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Blue Chip Stocks

Compare the best blue chip stocks to buy today.

Blue chip stocks are shares of large, nationally recognized companies known for their financial stability, reliable growth, and consistent dividends. These stocks represent industry-leading firms with a long history of performance, making them a favored choice for investors seeking lower risk and steady returns.

This list includes the most reputable blue chip stocks across diverse sectors. View each stock's current price, PE ratio, volume, and recent performance indicators.

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CompanyCurrent PricePE RatioMarket CapVolumeAverage VolumeIndicator(s)
Alcoa Co. stock logo
N/A$7.43 billion434,4686.26 millionAnalyst Forecast
AbbVie Inc. stock logo
46.77$278.32 billion223,9135.48 million
American Express stock logo
American Express
19.64$171.54 billion194,9943.07 million
The Boeing Company stock logo
N/A$105.20 billion1.11 million9.08 million
Bank of America Co. stock logo
Bank of America
13.62$307.81 billion2.04 million39.08 million
Citigroup Inc. stock logo
18.73$120.78 billion869,32415.66 million
Caterpillar Inc. stock logo
15.77$170.85 billion215,3622.45 millionAnalyst Revision
The Cigna Group stock logo
The Cigna Group
27.61$95.52 billion24,8341.57 million
Chevron Co. stock logo
14.52$290.82 billion372,1178.10 millionInsider Selling
DuPont de Nemours, Inc. stock logo
DuPont de Nemours
98.57$33.80 billion689,2732.94 millionAnalyst Forecast
Options Volume
Analyst Revision
News Coverage
Gap Up
The Walt Disney Company stock logo
Walt Disney
109.94$184.38 billion718,45711.88 millionAnalyst Upgrade
General Electric stock logo
General Electric
53.85$179.79 billion557,6457.55 millionAnalyst Forecast
General Motors stock logo
General Motors
5.38$50.20 billion626,18216.06 million
The Home Depot, Inc. stock logo
Home Depot
21.90$323.86 billion264,3793.37 million
HP Inc. stock logo
9.54$31.98 billion405,8687.55 millionUpcoming Earnings
Analyst Upgrade
Options Volume
News Coverage
International Business Machines Co. stock logo
International Business Machines
19.39$157.28 billion187,3204.73 millionAnalyst Forecast
Johnson & Johnson stock logo
Johnson & Johnson
9.28$358.43 billion683,6867.29 millionAnalyst Forecast
JPMorgan Chase & Co. stock logo
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
11.99$570.11 billion598,3179.23 millionDividend Announcement
Analyst Forecast
The Coca-Cola Company stock logo
24.90$268.13 billion454,15513.31 millionAnalyst Forecast
McDonald's Co. stock logo
22.07$187.38 billion481,5443.27 millionDividend Announcement
3M stock logo
N/A$55.14 billion204,7515.64 millionAnalyst Forecast
Merck & Co., Inc. stock logo
Merck & Co., Inc.
145.56$331.80 billion237,4707.92 millionPositive News
Pfizer Inc. stock logo
N/A$163.71 billion2.49 million42.16 millionAnalyst Revision
The Procter & Gamble Company stock logo
Procter & Gamble
27.13$391.90 billion226,6746.61 millionInsider Selling
AT&T Inc. stock logo
9.45$125.98 billion3.58 million37.04 million
Verizon Communications Inc. stock logo
Verizon Communications
14.75$166.43 billion657,86619.03 million
Walmart Inc. stock logo
27.97$526.59 billion689,64418.59 millionInsider Selling
Exxon Mobil Co. stock logo
Exxon Mobil
14.02$451.04 billion1.19 million18.28 million

Learn More about Investing in Blue Chip Stocks

For those looking to deepen their understanding of blue chip stocks and how to incorporate them into their investment strategies, here are several informative resources:

Frequently Asked Questions About Blue Chip Stocks

Blue chip stocks are shares in large, well-established companies with a history of reliable financial performance. These companies are often market leaders or major players in their industries and are known for their stability, profitability, and regular dividend payments.

Investing in blue chip stocks is often seen as a safer investment strategy, particularly suitable for risk-averse investors. These stocks offer the potential for steady growth and are less volatile during market downturns. Additionally, they often provide regular dividends, which can be attractive to income-seeking investors.

While all stocks can be impacted by market fluctuations, blue chip stocks typically fare better during economic downturns compared to their smaller counterparts. Their financial strength, established market position, and diversified operations help to cushion against severe downturns, although they can still experience declines.

Yes, blue chip stocks are commonly included in retirement portfolios due to their potential for stable returns and lower risk profile. They can provide long-term growth and regular income through dividends, making them a solid foundation for a retirement investment strategy.

Investing in blue chip stocks starts with researching and selecting companies that have strong financial fundamentals and a history of performance. Potential investors can buy shares through brokerage accounts. It’s often recommended to diversify investments across various sectors and companies to mitigate risks. Consulting with a financial advisor can also provide personalized guidance tailored to individual financial goals and risk tolerance.


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