7 Stocks Under $20 You Won’t Want to Miss


The price of a stock and the value of that stock are frequently different. And many investors have learned the hard lesson that there's no direct correlation. For example, Nvidia Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) seemed expensive at the beginning of 2024. But after a blowout earnings report, NVDA stock continues to move higher.  

However, many of the other "Magnificent 7" stocks haven't performed nearly as well in 2024. Investors who chased those stocks higher may be trying to unwind some losses.  

On the other hand, you can look at a stock like Palantir Technologies Inc. (NYSE: PLTR). It was trading below $10 per share in March 2023. At the time of this writing, it's over $24 a share, and despite a P/E ratio of over 70x, it may be undervalued. 

That's why it's a good time to look at stocks trading under $20. These stocks can frequently be overlooked as speculative plays. You may hear the phrase, "It must be cheap for a reason." 

But we'll say it again: the price and the value of a stock are different. In this special presentation, we highlight seven stocks under $20 that are worth a closer look. 

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