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Stock Screener Receives Major Updates

Posted on Thursday, April 4th, 2019 by Will Bushee

Earlier this week we released a newly designed stock screener that supports far more filtering options than ever before. Our previous version filtered your stocks on about 15 fields while the updated version now supports nearly 50 different properties to choose from.

Investors now have a single screening tool to search and filter for stocks using metrics they value the most when choosing which stocks to purchase. We also added more company data to the screener results to eliminate the need for you to go back and forth between the stock screener and each company's profile.

With more information available than ever before, filtering data has become a real challenge for our customers. With over thirteen thousand stocks across twenty exchanges to choose from, one or two filter choices just doesn't cut it anymore, which is one of the reasons we expanded our stock screener.

One feature that was asked by many of our customers was the ability to save your stock screener search to reuse later. After spending time drilling down on precisely what you want, who wants to remember how they got there? Click the "Save Settings as New Stock Screener" button, and we'll remember that search for you.

Curious what it looks like? Here's a quick walk-through of what you'll see when you click over to the new stock screener:

Stock Screener

Just like our previous stock screener, you can export your findings into a program like Excel for additional analysis or off-line review. Customers just like you will keep long-term records and this makes is very easy to do.

Try it out today and see what interesting stocks you find.

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