Today's 52-Week Lows (9/21/2018)

A 52-week high is the highest price that a stock has traded at in the last year. Likewise, a 52-week low is the lowest price that a stock has traded at in the last year. Many investors use 52-week highs and 52-week lows as a factor in determining a stock's current value and as a predictor of future price movements. As a stock trades within its 52-week price range (the range that exists between the 52-week low and the 52-week high), investors may show increased interest as price nears either the high or the low. Learn more.

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Market Cap:
52-Week Low
52-Week HighCurrent
United Natural Foods (UNFI)$28.25$52.69$30.97-9.3%Earnings Announcement
Analyst Downgrade
High Trading Volume
Unusual Options Activity
Heavy News Reporting
Weyerhaeuser (WY)$32.95$38.39$33.01-2.1%High Trading Volume
Unusual Options Activity
Covidien (COV)$0.04$108.57$0.04flat
NVR (NVR)$2,558.27$3,700.00$2,583.92-1.0%Analyst Upgrade
High Trading Volume
Sonoma Pharmaceuticals (SNOA)$1.46$5.92$1.49-4.0%
Goodrich (GR)$0.10$127.49$0.10+105.3%
Pier 1 Imports (PIR)$1.36$5.92$1.45-24.8%Analyst Report
High Trading Volume
Heavy News Reporting
Vimicro International (VIMC)$0.19$16.49$0.19+100.0%
OI S A/S (OIBR.C)$2.37$9.71$2.80+10.0%High Trading Volume
Yingli Green Energy (YGE)$1.38$2.86$1.43-7.0%Heavy News Reporting
VSE (VSEC)$33.55$59.90$33.78-2.1%High Trading Volume
AutoNavi (AMAP)$0.29$21.20$0.29+100.0%
EV Energy Partners (EVEP)$0.12$1.46$0.13flatHigh Trading Volume
Heavy News Reporting
Safeguard Scientifics (SFE)$9.10$14.40$9.15-8.7%High Trading Volume
Natural Gas Services Group (NGS)$20.85$29.55$20.95-1.9%High Trading Volume
IRIS International (IRIS)$3.40$19.97$3.41-8.8%
Rand Logistics (RLOG)$0.03$1.93$0.04-85.7%
AMERIGROUP (AGP)$5.25$91.97$5.25flatHigh Trading Volume
CEC Entertainment (CEC)$1.82$55.14$1.82+100.0%
Cutera (CUTR)$29.85$56.05$30.05-1.8%Analyst Downgrade
High Trading Volume
iCAD (ICAD)$2.80$4.89$2.99+4.7%High Trading Volume
Nalco (NLC)$1.97$39.65$2.12flat
Builders FirstSource (BLDR)$15.24$23.28$15.68-1.9%Analyst Downgrade
High Trading Volume
Physicians Formula (FACE)$1.20$5.14$1.16flat
Sonos (SONO)$13.13$23.60$13.24-5.1%
Origin Agritech (SEED)$4.99$18.70$5.05-5.9%
Beazer Homes USA (BZH)$11.02$23.24$11.20-7.7%Analyst Downgrade
High Trading Volume
Excel Trust (EXL)$3.30$15.96$3.30+100.0%
CAPSTEAD Mtg Co/SH (CMO)$7.98$9.89$8.10+0.4%High Trading Volume
Alpha and Omega Semiconductor (AOSL)$11.87$18.72$11.93-2.3%High Trading Volume
Heavy News Reporting
National Research (NRCI)$0.48$15.57$0.48+100.8%
Bio-Path (BPTH)$0.58$5.85$0.61-57.4%High Trading Volume
Heavy News Reporting
Top Image Systems (TISA)$0.91$1.75$0.95+1.1%High Trading Volume
Blueknight Energy Partners (BKEP)$2.35$5.95$2.40-0.8%
Teavana (TEA)$0.08$26.03$0.08flat
BlackRock MuniHoldings New Jersey Ins Fn (MUJ)$12.59$14.75$12.59-0.6%
BlackRock MuniYield New Jersey Fund (MYJ)$13.01$16.52$13.06+0.1%
BlackRock MuniYield Pennsylvania Insured (MPA)$12.65$14.69$12.68-0.1%
Blackrock Muniyield Insured Fund (MYI)$12.00$14.56$12.00-0.3%
Nuveen Arizona Premium Income Mun Fd (NAZ)$11.71$14.75$11.76flatHigh Trading Volume
NewLink Genetics (NLNK)$2.31$12.91$2.37flat
DRDGOLD (DRD)$1.79$4.00$2.25+19.1%High Trading Volume
Edgen Group (EDG)$0.06$12.10$0.06+16.7%
Wells Fargo Global Dividend Oppty Fund (EOD)$5.38$6.34$5.40-0.6%
CR SUISSE AG NA/VELOCITY (TVIX)$25.68$154.70$26.41+0.5%
BroadVision (BVSN)$1.59$4.50$1.60-6.3%
Westmoreland Coal (WLB)$0.15$11.98$0.15-33.3%High Trading Volume
Nuveen Georgia Dividend Advntg Mncpl Fd2 (NKG)$10.94$13.55$10.94-0.3%
Nuveen Connecticut Premium Income Mun Fd (NTC)$11.25$12.25$11.37-0.5%
R C M Technologies (RCMT)$4.40$7.50$4.65-3.0%High Trading Volume
Kingold Jewelry (KGJI)$1.00$2.50$1.03+1.9%High Trading Volume
Clearone (CLRO)$2.00$9.95$2.15flatHigh Trading Volume
SGOCO Group (SGOC)$0.90$2.29$0.99+9.1%High Trading Volume
Forest City Realty Trust (FCE)$23.94$24.56$23.95flat
Unifi (UFI)$28.10$39.21$28.50-1.4%High Trading Volume
Crawford & Company (CRD)$1.20$10.33$1.27+1.6%
Bassett Furniture Industries (BSET)$20.15$41.30$20.35-4.4%High Trading Volume
Heavy News Reporting
Fedfirst Financial (FFCO)$0.57$23.10$0.60+100.0%
Granite Real Estate (GRP)$1.89$39.55$1.89flat
Virginia Electric & Power (VEL)$0.03$113.00$0.03-33.3%
Titan Pharmaceuticals (TTNP)$0.22$2.85$0.22-129.2%High Trading Volume
Heavy News Reporting
Invesco Van Kmpn Trst Fr Invst Grd Mncpl (VGM)$11.69$13.58$11.70-0.4%
Nuveen New York Dividend Advntg Mncpl Fd (NAN)$12.24$14.31$12.27-0.4%
Invesco Van Kmpn Trst for Inv Gr NY Mcps (VTN)$12.45$13.90$12.46-0.3%
Blackrock New York Municipal Income Trst (BNY)$12.18$15.27$12.20-0.2%
BlackRock MuniYield New York Insured Fnd (MYN)$11.46$13.36$11.46-0.5%
Blackrock Muniholdings New York Qulty Fd (MHN)$11.94$14.30$11.94-0.3%Heavy News Reporting
Nuveen Ohio Quality Income Muncpl Fund (NUO)$13.45$15.25$13.46-0.5%
Dreyfus Strategic Muni. (LEO)$7.42$8.92$7.42-0.7%
Bioamber (BIOA)$0.01$2.88$0.01-156.3%High Trading Volume
NL Industries (NL)$6.35$16.05$6.50-3.8%High Trading Volume
William Lyon Homes (WLH)$16.61$32.95$17.59+2.2%Analyst Downgrade
High Trading Volume
Heavy News Reporting
Community Financial (TCFC)$32.83$40.44$32.83-1.7%High Trading Volume
Blackrock Muniassets Fund (MUA)$12.99$15.84$13.04-0.1%
Fusion Telecommunications International (FSNN)$2.90$6.63$2.90-5.5%Analyst Downgrade
High Trading Volume
UCP (UCP)$0.23$12.75$0.25flat
Nuveen Dividend Advantage Municipal Fund (NAD)$12.75$14.28$12.76-0.4%
The India Fund (IFN)$22.70$28.74$22.75-1.8%High Trading Volume
BlackRock Municipal Bond Trust (BBK)$13.79$15.87$13.81-0.7%High Trading Volume
Nuveen Preferred & Income Oprtnts Fnd (JPC)$9.19$10.69$9.20flat
Blackrock Muniholdings Fund II (MUH)$13.33$15.96$13.38-0.6%High Trading Volume
Blackrock Municipal Income Trust (BFK)$12.45$14.43$12.47-0.6%
Blackrock MuniEnhanced Fund (MEN)$9.97$12.26$10.00-0.3%Heavy News Reporting
Western Asst Inflatn Lkd Opts & Inc Fd (WIW)$10.84$11.75$10.84-0.8%
Installed Building Products (IBP)$44.10$79.40$45.10-1.2%Analyst Downgrade
High Trading Volume
Heavy News Reporting
Flexion Therapeutics (FLXN)$18.35$32.25$18.43-2.4%Analyst Downgrade
High Trading Volume
Eastman Kodak (KODK)$2.75$13.27$2.90+1.7%High Trading Volume
Versartis (VSAR)$1.30$3.25$1.40flat
Blackrock Muniyield Quality Fund II (MQT)$11.69$13.58$11.70-0.4%
Blackrock Strategic Municipal Trust Fund (BSD)$12.14$14.77$12.15-0.7%High Trading Volume
Cross Timbers Royalty Trust (CRT)$11.46$15.97$14.10-4.6%Dividend Announcement
High Trading Volume
Western Asset Managed Municipals Fnd (MMU)$12.14$14.60$12.15-0.3%
MFS Intermediate Income Trust (MIN)$3.72$4.29$3.74-0.3%
Invesco Van Kampen Munpl Oprtnty Tr (VMO)$11.46$13.21$11.51-0.3%
Rightside Group (NAME)$0.51$12.85$0.51-2.0%
BlackRock Muni New York Intr. Dur. Fnd. (MNE)$12.45$14.43$12.57flat
Neff (NEFF)$0.00$26.45$25.00flat
SunAmerica Focused Alpha Growth Fund (FGF)$0.03$21.83$0.03flat
Medovex (MDVXU)$5.75$6.75$5.84+1.5%High Trading Volume
Presbia (LENS)$1.55$7.14$1.75+8.6%
Western Asset Intermediate Muni Fund (SBI)$8.31$9.92$8.37+0.2%High Trading Volume
PulteGroup (PHM)$25.56$35.21$26.26-0.5%Analyst Downgrade
High Trading Volume
NUVEEN MN Qlty/SHS (NMS)$12.95$15.47$12.99-0.5%High Trading Volume
Primus Guaranty, LTD. Sr Nt (Bermuda) (PRD)$0.07$23.10$0.08flat
Blackrock MuniHoldings Insured Fd (MUS)$11.54$13.99$11.57-0.4%
Naked Brand Group (NAKD)$2.66$11.65$2.66-9.8%
Blackrock Municipal 2030 Trgt Trm Trst (BTT)$20.68$22.86$20.68-0.2%Heavy News Reporting
Concordia International (CXRX)$0.19$1.80$0.19flatHigh Trading Volume
OI (OIBR)$6.68$7.00$6.80flat
TMSR (WYIGU)$9.98$11.00$10.00+0.1%
Purple Innovation (GPACU)$10.50$10.90$10.50-2.3%
BlackRock Insured Municipal Income Inves (BAF)$12.94$15.58$12.95-0.8%
Lionsgate (LGF)$26.09$33.00$26.09flat
Putnam Municipal Opportunities Trust (PMO)$11.33$12.76$11.38-0.4%Dividend Announcement
Nuveen Amt-Free Quality Municpl Incm Fnd (NEA)$12.68$13.93$12.69-0.6%
Nuveen Massachusetts Pre Income Mun Fd (NMT)$11.87$14.73$11.89-0.5%
MSDW Structured Asset Corp MSDW Structured Asset Corp Saturns AIG Cap Cl A (MKS)$8.68$25.58$8.68+0.2%
The New Ireland Fund (IRL)$10.62$13.98$10.65-0.7%
TMSR (TMSR)$1.84$10.32$2.00-12.5%
Blackrock Muniyld California Quty Fd (MCA)$12.78$15.52$12.82-0.2%
Blackrock Munivest Fund II (MVT)$13.34$15.90$13.35-0.4%Heavy News Reporting
Flaherty & Crumrine Total Return Fd (FLC)$18.88$22.00$19.00+0.2%
Western Asset Municipal Partners Fnd (MNP)$13.75$15.77$13.75-0.4%
Liberty Interactive Co. - Series B Liberty Ventures (LVNTB)$54.02$54.30$54.02flat
Western Asset Global Corp Defind Opp Fnd (GDO)$16.17$18.55$16.17-0.6%
BlackRock Insured Municipal Income Trust (BYM)$12.71$15.03$12.71-0.6%
Nuveen California Quality Muncpl IncmFnd (NAC)$12.93$15.16$13.02-0.3%
Nuveen Va Premium Income Municipal Fund (NPV)$11.79$13.29$11.79-0.1%
Nuveen New Jersey Dividend Advantg Mncpl (NXJ)$12.80$13.91$12.80-0.5%
Nuveen Intermediate Duration Qlty Mun FD (NIQ)$12.21$13.45$12.53+1.4%
Silver Run Acquisition II (SRUNU)$9.37$12.89$9.60-6.9%
Morgan Stanley India Investment Fund (IIF)$24.50$36.80$24.50-2.6%
Nuveen New Jersey Municipal Value Fund (NJV)$12.75$15.34$12.75flat
Nuveen Amt-Free Municipal Value Fund (NUW)$14.84$18.59$14.84-1.2%High Trading Volume
Five Point (FPH)$9.95$15.04$9.97-1.2%Heavy News Reporting
Ovid Therapeutics (OVID)$5.50$12.44$5.60-6.3%High Trading Volume
BlackRock Income Trust (BKT)$5.68$6.34$5.72+0.3%
Venator Materials (VNTR)$9.64$26.90$9.88-3.5%Analyst Downgrade
Heavy News Reporting
BARCLAY BK IPAT US TR 10 YR BULL ETN (DTYL)$72.62$77.88$72.62flat
Eaton Vance TABS 5 to 15 Year Laddered Municipal NextShares (EVLMC)$9.88$100.06$9.88-0.2%
Barclay Bk Ipat Us Lng Bond Bull Etn (DLBL)$75.08$76.46$75.08flat
Eaton Vance Stock NextShares (EVSTC)$14.19$100.02$14.19-0.6%
FlexShares Disciplined Duration MBS Index Fund (MBSD)$22.84$24.02$22.86+0.0%
First Trust Municipal CEF Income Opportunity ETF (MCEF)$17.60$19.39$17.61+0.1%
Vale Cap Ltd 6.75% Guaranteed Notes due June 15, 2012 Series VALE.P-2012 (CJT)$28.63$96.46$28.63+100.0%High Trading Volume
Eaton Vance FloatingRate Incme Plus Fund (EFF)$15.85$17.13$15.85flat
SSLJ.Com (SSLJ)$0.50$5.75$0.55-5.5%
Paramount Gold Nevada (PZG)$1.01$1.71$1.08+6.5%
Lazydays (LAZY)$7.14$11.66$7.20-11.1%Analyst Upgrade
Insider Trading
Heavy News Reporting
Ivy Focused Growth NextShares (IVFGC)$31.45$100.02$31.45-1.2%
Ivy Focused Value NextShares (IVFVC)$99.87$100.02$99.87-0.2%
Ivy Energy NextShares (IVENC)$18.00$100.06$18.00+0.2%
Gabelli Media Mogul NextShares (MOGLC)$11.35$100.10$11.35+1.1%
Gabelli Food of All Nations NextShares (FOANC)$10.73$100.04$10.73+0.4%
Eaton Vance Floating-Rate NextShares (EVFTC)$99.87$100.05$99.87flat
Hartford Global Impact Nextshares Fund (HFGIC)$100.10$100.10$100.10flat
Brandes Value Nextshares (BVNSC)$10.31$100.04$10.31+0.2%
Reinhart Intermediate Bond Nextshares (RPIBC)$19.89$100.03$19.89flat
Continental Capital Equities (CNQT)$0.00$0.00$0.00flat
BlackRock Inv. Quality Munic. Trust (BKN)$13.33$15.21$13.36-0.4%
FINTECH ACQUISI/SH (FNTE)$9.65$11.99$9.91+0.6%
MFA FINANCIAL 8.00% SR NTS (MFO)$25.31$26.36$25.55-0.9%
Magenta Therapeutics (MGTA)$11.32$16.33$11.32-2.7%Analyst Downgrade
Forty Seven (FTSV)$12.50$16.86$13.23+2.7%
Arlo Technologies (ARLO)$14.87$23.77$14.90-1.0%High Trading Volume
Vaccinex (VCNX)$8.18$12.00$8.18-8.8%High Trading Volume
Select Interior Concepts (SIC)$10.10$13.00$10.10-7.0%
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