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New Features: New Homepage, Help Section and New Reports

Most upgraded stocks report on MarketBeat website.

MarketBeat is pleased to announce the following new features that have recently been added to the MarketBeat website:

New Homepage - Our homepage has been redesigned from the ground up to include top market-moving headlines, prices for major market indexes and a variety of financial calendars. The new MarketBeat homepage allows you to get a complete view of what's happening in the markets right now.

Forex Calendar - We have added a foreign exchange (Forex) pricing grid that shows currency exchange rates and pricing changes.

Help SectionWe have recorded a series of videos that teach you how to use different aspects of the MarketBeat website. These videos walk you through how to use My MarketBeat, MarketBeat's calendars and MarketBeat's All Access research tools.

Top-Rated Analysts ($) - This new report ranks individual research analysts based off the past-performance of their "buy" and "strong buy" recommendations.

Most-Upgraded and Most-Downgraded Stocks ($) - These reports show which stocks have been upgraded and downgraded  by research analysts the most in the last 90 days.

We hope you enjoy using these new features!

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