S&P 500   3,117.43 (+0.15%)
DOW   27,677.79 (+0.10%)
QQQ   202.83 (+0.20%)
FB   199.36 (+0.33%)
MSFT   149.93 (+0.05%)
GOOGL   1,326.96 (+0.61%)
AMZN   1,740.48 (-1.15%)
NVDA   208.74 (-0.32%)
MU   46.62 (+0.69%)
TSLA   330.37 (-0.80%)
T   38.19 (+0.24%)
AMD   39.62 (-0.18%)
NFLX   302.86 (-0.48%)
BAC   33.09 (-0.18%)
DIS   147.44 (-0.57%)
S&P 500   3,117.43 (+0.15%)
DOW   27,677.79 (+0.10%)
QQQ   202.83 (+0.20%)
FB   199.36 (+0.33%)
MSFT   149.93 (+0.05%)
GOOGL   1,326.96 (+0.61%)
AMZN   1,740.48 (-1.15%)
NVDA   208.74 (-0.32%)
MU   46.62 (+0.69%)
TSLA   330.37 (-0.80%)
T   38.19 (+0.24%)
AMD   39.62 (-0.18%)
NFLX   302.86 (-0.48%)
BAC   33.09 (-0.18%)
DIS   147.44 (-0.57%)
S&P 500   3,117.43 (+0.15%)
DOW   27,677.79 (+0.10%)
QQQ   202.83 (+0.20%)
FB   199.36 (+0.33%)
MSFT   149.93 (+0.05%)
GOOGL   1,326.96 (+0.61%)
AMZN   1,740.48 (-1.15%)
NVDA   208.74 (-0.32%)
MU   46.62 (+0.69%)
TSLA   330.37 (-0.80%)
T   38.19 (+0.24%)
AMD   39.62 (-0.18%)
NFLX   302.86 (-0.48%)
BAC   33.09 (-0.18%)
DIS   147.44 (-0.57%)
S&P 500   3,117.43 (+0.15%)
DOW   27,677.79 (+0.10%)
QQQ   202.83 (+0.20%)
FB   199.36 (+0.33%)
MSFT   149.93 (+0.05%)
GOOGL   1,326.96 (+0.61%)
AMZN   1,740.48 (-1.15%)
NVDA   208.74 (-0.32%)
MU   46.62 (+0.69%)
TSLA   330.37 (-0.80%)
T   38.19 (+0.24%)
AMD   39.62 (-0.18%)
NFLX   302.86 (-0.48%)
BAC   33.09 (-0.18%)
DIS   147.44 (-0.57%)
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Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Analyst Recommendations & Stock Picks

This page lists the most recent publicly-reported stock recommendations and ratings issued by analysts at Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group. These ratings and price targets were collected from pubilc media reports and are believed to be accurate, but cannot be verified with 100% certainty. MarketBeat and its parent company are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group.

DateBrokerageActionCompanyRatingPrice TargetImpact on PriceActions
10/15/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesCNX Midstream Partners (CNXM)OverweightMedium    
10/8/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesAntero Resources (AR)Overweight -> Neutral$6.00 -> $3.00Medium    
10/8/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesApache (APA)Overweight -> Neutral$39.00 -> $28.00Medium    
9/10/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesEquinix (EQIX)Overweight $605.00Medium    
9/3/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupLowers TargetConcho Resources (CXO)Overweight$121.00 -> $116.00High    
8/27/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetPDC Energy (PDCE)Overweight $66.00Medium    
8/12/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupLowers TargetSouthwestern Energy (SWN)Neutral $3.50Low    
8/8/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetDevon Energy (DVN)Neutral $36.00Low    
8/7/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupDowngradesEnLink Midstream (ENLC)Overweight -> Neutral$15.00 -> $10.00High    
8/2/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupDowngradesAntero Midstream (AM)Overweight -> Neutral$17.00 -> $13.00High    
8/1/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesWestern Midstream Partners (WES)Overweight -> Neutral$42.00 -> $37.00Medium    
8/1/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetONEOK (OKE)Neutral $77.00Medium    
6/19/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetVentas (VTR)Neutral $67.00High    
6/5/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesONEOK (OKE)Neutral$74.00 -> $74.00Medium    
5/29/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetWorkday (WDAY)Overweight$215.00 -> $244.00Low    
5/24/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetSplunk (SPLK)Overweight $159.00Low    
5/9/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesSunoco (SUN)NeutralLow    
5/8/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupLowers TargetWP Carey (WPC)Neutral $77.00Low    
5/6/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupLowers TargetNoble Energy (NBL)Overweight $34.00Medium    
5/3/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetTerreno Realty (TRNO)Neutral $45.00Low    
5/2/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetEquinix (EQIX)Overweight$460.00 -> $484.00Medium    
5/1/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetTwilio (TWLO)Overweight $150.00Low    
5/1/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupLowers TargetPhillips 66 Partners (PSXP)Overweight $58.00Low    
4/30/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupLowers TargetCommVault Systems (CVLT)Overweight$74.00 -> $67.00Low    
4/30/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetVentas (VTR)Neutral$60.00 -> $61.00Low    
4/25/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesHess Midstream Partners (HESM)OverweightLow    
4/22/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesPhillips 66 Partners (PSXP)OverweightLow    
4/15/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupLowers TargetWestern Midstream Partners (WES)Overweight$55.00 -> $42.00Medium    
4/12/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetTwilio (TWLO)$121.00 -> $133.00Medium    
4/9/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetCeridian HCM (CDAY)Overweight$40.00 -> $56.00Low    
4/8/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesTarga Resources (TRGP)Neutral $50.00Low    
3/26/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesWP Carey (WPC)Neutral$78.00 -> $78.00Low    
3/15/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetOracle (ORCL)Overweight$55.00 -> $56.00High    
3/7/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetAlexandria Real Estate Equities (ARE)Neutral $132.00Medium    
2/28/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetANSYS (ANSS)Overweight $203.00High    
2/26/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesQTS Realty Trust (QTS)OverweightMedium    
2/20/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesEnLink Midstream (ENLC)Neutral -> OverweightMedium    
2/20/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetIron Mountain (IRM)Neutral $37.00Low    
2/15/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupLowers TargetPioneer Natural Resources (PXD)Overweight $192.00N/A    
2/14/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupDowngradesEQM Midstream Partners (EQM)Overweight -> NeutralN/A    
2/13/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetWelltower (WELL)Overweight $82.00Low    
2/11/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetMedical Properties Trust (MPW)Neutral $17.00Low    
2/7/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesCoreSite Realty (COR)OverweightLow    
2/8/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupLowers TargetSouthwestern Energy (SWN)Neutral $5.00Low    
2/7/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetCeridian HCM (CDAY)Overweight $49.00Low    
2/4/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetOpen Text (OTEX) $43.00Medium    
2/4/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetPioneer Natural Resources (PXD)Overweight $227.00Low    
1/24/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupLowers TargetPTC (PTC)Neutral$80.00 -> $78.00Medium    
1/8/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesMolina Healthcare (MOH)Neutral -> OverweightLow    
1/4/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupDowngradesLiberty Property Trust (LPT)Overweight -> Neutral$47.00 -> $42.00Low    
1/4/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesOmega Healthcare Investors (OHI)Neutral -> Overweight$34.00 -> $40.00Low    
1/4/2019Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesCamden Property Trust (CPT)Neutral -> Overweight$92.00 -> $96.00Low    
12/17/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesOracle (ORCL)OverweightMedium    
11/8/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetCornerstone OnDemand (CSOD)Neutral $55.00High    
11/8/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesEnLink Midstream (ENLC)Neutral -> Overweight$20.00 -> $18.00Low    
11/7/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupLowers TargetPDC Energy (PDCE)Overweight $76.00High    
11/7/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetTwilio (TWLO)Overweight $87.00High    
11/2/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupLowers TargetNoble Midstream Partners (NBLX)Overweight $57.00Medium    
11/2/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetMedical Properties Trust (MPW)Neutral $15.00Low    
10/31/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetEssex Property Trust (ESS)Overweight$266.00 -> $270.00Low    
10/25/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesMagnolia Oil & Gas (MGY)OverweightMedium    
10/24/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupLowers TargetLiberty Property Trust (LPT)Overweight$49.00 -> $47.00Low    
10/17/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetDevon Energy (DVN)Neutral$46.00 -> $48.00Medium    
10/16/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupLowers TargetOccidental Petroleum (OXY)Neutral $92.00Low    
10/5/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesCNX Midstream Partners (CNXM)Overweight $24.00Low    
10/2/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesOmega Healthcare Investors (OHI)NeutralLow    
9/19/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesCentene (CNC)Overweight $85.00Low    
9/5/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesUSA Compression Partners (USAC)Overweight $22.00Medium    
8/17/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetEquinix (EQIX)Overweight $483.00Low    
8/14/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetCornerstone OnDemand (CSOD)Neutral $48.00Low    
8/14/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetTwilio (TWLO)Overweight $82.00Medium    
8/10/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetGlobal Partners (GLP)UnderweightLow    
8/10/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesBP Midstream Partners (BPMP)Neutral -> Overweight$23.00 -> $25.00High    
8/7/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetApache (APA)Overweight $66.00Low    
8/2/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetEnterprise Products Partners (EPD)Overweight $35.00Low    
7/25/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetCommVault Systems (CVLT)NeutralMedium    
7/19/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetPTC (PTC)Neutral $81.00Low    
7/19/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupRaises TargetNoble Energy (NBL)Overweight $52.00Low    
7/10/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesRealty Income (O)Neutral -> Overweight$54.00 -> $62.00Medium    
7/10/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesHealthcare Trust Of America (HTA)Overweight -> Neutral$30.00 -> $28.00Low    
5/21/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesCeridian HCM (CDAY)Overweight $46.00High    
5/3/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesANSYS (ANSS)Neutral -> OverweightMedium    
4/20/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesSyneos Health (SYNH)Overweight $50.00Low    
4/20/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesMedpace (MEDP)Neutral $40.00Low    
4/20/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesCharles River Laboratories Intl. (CRL)Neutral $115.00Low    
4/3/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesDevon Energy (DVN)NeutralLow    
3/7/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesPioneer Natural Resources (PXD)OverweightMedium    
2/28/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesSunoco (SUN)Underweight -> NeutralLow    
3/1/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesPDC Energy (PDCE)Neutral -> OverweightLow    
2/27/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesApache (APA)Neutral -> OverweightMedium    
2/21/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesConcho Resources (CXO)OverweightMedium    
2/12/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesSouthwestern Energy (SWN)NeutralHigh    
2/5/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesPTC (PTC)NeutralLow    
2/2/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesMagellan Midstream Partners (MMP)NeutralMedium    
1/10/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesCoreSite Realty (COR)Overweight $124.00High    
1/3/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesEssex Property Trust (ESS)Neutral -> OverweightLow    
1/3/2018Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesBrixmor Property Group (BRX)Neutral -> OverweightLow    
12/15/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesPRA Health Sciences (PRAH)Overweight $102.00Low    
12/15/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesIqvia (IQV)Neutral $112.00Low    
12/15/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesBP Midstream Partners (BPMP)Neutral $21.00High    
11/9/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesSunoco (SUN)Neutral -> UnderweightN/A    
11/3/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesEssex Property Trust (ESS)NeutralN/A    
11/3/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesAntero Midstream (AM)OverweightN/A    
11/2/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesOpen Text (OTEX)OverweightN/A    
10/31/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesCyrusOne (CONE)Neutral -> OverweightN/A    
10/29/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesHealthcare Trust Of America (HTA)OverweightN/A    
10/26/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesEQM Midstream Partners (EQM)OverweightN/A    
10/25/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupDowngradesCommVault Systems (CVLT)Overweight -> NeutralN/A    
10/2/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesSM Energy (SM)NeutralMedium    
9/21/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesWellCare Health Plans (WCG)Overweight $204.00Low    
9/21/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesMolina Healthcare (MOH)Neutral $70.00Low    
9/15/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesOracle (ORCL)Buy $63.00Medium    
8/31/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesWorkday (WDAY)Buy$106.00 -> $116.00Low    
8/31/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesBOX (BOX)Overweight$23.00 -> $24.00Medium    
8/25/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesSplunk (SPLK)Buy $75.00High    
8/24/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupDowngradesPennsylvania R.E.I.T. (PEI)Overweight -> Neutral$16.00 -> $12.00Medium    
8/21/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesPDC Energy (PDCE)NeutralLow    
8/10/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupSet Price TargetPegasystems (PEGA)Buy $57.00High    
8/8/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesTwilio (TWLO)Neutral -> Buy$23.00 -> $35.00High    
8/3/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesCornerstone OnDemand (CSOD)NeutralLow    
8/4/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesEnLink Midstream (ENLC)Underweight -> Neutral $19.00Low    
7/25/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupSet Price TargetCommVault Systems (CVLT)Buy $70.00Medium    
6/26/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupSet Price TargetOracle (ORCL)Buy$50.00 -> $63.00N/A    
6/21/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesVentas (VTR)Hold $67.00Low    
6/3/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupSet Price TargetWorkday (WDAY)Buy $106.00Medium    
6/1/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesBOX (BOX)Neutral -> Overweight$17.50 -> $23.00High    
5/29/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesOccidental Petroleum (OXY)Hold $69.00Low    
5/29/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesAntero Midstream (AM)Buy $30.00Low    
5/4/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupDowngradesANSYS (ANSS)Overweight -> Neutral$112.00 -> $114.00Low    
5/4/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesTwilio (TWLO)Neutral$32.50 -> $23.00Medium    
5/3/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesHealthcare Trust Of America (HTA)BuyHigh    
4/25/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesQTS Realty Trust (QTS)Overweight $58.00Low    
4/25/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesEquinix (EQIX)Overweight $433.00Low    
4/25/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesCyrusOne (CONE)Neutral $54.00Low    
4/21/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesHCP (HCP)Hold $32.00Low    
4/10/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesSunoco (SUN)Neutral$27.00 -> $28.00Low    
3/30/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesLiberty Property Trust (LPT)OverweightLow    
3/23/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesGenesis Energy (GEL)Neutral$38.00 -> $37.00Low    
3/18/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupSet Price TargetSouthwestern Energy (SWN)Hold$12.00 -> $10.00Low    
3/1/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesMplx (MPLX)Neutral -> Overweight $43.00N/A    
2/28/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesWorkday (WDAY)Overweight$90.00 -> $98.00N/A    
2/25/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupSet Price TargetSplunk (SPLK)Buy $71.00N/A    
2/23/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupDowngradesSunoco (SUN)Overweight -> Neutral $29.00N/A    
2/23/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesSplunk (SPLK)OverweightN/A    
2/23/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesANSYS (ANSS)OverweightN/A    
2/14/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesPioneer Natural Resources (PXD)Neutral -> Overweight$212.00 -> $250.00N/A    
2/9/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesTwilio (TWLO)Neutral$30.00 -> $32.50N/A    
2/6/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesTableau Software (DATA)Underweight$42.00 -> $44.00N/A    
1/24/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesOpen Text (OTEX)Overweight $36.00N/A    
1/19/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesSouthwestern Energy (SWN)NeutralN/A    
1/20/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupDowngradesPioneer Natural Resources (PXD)Overweight -> NeutralN/A    
1/19/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesConcho Resources (CXO)Neutral -> OverweightN/A    
1/19/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesPTC (PTC)NeutralN/A    
1/4/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesOracle (ORCL)OverweightN/A    
1/6/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupDowngradesLiberty Property Trust (LPT)Overweight -> Neutral$50.00 -> $46.00N/A    
1/5/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesTerreno Realty (TRNO)Overweight -> Neutral $29.00N/A    
1/5/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesLTC Properties (LTC)Overweight -> NeutralN/A    
1/5/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesWelltower (WELL)Neutral -> Overweight$65.00 -> $72.00N/A    
1/5/2017Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesCamden Property Trust (CPT)Underweight -> Neutral$72.00 -> $80.00N/A    
12/23/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesPegasystems (PEGA)Overweight $42.00N/A    
12/23/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesOracle (ORCL)Overweight$48.00 -> $48.00N/A    
12/15/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesMedical Properties Trust (MPW)NeutralN/A    
12/18/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesMedical Properties Trust (MPW)Hold $12.00N/A    
11/9/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesGlobal Partners (GLP)Neutral -> Underweight $16.00N/A    
10/28/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesTwilio (TWLO)Neutral $39.00N/A    
10/21/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesOpen Text (OTEX)Overweight $37.00N/A    
10/10/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesNoble Midstream Partners (NBLX)OverweightN/A    
10/10/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesNoble Midstream Partners (NBLX)Buy $32.00N/A    
9/26/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesApache (APA)Neutral $64.00N/A    
9/16/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesBOX (BOX)Neutral $15.00N/A    
9/6/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesBrixmor Property Group (BRX)NeutralN/A    
9/8/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesPioneer Natural Resources (PXD)Neutral $200.00N/A    
9/7/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesBrixmor Property Group (BRX)Outperform $29.00N/A    
8/29/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupDowngradesAutodesk (ADSK)Equal Weight -> Underweight $50.00N/A    
8/23/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesSM Energy (SM)Underweight -> Neutral $36.00N/A    
7/19/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesCornerstone OnDemand (CSOD)Neutral $39.00N/A    
6/17/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesWestern Midstream Partners (WES)Neutral $59.00N/A    
6/10/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupDowngradesEnLink Midstream (ENLC)Neutral -> UnderweightN/A    
5/29/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesSplunk (SPLK)BuyN/A    
5/27/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesMplx (MPLX)Neutral $38.00N/A    
5/8/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesPhillips 66 Partners (PSXP)BuyN/A    
5/5/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesPhillips 66 Partners (PSXP)Neutral -> Overweight $76.00N/A    
5/6/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupDowngradesTableau Software (DATA)Neutral -> Underweight$81.00 -> $48.00N/A    
5/5/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesNoble Energy (NBL)Underweight -> OverweightN/A    
5/5/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupDowngradesSM Energy (SM)Neutral -> Underweight$16.00 -> $15.00N/A    
4/5/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesRealty Income (O)Neutral $60.00N/A    
4/4/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesPennsylvania R.E.I.T. (PEI)Overweight $24.00N/A    
3/31/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesEnterprise Products Partners (EPD)Overweight $34.00N/A    
3/9/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesMagellan Midstream Partners (MMP)Neutral $83.00N/A    
3/2/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesWorkday (WDAY)BuyN/A    
2/26/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesSunoco (SUN)Neutral -> OverweightN/A    
2/26/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupDowngradesEnLink Midstream (ENLC)Overweight -> NeutralN/A    
2/22/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupDowngradesPDC Energy (PDCE)Overweight -> NeutralN/A    
2/17/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesDevon Energy (DVN)Underweight -> NeutralN/A    
2/9/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesWorkday (WDAY)Overweight $60.00N/A    
2/9/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesSplunk (SPLK)Overweight $39.00N/A    
2/9/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesAutodesk (ADSK)Neutral $50.00N/A    
2/9/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesANSYS (ANSS)Overweight $98.00N/A    
1/29/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupDowngradesPDC Energy (PDCE)Overweight -> Neutral$70.00 -> $65.00N/A    
1/29/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupUpgradesDevon Energy (DVN)Underweight -> Neutral $37.00N/A    
1/29/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupDowngradesGlobal Partners (GLP)Overweight -> Neutral$31.00 -> $20.00N/A    
1/19/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesPhillips 66 Partners (PSXP)NeutralN/A    
1/20/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesPhillips 66 Partners (PSXP)NeutralN/A    
1/12/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupReiteratesPTC (PTC)NeutralN/A    
1/13/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesPTC (PTC)Hold $35.00N/A    
1/13/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesCommVault Systems (CVLT)Overweight -> Overweight $43.00N/A    
1/13/2016Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupInitiatesTableau Software (DATA)Underweight $81.00N/A    

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MarketBeat Community Rating for Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group

Community Ranking:  1.9 out of 5 (star half star)
Outperform Votes:  17,641 (Vote Outperform)
Underperform Votes:  28,116 (Vote Underperform)
Total Votes:  45,757
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