0.40$0.10$0.40flatUpcoming Earnings
Analyst Downgrade
High Trading Volume
Wentworth Resource (WENTF)$0.35$0.26$0.35flatAnalyst Downgrade
High Trading Volume
Obic (OBIIF)$132.00$108.20$132.00flat
iShares North American Tech-Software ETF (IGV)$228.10$123.69$228.05+0.6%High Trading Volume
Paypoint (PYPTF)$12.00$11.60$12.00flatHigh Trading Volume
ORION OYJ/ADR (ORINY)$20.78$18.73$20.78flatUpcoming Earnings
High Trading Volume
SSP GROU/PAR VTG FPD 0.01033333 (SSPPF)$8.90$8.45$8.90flatHigh Trading Volume
Handeni Gold (HNDI)$0.04$0.02$0.04flat
TOKUYAMA CORP/ADR (TKYMY)$13.72$10.15$13.72flatUpcoming Earnings
High Trading Volume
IMAX China (IMXCF)$2.70$2.50$2.70flatHigh Trading Volume
Liberty Media Formula One Series B (FWONB)$42.75$28.55$42.75flat
ANDINA ACQUISIT/SH SH (ANDA)$10.07$9.70$10.07flat
Brain Resource (BRRZY)$0.46$0.05$0.46flat
CA BANCORP/SH (CALB)$20.50$16.60$20.50+1.0%
China Xingbang Industry Group (CXGP)$18.00$1.67$18.00flatHigh Trading Volume
COMPANHIA PARAN/S (ELPVY)$15.30$7.43$15.30flat
Z-Trim (FBER)$0.00$0.00$0.00flatHigh Trading Volume
First Colombia Gold (FCGD)$0.00$0.00$0.00flat
FRIENDLY HILLS/SH SH (FHLB)$9.90$6.50$9.90flat
Grasim Industries (GRSXY)$14.00$14.00$14.00flatUpcoming Earnings
High Trading Volume
Healthier Choices Management (HCMC)$0.00$0.00$0.00flat
HST Global (HSTC)$0.17$0.00$0.17flat
NTT DATA CORP/ADR (NTDTY)$13.73$10.40$13.73flatHeavy News Reporting
Royal Standard Minerals Inc USA (RYSMF)$1.00$0.02$1.00flat
Wave Sync (WAYS)$0.06$0.05$0.06flatUpcoming Earnings
Zadar Ventures (ZADDF)$0.07$0.07$0.07flat
Glassbridge Enterprises (GLAE)$250.00$0.00$250.00flat
SEC BANCORP INC/SH SH (SCYT)$59.00$55.50$59.00flat
First Trust Global Wind Energy ETF (FAN)$14.16$11.05$14.15+0.2%
HTC (HTCXF)$21.84$2.53$21.84flat
Yamaguchi Financial Group (YFGSF)$11.44$11.20$11.44flat
Showa Shell Sekiyu KK (SWSKF)$22.60$12.15$22.60flatHigh Trading Volume
Aurum (AURM)$0.05$0.05$0.05flat
The Champaign Telephone (CPHT)$22.00$21.50$22.00flat
OR BANCORP INC/SH (ORBN)$29.05$17.76$29.05flat
CTRY BK HLDG CO/SH (CYHC)$48,000.00$29,000.00$48,000.00flat
DiaSorin (DSRLF)$136.12$80.10$136.12+0.5%
Northeast Indiana Bancorp (NIDB)$42.00$35.05$42.00+4.8%
Glenville Bank (GLNV)$98.00$96.60$98.00flat
Delphi Energy (DPGYF)$0.48$0.04$0.48flat
FORTESCUE METAL/S (FSUGY)$13.77$5.61$13.60+0.8%
PEOPLES LTD/SH (PPLL)$80.00$63.98$80.00flat
Restoration Robotics (HAIR)$3.15$0.35$2.95-9.2%Heavy News Reporting
Inspired Builders (ISRB)$0.18$0.04$0.18flat
REDWOOD CAP BAN/SH (RWCB)$18.37$15.01$18.37+0.7%
Altice N.V/EQ (ALLVF)$5.98$1.90$5.98flat
Ridgefield Acquisition (RDGA)$2.75$1.25$2.75flat
Savings Bank Circl (SCIV)$45.75$45.00$45.75flatHigh Trading Volume
Sprott Physical Platinum and Palladium (SPPP)$13.67$9.36$13.64+0.3%
ProShares Ultra Consumer Goods (UGE)$50.54$31.33$50.54flat
Meridian Bank (MRBK)$19.30$16.15$19.00-0.3%Heavy News Reporting
ProShares S&P MidCap 400 Dividend Aristocrats ETF (REGL)$59.95$50.00$59.91+1.2%High Trading Volume
First Trust RiverFront Dynamic Developed International ETF (RFDI)$58.90$49.35$58.90+0.8%
Invesco Russell Top 200 Pure Growth ETF (PXLG)$60.96$42.07$60.72+0.8%
Invesco Russell MidCap Pure Value ETF (PXMV)$34.52$26.26$34.40+0.5%High Trading Volume
IndexIQ ETF Trust - IQ Hedge Multi-Strategy Tracker ETF (QAI)$31.01$28.73$30.99+0.2%
Invesco Russell Top 200 Pure Value ETF (PXLV)$42.11$32.42$42.08+0.3%
Alpha Architect US Quantitative Momentum ETF (QMOM)$31.92$24.34$31.92flatHigh Trading Volume
Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Consumer Staples ETF (RHS)$144.10$111.19$144.07+0.6%Heavy News Reporting
VanEck Vectors Russia Small-Cap ETF (RSXJ)$35.53$26.57$35.53+0.5%
Invesco S&P MidCap 400 Revenue ETF (RWK)$64.32$48.19$64.32+1.6%
Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Financials ETF (RYF)$46.55$33.71$46.55+1.3%
Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Health Care ETF (RYH)$218.72$165.66$218.69+0.8%
Schwab International Small-Cap Equity ETF (SCHC)$34.44$27.92$34.41+0.7%
Schwab U.S. Large-Cap Value ETF (SCHV)$59.42$46.25$59.38+1.0%
SPDR S&P Dividend ETF (SDY)$107.20$84.28$107.12+1.1%
SPDR S&P 600 Small Cap Growth ETF (SLYG)$63.55$50.57$63.55+1.5%
SPDR S&P 600 Small CapValue ETF (SLYV)$65.16$50.55$65.05+1.8%
Schwab US Small-Cap ETF (SCHA)$74.61$57.04$74.54+1.4%
Schwab US Dividend Equity ETF (SCHD)$57.47$44.03$57.44+1.1%
ProShares Russell 2000 Dividend Growers ETF (SMDV)$61.65$51.23$61.63+1.2%High Trading Volume
iShares Russell 2500 ETF (SMMD)$47.48$38.91$47.42+1.0%High Trading Volume
iShares Edge MSCI Min Vol USA Small-Cap ETF (SMMV)$35.44$26.20$35.44+0.7%High Trading Volume
Global X Internet of Things Thematic ETF (SNSR)$23.19$15.39$23.15+1.3%Heavy News Reporting
SPDR Portfolio Small Cap ETF (SPSM)$32.17$24.79$32.15+1.4%
iShares Edge MSCI Min Vol Global ETF (ACWV)$96.04$77.01$95.95+0.3%High Trading Volume
Invesco BLDRS Asia 50 ADR Index Fund (ADRA)$33.62$27.42$33.62+1.4%
SPDR S&P 600 Small Cap ETF (SLY)$71.52$56.30$71.52+1.7%
Invesco S&P 500 Value With Momentum ETF (SPVM)$42.57$24.80$42.57+1.2%High Trading Volume
ProShares Large Cap Core Plus (CSM)$75.70$57.15$75.68+0.9%High Trading Volume
Direxion Daily Healthcare Bull 3x Shares (CURE)$68.79$38.98$68.59+1.7%
American Customer Satisfaction ETF (ACSI)$35.25$27.49$35.25+1.0%High Trading Volume
Reality Shares DIVCON Dividend Defender ETF (DFND)$31.28$24.25$31.28flatHigh Trading Volume
Cambria Shareholder Yield ETF (SYLD)$39.74$30.43$39.73+1.8%
Tortoise Water Fund (TBLU)$33.29$24.80$33.29flatHigh Trading Volume
FlexShares Morningstar Developed Markets ex-US Factor Tilt Index Fund (TLTD)$64.15$53.17$64.15+0.8%
TrimTabs All Cap US Free-Cash-Flow ETF (TTAC)$38.85$27.90$38.80+0.6%High Trading Volume
Invesco Russell 1000 Enhanced Equal Weight ETF (USEQ)$29.85$24.87$29.85+0.9%High Trading Volume
WisdomTree U.S. Multifactor Fund (USMF)$31.45$24.75$31.45+0.1%High Trading Volume
iShares Edge MSCI Min Vol USA ETF (USMV)$65.04$47.44$65.03+0.6%High Trading Volume
ProShares Ultra Financials (UYG)$52.10$28.46$52.05+1.8%
Vanguard Consumer Staples ETF (VDC)$160.05$124.93$160.05+0.6%
Vanguard Health Care ETF (VHT)$188.31$149.55$188.31+0.9%
Vanguard S&P Small-Cap 600 ETF (VIOO)$151.74$118.07$151.63+1.6%
Vanguard Communication Services ETF (VOX)$92.65$69.48$92.45+0.6%
SPDR Portfolio S&P 500 Value ETF (SPYV)$34.25$25.44$34.23+1.0%
ProShares Ultra Russell2000 (UWM)$74.49$46.25$74.43+2.8%
Vanguard Financials ETF (VFH)$75.47$55.16$75.40+1.2%
Vanguard Value ETF (VTV)$118.23$91.62$118.18+0.9%
Vanguard High Dividend Yield ETF (VYM)$92.40$73.18$92.31+0.9%
WisdomTree Fundamental U.S. Corporate Bond Fund (WFIG)$52.47$48.12$52.47-0.0%High Trading Volume
Invesco S&P 500 Minimum Variance ETF (SPMV)$31.45$25.16$31.45flatHigh Trading Volume
Global X Founder-Run Companies ETF (BOSS)$20.08$14.77$20.08-0.4%High Trading Volume
WisdomTree U.S. LargeCap Dividend Fund (DLN)$103.75$79.15$103.71+0.9%
iShares Edge MSCI USA Quality Factor ETF (QUAL)$99.11$71.96$99.02+0.8%High Trading Volume
Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-US Small-Cap ETF (VSS)$109.06$90.89$108.99+0.6%
Vanguard Russell 2000 (VTWO)$131.23$101.11$131.22+1.4%
Amplify YieldShares CWP Dividend & Option Income ETF (DIVO)$31.25$25.59$31.25+0.8%High Trading Volume
Eaton Vance TABS 5 to 15 Year Laddered Municipal NextShares (EVLMC)$100.04$100.04$100.04+89.6%
SPDR S&P Health Care Services ETF (XHS)$73.87$59.58$73.87+1.5%
Invesco S&P MidCap Quality ETF (EQWM)$52.26$40.08$52.10+0.8%
Eaton Vance Global Income Builder NextShares (EVGBC)$100.06$100.06$100.06flat
Eaton Vance Stock NextShares (EVSTC)$100.02$99.98$100.02+84.7%
Fidelity MSCI Health Care Index ETF (FHLC)$48.62$38.78$48.61+0.6%
UBS AG FI Enhanced Global High Yield ETN (FIHD)$199.94$82.78$199.94+1.8%
Invesco S&P SmallCap Low Volatility ETF (XSLV)$50.99$40.62$50.99+1.2%
Global X YieldCo Index ETF (YLCO)$14.41$11.06$14.41+0.4%
iShares Edge U.S. Fixed Income Balanced Risk ETF (FIBR)$101.40$96.50$101.40flatHigh Trading Volume
Franklin LibertyQ U.S. Equity ETF (FLQL)$34.48$25.40$34.47+0.9%High Trading Volume
Franklin LibertyQ U.S. Mid Cap Equity ETF (FLQM)$32.93$25.35$32.93+1.1%High Trading Volume
Fidelity MSCI Financials Index ETF (FNCL)$43.84$32.10$43.84+1.3%
Schwab Fundamental International Small Cap Company Index ETF (FNDC)$33.18$27.16$33.18+0.8%
Franklin LibertyQ U.S. Small Cap Equity ETF (FLQS)$28.72$24.33$28.72+0.2%High Trading Volume
First Trust Institutional Preferred Securities and Income ETF (FPEI)$20.04$17.97$20.01+0.2%
First Trust Consumer Staples AlphaDEX Fund (FXG)$49.50$40.39$49.50+0.9%
First Trust Europe AlphaDEX Fund (FEP)$36.78$29.87$36.68+0.8%
iShares Currency Hedged MSCI Japan ETF (HEWJ)$33.68$27.33$33.65+1.0%
iShares Core International Aggregate Bond ETF (IAGG)$54.86$51.13$54.85+0.0%High Trading Volume
Heavy News Reporting
SPDR S&P International Small Cap ETF (GWX)$31.65$26.63$31.60+0.9%
iShares S&P Mid-Cap 400 Value ETF (IJJ)$168.53$129.89$168.39+1.3%
iShares S&P Small-Cap 600 Growth ETF (IJT)$190.32$151.27$190.32+1.5%
SPDR STOXX Europe 50 ETF (FEU)$35.06$28.73$34.95-0.1%
iShares Convertible Bond ETF (ICVT)$61.28$50.43$61.28+0.5%High Trading Volume
iShares Core MSCI International Developed Markets ETF (IDEV)$57.57$47.05$57.56+0.7%
iShares MSCI Europe Small-Cap ETF (IEUS)$53.81$43.17$53.81+0.6%
iShares Europe Developed Real Estate ETF (IFEU)$40.38$33.81$40.37+1.0%
iShares Edge Investment Grade Enhanced Bond ETF (IGEB)$51.63$48.61$51.63-0.0%High Trading Volume
X-trackers Barclays International Treasury Bond Hedged ETF (IGVT)$51.91$48.31$51.91flatHigh Trading Volume
iShares Russell Top 200 Value ETF (IWX)$57.93$44.67$57.91+1.1%
iShares Global Healthcare ETF (IXJ)$67.46$53.77$67.42+0.4%
iShares U.S. Financial Services ETF (IYG)$149.69$104.43$149.54+1.2%
iShares US Consumer Goods ETF (IYK)$130.30$101.38$130.12+0.3%
X-trackers Barclays International Corporate Bond Hedged ETF (IFIX)$52.41$49.59$52.41flatHigh Trading Volume
iShares S&P 500 Value ETF (IVE)$127.63$94.72$127.59+1.1%
iShares US Financials ETF (IYF)$136.13$99.30$136.11+1.0%
iShares U.S. Healthcare ETF (IYH)$211.26$169.96$211.12+0.6%
iShares U.S. Industrials ETF (IYJ)$166.60$123.05$166.60+1.2%High Trading Volume
Direxion Daily Japan 3x Bull Shares (JPNL)$66.11$38.57$66.11+2.6%
Reality Shares DIVCON Leaders Dividend ETF (LEAD)$38.01$27.00$38.01+1.4%High Trading Volume
iShares Morningstar Large-Cap Value ETF (JKF)$116.06$90.44$116.06+1.1%
Hartford Multifactor Low Volatility US Equity ETF (LVUS)$31.39$24.65$31.39flatHigh Trading Volume
Vanguard Mega Cap Value ETF (MGV)$85.89$66.82$85.89+0.9%
iPath Series B Bloomberg Coffee Subindex Total Return ETN (JO)$40.48$30.68$40.48+0.6%
iShares 10+ Year Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF (LLQD)$54.10$48.02$54.10flatHigh Trading Volume
iShares 5-10 Year Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF (MLQD)$51.98$47.96$51.98flatHigh Trading Volume
SPDR S&P 400 Mid Cap Value ETF (MDYV)$54.03$41.72$53.91+1.2%
iShares Short Maturity Municipal Bond ETF (MEAR)$50.17$49.62$50.07-0.1%High Trading Volume
VanEck Vectors Mortgage REIT Income ETF (MORT)$24.02$20.64$24.01+0.6%
ProShares Merger ETF (MRGR)$38.07$35.06$38.07flatHigh Trading Volume
ProShares S&P 500 Aristocrats ETF (NOBL)$75.05$55.69$74.98+0.8%High Trading Volume
NuShares ESG Large-Cap Growth ETF (NULG)$40.74$26.91$40.72+0.8%High Trading Volume
NuShares ESG Large-Cap Value ETF (NULV)$32.66$25.49$32.62+0.8%High Trading Volume
NuShares ESG Mid-Cap Growth ETF (NUMG)$34.86$26.00$34.86+0.8%High Trading Volume
NuShares ESG Mid-Cap Value ETF (NUMV)$30.47$25.05$30.46+1.3%High Trading Volume
NuShares Short-Term REIT ETF (NURE)$30.70$23.70$30.65+0.2%High Trading Volume
Heavy News Reporting
NuShares ESG Small-Cap ETF (NUSC)$30.66$24.96$30.66+1.0%High Trading Volume
Invesco PureBeta MSCI USA Small Cap ETF (PBSM)$27.91$24.57$27.91flatHigh Trading Volume
Invesco PureBeta 0-5 Yr US TIPS ETF (PBTP)$24.99$24.70$24.99flatHigh Trading Volume
Invesco Global Water ETF (PIO)$29.83$22.13$29.83+0.1%
iShares Edge MSCI USA Momentum Factor ETF (MTUM)$124.09$81.37$124.02+0.5%High Trading Volume
Invesco PureBeta US Aggregate Bond ETF (PBND)$25.69$24.33$25.69-0.2%High Trading Volume
Invesco PureBeta MSCI USA ETF (PBUS)$31.19$24.94$31.19flatHigh Trading Volume
Invesco Dividend Achievers ETF (PFM)$30.28$23.26$30.28+0.7%
Invesco S&P SmallCap Financials ETF (PSCF)$57.21$45.44$57.21+1.6%
Invesco Balanced Multi-Asset Allocation ETF (PSMB)$14.47$12.28$14.47+0.6%High Trading Volume
Invesco Conservative Multi-Asset Allocation ETF (PSMC)$13.17$12.49$13.17+0.4%High Trading Volume
Invesco Growth Multi-Asset Allocation ETF (PSMG)$14.86$12.26$14.86-0.4%High Trading Volume
Invesco DWA Healthcare Momentum ETF (PTH)$91.78$64.36$91.78+1.0%
Pacer Trendpilot 100 ETF (PTNQ)$38.96$25.04$38.92+0.9%High Trading Volume
PANDORA BANCSHA/SH CAP SH (PDRB)$50.75$50.75$50.75flat
RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust (RIOCF)$20.85$16.51$20.85+0.1%
Newmark Group (NMRK)$13.58$7.02$13.46+1.5%
ENDESA S A/ADR (ELEZY)$13.48$10.96$13.48flat
Yaskawa Electric (YASKF)$38.57$23.50$38.57flat
Tekla Healthcare Opportunities Fund (THQ)$18.68$15.16$18.68+0.7%
Sky Resort International (SKYL)$5.00$2.63$5.00flat
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG)$5.44$4.49$5.43+0.4%
MINERVA S A/S (MRVSY)$13.39$4.72$13.39flat
iShares Core S&P U.S. Value ETF (IUSV)$61.84$45.08$61.79+1.1%
SPDR Portfolio Mid Cap ETF (SPMD)$35.75$27.66$35.73+1.3%
iShares U.S. Medical Devices ETF (IHI)$261.80$183.57$261.77+0.7%
WisdomTree Europe SmallCap Dividend Fund (DFE)$61.69$51.01$61.65+0.9%
Invesco FTSE RAFI US 1500 Small-Mid ETF (PRFZ)$135.26$107.07$135.26+1.5%
Vev Low Carbon Energy Etf (GEX)$70.20$51.21$70.01+1.2%
First Trust Large Cap Value AlphaDEX Fund (FTA)$55.26$43.60$55.18+1.2%
Invesco Global Clean Energy ETF (PBD)$13.34$9.75$13.28-0.4%High Trading Volume
iShares MSCI New Zealand ETF (ENZL)$56.85$44.81$56.74+0.6%
Vanguard S&P 500 Value ETF (VOOV)$123.15$91.41$123.08+1.1%
Vanguard S&P Mid-Cap 400 Value ETF (IVOV)$129.89$98.92$129.89+1.4%
Vanguard Russell 2000 Value (VTWV)$110.34$88.37$110.34+1.6%
X-trackers MSCI Japan Hedged Equity Fund (DBJP)$43.06$35.14$43.01+1.0%
First Trust Dorsey Wright International Focus 5 ETF (IFV)$20.35$16.80$20.25+0.8%
Global X Health & Wellness Thematic ETF (BFIT)$21.65$16.81$21.65+1.9%Heavy News Reporting
IQ Chaikin US Large Cap ETF (CLRG)$26.66$20.19$26.66+1.2%
SPDR Kensho Future Security ETF (XKFS)$38.54$27.37$38.49-0.1%
Reality Shares Nasdaq NexGen Economy ETF (BLCN)$24.85$18.50$24.85+0.8%
iPath Series B Bloomberg Precious Metals Subindex Total Return ETN (JJPB)$52.36$43.13$52.36-0.6%
Fidelity International Value Factor ETF (FIVA)$22.49$19.24$22.30+0.3%
Franklin FTSE Switzerland ETF (FLSW)$26.80$20.51$26.75+0.6%
Barclays ETN+ FI Enhanced Global High Yield Exchange Traded Notes Series B (FIYY)$119.17$70.80$119.17+1.5%
RYMAN HEALTHCAR/ADR (RYHTY)$50.00$36.44$50.00+13.4%High Trading Volume
Hydro One (HRNNF)$19.53$14.48$19.53+3.4%
Docusign (DOCU)$77.00$36.25$72.31+3.9%Earnings Announcement
Analyst Report
Heavy News Reporting
IMI (IMIAF)$14.45$11.20$14.45flat
Inspire Medical Systems (INSP)$74.67$35.43$74.47+0.2%
Ceridian HCM (CDAY)$62.50$31.39$62.08+0.2%Analyst Report
FORUM MERGER II/SH CL A (FMCI)$10.23$9.63$10.23flatUpcoming Earnings
Cancom (CCCMF)$59.88$32.02$59.88flatHeavy News Reporting
Restaurant Brands New Zealand (RTBRF)$7.78$5.56$7.52-3.5%
Skylark (SKLYF)$17.10$13.80$17.10flat
Limestone Bancorp (LMST)$17.49$12.50$17.49+1.9%Analyst Downgrade
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Quest Solution (QUES)$4.10$0.13$4.00-1.5%
LF Capital Acquisition Corp. Units (LFACU)$11.08$10.00$11.08flat
DAIRY CREST GRP/ADR (DRCSY)$0.50$0.23$0.50flat
Kingspan Group (KGSPF)$56.30$46.84$56.30flat
Communication Services Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLC)$52.83$38.97$52.68+0.4%Unusual Options Activity
Heavy News Reporting
Bausch Health Companies (BHC)$29.20$17.20$28.64-1.1%
Nuveen Real Asset Income and Growth Fund (JRI)$18.18$13.10$18.13+0.3%Dividend Announcement
Heavy News Reporting
Cebu Air (CEBUF)$1.91$1.36$1.91flat
Trinity Merger Corp. Units (TMCXU)$12.55$10.12$12.55flat
MEGGITT PLC/ADR (MEGGY)$16.75$11.51$16.75flat
Euronext (EUXTF)$82.44$53.30$82.44flat
CHINA CITIC BK/ADR (CHCJY)$11.31$10.55$11.31flat
Kyocera (KYOCY)$68.47$47.32$68.23-0.1%Analyst Downgrade
Aberdeen Japan Equity Fund (JEQ)$8.10$6.19$8.10+0.7%
DSV A/S (DSDVF)$110.10$64.25$110.10flat
AB SKF (SKUFF)$19.05$14.02$19.05flat
Advantage Oil & Gas (AAVVF)$2.06$1.02$2.02+6.0%Analyst Downgrade
Landstar (LDSR)$0.40$0.00$0.38-10.5%
VanEck Vectors Video Gaming and eSports ETF (ESPO)$36.63$25.82$36.55+1.0%
SPDR Kensho Clean Power ETF (XKCP)$40.23$27.20$39.75-0.8%
SPDR Kensho Final Frontiers ETF (XKFF)$35.30$24.04$35.17-0.1%
Arcosa (ACA)$40.91$22.94$40.64+3.3%Analyst Downgrade
Heavy News Reporting
Canadian Tire (CDNTF)$166.66$155.59$166.66flat
Alberton Acquisition Corporation Units (ALACU)$10.60$10.00$10.60flat
TKK Symphony Acquisition Corporation Units (TKKSU)$13.61$7.45$13.76+6.4%
IBI Group (IBIBF)$4.44$2.80$4.44flat
BLUESCOPE STL L/ADR (BLSFY)$49.32$46.50$49.32flatAnalyst Report
Heavy News Reporting
Uni-President China (UNPSF)$0.95$0.87$0.95flat
NRC Group (NRCG)$13.23$6.41$12.24flat
Mitsui Fudosan (MTSFF)$24.60$21.75$24.60flat
Direxion Daily Consumer Staples Bull 3X Shares (NEED)$33.55$16.84$33.42-0.1%
Soitec (SLOIF)$112.75$55.73$112.75flatHigh Trading Volume
Cargotec Oyj (CYJBF)$34.75$27.80$34.75flatHigh Trading Volume
Nitori (NCLTF)$157.68$122.00$157.68flat
MorphoSys (MOR)$32.87$22.46$32.73+1.8%
LEGRAND S A/ADR (LGRDY)$16.11$10.61$16.05+0.7%Heavy News Reporting
Direxion Daily Communication Services Index Bull 3X Shares (TAWK)$38.36$23.82$38.36+2.1%
Direxion MSCI Defensives Over Cyclicals ETF (RWDC)$53.33$48.74$53.33+0.5%
ProShares UltraPro Communication Services Select Sector (UCOM)$58.80$37.24$58.78+1.5%High Trading Volume
Partners Group (PGPHF)$872.55$579.55$872.55+0.6%
Putnam Master Int. Income (PIM)$4.79$4.06$4.74-1.1%
Harpoon Therapeutics (HARP)$20.80$9.07$20.80+13.8%Analyst Downgrade
Insider Selling
Aurizon (QRNNF)$4.16$3.09$4.16flatHigh Trading Volume
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Stockland (STKAF)$3.42$2.60$3.42flat
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Britvic (BTVCF)$13.54$9.99$13.54+2.1%
Goldman Sachs Motif Human Evolution ETF (GDNA)$55.73$46.82$55.34-0.4%
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Dechra Pharmaceuticals (DCHPF)$37.00$25.60$37.00flat
CHINA RESOURCES/ADR (CGASY)$58.64$48.24$58.64flat
Precision BioSciences (DTIL)$20.63$6.24$19.64+5.8%Analyst Upgrade
Carter Bank and Trust (CARE)$21.47$14.45$20.97+0.7%
Homeserve (HMSVF)$15.35$12.61$15.35+0.5%
IVERIC bio (ISEE)$4.50$0.91$4.15+1.2%Analyst Downgrade
Capital Power (CPXWF)$25.00$20.34$25.00flat
Parsons (PSN)$40.57$29.03$40.49+1.5%
iShares MSCI Japan Value ETF (EWJV)$26.88$22.98$26.88+1.0%
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Zhongsheng Group (ZSHGY)$30.55$27.05$30.55flat
iShares Genomics Immunology and Healthcare ETF (IDNA)$29.78$23.62$29.38-0.8%
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Quiet Period Expiration
Analyst Revision
Heavy News Reporting
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A 52 week high is the highest price that a stock has traded at in the last year. Many investors use 52 week highs as a factor in determining a stock's current value and as a predictor of future price movements.

What You Need to Know about 52 Week High Stocks

Investors who are looking to actively trade stocks and other securities engage in technical analysis to find patterns and identify trends that can help predict the direction of a stock’s price. Many of these strategies, such as average daily trading volume (ADTV) and moving average look for changes in a stock’s momentum to help determine stock movement.

A frequently used indicator of a stock’s trend is to look at movement around its 52 week highs and lows. Looking at 52 week highs and 52 week low stocks can be very important in determining whether you should invest in a stock.

The 52 week high for a stock represents the highest closing price and the stock has traded at over a 52 week period. This is a moving number, so for example, the 52 week high and low prices you see on October 2, 2019, are measuring the 52 weeks prior to that day. It is not limited to a calendar year.

Although markets do not always behave in an orderly fashion, price movement around a 52 week high is generally seen as a sign that stocks are ready to move in a direction that follows that movement. When there is price movement towards a 52 week high, you'll often hear that the market is "testing its high.” Traders are looking for momentum and generally, when they see price movement that creeps towards a high, they can count on other investors jumping in.

It is important to point out that the 52 week high refers to the closing price of a stock. During any given trading day, a stock may move above its 52 week high, or below its 52 week low—but if it ends the day somewhere between the previous high and low, the 52 week high and low remains unchanged. These intraday movements, called reversals, can be significant to traders, even though the 52 week high or low remains unchanged. With stocks that have high volatility, this may happen a lot, so be sure to consider these ideas when adding some of the most volatile stocks to your portfolio.

In the past, analysts viewed an increase in the 52 week high as a very reliable indicator of future price movement. However, as electronic trading has become available to more than just individual investors, stock price reversals at these thresholds have become more common. For some traders, this has made the 52 week high a less significant indicator.

When a stock climbs above its 52 week high but fails to hold that gain, it can be a technical indicator that the stock has “topped out.” Of course, it's also fair to say that there is still a bullish sentiment surrounding the stock, and in some cases, high stocks will make multiple attempts before finally closing above its 52 week high. However, momentum traders typically view stocks that rise above, then fall below their 52 week high as prime targets for profit taking.

One of the most common financial strategies for day traders is known as the "pop" strategy. This strategy is based on technical indicators but rooted in market psychology. The reasoning is that markets will usually test a high or low before ultimately breaching it. Traders that use this strategy look for a stock that has significant momentum, indicating that it wants to break a high or low. Once the stock pulls back the first time, it may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for a stock to try to reclaim that position. As traders see the stock approach the 52 week high or low they should set a stop order just above or below the price where the stock crossed the 52 week line the first time. When the stock reaches that price, the order will be executed and the trader can then set an appropriate stop loss to help them exit the trade.

Other successful trading strategies involve finding the 52 week high and low range. This is a very simple calculation. You subtract the 52 week low from the 52 week high. Once you know the range, you can determine the average weekly and daily average volume. Here’s an example. Lowe’s has a 52 week high of $117.35 and a 52 week low of $75.36. The range is 117.35-75.36=41.99. Once you have this number you can divide by 52 to get an average weekly range of $0.81 cents or an average daily range by dividing by 252 (based on the number of trading days, not calendar days) and get $0.16 cents per day. Once you know the average daily or weekly range, you can monitor the stock for trends. Once identified, using the average daily or weekly range gives you a point to step stops for your trade.

So how do you use this to make money?

First, you can use average daily or weekly range to look for breakouts especially at historically key price levels such as $10, $25, $50 or $100. Knowing the average weekly or daily range can help confirm price movement when stocks breach these levels higher or lower. However, a word of caution, especially for day traders, is that stocks can be prone to intraday reversals meaning that a price may rise above the high but then fall below or vice versa. Since these can happen very quickly, it's important to set appropriate stops.

A second strategy is to put a mid-line between the high and the low. To establish the mid-line, you will add the 52 week high and the 52 week low and divide by 2. In our example, 117.35 + 75.36 = 192.71 which when divided by 2 = 96.35. This would put your midline at approximately $96.35. You can then use this middle line to look for breakout patterns:

  • If the stock price breaks above the middle line, that is a bullish indicator that suggests the price will increase towards the 52 week high.
  • If the stock price breaks below the middle line, which is a bearish indicator that suggests the price will decrease towards the 52 week low.
  • If the stock price reverses off the middle line, you can use the average daily or weekly range to trade in the direction of the bounce.

Traders have easy access to a wealth of information and metrics. You can find a number of online resources that will provide a list of stocks on the stock exchange that have recently been trading at levels close to their 52 week highs. But this only gets you so far. Once you identify the stock, there are some additional signals you can look for to determine which stocks merit further study and could produce a good return.

  • When a move above the 52 week high is accompanied by high volume (look at the volume that is 200% above the average daily trading volume – ADTV) that usually indicates sufficient momentum to propel the stock in that direction
  • If a stock reaches its 52 week high and has a high percentage gain for a specific time period, that can be a sign that there is momentum around that stock.
  • From the fundamental analysis side of things, look for stocks that an analyst or two have recently upgraded or downgraded. This can have a huge psychological impact on the market that can create the necessary momentum to push a stock price significantly higher or lower and are sometimes some of the best cheap stocks to buy.

Another important tool in identifying 52 week high stocks is a stock screener. Stock screeners are found on many websites and trading websites and let an investor put in certain criteria (for example, market cap, simple moving average, stock market gainers, stocks recommended by financial experts, stocks that just hit their highest level, etc.) and then only shows stocks that match that criteria. For example, an investor could filter so that they only see stocks that offer a dividend, if they’re using a dividend investing strategy. You can use a stock screener to track the 52 week price changes and help determine the selling and buying you need to do to make the most money.

Stock traders rely on technical analysis, but successful investors understand the role that fundamental analysis plays in investment decisions. This is true when attempting to accurately interpret the significance of a company breaching a 52 week high. It is usually a good idea to look at what a well-known analyst says and get investment advice from them and another reliable financial advisor before you decide to invest in a stock.

For example, when there is good news that pushes a stock close to or above its 52 week high, investors that rely only on technical analysis may discount the news and look to sell only to find that the stock was only taking a brief pause before climbing well above its former high.

Should You Buy a Stock at Its 52 Week High?

Markets rarely move in an orderly, or even logical, fashion. But if you can identify changes in the 52 week high, traders can make more informed investing decisions. This is because a stock’s 52 week high represents a psychological indicator that can often create momentum. Buyers have a fear of missing out and sellers can look to cut their losses. Both scenarios can cause significant price movement. Make sure that you look at all of the factors that influence stock price and risk and gather all the data you can before adding a stock to your portfolio

Traders can easily find a list of stocks that have recently broken through their 52 week high. But that is not the only indicator for selecting a stock to trade. Traders, particularly day traders, are looking for stocks that show the proper momentum. Because stocks frequently experience reversals around the 52 week high, day traders, in particular, like to use the "pop" strategy to forecast when a stock that made one failed attempt at the threshold will cross it. Another popular trading strategy is to look at the 52 week high level and low level of a stock and focus on calculating the weekly or daily range and using that range to anticipate stock movement.

Movements around 52 week highs are usually significant. But quantifying that significance requires that investors pay attention to both technical and fundamental indicators as they relate to that stock. Reversals around stocks 52 week high are common. When these happen, traders need to take a look at other technical indicators and even use fundamental analysis to determine whether a stock's move is temporary or whether it is primed to break through a top or find a new floor. Sometimes bad things happen to even the best growth stocks and sometimes a bad stock can temporarily benefit from favorable stock market conditions.

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