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7 Flying Car Stocks for Your 2024 Watchlist

Flying cars have been one of the more intriguing investments for speculative investors in the last 12 months. What used to be considered an exciting but perhaps impractical mode of transportation got a lift from the electrification movement that popularized drones. And even if fully autonomous driving never grows at scale, the same technology needed there is being used to create electric vertical take-off and landing eVTOLs (i.e., flying cars).  

But is it time to invest in flying car stocks? That's a question every investor has to answer for themselves. Almost every company in this space is not only years away from turning a profit but also lacks revenue. That's not a reason for or against investing; it just helps you understand the risk.  

However, you should also understand the opportunity. According to Allied Market Research, the flying car market will be valued at $215.54 million in 2025 but will increase to over $3.8 billion by 2035. That's a compound annual growth rate of 34.1%. Remember that this is a global market in which some of the most significant growth may come from outside the United States.  

In this special presentation, we're focusing on seven stocks that long-term-oriented investors may want to consider as the flying car industry continues to take flight.  

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