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7 Uranium Stocks That Can Fuel a Growth Portfolio in 2024


Since January 2022, the spot price of uranium is up approximately 162%. That makes it one of the best performing assets over the last two years. And it certainly stands out among commodities, which has been a difficult trade.  

Even after a pullback to start 2024, the bullish case for uranium remains strong. Several governments, notably the United States and Iran, are stockpiling uranium at record levels. That speaks to the yellow metal's role in the buildout of nuclear weapons.  

But there's a larger story emerging for uranium. That has to do with the world's transition to renewable energy. It's a transition filled with good intentions, but the reality is that many renewable forms of energy aren't of the "clean energy" type needed for the net-zero pledges being made.  

That's where uranium comes in. Nuclear energy is a truly clean form of energy, and uranium is an essential component of the nuclear fuel needed to power nuclear reactors.  

In this special presentation, we're providing a quick analysis of seven uranium stocks likely to benefit from rising uranium prices in 2024 and beyond.  

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