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7 Stocks Under $50 to Buy at 52-Week Lows


In this special presentation, we're offering you seven stocks that meet two criteria important to investors in volatile markets. First, they are trading at a price under $50 per share. Second, at the time of this writing, each of the stocks was trading at or near its 52-week lows.  

Stocks under $50 appeal to investors because they can accumulate a significant number of shares with a small position. Of course, price and value are different, and not every stock that trades for under $50 is a buying opportunity. There are times when a stock is cheap for a reason.  

However, when these stocks show signs of being undervalued, as do the stocks on this list, buying them when they're trading around their 52-week low offers investors a chance for significant upside. A stock's 52-week range is largely seen as a key technical indicator that is instructive for future price performance. If a stock is trading at a 52-week low but is supported by solid fundamentals that suggest it is overvalued, they are frequently a buying opportunity.  

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