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Hess Midstream (HESM) Institutional Ownership

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(As of 07/16/2024 ET)

Institutional Ownership Changes (13F Filings) for Hess Midstream (NYSE:HESM)

Institutional Ownership
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Institutional Buyers
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HESM Institutional Buying and Selling by Quarter

Hess Midstream Major Shareholders & Ownership History

Reporting DateMajor Shareholder NameShares HeldMarket Value% of PortfolioQuarterly Change in SharesOwnership in CompanyDetails
7/15/2024Artemis Investment Management LLP650,766$23.71M0.3%+11.1%0.291%
7/12/2024SG Americas Securities LLC175,893$6.41M0.0%N/A0.079%
7/5/2024 Institutional & Family Asset Management LLC48,204$1.76M0.3%+24.5%0.022%
6/13/2024NBW Capital LLC97,688$3.53M0.7%-3.9%0.044%
6/6/2024Westwood Holdings Group Inc.853,682$30.84M0.2%+26.0%0.382%
6/4/2024DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale9,858$356K0.0%+606.2%0.004%
5/31/2024Granite Group Advisors LLC7,106$257K0.2%+5.6%0.003%
5/20/2024Virtu Financial LLC12,237$442K0.0%N/A0.005%
5/17/2024Plato Investment Management Ltd4,282$155K0.0%-50.8%0.002%
5/17/2024Comerica Bank5,553$201K0.0%+7.4%0.002%
5/17/2024Tidal Investments LLC7,014$253K0.0%-41.2%0.003%
5/17/2024Clear Point Advisors Inc.1,359$49K0.0%N/A0.001%
5/16/2024California State Teachers Retirement System70,481$2.55M0.0%+15.7%0.031%
5/16/2024BROOKFIELD Corp ON 843,577$30.48M0.2%+434.8%0.373%
5/16/2024Blackstone Inc.621,293$22.45M0.1%+64.7%0.275%
5/15/2024Energy Income Partners LLC1,371,734$49.56M1.0%-36.1%0.606%
5/15/2024Lazard Asset Management LLC13,771$497K0.0%+15.2%0.006%
5/15/2024Epoch Investment Partners Inc.2,390,636$86.37M0.4%+33.3%1.056%
5/14/2024Westwood Holdings Group Inc.853,682$30.84M0.2%+26.0%0.377%
5/14/2024Advisors Asset Management Inc.53,630$1.94M0.0%+26.6%0.024%
5/13/2024Clearbridge Investments LLC2,617,185$94.56M0.1%-0.3%1.156%
5/13/2024Basso Capital Management L.P.13,500$488K0.5%+12.5%0.006%
5/13/2024Seven Eight Capital LP8,516$308K0.0%-83.5%0.004%
5/10/2024Acadian Asset Management LLC9,586$346K0.0%-72.9%0.004%
5/10/2024Vanguard Group Inc.456,607$16.50M0.0%+13.6%0.202%
5/9/2024TD Asset Management Inc3,109,076$112.33M0.1%+33.1%1.374%
5/8/2024Entropy Technologies LP16,181$585K0.1%-64.5%0.007%
5/8/2024Camarda Financial Advisors LLC53,615$1.94M0.8%-0.9%0.024%
5/8/2024ProShare Advisors LLC6,746$244K0.0%+5.2%0.003%
5/8/2024American Financial Group Inc.21,500$777K0.3%+2.4%0.010%
5/8/2024Russell Investments Group Ltd.21,340$771K0.0%-48.4%0.009%
5/7/2024Susquehanna Fundamental Investments LLC130,336$4.71M0.2%N/A0.058%
5/7/2024Susquehanna Portfolio Strategies LLC15,400$556K0.0%-33.2%0.007%
5/7/2024Swiss National Bank154,600$5.59M0.0%+14.8%0.068%
5/7/2024Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund33,606$1.21M0.0%N/A0.015%
5/7/2024Oppenheimer Asset Management Inc.10,574$382K0.0%-2.9%0.005%
5/7/2024Empowered Funds LLC69,145$2.50M0.0%+600.1%0.031%
5/6/2024Quantbot Technologies LP76,497$2.76M0.2%-8.3%0.034%
5/6/2024Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors LP1,305,561$47.17M1.3%+55.8%0.577%
5/4/2024Geneos Wealth Management Inc.2,100$76K0.0%+31.3%0.001%
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5/4/2024WBI Investments LLC22,480$812K0.2%-24.3%0.010%
5/3/2024GSA Capital Partners LLP23,221$839K0.1%-76.7%0.010%
5/1/2024Capstone Investment Advisors LLC107,806$3.90M0.0%+439.0%0.048%
5/1/2024Mirae Asset Global Investments Co. Ltd.2,028,917$73.31M0.1%-36.0%0.897%
4/30/2024Naples Global Advisors LLC61,920$2.24M0.2%+3.0%0.027%
4/30/2024Allspring Global Investments Holdings LLC828$30K0.0%N/A0.000%
4/25/2024Lindbrook Capital LLC14,335$518K0.0%N/A0.006%
4/25/2024Kercheville Advisors LLC200,289$7.24M3.4%-0.2%0.089%
4/25/2024Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Inc.76,507$2.76M0.0%+5.1%0.034%
4/24/2024CUSHING ASSET MANAGEMENT LP dba NXG INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT1,324,800$47.87M4.0%-0.3%0.585%
4/23/2024Venturi Wealth Management LLC17,066$617K0.0%-9.6%0.008%
4/23/2024Stablepoint Partners LLC7,390$267K0.1%N/A0.003%
4/23/2024Raymond James Financial Services Advisors Inc.188,541$6.81M0.0%+1.7%0.083%
4/20/2024Maryland State Retirement & Pension System68,239$2.36M0.0%+18.7%0.030%
4/19/2024Teamwork Financial Advisors LLC14,043$507K0.1%-12.7%0.006%
4/18/2024Allspring Global Investments Holdings LLC828$30K0.0%N/A0.000%
4/16/2024Artemis Investment Management LLP585,961$21.16M0.3%+220.0%0.259%
4/16/2024Stokes Capital Advisors LLC138,341$5.00M1.5%+4.4%0.061%
4/15/2024CFM Wealth Partners LLC35,262$1.27M0.3%+34.7%0.016%
4/15/2024F&V Capital Management LLC10,500$379K0.1%+16.7%0.005%
4/12/2024Miller Howard Investments Inc. NY685,333$24.76M0.8%+17.1%0.303%
4/5/2024 Chickasaw Capital Management LLC10,000$361K0.0%-9.1%0.004%
3/1/2024Goldman Sachs Group Inc.3,431,870$108.55M0.0%+2.2%1.494%
2/16/2024GSA Capital Partners LLP99,834$3.16M0.3%+521.7%0.043%
2/15/2024Blackstone Inc.377,215$11.93M0.1%+70.7%0.164%
2/15/2024Cohen & Steers Inc.470,433$14.88M0.0%-34.4%0.205%
2/14/2024Pinnacle Holdings LLC88,299$2.79M1.1%+4.9%0.038%
2/14/2024Tortoise Index Solutions LLC90,371$2.86M0.5%+15.4%0.039%
2/14/2024Basso Capital Management L.P.12,000$380K0.4%+84.6%0.005%
2/14/2024Seven Eight Capital LP51,591$1.63M0.2%N/A0.022%
2/14/2024Westwood Holdings Group Inc.677,563$21.43M0.2%-17.8%0.295%
2/13/2024Epoch Investment Partners Inc.1,792,886$56.71M0.3%+82.8%0.781%
2/13/2024Goldman Sachs Group Inc.3,431,870$108.55M0.0%+2.2%1.494%
2/13/2024Peapack Gladstone Financial Corp8,957$283K0.0%+5.7%0.004%
2/13/2024GoodHaven Capital Management LLC142,253$4.50M2.0%-0.7%0.062%
2/12/2024Capstone Investment Advisors LLC20,000$633K0.0%+92.5%0.009%
2/12/2024TD Asset Management Inc2,335,957$73.89M0.1%+190.8%1.017%
2/9/2024Eagle Global Advisors LLC763,205$24.14M1.5%-2.5%0.332%
2/9/2024Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Inc.72,782$2.30M0.0%-0.6%0.032%
2/9/2024WBI Investments LLC29,694$939K0.2%+3.3%0.013%
2/9/2024Aigen Investment Management LP19,594$620K0.1%N/A0.009%
2/9/2024Quest Partners LLC13,824$437K0.1%N/A0.006%
2/9/2024Trexquant Investment LP18,846$596K0.0%-55.0%0.008%
2/9/2024Wells Fargo & Company MN434,434$13.74M0.0%+30.7%0.189%
2/9/2024UBS Group AG919,314$29.08M0.0%+1.8%0.400%
2/9/2024Dynamic Technology Lab Private Ltd22,469$711K0.1%N/A0.010%
2/8/2024Lee Financial Co4,422$140K0.0%+198.2%0.002%
2/8/2024Navellier & Associates Inc.7,010$222K0.0%N/A0.003%
2/8/2024Beacon Pointe Advisors LLC49,007$1.55M0.0%+9.9%0.021%
2/7/2024Jump Financial LLC115,384$3.65M0.1%+72.1%0.050%
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2/7/2024Teacher Retirement System of Texas22,661$717K0.0%-6.0%0.010%
2/7/2024Donoghue Forlines LLC8,967$284K0.1%N/A0.004%
2/6/2024Maryland State Retirement & Pension System57,480$1.82M0.0%+3.6%0.025%
2/6/2024U.S. Capital Wealth Advisors LLC46,451$1.47M0.1%-30.1%0.020%
2/6/2024First Horizon Advisors Inc.1,791$57K0.0%+183.4%0.001%
2/6/2024Swiss National Bank134,700$4.26M0.0%-8.4%0.059%
2/5/2024Van ECK Associates Corp18,751$593K0.0%+22.1%0.008%
2/5/2024Russell Investments Group Ltd.41,387$1.31M0.0%+25.0%0.018%
2/2/2024Fractal Investments LLC235,247$7.44M1.5%+375.8%0.102%
2/1/2024Parkside Financial Bank & Trust2,323$73K0.0%+348.5%0.001%
(Data available from 1/1/2016 forward)

HESM Institutional Ownership - Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the largest shareholders of HESM shares?

During the previous two years, 173 institutional investors and hedge funds held shares of Hess Midstream. The most heavily invested institutionals were Alps Advisors Inc. ($341.66M), TD Asset Management Inc ($112.33M), Goldman Sachs Group Inc. ($108.55M), Invesco Ltd. ($104.19M), Clearbridge Investments LLC ($94.56M), Epoch Investment Partners Inc. ($86.37M), and CI Investments Inc. ($78.39M).Learn more on HESM's institutional investors.

What percentage of Hess Midstream stock is owned by institutional investors?

92.41% of Hess Midstream stock is owned by institutional investors. Learn more on HESM's institutional investor holdings.

Which institutional investors have been buying Hess Midstream stock?

Of the 152 institutional investors that purchased Hess Midstream stock in the last 24 months, the following investors and hedge funds have bought the highest volume of shares: Alps Advisors Inc. ($5.99M), TD Asset Management Inc ($3.11M), Epoch Investment Partners Inc. ($2.39M), Mirae Asset Global Investments Co. Ltd. ($1.91M), Clearbridge Investments LLC ($1.53M), Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors LP ($1.27M), and Cohen & Steers Inc. ($1.15M).

How much institutional buying is happening at Hess Midstream?

Institutional investors have bought a total of 30,381,558 shares in the last 24 months. This purchase volume represents approximately $931.38M in transactions.

Which Hess Midstream major shareholders have been selling company stock?

Of the 76 institutional investors that sold Hess Midstream stock in the last 24 months, the following investors and hedge funds have sold the highest volume of shares: Mirae Asset Global Investments Co. Ltd. ($1.15M), Bank of New York Mellon Corp ($938.99K), Energy Income Partners LLC ($773.32K), CI Investments Inc. ($427.28K), Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors LP ($393.10K), Connor Clark & Lunn Investment Management Ltd. ($356.33K), and Cohen & Steers Inc. ($249.30K).

How much institutional selling is happening at Hess Midstream?

Institutional investors have sold a total of 6,426,634 shares in the last 24 months. This volume of shares sold represents approximately $201.22M in transactions.

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