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MarketBeat Affiliate Program

MarketBeat's affiliate program provides a unique way for financial publishers to earn additional advertising revenue on their websites without negatively impacting other monetization methods. Through the MarketBeat affiliate program, you can earn commissions by referring subscribers to our free daily newsletter by running our opt-in forms on your website(s).

Why Sign-Up for MarketBeat's Affiliate Program?
  • Earn Additional Revenue - Adding MarketBeat's opt-in form ads to your website can add an additional $8.00-$10.00 in earnings for every 1,000 visitors on your website. MarketBeat's opt-in ads pay a flat fee of $2.00 per each valid and unique subscriber referred to our free daily newsletter. Additionally, our internal testing shows that the addition of MarketBeat's opt-in form ads to financial websites does not negatively impact the performance of other ad-networks such as Google AdSense™ and Taboola™.
  • We love our publishers - We're committed to providing unmatched support to our publishers. We respond to all email inquiries within 48 hours and will work with you to to integrate MarketBeat's opt-in ads on your website and maximize the revenue you earn from the MarketBeat affiliate program.
  • Fast Payouts - We make all affiliate payments within five days of the end of the each month. All earnings from January will be paid out by February 5th. All affiliate payments are made via PayPal.
Affiliate Program FAQ

How does MarketBeat's affiliate program work?
MarketBeat generates revenue by selling premium subscriptions to its subscribers and by showing ads to subscribers of its free newsletter. In order to grow its mailing list faster, MarketBeat is enlisting the help of other finance and investing publishers through its affiliate program. As an affiliate, you can place MarketBeat's opt-in forms on your website(s) an earn a commission for each sign-up that originates from your website.

Who can run MarketBeat's opt-in ads?
MarketBeat's opt-in ads are available to publishers of finance and investing websites that receive a minimum of 50,000 page views each month and receive 70% or more of their traffic from visitors in the United States. Participating publishers must also be able to receive payments via PayPal.

How much can I earn from MarketBeat's affiliate program?
You will earn $2.00 for each unique valid lead that comes through the MarketBeat opt-in forms that you place on your website. The opt-in rate for the MarketBeat pop-up tends to hover around 0.5%. This means you can earn approximately $8.00-$10.00 for every 1,000 people that visit your website by running all three of our opt-in forms on your website.

What is considered a valid lead?
A valid lead is an email subscriber that signs-up for the MarketBeat newsletter through the opt-in form placed on your website. The lead must not already be on our mailing list and must also be confirmed either by opening any email we send to them or by clicking on a link in the confirmation email(s) they receive.

Can I place the MarketBeat opt-in form on all of my websites?
If you run multiple websites in the finance and investing space, we're happy to work with you on all of your websites (as long as they meet certain minimum quality guidelines).

What ad-units are available?
MarketBeat currently has a pop-up opt-in form, a below-the-post opt-in form and a sidebar opt-in form that you can place on your website. In order to maximize your revenue, we recommend running all three units. In most cases, the pop-up opt-in form will generate substantially more revenue than the other opt-in forms available.

Will MarketBeat's opt-in forms reduce my other ad revenue?
We've done extensive testing to determine whether running our opt-in forms adversely affect revenue from other ad networks. Our long-term test results indicate that the performance of other ad network's ads are not negatively impacted by the addition of MarketBeat's opt-in forms.

Will MarketBeat's opt-in forms slow down my website?
No. All three opt-in forms combined require less than 15KB of HTML, JavaScript and CSS. This represents 1-2% of the typical amount of data that is downloaded with each page load.

When will I get paid?
MarketBeat sends out affiliate payments by the 5th of each month for all leads acquired in the previous month. MarketBeat makes all affiliate payments via PayPal.

How do I get started?
If you are interested in joining our affiliate program, please complete the sign-up form at the bottom of this page.

I have other questions...
Feel free to email Matthew Paulson at [email protected] directly with any questions you have about the MarketBeat affiliate program.

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