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7 Stocks That Don’t Need an AI Boost to Move Higher


At the time of this writing, shares of Nvidia Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) are up over 17% since the company reported earnings on February 21, 2024. At this point, it seems inevitable that the stock will hit $1,000 per share, which will probably happen sooner than many analysts think.  

NVDA stock has become the embodiment of the artificial intelligence trend that is lifting the entire technology sector. That trend is the reason that according to analysts from The Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (NYSE: GS), a record percentage of companies (36%) mentioned AI in one form or another in their most recent earnings reports.  

But what goes up will, eventually, come down. That day is not today, and it won't be tomorrow. It may not be in 2024. However, at some point, investors will be looking to move on from AI for any number of reasons.  

When that happens, what stocks should you be buying? We'd like to help you with that process. Here are seven stocks that have strong growth prospects that don't depend on AI.  

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