Decred Price, News and Analysis (DCR)

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-0.32 (-1.84%)
(As of 02/19/2019 01:34 PM ET)
1-Hour Price Change +0.66%
1-Day Price Change -1.84%
7-Day Price Change +4.63%
1-Day Volume$3.12 million
Market Cap$163.87 million
BTC Price0.00440007 BTC
Circulating Supply9.34 million
Total Supply9.34 million
Maximum Supply21.00 million

About Decred (DCR)

Currency Details

Name Decred
Market Capitalization$163.87 million
Coin or TokenCoin
Proof TypePoW/PoS
Genesis Date2/8/2016
Number of Exchanges13

Official Links

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Twitter Account@decredproject
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Community Discussion

Reddit Communityr/decred
Telegram GroupN/A
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Message Boardmedium.comdecred
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Decred (DCR) Frequently Asked Questions

What is Decred?

The features below are implemented in Decred and will be available in full at launch. For a deeper description, please consult the Decred Technical Brief. Novel hybridized proof-of-work/proof-of-stake (PoW/PoS) consensus system - A decentralized lottery is used to select PoS miners to vote on PoW blocks. The PoW and PoS subsidies account for 60% and 30% of each total block subsidy, respectively. This system is based on that of MC2, which is very similar to, but developed independently from, Proof-of-Activity (PoA) by Iddo Bentov, Charles Lee, Alex Mizrahi and Meni Rosenfeld.Cold staking and decentralized stake pooling - The ability to generate new coins without the risk of having your coins online when PoS mining. The PoS mining system has also been engineered with distributed, decentralized stake pooling in mind, so that even those with small amounts of stake can participate in network validation.Internal voting system for the addition of new features and hard or soft fork selection - Both PoW and PoS miners can vote for features and issues through bit flags, providing a sensible mechanism for resolving disputes about the features of the blockchain.Immutable transaction hashes (\"transaction IDs\") by separating transaction signatures from the rest of the transaction data - A permanent fix for transaction hash malleability has been implemented that prevents mutability of the transaction hash by separating it from its input signatures. This allows more efficient SPV validation. Fraud proofs have also been added.Elliptic curve cryptography over secp256k1 with optional Curve25519 support - The Bitcoin scripting system has been modified to allow for simple, drop-in addition of new elliptical curve digital signature algorithms.Schnorr signatures with threshold n-of-n support - In addition to supporting Schnorr signatures, groups of signers can now jointly sign transactions off-chain in constant size signatures, ensuring higher privacy and less blockchain bloat.Script enhancements and new OP codes - New OP codes have been added to the existing Bitcoin scripting engine, and extensions for the plug-in use of future scripting engines have been added.PoW mining using BLAKE256 hash algorithm - Inspired by Bernstein's Chacha stream cipher, SHA3 finalist BLAKE256 offers speed as well as high security.Compatibility with Bitcoin transaction scripting system - Decred's scripting system has been derived from Bitcoin's with care in ensuring that all future updates to the Bitcoin transaction script will be easily extensible to Decred. Further, any newly created functionalities will also be devised with backwards compatibility with Bitcoin in mind.Modularized, easy-to-use Golang btcsuite codebase - Thanks the to the codebase inherited from btcsuite, adding new features to the daemon or wallet will be facile. Decred will episodically sync updates from btcsuite, so that it benefits from the latest developments in Bitcoin.Hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallets - Wallets use a seed to deterministically generate addresses, so your wallet can be restored from a single BIP0032 seed.Transaction expiration - Transactions have a new expiration field to prevent inclusion into the blockchain after a certain height.Patches for intrinsic Bitcoin bugs - Extra push for multisignature scripts has been removed, SIGHASH_SINGLE behavior has been corrected.Approximately 21 million coins - Exponential decay in subsidy or the number of coins generated per year.Self-funded development via block subsidy - In order to have an ongoing source of funding for development work, a consensus rule has been added to allocate 10% of each block subsidy to a development organization. This entity is transparent and responsible for funding development work performed by current and new developers so that the project remains sustainable without a funding dependence on outside forces in the future. Decred therefore improves with growth in a sustainable way and is accountable only to its users.  (Description provided by CryptoCompare)

What exchanges can I buy or trade Decred on?

Decred can be purchased or sold on the following cryptocurrency exchanges: Bittrex, Huobi, Upbit, Poloniex, OKEx, OOOBTC, Cryptopia, Kucoin, DragonEX, YoBit, Bleutrade, Tux Exchange and Nanex.

How do I buy Decred?

It is not possible to buy most cryptocurrencies with U.S. dollars. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin can be purchased with U.S. dollars using Coinbase. Once you have purchased Bitcoin using Coinbase, you can then transfer your Bitcoin to an exchange such as Binance or Changelly to purchase other cryptocurrencies, including Decred.

Where can I get Decred wallet?

Decred produces its own wallet software that is available for download on its website, which allows you to store Decred on your computer. For maximum security, you can store your cryptocurrencies on a dedicated hardware wallet such as a TREZOR wallet or a Ledger Nano S. If you do not wish to buy a hardware wallet, you may consider using a mobile wallet such as Jaxx or Coinomi to store multiple cryptocurrencies with some added security benefits.

What is the value of Decred?

One Decred (DCR) is currently worth $17.54 on major cryptocurrency exchanges. You can also exchange one Decred for 0.00440007 bitcoin(s) on major exchanges. The value (or market capitalization) of all available Decred in U.S. dollars is $163.87 million.

What hashing algorithm does Decred use?

Decred is a proof of work (PoW) and proof of stake (PoS) coin that uses the Blake-256 algorithm.

How do I mine Decred?

Decred can be mined using specialized mining software. XMR Stak is a commonly-used mining tool that works for CPU mining and GPU mining with both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards. CCMiner is another popular mining tool for computers with NVIDIA graphics cards. In addition to having mining software, you will need a Decred and access to a mining pool that pools your effort with other miners and a wallet to store the Decred that you earn from mining. Most cryptocurrencies have multiple publicly-available mining pools that can be found with a simple Google search.

What is the Reddit page for Decred?

The official Reddit community (subreddit) for Decred is r/decred.

MarketBeat Community Rating for Decred (DCR)

Community Ranking:  1.2 out of 5 (star)
Outperform Votes:  68 (Vote Outperform)
Underperform Votes:  218 (Vote Underperform)
Total Votes:  286
MarketBeat's community ratings are surveys of what our community members think about Decred and other cryptocurrencies. Vote "Outperform" if you believe the stock will outperform other cryptocurrencies over the long term. Vote "Underperform" if you believe the stock will underperform other cryptocurrencies over the long term. You may vote once every thirty days.


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There is a correlation between price appreciation and public interest in cryptocurrencies, such as Decred. Many cryptocurrency investors use Google Trends, which measures the volume of web searches for a particular topic over time, as a tool to gauge whether public interest is increasing or decreasing for a particular cryptocurrency. The chart below shows how search volume has changed for the phrase "Decred Coin" over the last 90 days.

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Decred (DCR) News Headlines

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