20 Stocks to Sell Now

Most people know that Wall Street analyst recommendations are overstated because of pressure from public companies. No investor relations executive wants to see "hold" and "sell" ratings issued for their company's stock. In reality, a "buy" rating really means "hold." "Hold" ratings really mean "sell" and "sell" ratings mean get out while you still can.

If Wall Street's top-rated analysts are consistently giving "hold" and "sell" ratings to stock, you know there's a serious problem. We have compiled a list of the companies that Wall Street's top equities research analysts are consistently giving "hold" and "sell" ratings to. If you own one of these stocks, consider getting out while there's still time.

This slide show lists the 20 companies that have the lowest average analyst recommendations from Wall Street's equities research analysts over the last 12 months.

Click the "Continue to Slide #1" button view the lowest-rated company.


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