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7 Defensive Stocks with Strong Growth Opportunities in 2024


Analysts have a mixed view of stocks in 2024. The forecasts center around the outlook for interest rates. If, as some analysts believe, the Federal Reserve cuts interest rates multiple times, it would be bullish for stocks.  

However, if the Fed makes good on its stated intention of leaving rates higher for longer, the rally in stocks that began in late October 2023 could fizzle out.  

Investors hate uncertainty, which could lead many investors to stay away from the market. That may be a mistake. Many sectors are expected to grow in 2024, including certain parts of the technology sector. 

But that sector may be too volatile for some investors. For less risk-tolerant investors, 2024 is shaping up to be a good year for defensive stocks. These are stocks of companies that offer products and services that consumers will buy regardless of what's happening in the economy.  

In this special presentation, we highlight seven consumer stocks offering strong growth opportunities in 2024.  

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