S&P 500   3,901.36
DOW   31,261.90
QQQ   288.68
S&P 500   3,901.36
DOW   31,261.90
QQQ   288.68
S&P 500   3,901.36
DOW   31,261.90
QQQ   288.68
S&P 500   3,901.36
DOW   31,261.90
QQQ   288.68

MarketBeat Premium Reports

MarketBeat's editorial staff have prepared these Premium Reports for our valued MarketBeat Premium Subscribers. All of these reports have been written by our expert team and peer reviewed for accuracy and completeness. As a Premium Subscriber, these reports are available at no additional cost, and new reports are always emailed as they are released.

Ten Starter Stocks For Beginners to Buy Now

At any given time, even experienced investors have questions about what stocks to buy. This is particularly true for beginners. Many beginning investors know that a long-term plan to build wealth has to include stocks. But it can be easy to fall into the trap of “analysis paralysis” or the trap of that comes from the fear of missing out (FOMO). Both of these mistakes can seriously impact the ability to achieve your financial goals.

A properly balanced portfolio requires diversification. A good way of thinking about diversification is like a restaurant menu. Investors want to choose some stocks from every part of the menu. Value stocks, growth stocks, stocks that offer growth and value, and dividend stocks are just a few sectors that should be in your portfolio.

And that still leaves room for a few desserts. For example, the metaverse is one of the hottest new sectors. But while the sector itself carries significant risk, there are some safe stocks that you can buy now and own for the long haul.

In the report, Thomas Hughes walks investors through several distinct categories of stocks. When you finish reading the report, you’ll have 10 stocks that can form the base of a diversified portfolio. Upgrade Here .

Ten Starter Stocks For Beginners To Buy Now
Investing Strategies To Help Grow Your Retirement Income

Investing Strategies To Help Grow Your Retirement Income

The growth of defined contribution plans (e.g. 401(k) plans) is allowing many Americans to be more prepared for retirement than ever before. Approximately 50% of Americans participate in some form of retirement plan. And the next generation of retirees will be the first to rely on the income from these plans as the primary source of their retirement income.

But other statistics are more sobering. For example, the 2009 National Consumer Survey on personal finance finds that over 64% of American’s don’t think about retirement planning. And a 2019 retirement survey by GOBankingRates found that 64% of those surveyed expected to retire with less than $10,000. And of that number, 45% said they had no money set aside for retirement.

That means there’s never been a more important time for investors to have a plan. But even when individuals have a plan, they must avoid the common mistakes that can leave them short of their retirement goals.

In the report, Chris Markoch gives investors time-honored strategies to help build a solid retirement nest egg no matter where they are in the planning process.Upgrade Here .

Metaverse Stocks And Why You Can’t Ignore Them

The metaverse is one of the hottest buzzwords among investors. But what is the metaverse? And is it a real opportunity, or just the latest flavor of the month? That’s a hard question to answer. In fact, in 2021, a group of technology company executives were asked what the metaverse was. They had vastly different responses that show that there is no single definition.

Right now, the metaverse can be thought of as the next generation of the internet. For many, that future means persistent digital worlds that users can enter and interact with using an avatar. Today that is playing out (no pun intended) in the gaming sector. The very popular World of Warcraft allows players to come and go from the digital space. And while they’re “inside the game” they can interact with each other and even engage in commerce.

But as Thomas Hughes points out in this report, the most important takeaway for investors is that the metaverse and the internet are both about technology. When you think of it that way, it opens up your portfolio to a broad range of stocks that include some of the most well-known names in the tech sector.Upgrade Here .

Metaverse Stocks And Why You Can’t Ignore Them
Elon Musk’s Next Move

Elon Musk’s Next Move

Love him or hate him, Elon Musk is a colorful character with some wild ideas. If he’s not out changing the way we do things, he’s making headlines both good bad. Noted for his eccentricity as well as his cuttingedge brilliance, Musk is both a boon and bain to his investors. Investors, though well rewarded for their risk, have had to put up with no shortage of antics including SEC actions. Through it all, he has remained a visionary businessman and entrepreneur that not only thinks big thoughts but is able to carry through on them as well. The purpose of this eBook is to explore Elon Musk’s business empire, uncover the opportunities that are available, and speculate on what his next moves may

In the report, Thomas Hughes covers a short bio of Musk, what company's he is involved in, and what the future holds for him. Upgrade Here .

A Guide To High-Short-Interest Stocks

The short-sellers are making headlines left and right and for more reasons than one. If the news isn’t spotlighting a new short-sell report it’s a major short-squeeze getting the attention. The takeaways for traders are that short-action and the gains that can come with it have never been hotter.

The problem is that it’s very hard to know which stocks to short because shorting is more than just fundamentals or technicals. There is an element of luck, a 6th sense almost, that can’t be denied and not everyone has it. Besides, it takes a lot of guts to go against the grain and short sell a stock. Just because a would-be short-seller sees no value in a highly-valued stock doesn’t mean the market will agree with them when the news leaks out.

Even if you do know which stock to short there’s a new risk in town. Crowd-sourced investment groups are targeting high-short interest stocks and sparking major short-squeezes, the kind that turns billionaires into paupers, and making it very risky if not impossible for average investors to profit from short-selling. That’s why leaving shorting to the professional is a good idea but there are still ways for average investors to profit from the short market.

In the report, Thomas Hughes covers what is short-selling, what is the short-squeeze, and how you can profit from them. Upgrade Here .

A Guide To High-Short-Interest Stocks
The EV Market

(Almost) Everything You Need To Know About The EV Market

The electric vehicle market is no longer a niche market. Let me repeat that. The EV market is no longer a niche market. What was once a side gig and nod to the green movement is fast-becoming a revolution and double-digit growth opportunity for investors.

To help put this opportunity into perspective let’s look at some numbers. The EV industry has been growing at a double-digit CAGR for the last several years. It is expected to grow at a high doubledigit CAGR for the next two decades, at least, and eventually dominated what is now a $3 trillion dollar industry.

IHS forecast a 52% compound annual growth rate for the 2021-2025 period with much of that growth on the front end. The forecast for 2021 is calling for a 70% increase in EV sales that will be underpinned by growth in all three major markets; the U.S., China, and Europe. By 2025, the total sales will top 12.5 million and account for 10% of the addressable car market. Beyond that, the average annual growth will continue to slow until EV takes over the bulk of new vehicle sales

In the report, Thomas Hughes covers the regulations around EV, who's who in the industry, and all about the battery technology. Upgrade Here .

5G Stocks: The Path Forward is Profitable

5G is the fifth generation of modern cellular telephone technology. The two-letter name may not sound like much, but it is a budding opportunity estimated to be worth $41.5 billion already. If the analysts are even close to right, the 5G industry will grow at a near 44% CAGR for the next seven (7) years and that is no joke. By the end of the decade, 5G will have impacted every life on the planet and touch our lives in ways that can only be imagined today.

5G technology was standardized by the 3GPP in 2018 and the world’s largest telecoms have been scrambling to launch their networks ever since. Like all cellular networks, service areas are divided into smaller units called cells and rely on radio waves to connect our phones to the closest antennae.

In the report, Thomas Hughes covers exactly what is 5G, how it is being rolled out, what other technologies depend on its success, and why you should care. Upgrade Here .

5G Stocks: The Path Forward is Profitable
10 Best Stocks to Own in 2022

10 Best Stocks to Own in 2022

When asked the question “what is a good stock to own in 2022,” our response is to say "what makes a stock good to own any other time?" The times have changed, that is for sure, but the same fundamental qualities that made a stock good to own in 2019 hold true in 2022. Those include earnings, growth, dividends, and value, just to name a few. Putting that in practice for 2022, investing is simple; look for stocks that offer value among the sectors which have performed well during and since the pandemic began.

The first group, probably the most obvious, is the stay-at-home consumer staples winners. Those stocks have seen a sustained uptick in demand that is going to linger on into the next year. Even if the comps in 2022 are weak, so long as the consumer staples giants post steady results on a YOY basis, the dividends are safe and distribution growth is expected. The consumer staples may not be the “best sector” for 2022 regarding growth but there are some high-yield, deep-value plays that we consider must-have’s for income and dividend-growth investors.

In the report, Thomas Hughes covers exactly what stocks to keep an eye on for 2022, which stocks are ready for a rebound, and why you should start investing in them today. Upgrade Here .

Beginners Guide To Pot Stock Investing

So, you’re interested in pot stocks. Let us assure you, it’s an interesting and potentially profitable field of investment but not one without dangers.

To begin with, there are two cannabis markets to be aware of. On the one hand, you have Canada where Cannabis is legal, and cannabis companies operate without fear of government intervention. On the other hand, there is the U.S., where cannabis is still Federally illegal, making operations a bit dicier.

And that’s just the surface layers. When you get below the canopy layer you find two distinct divisions that have a profound impact on operations and profitability. Recreational and medical use. Both recreational and medical use is legal throughout Canada but once again there are hurdles to both in the U.S.

In the report, Thomas Hughes covers both the US and Canadian pot market, that state of local and federal laws, strategies for investing, and why you should care about pot stocks. Upgrade Here .

Beginners Guide To Pot Stock Investing
7 Stocks to Buy And Hold Forever

7 Stocks to Buy And Hold Forever

Buy and hold is the easiest strategy of investment there is. The idea is simple, buy a stock and hold it forever while it helps make you rich. In theory, it’s a great concept but in practice, buy and hold is a little bit harder to do. Great investors like Warren Buffet have succeeded where others haven’t simply because they take the time to ferret out the best-run companies in the best markets.

The difference between Warren Buffet and the average investor is that it’s Warren’s job to ferret out those companies. Most average investors are busy with work and family and don’t have the time, that’s where we come in. In this eBook, we’ll give in-depth detail to the what, who, and why to buy for seven (7) of the best buy-and-hold-forever stocks on the market today.

It’s the Warren Buffett way.

In the report, Thomas Hughes covers the value of dividend stocks, what makes a stock worth holding, a good hold strategy, and why you should care. Upgrade Here .

Beginners Guide To Retirement Stocks

Retirement. The act of retiring. Withdrawing from one’s chosen profession and/or active working life. The end of income. Or is it? Retirement can mean many things for many people but what it doesn’t have to mean is an end to your income.

Yes, with retirement, you’ll probably stop actively earning, but that doesn’t mean you start spending what you’ve saved. In that frame of reference, your retirement savings could vanish in the blink of a few years, but it doesn’t have to be that way. A portfolio of retirement stocks can mean steady, stable, income throughout your retirement years.

The goal of owning retirement stocks is to grow your capital to a point it generates enough income to sustain a comfortable standard of living in retirement. That usually means dividends but don’t be fooled. A portfolio of stocks you might want to own during retirement is not necessarily the one you want to own in preparation for retirement. When preparing for retirement, investors tend to take on a little more risk sacrificing safety for potential gains. A retiree is more interested in steady dividend returns than risking capital and may choose to own different stocks.

In the report, Thomas Hughes covers differnt types of retirement stocks, the value of dividend growth stocks, retirement saving strategies, and why you should care about your retirment investments every day. Upgrade Here .

Beginners Guide To Retirement Stocks
The Trader’s Guide to Equities Research

The Trader’s Guide to Equities Research

There are more than 7,000 publicly traded companies across the globe, which are covered by more than 400 different brokerages. Each trading day, brokerages collectively issue more than 500 research notes on any number of stocks. Our daily newsletters, MarketBeat Daily and MarketBeat Daily Premium, provide nearly comprehensive coverage on equities research changes on a daily basis.

Learn how to evaluate a stock based on what equities research analysts are saying about it. We provide a list of which brokerages offer the most accurate twelve month price targets and which brokerages' recommendations have historically resulted in the highest 7-day, 30-day and 365-day ROI.

Review our list of which companies have received the highest average ratings from equities research analysts and learn the ratings systems used by more than 150 of the top equities research firms. Get access to dozens of additional resources that will help broaden your knowledge of equities research.

This is our forty-five page investment guide that provides a basic education for making trades using equities research data. Upgrade Here .

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