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iShares MSCI Eurozone ETF (EZU) Institutional Ownership

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(As of 05/28/2024 ET)

Institutional Ownership Changes (13F Filings) for iShares MSCI Eurozone ETF (BATS:EZU)

Number of
Institutional Buyers
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Institutional Inflows
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Institutional Sellers
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EZU Institutional Buying and Selling by Quarter

iShares MSCI Eurozone ETF Major Shareholders & Ownership History

Reporting DateMajor Shareholder NameShares HeldMarket Value% of PortfolioQuarterly Change in SharesOwnership in CompanyDetails
5/24/2024 Cetera Advisors LLC15,805$807K0.0%-7.9%0.010%
5/24/2024 Cetera Investment Advisers36,686$1.87M0.0%-50.1%0.024%
5/17/2024 Comerica Bank30,747$1.57M0.0%+10.3%0.020%
5/16/2024 Jane Street Group LLC814,123$41.57M0.0%+3,439.7%0.533%
5/15/2024 Lazard Asset Management LLC8,907$454K0.0%-8.7%0.006%
5/14/2024 Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund197,700$10.10M0.0%N/A0.129%
5/10/2024 Banco Santander S.A.11,796$602K0.0%+7.7%0.008%
5/9/2024 Interchange Capital Partners LLC40,401$2.06M1.4%-2.6%0.026%
5/9/2024 Endowment Wealth Management Inc.48,380$2.47M1.8%-6.2%0.032%
5/8/2024 Legacy Capital Group California Inc.15,341$783K0.3%-3.4%0.010%
5/7/2024 Concurrent Investment Advisors LLC41,801$2.13M0.1%+21.2%0.027%
5/7/2024 Smithfield Trust Co27,818$1.42M0.1%-1.8%0.018%
5/7/2024 SG Americas Securities LLC60,158$3.07M0.0%+24.8%0.039%
5/6/2024 Envestnet Portfolio Solutions Inc.4,152$212K0.0%-68.3%0.003%
5/2/2024 Conservest Capital Advisors Inc.117,149$5.98M0.6%+4.0%0.077%
5/2/2024 Greenwood Capital Associates LLC81,759$4.18M0.6%+6.1%0.054%
5/1/2024 Stone Point Wealth LLC5,951$304K0.1%-83.6%0.004%
5/1/2024 Janney Montgomery Scott LLC6,609$337K0.0%+12.6%0.004%
5/1/2024 BNP Paribas Financial Markets5,303$271K0.0%-42.9%0.003%
5/1/2024 TKG Advisors LLC109,752$5.60M3.1%+21.2%0.072%
5/1/2024 Mirae Asset Global Investments Co. Ltd.400,660$20.46M0.0%-37.9%0.262%
5/1/2024 Concourse Financial Group Securities Inc.1,800$92K0.0%-20.7%0.001%
5/1/2024 Private Advisor Group LLC7,006$358K0.0%-14.7%0.005%
4/30/2024 Harel Insurance Investments & Financial Services Ltd.7,470$381K0.0%-11.8%0.005%
4/30/2024 Perigon Wealth Management LLC4,439$227K0.0%N/A0.003%
4/30/2024 Allspring Global Investments Holdings LLC1,639,985$83.74M0.1%-1.1%1.073%
4/30/2024Commonwealth Equity Services LLC18,560$948K0.0%-5.8%0.012%
4/29/2024 FAS Wealth Partners Inc.550$28K0.0%-42.7%0.000%
4/29/2024 Forthright Family Wealth Advisory LLC7,883$403K0.3%N/A0.005%
4/29/2024 Sierra Capital LLC88,934$4.54M0.6%-8.3%0.058%
4/29/2024 RWA Wealth Partners LLC68,649$3.51M0.0%-3.9%0.045%
4/26/2024 Meridian Wealth Management LLC9,527$486K0.1%-32.2%0.006%
4/24/2024 SOL Capital Management CO20,010$1.02M0.1%-3.8%0.013%
4/23/2024 Global Retirement Partners LLC10,069$514K0.0%+7.9%0.007%
4/23/2024 Venturi Wealth Management LLC2,073$106K0.0%-20.8%0.001%
4/19/2024 AWM Capital LLC8,177$418K0.1%N/A0.005%
4/19/2024 Evolution Wealth Advisors LLC206,852$10.56M2.0%-0.2%0.119%
4/18/2024 Allspring Global Investments Holdings LLC1,639,985$83.74M0.1%-1.1%0.944%
4/18/2024 Congress Wealth Management LLC DE 998,099$50.96M0.9%-0.1%0.575%
4/18/2024 Hexagon Capital Partners LLC6,340$324K0.1%-29.0%0.004%
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4/16/2024 Financial Management Professionals Inc.1,023$52K0.0%N/A0.001%
4/16/2024 Wealth Enhancement Advisory Services LLC34,252$1.75M0.0%+32.7%0.020%
4/15/2024 G&S Capital LLC82,894$4.23M1.9%+13.4%0.048%
4/15/2024 Ehrlich Financial Group4,234$216K0.2%-33.4%0.002%
4/13/2024 Columbus Macro LLC20,516$1.05M0.4%+19.8%0.012%
4/12/2024 Global Assets Advisory LLC12,057$616K0.0%N/A0.007%
4/11/2024 Contravisory Investment Management Inc.15,508$792K0.2%-3.4%0.009%
4/11/2024 Ballew Advisors Inc29,286$1.47M1.0%+2.0%0.017%
4/9/2024 Massmutual Trust Co. FSB ADV37,463$1.91M0.1%+4.6%0.022%
3/22/2024 PNC Financial Services Group Inc.52,951$2.51M0.0%-21.0%0.030%
3/5/2024 Fisher Asset Management LLC3,208,214$152.20M0.1%-3.0%1.847%
3/5/2024 Greenwood Capital Associates LLC77,091$3.66M0.5%+1,288.3%0.044%
2/29/2024 Acima Private Wealth LLC71,633$3.40M1.3%+16.7%0.041%
2/26/2024 Syon Capital LLC242,362$11.50M1.0%-24.1%0.140%
2/26/2024 Centaurus Financial Inc.28,588$1.36M0.1%+52.3%0.016%
2/23/2024 TKG Advisors LLC90,542$4.30M2.6%+3.8%0.052%
2/21/2024Garde Capital Inc.24,409$1.16M0.1%-2.7%0.014%
2/16/2024 DRW Securities LLC47,217$2.24M0.0%N/A0.027%
2/15/2024 Comerica Bank27,869$1.32M0.0%-14.5%0.016%
2/14/2024 Vivaldi Capital Management LP5,246$245K0.1%N/A0.003%
2/13/2024 Tower Research Capital LLC TRC1,075$51K0.0%+241.3%0.001%
2/13/2024 The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company 1,615,802$76.65M0.0%+1,302.9%0.930%
2/13/2024 1607 Capital Partners LLC601,916$28.56M2.0%-9.4%0.347%
2/13/2024 Rathbones Group PLC42,017$1.99M0.0%+5.4%0.024%
2/12/2024 Bank of Nova Scotia5,906$280K0.0%-90.2%0.003%
2/12/2024 Scotia Capital Inc.114,422$5.43M0.0%+2.2%0.066%
2/12/2024 Fiduciary Trust Co203,644$9.66M0.2%-2.5%0.117%
2/12/2024 Proquility Private Wealth Partners LLC169,952$8.06M3.1%-15.3%0.098%
2/12/2024 Parallel Advisors LLC5,056$240K0.0%-30.8%0.003%
2/12/2024 Hsbc Holdings PLC54,589$2.59M0.0%-13.3%0.031%
2/9/2024 Congress Wealth Management LLC DE999,218$47.40M0.9%-30.4%0.575%
2/9/2024 Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Inc.26,808$1.27M0.0%+18.4%0.015%
2/9/2024 EverSource Wealth Advisors LLC610$29K0.0%+122.6%0.000%
2/9/2024 Corient Private Wealth LLC295,082$14.00M0.0%-2.5%0.170%
2/9/2024 Wells Fargo & Company MN260,809$12.37M0.0%-54.4%0.150%
2/9/2024 UBS Group AG1,519,960$72.11M0.0%-4.0%0.875%
2/9/2024 PNC Financial Services Group Inc.52,951$2.51M0.0%-21.0%0.030%
2/8/2024 AMG National Trust Bank144,988$6.88M0.2%-2.3%0.083%
2/8/2024 Meridian Wealth Management LLC14,058$667K0.0%-68.6%0.008%
2/8/2024 Legacy Capital Group California Inc.15,888$754K0.3%+6.3%0.009%
2/8/2024 Barings LLC228,625$10.85M0.3%+5.0%0.132%
2/8/2024 Lmcg Investments LLC189,330$8.98M0.6%-1.5%0.109%
2/7/2024 Envestnet Portfolio Solutions Inc.13,111$622K0.0%+158.4%0.008%
2/7/2024 BNP Paribas Financial Markets9,286$441K0.0%-55.3%0.005%
2/7/2024 Endowment Wealth Management Inc.51,566$2.45M2.0%+3.5%0.030%
2/7/2024 Smithfield Trust Co28,329$1.34M0.1%-3.1%0.016%
2/7/2024 Concourse Financial Group Securities Inc.2,270$108K0.0%+95.5%0.001%
2/6/2024 Family Asset Management LLC5,459$259K0.2%-34.3%0.003%
2/6/2024 Private Advisor Group LLC8,209$389K0.0%-27.1%0.005%
2/6/2024 National Bank of Canada FI124,519$5.82M0.0%+1.2%0.072%
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2/6/2024 Fisher Asset Management LLC3,215,012$152.52M0.1%-2.8%1.851%
2/6/2024 Great Valley Advisor Group Inc.14,330$680K0.0%N/A0.008%
2/6/2024 Orion Capital Management LLC1,613$77K0.0%N/A0.001%
2/5/2024 Hexagon Capital Partners LLC8,935$424K0.1%-25.3%0.005%
2/5/2024 Conservest Capital Advisors Inc.112,604$5.34M0.6%-0.9%0.065%
2/5/2024 Transcend Capital Advisors LLC25,346$1.20M0.1%-11.0%0.015%
2/2/2024 Truist Financial Corp10,423$494K0.0%-5.5%0.006%
2/2/2024 Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd Zurich129,759$6.16M0.0%-1.1%0.075%
2/2/2024 Syon Capital LLC242,779$11.52M0.8%-24.0%0.140%
2/1/2024 RWA Wealth Partners LLC71,463$3.39M0.0%N/A0.041%
(Data available from 1/1/2016 forward)

EZU Institutional Ownership - Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the largest shareholders of EZU shares?

During the previous two years, 246 institutional investors and hedge funds held shares of iShares MSCI Eurozone ETF. The most heavily invested institutionals were Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Co. ($1.91B), BlackRock Inc. ($515.72M), Bank of America Corp DE ($442.60M), Fisher Asset Management LLC ($152.20M), Allspring Global Investments Holdings LLC ($83.74M), Richard Bernstein Advisors LLC ($82.61M), and Horizon Investments LLC ($76.71M).Learn more on EZU's institutional investors.

Which institutional investors have been buying iShares MSCI Eurozone ETF stock?

Of the 213 institutional investors that purchased iShares MSCI Eurozone ETF stock in the last 24 months, the following investors and hedge funds have bought the highest volume of shares: Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd Zurich ($128.65M), Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Co. ($12.11M), Assetmark Inc. ($2.67M), Richard Bernstein Advisors LLC ($2.03M), LPL Financial LLC ($1.57M), Allspring Global Investments Holdings LLC ($1.53M), and The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company ($1.50M).

How much institutional buying is happening at iShares MSCI Eurozone ETF?

Institutional investors have bought a total of 166,472,106 shares in the last 24 months. This purchase volume represents approximately $7.49B in transactions.

Which iShares MSCI Eurozone ETF major shareholders have been selling company stock?

Of the 139 institutional investors that sold iShares MSCI Eurozone ETF stock in the last 24 months, the following investors and hedge funds have sold the highest volume of shares: Bank of Nova Scotia ($5.78M), Assetmark Inc. ($2.51M), Mirae Asset Global Investments Co. Ltd. ($1.47M), Parcion Private Wealth LLC ($1.42M), Congress Wealth Management LLC DE ($1.41M), Bank of America Corp DE ($965.39K), and UBS Group AG ($938.55K).

How much institutional selling is happening at iShares MSCI Eurozone ETF?

Institutional investors have sold a total of 22,272,140 shares in the last 24 months. This volume of shares sold represents approximately $891.02M in transactions.

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