First Trust Dorsey Wright Momentum & Value ETF (DVLU) Institutional Ownership

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Institutional Ownership Changes (13F Filings) for First Trust Dorsey Wright Momentum & Value ETF (NASDAQ:DVLU)

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DVLU Institutional Buying and Selling by Quarter

First Trust Dorsey Wright Momentum & Value ETF Major Shareholders & Ownership History

Reporting DateMajor Shareholder NameShares HeldMarket Value% of PortfolioQuarterly Change in SharesOwnership in CompanyDetails
4/29/2024Commonwealth Equity Services LLC553,732$16.68M0.0%+0.6%61.526%
1/18/2024 Accel Wealth Management15,459$401K0.2%-7.1%1.819%
11/14/2023 Private Advisory Group LLC33,925$775K0.1%+3.8%3.571%
10/23/2023Commonwealth Equity Services LLC601,274$13.74M0.0%-2.5%63.292%
8/10/2023Commonwealth Equity Services LLC616,627$14.53M0.0%+6.5%61.663%
7/13/2023 Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Inc.19,216$453K0.0%-12.7%2.135%
5/11/2023Commonwealth Equity Services LLC579,031$12.84M0.0%+2.5%60.951%
4/28/2023 Janney Montgomery Scott LLC16,005$355K0.0%-3.3%1.685%
4/20/2023 Accel Wealth Management16,983$377K0.2%+2.7%1.788%
2/8/2023 Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Inc.22,512$499K0.0%-25.0%2.370%
2/7/2023Commonwealth Equity Services LLC564,869$12.53M0.0%+2.2%59.460%
11/15/2022Commonwealth Equity Services LLC552,498$11.25M0.0%+2.7%55.250%
10/17/2022 Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Inc.30,023$612K0.0%-19.1%3.002%
8/12/2022 Private Advisory Group LLC70,494$1.52M0.3%+9.5%7.049%
8/3/2022 Janney Montgomery Scott LLC16,580$370K0.0%+6.7%1.658%
7/19/2022Commonwealth Equity Services LLC537,966$11.58M0.0%+0.9%53.797%
7/13/2022 Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Inc.37,113$799K0.0%+9.0%3.711%
5/10/2022 Level Four Advisory Services LLC16,738$428K0.0%+12.8%1.674%
5/4/2022Prospera Financial Services Inc3,351$86K0.0%N/A0.335%
5/4/2022Commonwealth Equity Services LLC533,142$13.64M0.0%+0.4%53.314%
4/29/2022 Accel Wealth Management16,389$419K0.2%+33.6%1.490%
4/28/2022Ahrens Investment Partners LLC119,006$3.05M1.0%+5,435.2%10.819%
2/11/2022 Level Four Advisory Services LLC14,841$374K0.0%N/A1.562%
2/11/2022 Advisor Resource Council65,819$1.66M0.1%N/A6.928%
2/3/2022 Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Inc.40,372$1.02M0.0%+4.3%4.037%
2/3/2022 Advisor Group Holdings Inc.10,945$275K0.0%-8.3%1.095%
1/31/2022Commonwealth Equity Services LLC530,991$13.37M0.0%+3.4%53.099%
1/27/2022 Private Advisory Group LLC34,421$866K0.2%-49.5%3.442%
1/21/2022Ahrens Investment Partners LLC2,150$54K0.0%N/A0.215%
1/18/2022 Accel Wealth Management12,271$309K0.2%+26.2%1.227%
1/18/2022 Selective Wealth Management Inc.1,000$25K0.0%N/A0.100%
12/8/2021 Moors & Cabot Inc.10,500$247K0.0%+16.7%1.050%
11/16/2021 MML Investors Services LLC36,208$852K0.0%+2.1%3.448%
11/12/2021 OLD Mission Capital LLC24,857$585K0.0%N/A2.367%
11/5/2021 Truist Financial Corp36,865$867K0.0%-48.6%3.511%
11/5/2021 Advisor Group Holdings Inc.11,930$281K0.0%-83.7%1.136%
11/4/2021 Accel Wealth Management9,720$229K0.1%+90.8%0.926%
11/2/2021 Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Inc.38,700$911K0.0%+4.3%3.686%
10/29/2021Commonwealth Equity Services LLC513,773$12.09M0.0%-3.3%48.931%
10/22/2021 Private Advisory Group LLC68,181$1.60M0.4%+22.2%6.493%
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10/12/2021Level Four Financial LLC14,841$349K0.2%-28.2%1.413%
8/19/2021 Advisor Resource Council27,906$656K0.1%N/A2.427%
8/11/2021Commonwealth Equity Services LLC531,564$12.49M0.0%+1.3%44.297%
8/11/2021Susquehanna International Group LLP19,828$466K0.0%N/A1.652%
8/10/2021 Moors & Cabot Inc.9,000$211K0.0%N/A0.750%
8/10/2021 Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Inc.37,117$872K0.0%+144.2%3.093%
8/9/2021Level Four Financial LLC20,673$486K0.2%N/A1.723%
8/4/2021 Envestnet Asset Management Inc.72,465$1.70M0.0%N/A6.039%
8/3/2021 Accel Wealth Management5,095$120K0.1%+29.5%0.425%
8/2/2021 Advisor Group Holdings Inc.73,370$1.72M0.0%+16.2%6.114%
8/2/2021 Private Advisory Group LLC55,799$1.31M0.3%+65.8%4.650%
5/18/2021 Citadel Advisors LLC17,354$388K0.0%-59.6%1.085%
5/17/2021 Royal Bank of Canada6,111$137K0.0%N/A0.394%
5/17/2021 Goldman Sachs Group Inc.23,876$534K0.0%+8.7%1.540%
5/14/2021 MML Investors Services LLC35,152$786K0.0%+3.9%2.268%
5/10/2021 Accel Wealth Management3,935$88K0.1%N/A0.414%
5/10/2021 Kestra Advisory Services LLC10,907$244K0.0%N/A1.148%
5/7/2021 Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Inc.15,202$340K0.0%N/A1.600%
5/4/2021Commonwealth Equity Services LLC524,750$11.73M0.0%-17.5%55.237%
5/3/2021 Calton & Associates Inc.53,507$1.20M0.2%N/A5.632%
4/27/2021 Janney Montgomery Scott LLC15,963$357K0.0%-33.3%1.680%
4/8/2021 Private Advisory Group LLC33,656$752K0.2%-61.4%3.740%
2/5/2021 Private Advisory Group LLC87,219$1.57M0.5%+111.5%10.902%
1/25/2021 Janney Montgomery Scott LLC23,928$430K0.0%-5.5%2.815%
11/5/2020Commonwealth Equity Services LLC694,236$10.48M0.0%N/A69.424%
10/13/2020 Private Advisory Group LLC41,229$622K0.3%-70.1%4.123%
7/21/2020 Private Advisory Group LLC138,032$1.93M0.8%+401.0%15.337%
5/15/2020 Jane Street Group LLC10,759$129K0.0%N/A1.025%
5/14/2020 MML Investors Services LLC740,601$8.90M0.2%-2.0%70.533%
5/8/2020 Cetera Advisors LLC21,000$252K0.0%N/A2.211%
4/30/2020 Janney Montgomery Scott LLC24,728$297K0.0%+60.8%2.603%
(Data available from 1/1/2016 forward)

DVLU Institutional Ownership - Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the largest shareholders of DVLU shares?

During the previous two years, the following institutional investors and hedge funds held shares of First Trust Dorsey Wright Momentum & Value ETF shares: Commonwealth Equity Services LLC ($16.68M), Private Advisory Group LLC ($775K), Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Inc. ($453K), and Accel Wealth Management ($401K), Janney Montgomery Scott LLC ($355K).Learn more on DVLU's institutional investors.

Which institutional investors have been buying First Trust Dorsey Wright Momentum & Value ETF stock?

The following institutional investors have purchased First Trust Dorsey Wright Momentum & Value ETF stock in the last 24 months: Commonwealth Equity Services LLC ($86.92K), Private Advisory Group LLC ($7.35K), Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Inc. ($3.06K), Janney Montgomery Scott LLC ($1.04K), and Accel Wealth Management ($454.00).

How much institutional buying is happening at First Trust Dorsey Wright Momentum & Value ETF?

Institutional investors have bought a total of 98,826 shares in the last 24 months. This purchase volume represents approximately $3.45M in transactions.

Which First Trust Dorsey Wright Momentum & Value ETF major shareholders have been selling company stock?

The following institutional investors have sold First Trust Dorsey Wright Momentum & Value ETF stock in the last 24 months: Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Inc. ($17.39K), Commonwealth Equity Services LLC ($15.35K), Accel Wealth Management ($1.18K), and Janney Montgomery Scott LLC ($550.00).

How much institutional selling is happening at First Trust Dorsey Wright Momentum & Value ETF?

Institutional investors have sold a total of 34,474 shares in the last 24 months. This volume of shares sold represents approximately $1.09M in transactions.

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