IPO Lockup Expirations

A lock-up on an IPO prevents major shareholders and company insiders from selling shares in the company for a specified number of days following an IPO to prevent the market from being flooded with too much supply of a company's stock. Following the expiration of the lock-up period, restrictions preventing a company's employees and other major shareholders from selling their stock are lifted. Lock-up expirations often coincide with a 1-3% drop in the company's stock as a result of the increased number of available shares of the company.

Company NameExpiration DateNumber of SharesInitial Share PriceOffer SizeDate Priced Price
Polar Power (POLA)6/5/20172,400,000$7.00$16,800,00012/7/2016
Senestech (SNES)6/6/20171,875,000$8.00$15,000,00012/8/2016
Athene Holding (ATH)6/7/201727,000,000$40.00$1,080,000,00012/9/2016
Ichor Holdings (ICHR)6/7/20175,877,778$9.00$52,900,00212/9/2016
Wildhorse Resource Development Corporation (WRD)6/12/201727,500,000$15.00$412,500,00012/14/2016
TiGenix - American Depositary Shares (TIG)6/13/20172,300,000$16.00$35,650,00012/15/2016
Trivago N.V. ADS (TRVG)6/14/201726,110,118$11.00$287,211,29812/16/2016
Hebron Technology Co. (HEBT)6/26/20175,000,000$4.00$20,000,00012/27/2016