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iShares Russell 3000 ETF (IWV) Institutional Ownership

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Institutional Ownership Changes (13F Filings) for iShares Russell 3000 ETF (NYSEARCA:IWV)

Number of
Institutional Buyers
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Institutional Sellers
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IWV Institutional Buying and Selling by Quarter

iShares Russell 3000 ETF Major Shareholders & Ownership History

Reporting DateMajor Shareholder NameShares HeldMarket Value% of PortfolioQuarterly Change in SharesOwnership in CompanyDetails
5/24/2024 Cetera Advisors LLC12,419$3.73M0.0%-18.1%0.027%
5/24/2024 Cetera Investment Advisers66,913$20.08M0.0%+217.1%0.146%
5/22/2024 BigSur Wealth Management LLC35,000$10.50M3.3%-4.1%0.076%
5/21/2024 Atria Investments Inc8,255$2.48M0.0%+104.1%0.018%
5/21/2024Sanibel Captiva Trust Company Inc.675$203K0.0%N/A0.001%
5/17/2024 Citizens Financial Group Inc. RI13,860$4.16M0.1%-0.3%0.030%
5/17/2024 XML Financial LLC3,272$982K0.1%-1.7%0.007%
5/17/2024 William Howard & Co Financial Advisors Inc17,975$5.39M5.1%N/A0.039%
5/17/2024 Jaffetilchin Investment Partners LLC5,439$1.63M0.1%-88.8%0.012%
5/17/2024 Comerica Bank81,675$24.51M0.1%-6.0%0.178%
5/17/2024 DCM Advisors LLC755$227K0.1%-39.8%0.002%
5/16/2024 California State Teachers Retirement System1,323$397K0.0%N/A0.003%
5/16/2024 B. Riley Wealth Advisors Inc.2,456$737K0.0%+15.3%0.005%
5/16/2024 Vawter Financial Ltd.1,548$465K0.3%-2.3%0.003%
5/16/2024 Waverly Advisors LLC189,493$56.86M1.3%+103.3%0.414%
5/16/2024 Silvercrest Asset Management Group LLC35,376$10.62M0.1%-54.0%0.077%
5/16/2024 Captrust Financial Advisors205,344$61.62M0.2%+20.0%0.448%
5/15/2024 Truvestments Capital LLC102$31K0.0%-46.6%0.000%
5/15/2024 Quadrature Capital Ltd2,456$737K0.0%N/A0.005%
5/15/2024 Envoi LLC1,646$494K1.2%N/A0.004%
5/14/2024 Westwood Holdings Group Inc.1,483$445K0.0%-4.8%0.003%
5/14/2024 Cadence Bank682$205K0.0%N/A0.001%
5/14/2024 EP Wealth Advisors LLC15,077$4.52M0.1%-0.4%0.033%
5/14/2024 Pitcairn Co.534,115$160.28M10.4%-1.4%1.166%
5/13/2024 Bessemer Group Inc.173,390$52.03M0.1%-0.2%0.379%
5/13/2024Cedar Wealth Management LLC17,728$5.32M1.8%+8.1%0.039%
5/13/2024 Shakespeare Wealth Management LLC1,415$425K0.1%+20.0%0.003%
5/13/2024 O Shaughnessy Asset Management LLC883$265K0.0%-92.2%0.002%
5/11/2024 Davis R M Inc.160,272$48.09M1.0%-0.5%0.353%
5/11/2024 NWK Group Inc.293$88K0.0%-14.1%0.001%
5/11/2024 Catalytic Wealth RIA LLC4,809$1.44M0.3%+4.0%0.011%
5/10/2024 Osaic Holdings Inc.105,354$31.62M0.1%-6.1%0.232%
5/10/2024 TIAA Trust National Association157,086$47.14M0.1%-0.6%0.346%
5/10/2024 Vanguard Group Inc.25,110$7.54M0.0%+0.4%0.055%
5/10/2024 Alera Investment Advisors LLC3,698$1.11M0.2%-15.1%0.008%
5/10/2024 Truepoint Inc.61,756$18.53M0.5%-4.0%0.136%
5/10/2024 GM Advisory Group LLC167,249$50.19M3.5%+3.8%0.368%
5/10/2024 Nwam LLC908$272K0.0%N/A0.002%
5/9/2024 Dorsey & Whitney Trust CO LLC3,500$1.05M0.1%-33.9%0.008%
5/9/2024 Brighton Jones LLC87,059$26.13M0.9%-0.7%0.192%
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5/9/2024 Orion Portfolio Solutions LLC20,946$6.29M0.1%-1.8%0.046%
5/9/2024 Blair William & Co. IL200,210$60.08M0.2%-3.8%0.441%
5/9/2024 Kingsview Wealth Management LLC1,328$399K0.0%+48.2%0.003%
5/9/2024 Midwest Professional Planners LTD.13,696$4.11M1.4%-7.0%0.030%
5/9/2024 Beacon Investment Advisory Services Inc.677$203K0.0%N/A0.001%
5/9/2024 Ledyard National Bank5,887$1.77M0.2%-4.3%0.013%
5/8/2024 Tanglewood Wealth Management Inc.106,996$32.11M4.0%-5.9%0.235%
5/8/2024 Bleakley Financial Group LLC4,163$1.25M0.0%+7.1%0.009%
5/8/2024 Great Diamond Partners LLC92,525$27.77M6.4%+2.0%0.204%
5/8/2024 Avantax Advisory Services Inc.2,460$738K0.0%+41.2%0.005%
5/8/2024 US Bancorp DE91,232$27.38M0.0%-0.6%0.201%
5/8/2024 QRG Capital Management Inc.6,289$1.89M0.0%-30.5%0.014%
5/7/2024 Concurrent Investment Advisors LLC1,067$320K0.0%N/A0.002%
5/7/2024 Reynders McVeigh Capital Management LLC1,221$367K0.0%-6.1%0.003%
5/7/2024 Hantz Financial Services Inc.104,691$31.42M10.2%-5.7%0.230%
5/7/2024 Oppenheimer Asset Management Inc.1,883$565K0.0%-16.8%0.004%
5/7/2024 Empirical Financial Services LLC d.b.a. Empirical Wealth Management1,543$463K0.0%+35.0%0.003%
5/7/2024 Wealthspire Advisors LLC47,036$14.12M0.2%-20.3%0.103%
5/7/2024 Motive Wealth Advisors4,544$1.36M0.8%N/A0.010%
5/6/2024 Envestnet Portfolio Solutions Inc.5,238$1.57M0.0%-4.6%0.012%
5/6/2024 Advisory Services Network LLC10,888$3.27M0.1%+5.1%0.024%
5/6/2024 Financial Council LLC16,966$5.09M3.0%-1.4%0.037%
5/4/2024 McClarren Financial Advisors Inc.2,101$6.30M1.6%-80.3%0.005%
5/4/2024 Geneos Wealth Management Inc.110,463$33.15M1.5%-8.4%0.243%
5/4/2024 9258 Wealth Management LLC8,459$2.54M0.4%+1.2%0.019%
5/4/2024 WBI Investments LLC14,333$4.30M0.9%+14.1%0.032%
5/3/2024 Embree Financial Group76,494$22.95M4.5%-1.9%0.168%
5/3/2024 Forte Asset Management LLC26,163$7.85M4.8%+1.7%0.058%
5/3/2024 RIA Advisory Group LLC847$254K0.1%N/A0.002%
5/3/2024 Commerce Bank158,621$47.60M0.3%+6.8%0.349%
5/3/2024 Proficio Capital Partners LLC176,755$52.04M5.7%+1.5%0.389%
5/3/2024 Smith Salley Wealth Management3,349$1.01M0.1%-4.5%0.007%
5/3/2024 Compass Financial Group Inc.58,910$17.68M9.4%-0.5%0.130%
5/2/2024 Conservest Capital Advisors Inc.36,791$11.04M1.1%+0.1%0.081%
5/2/2024 Graypoint LLC3,266$980K0.1%-26.9%0.007%
5/2/2024 St. Louis Trust Co22,861$6.86M1.1%-0.7%0.050%
5/2/2024 Choreo LLC2,753$826K0.0%+48.2%0.006%
5/2/2024 Family Firm Inc.207,017$62.12M15.0%-3.9%0.455%
5/2/2024 Moloney Securities Asset Management LLC839$252K0.0%N/A0.002%
5/2/2024 Martin Capital Advisors LLP2,470$741K0.6%-2.8%0.005%
5/1/2024 Tanager Wealth Management LLP42,483$12.75M2.1%-0.9%0.093%
5/1/2024 Janney Montgomery Scott LLC4,604$1.38M0.0%-22.2%0.010%
5/1/2024 Intelligence Driven Advisers LLC28,459$8.54M1.3%-19.2%0.063%
5/1/2024 Ascent Wealth Partners LLC15,928$4.78M0.7%-3.1%0.035%
5/1/2024 Grant Street Asset Management Inc.707$212K0.1%-6.2%0.002%
5/1/2024 Sequoia Financial Advisors LLC2,209$663K0.0%+1.6%0.005%
4/30/2024 Private Advisor Group LLC20,479$6.15M0.0%-13.2%0.045%
4/30/2024 Norden Group LLC2,018$606K0.0%N/A0.004%
4/30/2024 HB Wealth Management LLC85,347$25.61M0.3%+0.4%0.188%
4/30/2024 SpiderRock Advisors LLC1,543$454K0.0%N/A0.003%
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4/30/2024 JMG Financial Group Ltd.10,915$3.28M0.1%-3.9%0.024%
4/30/2024 Private Wealth Management Group LLC645$194K0.1%-13.8%0.001%
4/30/2024 SkyOak Wealth LLC3,236$971K0.2%-2.6%0.007%
4/30/2024 Allspring Global Investments Holdings LLC42,031$12.61M0.0%-54.0%0.092%
4/29/2024Commonwealth Equity Services LLC123,566$37.08M0.1%-21.5%0.272%
4/29/2024 Benjamin F. Edwards & Company Inc.3,527$1.06M0.0%-5.1%0.008%
4/29/2024 Meritage Portfolio Management720$216K0.0%N/A0.002%
4/29/2024 Union Savings Bank781$234K0.1%-31.4%0.002%
4/29/2024 Marks Group Wealth Management Inc870$261K0.0%-25.0%0.002%
4/26/2024 UMB Bank n.a.38,632$11.59M0.2%+2.0%0.085%
(Data available from 1/1/2016 forward)

IWV Institutional Ownership - Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the largest shareholders of IWV shares?

During the previous two years, 680 institutional investors and hedge funds held shares of iShares Russell 3000 ETF. The most heavily invested institutionals were SCS Capital Management LLC ($532.16M), Northern Trust Corp ($307.33M), Morgan Stanley ($299.53M), Bank of America Corp DE ($250.61M), Bank of New York Mellon Corp ($218.49M), First Republic Investment Management Inc. ($165.31M), and Pitcairn Co. ($160.28M).Learn more on IWV's institutional investors.

Which institutional investors have been buying iShares Russell 3000 ETF stock?

Of the 540 institutional investors that purchased iShares Russell 3000 ETF stock in the last 24 months, the following investors and hedge funds have bought the highest volume of shares: First Republic Investment Management Inc. ($1.27M), International Assets Investment Management LLC ($672.95K), Vaughan Nelson Investment Management L.P. ($494.16K), Corient Private Wealth LLC ($347.10K), Keybank National Association OH ($340.55K), Bank of Montreal Can ($235.43K), and Morgan Stanley ($177.37K).

How much institutional buying is happening at iShares Russell 3000 ETF?

Institutional investors have bought a total of 10,118,882 shares in the last 24 months. This purchase volume represents approximately $2.38B in transactions.

Which iShares Russell 3000 ETF major shareholders have been selling company stock?

Of the 432 institutional investors that sold iShares Russell 3000 ETF stock in the last 24 months, the following investors and hedge funds have sold the highest volume of shares: First Republic Investment Management Inc. ($1.74M), Ameriprise Financial Inc. ($699.42K), EP Wealth Advisors LLC ($630.38K), New York State Common Retirement Fund ($440.18K), Vaughan Nelson Investment Management L.P. ($431.61K), Corient Private Wealth LLC ($341.88K), and J.P. Morgan Private Wealth Advisors LLC ($182.62K).

How much institutional selling is happening at iShares Russell 3000 ETF?

Institutional investors have sold a total of 8,802,826 shares in the last 24 months. This volume of shares sold represents approximately $2.14B in transactions.

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