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15 Stocks Institutional Investors Are Selling Now

Hedge funds, endowments, and other institutional investors have been selling shares of these 15 stocks in the last 90 days. Large institutional investors are systematically dumping shares of these stocks. We're talking about hedge funds, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, and university endowments.

Institutional investors don't easily get swayed by the hot stocks that retail investors are pouring money into. They also don't panic when the market takes a turn for the worse. They don't sell when one piece of bad news hits a company. They make very large bets on very large companies that play out over time. These bets are backed by the best investment research that institutional money can buy.

When institutions start to sell shares of a stock, you know it's a decision that wasn't made lightly. They see something seriously wrong with a company's fundamentals and believe it will underperform the market for the next several years. When multiple large institutional investors all start selling shares of a stock, you should take notice and hope that stock isn't part of your portfolio.

We combed through every 13D and 13F filing that institutional investors have filed with the SEC in the last 90 days to identify stocks that institutional investors are selling. After reviewing more than 5,000 filings, we have identified 15 companies that institutional investors have been selling. Big money investors are liquidating millions of dollars in shares of these companies.

Are any of these 15 stocks currently in your portfolio? You'll want to see this list before making your next trade.

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