IPO Quiet Period Expirations

After a company issues an IPO, insiders and underwriters involved in the IPO are prevented from issuing any research reports or earnings estimates on the company for a set period of time as a result of SEC regulations. This period of time is often referred to as a quiet period. Following the end of a company's quiet period, brokerages that served as underwriters often initiate research coverage on the company.

Company NameExpiration DateNumber of SharesInitial Share PriceOffer SizeDate Priced Price
Hamilton Lane (HLNE)4/10/201711,875,000$16.00$190,000,0003/1/2017
Snap (SNAP)4/11/2017200,000,000$17.00$3,400,000,0003/2/2017
Beyondspring (BYSI)4/18/2017174,286$20.00$3,485,7203/9/2017
J.Jill (JILL)4/18/201711,666,667$13.00$151,666,6713/9/2017
Matlin & Partners Acquisition Corp (MPACU)4/19/201730,000,000$10.00$300,000,0003/10/2017
Presidio (PSDO)4/19/201716,666,666$14.00$233,333,3243/10/2017
Ardagh Group SA (ARD)4/24/201716,200,000$19.00$307,800,0003/15/2017
Mulesoft (MULE)4/26/201713,000,000$17.00$221,000,0003/17/2017
Asante Solutions (PUMP)4/26/201725,000,000$14.00$350,000,0003/17/2017