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13 Stocks With Strong Institutional Buying

Hedge funds, university endowments, pension funds, and sovereign wealth funds have been pouring money into an elite group of 13 stocks.

Institutional investors don’t get easily swayed by the hot stocks of the day that are popular with retail investors. They are disciplined. They don’t take dumb losses. When institutions start to pour money into a company, it’s because they have done extensive analysis and believe a company is undervalued compared to the broader market. On this list, you will find real companies that are backed by real earnings and real fundamentals. These stocks have solid future growth prospects. If they didn’t, institutional investors wouldn’t be writing them a check.

You might ask, where did this proprietary list of companies even come from? No, it wasn’t stolen from a trading desk at a major bank. MarketBeat has combed through more than 5,000 SEC 13D and 13F filings issued with the SEC in the last quarter to see where institutional money is flowing. The 13 stocks on this list stick out like a sore thumb – big money investors are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into these companies.

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