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Fundamental Research Analyst Recommendations & Stock Picks

This page lists the most recent publicly-reported stock recommendations and ratings issued by analysts at Fundamental Research. These ratings and price targets were collected from pubilc media reports and are believed to be accurate, but cannot be verified with 100% certainty. MarketBeat and its parent company are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Fundamental Research.

DateBrokerageActionCompanyRatingPrice TargetImpact on PriceActions
12/3/2019Fundamental ResearchReiteratesTimbercreek Financial (TF)Buy C$10.30N/A    
12/3/2019Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetSiyata Mobile (SIM)Buy C$1.14N/A    
12/3/2019Fundamental ResearchReiteratesPremier Gold Mines (PG)Buy C$3.24N/A    
12/3/2019Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetLumina Gold (LUM)Buy C$1.06N/A    
12/3/2019Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetKerr Mines (KER)Buy C$0.40N/A    
12/3/2019Fundamental ResearchReiteratesGran Colombia Gold (GCM)Buy C$6.49N/A    
12/3/2019Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetAtrium Mortgage Investment (AI)Hold C$14.09N/A    
12/1/2019Fundamental ResearchReiteratesYield Growth (BOSQF)Buy $0.45N/A    
11/21/2019Fundamental ResearchRaises TargetSiyata Mobile (SIM)Top Pick -> Top PickC$1.09 -> C$1.14N/A    
11/20/2019Fundamental ResearchRaises TargetTimbercreek Financial (TF)Top Pick -> Top PickC$10.17 -> C$10.30N/A    
11/30/2019Fundamental ResearchInitiatesUEX (UEX)Top Pick C$0.45N/A    
11/18/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetPremier Gold Mines (PG)Top Pick -> Top PickC$3.35 -> C$3.24N/A    
11/18/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetGran Colombia Gold (GCM)Top Pick -> Top PickC$6.63 -> C$6.49N/A    
11/19/2019Fundamental ResearchReiteratesUEX (UEX)Buy C$0.45N/A    
11/19/2019Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetLumina Gold (LUM)Top Pick -> BuyC$0.93 -> C$1.06N/A    
11/19/2019Fundamental ResearchReiteratesKerr Mines (KER)Buy C$0.40N/A    
11/19/2019Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetAtrium Mortgage Investment (AI)Hold C$14.09N/A    
11/6/2019Fundamental ResearchRaises TargetAtrium Mortgage Investment (AI)Hold -> HoldC$13.70 -> C$14.09N/A    
10/30/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetKerr Mines (KER)Buy -> BuyC$0.49 -> C$0.40N/A    
11/6/2019Fundamental ResearchReiteratesChina Auto Logistics (CALI)Buy $0.34Low    
10/29/2019Fundamental ResearchReiteratesRio Tinto (RIO)Buy -> BuyLow    
10/29/2019Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetWi2Wi (YTY)Buy C$0.32N/A    
10/29/2019Fundamental ResearchReiteratesVista Gold (VGZ)Buy C$1.93N/A    
10/29/2019Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetRio2 (RIO)Buy C$0.93N/A    
10/22/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetGiga Metals (GIGA)Top Pick -> Top PickC$1.25 -> C$1.01N/A    
10/21/2019Fundamental ResearchInitiatesCannaOne Technologies (CNNA)Buy $1.00N/A    
10/18/2019Fundamental ResearchInitiatesBlueberries Medical (BBM)Buy $0.47N/A    
10/16/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetWi2Wi (YTY)Buy -> BuyC$0.33 -> C$0.32N/A    
10/21/2019Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetCannaOne Technologies (CNONF)Buy $1.00High    
10/15/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetRio2 (RIO)Top Pick -> Top PickC$1.54 -> C$0.93N/A    
10/10/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetWest Red Lake Gold Mines (RLG)Buy -> Buy$0.39 -> $0.35N/A    
10/9/2019Fundamental ResearchInitiatesMLI Marble Lending (MRBL)Buy $0.47N/A    
10/8/2019Fundamental ResearchRaises TargetMonarch Gold (MQR)Top Pick -> Top PickC$0.70 -> C$0.82N/A    
10/4/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetVista Gold (VGZ)Top Pick -> Top PickC$2.06 -> C$1.93N/A    
9/24/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetKontrol Energy (KNR)Buy -> Buy$2.22 -> $1.96N/A    
10/1/2019Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetSiyata Mobile (SIM)Top Pick -> BuyC$1.26 -> C$1.09N/A    
10/1/2019Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetNew Age Metals (NAM)Buy C$0.27N/A    
10/1/2019Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetMexican Gold (MEX)Sector Perform C$0.34N/A    
10/1/2019Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetEve & Co Inc (EVE)Buy C$0.92N/A    
9/20/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetNewgioco Group (NWGI)Buy -> Buy$0.75 -> $0.67N/A    
9/24/2019Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetNew Age Metals (NAM)Buy -> BuyC$0.58 -> C$0.27N/A    
9/24/2019Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetMexican Gold (MEX)Buy C$0.34N/A    
9/24/2019Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetEve & Co Inc (EVE)Buy C$0.92N/A    
9/13/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetEve & Co Inc (EVE)Buy -> BuyC$1.08 -> C$0.92N/A    
9/13/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetMexican Gold (MEX)Buy -> BuyC$0.69 -> C$0.34N/A    
9/5/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetPermex Petroleum (OIL)Buy -> Buy$0.65 -> $0.50N/A    
9/4/2019Fundamental ResearchUpgradesInception Mining (IMII)Hold -> Buy$0.48 -> $0.32N/A    
9/8/2019Fundamental ResearchReiteratesInception Mining (IMII)Buy $0.32Low    
8/28/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetThe Yield Growth (BOSS)Buy -> Buy$0.55 -> $0.48N/A    
8/28/2019Fundamental ResearchReiteratesTimbercreek Financial (TF)Buy C$10.17N/A    
8/28/2019Fundamental ResearchReiteratesPremier Gold Mines (PG)Buy C$3.35N/A    
8/28/2019Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetLos Andes Copper (LA)Buy C$1.31N/A    
8/28/2019Fundamental ResearchReiteratesGran Colombia Gold (GCM)Buy C$6.63N/A    
8/28/2019Fundamental ResearchReiteratesCIBT Education Group (MBA)Top Pick -> BuyC$1.55 -> C$1.45N/A    
8/28/2019Fundamental ResearchReiteratesAtrium Mortgage Investment (AI)Hold C$13.70N/A    
8/16/2019Fundamental ResearchRaises TargetGran Colombia Gold (GCM)Top Pick -> Top PickC$5.40 -> C$6.63N/A    
8/14/2019Fundamental ResearchInitiatesPremier Gold Mines (PG)Top Pick C$3.35N/A    
8/12/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetTimbercreek Financial (TF)Top Pick -> Top PickC$10.23 -> C$10.17N/A    
8/12/2019Fundamental ResearchRaises TargetAtrium Mortgage Investment (AI)Hold -> HoldC$13.64 -> C$13.70N/A    
8/8/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetCorvus Gold (KOR)Top Pick -> Top PickC$3.85 -> C$3.75N/A    
7/26/2019Fundamental ResearchInitiatesAzure Minerals (AZS)Buy $0.45N/A    
7/24/2019Fundamental ResearchInitiatesNewgioco Group (NWGI)Buy $0.75N/A    
7/24/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetLos Andes Copper (LA)Top Pick -> Top PickC$1.72 -> C$1.31N/A    
7/18/2019Fundamental ResearchDroppedDatametrex AI (DM)Buy -> BuyC$0.11 -> C$0.11N/A    
6/25/2019Fundamental ResearchInitiatesThe Yield Growth (BOSS)Top Pick $0.55N/A    
6/28/2019Fundamental ResearchReiteratesRESAAS Services (RSASF)BuyLow    
6/14/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetPermex Petroleum (OIL)Buy -> Buy$1.03 -> $0.65N/A    
6/12/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetSouthern Silver Exploration (SSV)Top Pick -> Top PickC$0.58 -> C$0.52N/A    
6/12/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetGlobal Energy Metals (GEMC)Buy -> BuyC$0.24 -> C$0.17N/A    
6/12/2019Fundamental ResearchRaises TargetForan Mining (FOM)Buy -> BuyC$1.59 -> C$1.60N/A    
6/6/2019Fundamental ResearchReiteratesBragg Gaming Group (BRAG)Positive -> PositiveN/A    
6/11/2019Fundamental ResearchReiteratesKontrol Energy (KNR)Top Pick -> Top Pick$2.22 -> $2.22N/A    
6/8/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetEve & Co Inc (EVE)Top Pick -> Top PickC$1.13 -> C$1.08N/A    
5/29/2019Fundamental ResearchRaises TargetSiyata Mobile (SIM)Top Pick -> Top PickC$1.23 -> C$1.26N/A    
5/28/2019Fundamental ResearchReiteratesWi2Wi (YTY)Buy -> BuyC$0.33 -> C$0.33N/A    
5/22/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetCIBT Education Group (MBA)Top Pick -> Top PickC$1.67 -> C$1.55N/A    
5/22/2019Fundamental ResearchInitiatesLumina Gold (LUM)Top Pick C$0.93N/A    
5/24/2019Fundamental ResearchRaises TargetGran Colombia Gold (GCM)Top Pick -> Top PickC$5.38 -> C$5.40N/A    
5/13/2019Fundamental ResearchInitiatesBragg Gaming Group (BRAG)PositiveN/A    
5/15/2019Fundamental ResearchDroppedDynacor Gold Mines (DNG)Top Pick -> Top PickC$3.00 -> C$2.95N/A    
5/13/2019Fundamental ResearchRaises TargetTimbercreek Financial (TF)Top Pick -> Top PickC$10.20 -> C$10.23N/A    
5/13/2019Fundamental ResearchRaises TargetAtrium Mortgage Investment (AI)Hold -> HoldC$13.38 -> C$13.64N/A    
5/13/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetKontrol Energy (KNR)Top Pick -> Top Pick$2.44 -> $2.22N/A    
5/10/2019Fundamental ResearchReiteratesPlus Products (PLUS)Top Pick -> Top Pick$7.99 -> $7.99N/A    
5/9/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetRESAAS Services (RSS)Buy -> BuyC$0.67 -> C$0.50N/A    
5/9/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetCanada Jetlines (JET)Top Pick -> Top PickC$2.57 -> C$2.04N/A    
5/9/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetDatametrex AI (DM)Buy -> BuyC$0.23 -> C$0.11N/A    
5/7/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetLexaria Bioscience (LXX)Buy -> Buy$3.50 -> $2.35N/A    
5/3/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetSiyata Mobile (SIM)Top Pick -> Top PickC$1.27 -> C$1.23N/A    
5/1/2019Fundamental ResearchInitiatesAsiabasemetals (ABZ)PositiveN/A    
5/1/2019Fundamental ResearchDowngradesInception Mining (IMII)Buy -> Hold$0.94 -> $0.48High    
4/30/2019Fundamental ResearchInitiatesCartier Resources (ECR)Buy C$0.29N/A    
4/26/2019Fundamental ResearchReiteratesEskay Mining (ESK)Positive -> PositiveN/A    
4/24/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetDynacor Gold Mines (DNG)Top Pick -> Top PickC$3.52 -> C$3.00N/A    
4/24/2019Fundamental ResearchInitiatesBlueberries Medical (BBM)PositiveN/A    
4/18/2019Fundamental ResearchInitiatesSugarBud Craft Growers (SUGR)Buy C$0.28N/A    
4/17/2019Fundamental ResearchInitiatesTranscanna (TCAN)Buy $7.80N/A    
4/5/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetGran Colombia Gold (GCM)Top Pick -> Top PickC$5.62 -> C$5.38N/A    
4/2/2019Fundamental ResearchInitiatesEve & Co Inc (EVE)Top Pick C$1.13N/A    
3/28/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetTelson Mining (TSN)Buy -> BuyC$1.68 -> C$1.50N/A    
3/28/2019Fundamental ResearchInitiatesMGX Minerals (XMG)Buy $0.75N/A    
3/28/2019Fundamental ResearchInitiatesSirios Resources (SOI)Buy C$0.44N/A    
3/28/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetGreen Organic Dutchman (TGOD)Top Pick -> Top PickC$7.76 -> C$7.60N/A    
3/25/2019Fundamental ResearchInitiatesGoldplay Exploration (GPLY)Positive -> Top Pick C$0.98N/A    
3/21/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetPermex Petroleum (OIL)Buy -> Buy$1.46 -> $1.03N/A    
3/12/2019Fundamental ResearchDroppedTrilogy Metals (TMQ)Top Pick -> Top PickC$4.11 -> C$3.54N/A    
3/13/2019Fundamental ResearchDroppedBeleave (BE)Buy -> Buy$0.60 -> $0.57N/A    
3/8/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetTimbercreek Financial (TF)Top Pick -> Top PickC$10.34 -> C$10.20N/A    
2/28/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetGreen Organic Dutchman (TGOD)Top Pick -> Top PickC$9.20 -> C$7.76N/A    
2/21/2019Fundamental ResearchUpgradesGMV Minerals (GMV)Buy -> Top PickC$1.03 -> C$1.07N/A    
2/22/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetAtrium Mortgage Investment (AI)Hold -> HoldC$13.53 -> C$13.38N/A    
2/12/2019Fundamental ResearchInitiatesGran Colombia Gold (GCM)Top Pick C$5.62N/A    
2/11/2019Fundamental ResearchReiteratesThor Explorations (THX)Top Pick -> Top PickC$0.50 -> C$0.50N/A    
2/6/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetClean Seed Capital Group (CSX)Buy -> BuyC$2.47 -> C$2.03N/A    
2/5/2019Fundamental ResearchUpgradesLexaria Bioscience (LXX)Buy -> Top Pick$3.50 -> $3.50N/A    
2/5/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetTransition Metals (XTM)Buy -> BuyC$0.38 -> C$0.29N/A    
1/30/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetCIBT Education Group (MBA)Top Pick -> Top PickC$1.71 -> C$1.67N/A    
1/23/2019Fundamental ResearchInitiatesAzincourt Energy (AAZ)PositiveN/A    
1/22/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetWi2Wi (YTY)Buy -> BuyC$0.40 -> C$0.33N/A    
1/18/2019Fundamental ResearchInitiatesSiyata Mobile (SIM)Top Pick C$1.27N/A    
1/14/2019Fundamental ResearchReiteratesNexus Gold (NXS)Positive -> PositiveN/A    
1/18/2019Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetRESAAS Services (RSS)Buy C$0.67N/A    
1/18/2019Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetMammoth Resources (MTH)Buy -> BuyC$0.35 -> C$0.31N/A    
1/7/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetRESAAS Services (RSS)Buy -> BuyC$1.05 -> C$0.67N/A    
12/24/2018Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetBeleave (BE)Buy -> Buy$0.67 -> $0.60N/A    
1/21/2019Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetDatametrex AI (DM)Buy -> BuyC$0.28 -> C$0.23N/A    
1/21/2019Fundamental ResearchRaises TargetLaurion Mineral Exploration (LME)Buy -> BuyC$0.25 -> C$0.33N/A    
12/19/2018Fundamental ResearchInitiatesWonderfilm Media (WNDR)PositiveN/A    
12/18/2018Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetMexican Gold (MEX)Buy -> BuyC$0.84 -> C$0.69N/A    
12/14/2018Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetGlobal Energy Metals (GEMC)Buy -> BuyC$0.30 -> C$0.24N/A    
12/12/2018Fundamental ResearchInitiatesGoldplay Exploration (GPLY)PositiveN/A    
12/18/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetDatametrex AI (DM)Buy C$0.28N/A    
12/18/2018Fundamental ResearchReiteratesCIBT Education Group (MBA)Buy C$1.71N/A    
12/18/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetBonTerra Resources (BTR)Buy C$5.96N/A    
12/18/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetAvrupa Minerals (AVU)Buy C$0.20N/A    
12/6/2018Fundamental ResearchInitiatesPlus Products (PLUS)Top Pick $7.99N/A    
12/7/2018Fundamental ResearchRaises TargetCIBT Education Group (MBA)Buy -> BuyC$1.63 -> C$1.71N/A    
12/3/2018Fundamental ResearchInitiatesAvrupa Minerals (AVU)Buy C$0.20N/A    
11/30/2018Fundamental ResearchRaises TargetLake Resources (LKE)Top Pick -> Top Pick$0.44 -> $0.73N/A    
11/29/2018Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetWest Red Lake Gold Mines (RLG)Buy -> Buy$0.51 -> $0.39N/A    
11/26/2018Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetBonTerra Resources (BTR)Top Pick -> Top PickC$7.50 -> C$5.96N/A    
11/23/2018Fundamental ResearchInitiatesDatametrex AI (DM)Buy C$0.28N/A    
11/22/2018Fundamental ResearchReiteratesCorvus Gold (CORVF)BuyLow    
11/22/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetTimbercreek Financial (TF)Top Pick -> BuyC$10.24 -> C$10.34N/A    
11/22/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetTelson Mining (TSN)Buy C$1.68N/A    
11/22/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetKootenay Silver (KTN)Buy C$0.62N/A    
11/22/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetForan Mining (FOM)Buy C$1.59N/A    
11/22/2018Fundamental ResearchReiteratesDynacor Gold Mines (DNG)Top Pick -> BuyC$3.75 -> C$3.52N/A    
11/22/2018Fundamental ResearchReiteratesCorvus Gold (KOR)Buy C$3.14N/A    
11/22/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetBayhorse Silver (BHS)Buy -> Buy C$0.68N/A    
11/22/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetAtrium Mortgage Investment (AI)Hold C$13.53N/A    
11/15/2018Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetDiamcor Mining (DMI)Buy -> BuyC$2.05 -> C$1.75N/A    
11/14/2018Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetForan Mining (FOM)Buy -> BuyC$1.81 -> C$1.59N/A    
11/13/2018Fundamental ResearchRaises TargetBayhorse Silver (BHS)Buy -> BuyC$0.62 -> C$0.68N/A    
11/9/2018Fundamental ResearchReiteratesTelson Mining (TSN)Buy -> BuyC$1.68 -> C$1.69N/A    
11/8/2018Fundamental ResearchRaises TargetCorvus Gold (KOR)Top Pick -> Top PickC$3.18 -> C$3.85N/A    
11/2/2018Fundamental ResearchReiteratesAtrium Mortgage Investment (AI)Hold -> HoldC$13.53 -> C$13.53N/A    
11/2/2018Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetWealth Minerals (WML)Buy -> BuyC$1.93 -> C$0.87N/A    
11/2/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetSkyharbour Resources (SYH)Buy C$1.01N/A    
11/2/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetRio2 (RIO)Buy C$1.54N/A    
10/24/2018Fundamental ResearchReiteratesSkyharbour Resources (SYH)Buy -> BuyC$1.01 -> C$1.01N/A    
10/23/2018Fundamental ResearchInitiatesRio2 (RIO)Top Pick C$1.54N/A    
10/23/2018Fundamental ResearchRaises TargetBeleave (BE)Top Pick -> Top Pick$3.53 -> $4.62N/A    
10/17/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetRogue Resources (RRS)Buy -> Buy C$1.30N/A    
10/17/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetMarifil Mines (MFM)Buy C$0.31N/A    
10/17/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price Target0694758 BC (GRG)Buy C$0.98N/A    
10/9/2018Fundamental ResearchReiterates0694758 BC (GRG)Buy -> BuyC$0.98 -> C$0.98N/A    
10/4/2018Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetAdvantagewon Oil (AOC)Buy -> Buy$0.24 -> $0.22N/A    
10/3/2018Fundamental ResearchInitiatesMarifil Mines (MFM)Buy C$0.31N/A    
9/17/2018Fundamental ResearchUpgradesNordic Gold (NOR)Buy -> Top PickC$0.30 -> C$0.46N/A    
9/21/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetVista Gold (VGZ)Buy C$2.06N/A    
9/21/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetStandard Lithium (SLL)Buy C$2.09N/A    
9/21/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetGMV Minerals (GMV)Buy -> BuyC$1.63 -> C$1.03N/A    
9/5/2018Fundamental ResearchReiteratesTimbercreek Financial (TF)Buy C$10.24N/A    
9/5/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetLexaria Bioscience (LXX)Buy -> Buy$4.64 -> $3.50N/A    
8/22/2018Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetDynacor Gold Mines (DNG)Top Pick -> Top PickC$3.85 -> C$3.75N/A    
8/17/2018Fundamental ResearchRaises TargetTimbercreek Financial (TF)Top Pick -> Top PickC$10.13 -> C$10.24N/A    
8/9/2018Fundamental ResearchInitiatesLake Resources (LKE)Buy $0.44N/A    
8/17/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetCanada Jetlines (JET)Buy -> BuyC$2.73 -> C$2.57N/A    
8/8/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetSunniva (SNN)Buy $39.49N/A    
8/8/2018Fundamental ResearchReiteratesAtrium Mortgage Investment (AI)Top Pick -> HoldC$13.07 -> C$13.53N/A    
7/26/2018Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetMr. Amazing Loans (MRAL)Hold -> Hold$0.35 -> $0.31N/A    
7/31/2018Fundamental ResearchReiteratesCIBT Education Group (MBA)Top Pick -> BuyC$1.51 -> C$1.63N/A    
7/31/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetAdvantagewon Oil (AOC)Buy -> Buy$0.20 -> $0.24N/A    
7/12/2018Fundamental ResearchDowngradesMr. Amazing Loans (MRAL)Buy -> Hold$0.80 -> $0.35N/A    
7/10/2018Fundamental ResearchInitiatesPermex Petroleum (OIL)Top Pick $1.46N/A    
7/10/2018Fundamental ResearchInitiatesThor Explorations (THX)Top Pick C$0.50N/A    
7/5/2018Fundamental ResearchRaises TargetMexican Gold (MEX)Buy -> BuyC$0.85 -> C$0.86N/A    
6/28/2018Fundamental ResearchInitiatesTimbercreek Financial (TF)Top Pick C$10.13N/A    
6/22/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetWi2Wi (YTY)Buy C$0.40N/A    
6/22/2018Fundamental ResearchReiteratesGreen Organic Dutchman (TGOD)Buy C$9.20N/A    
6/22/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetRESAAS Services (RSS)Buy C$1.05N/A    
6/14/2018Fundamental ResearchInitiatesWi2Wi (YTY)Buy -> BuyC$0.30 -> C$0.40N/A    
6/12/2018Fundamental ResearchInitiatesGreen Organic Dutchman (TGOD)Top Pick C$9.20N/A    
6/7/2018Fundamental ResearchInitiatesRESAAS Services (RSS)Buy C$1.05N/A    
6/7/2018Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetWhite Rock Minerals (WRM)Buy -> Buy$0.08 -> $0.06N/A    
6/6/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetTelson Mining (TSN)Buy C$1.69N/A    
6/6/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetGiga Metals (GIGA)Buy C$1.25N/A    
6/6/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetDynacor Gold Mines (DNG)Buy C$3.85N/A    
5/22/2018Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetTelson Mining (TSN)Top Pick -> BuyC$1.82 -> C$1.69N/A    
5/22/2018Fundamental ResearchInitiatesGiga Metals (GIGA)Top Pick C$1.25N/A    
5/15/2018Fundamental ResearchInitiatesEskay Mining (ESK)PositiveN/A    
5/10/2018Fundamental ResearchRaises TargetCIBT Education Group (MBA)Buy -> BuyC$1.46 -> C$1.51N/A    
5/10/2018Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetHannan Metals (HAN)Top Pick -> Top PickC$0.66 -> C$0.57N/A    
5/16/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetSunniva (SNN)Top Pick -> Buy$47.66 -> $39.49N/A    
5/16/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetMammoth Resources (MTH)Buy -> BuyC$0.41 -> C$0.35N/A    
5/16/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetLomiko Metals (LMR)Buy C$0.33N/A    
5/16/2018Fundamental ResearchReiteratesKerr Mines (KER)Buy C$0.49N/A    
5/16/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price Target0694758 BC (GRG)Top Pick -> Buy C$0.98N/A    
5/16/2018Fundamental ResearchReiteratesDynacor Gold Mines (DNG)Buy C$3.85N/A    
5/3/2018Fundamental ResearchInitiatesBeleave (BE)Top Pick $3.53N/A    
5/1/2018Fundamental ResearchRaises TargetAtrium Mortgage Investment (AI)Top Pick -> Top PickC$13.04 -> C$13.07N/A    
4/30/2018Fundamental ResearchReiteratesDynacor Gold Mines (DNG)Top Pick -> Top PickC$3.85 -> C$3.85N/A    
4/30/2018Fundamental ResearchInitiatesArctic Star Exploration (ADD)PositiveN/A    
4/25/2018Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetBonTerra Resources (BTR)Buy -> BuyC$1.03 -> C$0.75N/A    
4/19/2018Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetLomiko Metals (LMR)Buy -> BuyC$0.94 -> C$0.33N/A    
4/19/2018Fundamental ResearchLowers TargetKerr Mines (KER)Buy -> BuyC$0.69 -> C$0.49N/A    
4/18/2018Fundamental ResearchRaises TargetNew Age Metals (NAM)Buy -> BuyC$0.49 -> C$0.58N/A    
4/11/2018Fundamental ResearchInitiatesEast Africa Metals (EAM)Buy C$0.54N/A    
4/17/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetWealth Minerals (WML)Buy C$1.93N/A    
4/17/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetBayhorse Silver (BHS)Buy C$0.62N/A    
4/17/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetAmerican Manganese (AMY)Buy C$0.45N/A    
4/13/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetCanada Jetlines (JET)Buy C$2.73N/A    
3/29/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetCanada Jetlines (JET)Top Pick -> BuyC$3.03 -> C$2.73N/A    
2/27/2018Fundamental ResearchInitiatesWhite Rock Minerals (WRM)Buy $0.08N/A    
3/5/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetSouthern Silver Exploration (SSV)Buy C$0.60N/A    
3/2/2018Fundamental ResearchReiteratesTrilogy Metals (TMQ)Buy C$4.11N/A    
2/20/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetWi2Wi (YTY)Buy -> Buy C$0.30N/A    
2/8/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetCIBT Education Group (MBA)Buy C$1.46N/A    
2/8/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetCanarc Resource (CCM)Buy C$0.48N/A    
1/29/2018Fundamental ResearchInitiatesEskay Mining (ESK)PositiveN/A    
2/1/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetChesapeake Gold (CKG)Top Pick -> Buy C$13.79N/A    
1/19/2018Fundamental ResearchInitiatesChilean Metals (CMX)Buy C$0.30N/A    
1/25/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetRogue Resources (RRS)Buy -> Buy C$2.32N/A    
1/19/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetNew Age Metals (NAM)Buy -> Buy C$0.49N/A    
1/12/2018Fundamental ResearchInitiatesLexaria Bioscience (LXX)Buy $4.64N/A    
1/10/2018Fundamental ResearchInitiatesSunniva (SNN)Top Pick $47.66N/A    
1/16/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetForan Mining (FOM)Top Pick -> BuyC$1.18 -> C$1.81N/A    
1/15/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetKontrol Energy (KNR)Buy -> Buy$1.20 -> $2.54N/A    
1/10/2018Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetTrilogy Metals (TMQ)Top Pick -> BuyC$1.73 -> C$2.05N/A    
12/23/2017Fundamental ResearchInitiatesAdvantagewon Oil (AOC)Buy $0.20N/A    
12/28/2017Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetInception Mining (IMII)Buy $0.94N/A    
12/28/2017Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetWi2Wi (YTY)Buy C$0.30N/A    
12/28/2017Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetWest Red Lake Gold Mines (RLG)Buy $0.51N/A    
12/28/2017Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetTrilogy Metals (TMQ)Buy C$1.73N/A    
12/28/2017Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetTransition Metals (XTM)Buy C$0.38N/A    
12/28/2017Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetTelson Mining (TSN)Buy C$1.82N/A    
12/28/2017Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetSkyharbour Resources (SYH)Buy C$1.01N/A    
12/28/2017Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetRogue Resources (RRS)Buy C$2.18N/A    
12/28/2017Fundamental ResearchSet Price TargetNew Age Metals (NAM)Buy C$0.49N/A    

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