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Stock Sparklines And News Alerts

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MarketBeat is always looking for ways to provide our subscribers with quick access to vital market information. Today, we released two new features that put market information within easy access for traders -- updated news alerts and sparklines for stocks.

Market news alerts are one of the most used features by our Premium Subscribers and providing easy ways to manage all of the notifications has been the focus of our development team over the last few weeks. Alerts help subscribers stay connected throughout the day, even if they are not online, by monitoring the stocks in their portfolio and providing them with news as it happens via our My MarketBeat, SMS, and email. We recently revamped the way alerts are managed within My MarketBeat, making it much easier for subscribers to review their notifications, mark them as read, and know what needs to be reviewed.

 News Alerts

Another new addition to My MarketBeat is stock sparklines. Sparklines are a quick graphical view of each stock in your portfolio that shows which the stock is up, down or flat over the last 30-days. Clicking a sparkline will let you drill deeper into stock’s performance.


Sparklines are color-coded to tell at a glance if you need to re-evaluate your position in a company. Since sparklines are updated throughout the trading day, you will always what your portfolio is doing.

Take these two features for a spin today by logging into My MarketBeat.

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