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Pi Financial Analyst Recommendations & Stock Picks

This page lists the most recent publicly-reported stock recommendations and ratings issued by analysts at Pi Financial. These ratings and price targets were collected from pubilc media reports and are believed to be accurate, but cannot be verified with 100% certainty. MarketBeat and its parent company are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Pi Financial.

DateBrokerageActionCompanyRatingPrice TargetImpact on PriceActions
12/5/2019Pi FinancialSet Price TargetVictoria Gold (VIT)Buy C$13.50N/A    
12/5/2019Pi FinancialReiteratesAlio Gold (ALO)Neutral C$0.90N/A    
12/4/2019Pi FinancialReiteratesNighthawk Gold (NHK)Buy C$1.05N/A    
12/4/2019Pi FinancialReiteratesEro Copper (ERO)Neutral C$18.00N/A    
12/4/2019Pi FinancialSet Price TargetAltair Resources (AVX)Buy C$0.75N/A    
12/3/2019Pi FinancialSet Price TargetGT Gold (GTT)Buy C$2.50N/A    
11/29/2019Pi FinancialSet Price TargetRediShred Capital (KUT)Buy C$1.15N/A    
11/28/2019Pi FinancialLowers TargetVersapay (VPY)BuyC$3.00 -> C$2.25N/A    
11/25/2019Pi FinancialSet Price TargetWELL Health Technologies (WELL)Buy C$1.80N/A    
11/22/2019Pi FinancialReiteratesEndeavour Silver (EXK)Hold $3.00Low    
11/22/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetMacro Enterprises (MCR)BuyC$5.25 -> C$5.50N/A    
11/22/2019Pi FinancialSet Price TargetK92 Mining (KNT)Buy C$3.50N/A    
11/22/2019Pi FinancialReiteratesEndeavour Silver (EDR)Neutral C$3.00N/A    
11/21/2019Pi FinancialReiteratesShopify (SHOP)Buy C$500.00N/A    
11/20/2019Pi FinancialSet Price TargetSuperior Gold (SGI)Neutral C$0.60N/A    
11/20/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetSangoma Technologies (STC)BuyC$2.70 -> C$2.85N/A    
11/20/2019Pi FinancialSet Price TargetQuorum Information Technologies (QIS)Buy C$1.65N/A    
11/20/2019Pi FinancialReiteratesNorth American Construction Group (NOA)Buy C$24.00N/A    
11/20/2019Pi FinancialReiteratesFortuna Silver Mines (FVI)Buy C$7.10N/A    
11/20/2019Pi FinancialLowers TargetCanopy Growth (WEED)BuyC$35.00 -> C$25.00N/A    
11/20/2019Pi FinancialLowers TargetAurora Cannabis (ACB)BuyC$7.00 -> C$6.00N/A    
11/20/2019Pi FinancialReiteratesAbsolute Software (ABT)Buy C$12.00N/A    
10/15/2019Pi FinancialSet Price TargetAurora Cannabis (ACB)Buy $7.00High    
10/15/2019Pi FinancialSet Price TargetAphria (APHA)Buy $9.00Low    
10/16/2019Pi FinancialSet Price TargetGreat Bear Resources (GBR)Buy C$7.25N/A    
9/5/2019Pi FinancialLowers TargetGT Gold (GTT)C$2.60 -> C$2.25N/A    
8/21/2019Pi FinancialLowers TargetOceanaGold (OGC)C$6.00 -> C$5.70N/A    
8/15/2019Pi FinancialReiteratesMaverix Metals (MMX)Average -> Buy $7.00Low    
8/9/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetK92 Mining (KNT)C$2.25 -> C$3.00N/A    
8/8/2019Pi FinancialUpgradesHerbalife Nutrition (HLF)Neutral -> Buy$8.75 -> $12.75Low    
7/24/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetWesdome Gold Mines (WDO)C$4.50 -> C$5.65N/A    
7/24/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetVictoria Gold (VIT)C$0.80 -> C$0.90N/A    
7/24/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetSuperior Gold (SGI)C$1.30 -> C$1.55N/A    
7/24/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetSSR Mining (SSRM)C$22.00 -> C$24.50N/A    
7/24/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetPan American Silver (PAAS)C$23.25 -> C$25.25N/A    
7/24/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetOrezone Gold (ORE)C$1.15 -> C$1.35N/A    
7/24/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetOceanaGold (OGC)C$5.50 -> C$6.00N/A    
7/24/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetNighthawk Gold (NHK)C$0.90 -> C$1.00N/A    
7/24/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetMidas Gold (MAX)C$1.20 -> C$1.40N/A    
7/24/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetMAG Silver (MAG)C$19.00 -> C$19.50N/A    
7/24/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetKirkland Lake Gold (KL)C$46.75 -> C$55.75N/A    
7/24/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetJaguar Mining (JAG)C$0.15 -> C$0.20N/A    
7/24/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetIntegra Resources (ITR)C$1.45 -> C$1.75N/A    
7/24/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetFortuna Silver Mines (FVI)C$6.70 -> C$7.10N/A    
7/24/2019Pi FinancialDowngradesExcellon Resources (EXN)Buy -> NeutralC$1.00 -> C$1.15N/A    
7/24/2019Pi FinancialDowngradesEndeavour Mining (EDV)Buy -> NeutralC$26.50 -> C$32.00N/A    
7/24/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetBonTerra Resources (BTR)C$3.10 -> C$3.50N/A    
7/24/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetBarkerville Gold Mines (BGM)C$1.30 -> C$1.35N/A    
7/24/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetB2Gold (BTO)C$5.10 -> C$5.50N/A    
7/24/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetAlio Gold (ALO)C$0.85 -> C$1.15N/A    
7/15/2019Pi FinancialSet Price TargetOrganiGram (OGI)Buy $12.00High    
6/19/2019Pi FinancialSet Price TargetJaguar Mining (JAG) C$0.15N/A    
5/28/2019Pi FinancialDowngradesAlio Gold (ALO)Hold $1.00N/A    
5/7/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetAbsolute Software (ABT)C$11.50 -> C$12.00N/A    
3/26/2019Pi FinancialReiteratesCronos Group (CRON)Buy -> Neutral $24.00High    
3/25/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetWesdome Gold Mines (WDO)C$4.10 -> C$4.30N/A    
3/25/2019Pi FinancialLowers TargetSuperior Gold (SGI)C$1.50 -> C$1.30N/A    
3/25/2019Pi FinancialUpgradesSSR Mining (SSRM)Neutral -> BuyC$20.00 -> C$22.00N/A    
3/25/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetPan American Silver (PAAS)C$23.00 -> C$23.50N/A    
3/25/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetOceanaGold (OGC)C$5.40 -> C$5.50N/A    
3/25/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetK92 Mining (KNT)C$2.20 -> C$2.25N/A    
3/25/2019Pi FinancialLowers TargetJaguar Mining (JAG)C$0.45 -> C$0.40N/A    
3/25/2019Pi FinancialDowngradesExcellon Resources (EXN)Buy -> NeutralC$1.50 -> C$1.00N/A    
3/25/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetEndeavour Mining (EDV)C$25.75 -> C$26.50N/A    
3/25/2019Pi FinancialLowers TargetAuryn Resources (AUG)C$2.15 -> C$2.10N/A    
3/25/2019Pi FinancialLowers TargetAlio Gold (ALO)C$1.90 -> C$1.60N/A    
3/13/2019Pi FinancialLowers TargetDiversified Royalty (DIV)BuyC$4.25 -> C$4.00N/A    
2/27/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetNorth American Construction Group (NOA)C$20.00 -> C$23.00N/A    
2/26/2019Pi FinancialLowers TargetVictoria Gold (VIT)C$0.85 -> C$0.80N/A    
2/19/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetSangoma Technologies (STC)C$2.25 -> C$2.60N/A    
2/19/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetCanopy Growth (WEED)C$60.00 -> C$70.00N/A    
2/5/2019Pi FinancialRaises TargetAbsolute Software (ABT)C$10.50 -> C$11.50N/A    
11/21/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetPan American Silver (PAAS)C$23.50 -> C$23.00N/A    
11/21/2018Pi FinancialRaises TargetKirkland Lake Gold (KL)C$28.50 -> C$30.75N/A    
11/21/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetEndeavour Mining (EDV)C$26.25 -> C$25.75N/A    
11/9/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetVecima Networks (VCM)C$9.50 -> C$8.60N/A    
10/31/2018Pi FinancialSet Price TargetGT Gold (GTT)Buy C$3.70N/A    
9/28/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetWesdome Gold Mines (WDO)BuyC$4.15 -> C$3.75N/A    
9/28/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetSSR Mining (SSRM)BuyC$18.25 -> C$17.50N/A    
9/28/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetPan American Silver (PAAS)BuyC$26.00 -> C$23.50N/A    
9/28/2018Pi FinancialRaises TargetOceanaGold (OGC)BuyC$4.75 -> C$5.00N/A    
9/28/2018Pi FinancialUpgradesKirkland Lake Gold (KL)Neutral -> BuyC$24.50 -> C$28.50N/A    
9/28/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetK92 Mining (KNT)BuyC$2.10 -> C$2.00N/A    
9/28/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetJaguar Mining (JAG)BuyC$1.00 -> C$0.70N/A    
9/28/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetFortuna Silver Mines (FVI)BuyC$8.65 -> C$7.00N/A    
9/28/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetExcellon Resources (EXN)BuyC$2.15 -> C$2.00N/A    
9/28/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetEndeavour Silver (EDR)BuyC$4.25 -> C$3.75N/A    
9/28/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetEndeavour Mining (EDV)BuyC$29.00 -> C$26.25N/A    
9/28/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetB2Gold (BTO)BuyC$5.25 -> C$5.10N/A    
9/28/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetAlio Gold (ALO)BuyC$2.70 -> C$2.00N/A    
9/7/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetWesdome Gold Mines (WDO)C$4.15 -> C$3.75N/A    
9/7/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetSSR Mining (SSRM)C$18.25 -> C$17.50N/A    
9/7/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetPan American Silver (PAAS)C$26.00 -> C$23.50N/A    
9/7/2018Pi FinancialReiteratesOtis Gold (OOO)Buy -> BuyC$0.60 -> C$0.60N/A    
9/7/2018Pi FinancialRaises TargetOceanaGold (OGC)C$4.75 -> C$5.00N/A    
9/7/2018Pi FinancialUpgradesKirkland Lake Gold (KL)Neutral -> BuyC$24.50 -> C$28.50N/A    
9/7/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetK92 Mining (KNT)C$2.10 -> C$2.00N/A    
9/7/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetJaguar Mining (JAG)C$1.00 -> C$0.70N/A    
9/7/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetINV Metals (INV)C$2.05 -> C$1.00N/A    
9/7/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetFortuna Silver Mines (FVI)C$8.65 -> C$7.00N/A    
9/7/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetExcellon Resources (EXN)C$2.15 -> C$2.00N/A    
9/7/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetEndeavour Silver (EDR)C$4.25 -> C$3.75N/A    
9/7/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetEndeavour Mining (EDV)C$29.00 -> C$26.25N/A    
9/7/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetB2Gold (BTO)C$5.25 -> C$5.10N/A    
9/7/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetAlio Gold (ALO)C$2.70 -> C$2.00N/A    
8/30/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetVersapay (VPY)C$3.50 -> C$3.25N/A    
8/14/2018Pi FinancialRaises TargetAbsolute Software (ABT)C$8.25 -> C$10.00N/A    
7/5/2018Pi FinancialSet Price TargetRevival Gold (RVG)Buy C$1.65N/A    
7/5/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetHIVE Blockchain Technologies (HIVE)C$2.30 -> C$1.30N/A    
6/27/2018Pi FinancialSet Price TargetReliq Health Technologies (RHT)Buy C$2.60N/A    
6/20/2018Pi FinancialDowngradesMedReleaf (LEAF)Buy -> TenderN/A    
6/18/2018Pi FinancialSet Price TargetAlio Gold (ALO) C$3.50N/A    
6/5/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetSSR Mining (SSRM)C$18.25 -> C$18.00N/A    
6/5/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetOceanaGold (OGC)C$4.80 -> C$4.75N/A    
6/5/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetFortuna Silver Mines (FVI)C$8.80 -> C$8.65N/A    
6/5/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetEndeavour Mining (EDV)C$30.00 -> C$29.00N/A    
5/8/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetAbsolute Software (ABT) C$8.75N/A    
5/4/2018Pi FinancialRaises TargetTree Island Steel (TSL)C$3.25 -> C$3.50N/A    
4/13/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetMacro Enterprises (MCR)BuyC$4.00 -> C$3.25N/A    
4/5/2018Pi FinancialReiteratesOtis Gold (OOO)Top PickN/A    
4/5/2018Pi FinancialReiteratesNorth American Construction Group (NOA)Top PickN/A    
4/5/2018Pi FinancialReiteratesCanopy Growth (WEED)Top PickN/A    
3/12/2018Pi FinancialLowers TargetVictoria Gold (VIT)C$1.10 -> C$0.80N/A    
1/31/2018Pi FinancialDowngradesSouthwestern Energy (SWN)Market Perform -> UnderperformLow    
1/11/2018Pi FinancialRaises TargetAphria (APHA)C$14.00 -> C$25.00N/A    
11/23/2017Pi FinancialRaises TargetSuperior Gold (SGI)BuyC$2.60 -> C$2.70N/A    
11/23/2017Pi FinancialRaises TargetPremium Brands (PBH)BuyC$112.00 -> C$115.00N/A    
11/23/2017Pi FinancialLowers TargetMedicure (MPH)BuyC$13.25 -> C$12.40N/A    
11/13/2017Pi FinancialLowers TargetProntoForms (PFM)C$0.80 -> C$0.70N/A    
11/13/2017Pi FinancialRaises TargetDiversified Royalty (DIV)BuyC$3.25 -> C$4.25N/A    
11/3/2017Pi FinancialLowers TargetTree Island Steel (TSL)C$5.00 -> C$3.25N/A    
9/29/2017Pi FinancialLowers TargetVecima Networks (VCM)Buy -> NeutralC$12.50 -> C$11.00N/A    
9/20/2017Pi FinancialUpgradesKlondex Mines (KDX)Neutral -> BuyC$4.15 -> C$4.85N/A    
8/25/2017Pi FinancialLowers TargetGreenspace Brands (JTR)BuyC$1.95 -> C$1.80N/A    
8/24/2017Pi FinancialLowers TargetCorby Spirit and Wine (CSW.A)BuyC$25.50 -> C$24.00N/A    
8/22/2017Pi FinancialRaises TargetVersapay (VPY)C$2.50 -> C$3.00N/A    
8/18/2017Pi FinancialLowers TargetAbsolute Software (ABT)C$9.00 -> C$8.75N/A    
8/2/2017Pi FinancialInitiatesAurora Cannabis (ACBFF)Buy $3.00N/A    
6/13/2017Pi FinancialRaises TargetYangarra Resources (YGR)C$3.75 -> C$4.50N/A    
6/8/2017Pi FinancialLowers TargetTrican Well Service (TCW)C$6.25 -> C$6.00N/A    
6/2/2017Pi FinancialLowers TargetAlmaden Minerals (AMM)C$2.60 -> C$2.40N/A    
5/31/2017Pi FinancialSet Price TargetEmblem (EMMBF)Buy $4.00Medium    
5/9/2017Pi FinancialRaises TargetAbsolute Software (ABT)BuyC$7.75 -> C$9.00N/A    
4/11/2017Pi FinancialRaises TargetMAG Silver (MAG)C$23.50 -> C$25.50N/A    
3/27/2017Pi FinancialLowers TargetKlondex Mines (KDX)C$7.15 -> C$6.35N/A    
3/13/2017Pi FinancialDowngradesNobilis Health (HLTH)Buy -> NeutralHigh    
2/10/2017Pi FinancialRaises TargetVecima Networks (VCM)C$11.25 -> C$13.00N/A    
1/25/2017Pi FinancialRaises TargetPetrus Resources (PRQ)C$3.50 -> C$4.25N/A    
12/6/2016Pi FinancialRaises TargetMaverix Metals (MMX)BuyC$1.60 -> C$2.30N/A    
11/10/2016Pi FinancialLowers TargetPrairie Provident Resources (PPR)C$1.80 -> C$1.50N/A    
10/8/2016Pi FinancialReiteratesTrican Well Service (TOLWF)NeutralN/A    
10/7/2016Pi FinancialDowngradesTrican Well Service (TCW)Buy -> NeutralN/A    
10/3/2016Pi FinancialRaises TargetPrairie Provident Resources (PPR)C$1.70 -> C$1.80N/A    
10/3/2016Pi FinancialRaises TargetTrican Well Service (TCW)C$2.20 -> C$3.30N/A    
9/27/2016Pi FinancialLowers TargetVecima Networks (VCM)NeutralC$12.00 -> C$11.25N/A    
8/16/2016Pi FinancialLowers TargetHigh Arctic Energy Services (HWO)BuyC$7.50 -> C$6.00N/A    
8/16/2016Pi FinancialReiteratesCorby Spirit and Wine (CSW.A)Buy C$26.50N/A    
6/13/2016Pi FinancialRaises TargetCalfrac Well Services (CFW)NeutralC$1.75 -> C$4.15N/A    
6/3/2016Pi FinancialReiteratesTrican Well Service (TOLWF)Neutral$2.00 -> $2.20N/A    
6/2/2016Pi FinancialRaises TargetTrican Well Service (TCW)NeutralC$2.00 -> C$2.20N/A    
5/6/2016Pi FinancialRaises TargetTrican Well Service (TCW)NeutralC$1.70 -> C$2.00N/A    
4/27/2016Pi FinancialRaises TargetEnsign Energy Services (ESI)Buy C$0.95N/A    
4/15/2016Pi FinancialRaises TargetAtico Mining (ATY)BuyC$0.50 -> C$0.60N/A    
4/4/2016Pi FinancialLowers TargetTeekay Offshore Partners (TOO)BuyC$0.50 -> C$0.45N/A    
3/28/2016Pi FinancialRaises TargetWinpak (WPK)Buy -> NeutralC$27.00 -> C$34.50N/A    
3/28/2016Pi FinancialRaises TargetKlondex Mines (KDX)BuyC$2.65 -> C$3.00N/A    
3/16/2016Pi FinancialRaises TargetPrimero Mining (P)NeutralC$2.10 -> C$2.30N/A    
3/11/2016Pi FinancialRaises TargetPremium Brands (PBH)BuyC$40.00 -> C$55.00N/A    
3/10/2016Pi FinancialLowers TargetGreat Canadian Gaming (GC)BuyC$26.75 -> C$23.50N/A    
2/25/2016Pi FinancialLowers TargetCalfrac Well Services (CFW)NeutralC$1.90 -> C$1.40N/A    
2/20/2016Pi FinancialReiteratesMAG Silver (MAG)Buy$10.80 -> $13.00N/A    
2/19/2016Pi FinancialRaises TargetOceanaGold (OGC)NeutralC$2.50 -> C$3.40N/A    
2/18/2016Pi FinancialRaises TargetMAG Silver (MAG)BuyC$10.80 -> C$13.00N/A    
2/12/2016Pi FinancialRaises TargetVecima Networks (VCM)BuyC$13.30 -> C$13.85N/A    
2/4/2016Pi FinancialLowers TargetTennant (TNC)BuyC$3.00 -> C$2.95N/A    
1/27/2016Pi FinancialUpgradesTrican Well Service (TOLWF)Neutral -> BuyN/A    
1/27/2016Pi FinancialUpgradesTrican Well Service (TCW)Neutral -> BuyC$1.00 -> C$2.50N/A    
1/15/2016Pi FinancialDowngradesCalfrac Well Services (CFW)Buy -> NeutralC$2.65 -> C$2.00N/A    
1/15/2016Pi FinancialDowngradesTrican Well Service (TOLWF)Neutral -> SellN/A    
1/14/2016Pi FinancialDowngradesTrican Well Service (TCW)Neutral -> SellN/A    
12/17/2015Pi FinancialLowers TargetCalfrac Well Services (CFW)BuyC$3.00 -> C$2.65N/A    
10/23/2015Pi FinancialRaises TargetHigh Arctic Energy Services (HWO)C$7.00 -> C$8.50N/A    
9/25/2015Pi FinancialUpgradesAlio Gold (ALO)Neutral -> BuyC$0.55 -> C$0.90N/A    
8/26/2015Pi FinancialLowers TargetAtico Mining (ATY)BuyC$1.00 -> C$0.90N/A    
8/24/2015Pi FinancialRaises TargetDiversified Royalty (DIV)BuyC$3.30 -> C$3.75N/A    
8/19/2015Pi FinancialRaises TargetAbsolute Software (ABT)NeutralC$9.00 -> C$9.50N/A    
8/17/2015Pi FinancialLowers TargetTrican Well Service (TCW)BuyC$6.00 -> C$3.00N/A    
8/13/2015Pi FinancialLowers TargetSunOpta (STKL)$13.50 -> $12.50N/A    
8/6/2015Pi FinancialLowers TargetPrimero Mining (P)NeutralC$5.30 -> C$3.90N/A    
8/4/2015Pi FinancialLowers TargetAlio Gold (ALO)Buy -> NeutralC$1.00 -> C$0.80N/A    
7/9/2015Pi FinancialRaises TargetTECSYS (TCS)BuyC$10.50 -> C$11.00N/A    
5/16/2015Pi FinancialReiteratesTrican Well Service (TOLWF)Buy$8.00 -> $7.50N/A    
5/15/2015Pi FinancialLowers TargetCervus Equipment (CERV)BuyC$26.50 -> C$25.00N/A    
5/15/2015Pi FinancialLowers TargetEnterprise Group (E)C$0.60 -> C$0.55N/A    
5/15/2015Pi FinancialLowers TargetENTREC (ENT)C$0.60 -> C$0.50N/A    
5/15/2015Pi FinancialDowngradesAbsolute Software (ABT)Buy -> NeutralN/A    
5/14/2015Pi FinancialLowers TargetTrican Well Service (TCW)BuyC$8.00 -> C$7.50N/A    
5/6/2015Pi FinancialUpgradesEndeavour Silver (EXK)Neutral -> Buy$2.40 -> $2.66N/A    
5/6/2015Pi FinancialUpgradesAlio Gold (ALO)Negative -> BuyN/A    
5/6/2015Pi FinancialLowers TargetAvigilon (AVO)BuyC$32.00 -> C$29.00N/A    
4/27/2015Pi FinancialUpgradesMAG Silver (MAG)Neutral -> BuyC$8.00 -> C$9.25N/A    
4/24/2015Pi FinancialUpgradesMAG Silver (MAG)Neutral -> BuyN/A    
3/18/2015Pi FinancialLowers TargetSolium Capital (SUM)BuyC$8.75 -> C$8.00N/A    
3/16/2015Pi FinancialLowers TargetB2Gold (BTO)BuyC$3.10 -> C$2.90N/A    
3/13/2015Pi FinancialRaises TargetPremium Brands (PBH)BuyC$27.00 -> C$30.50N/A    
2/24/2015Pi FinancialRaises TargetKlondex Mines (KDX)BuyC$2.85 -> C$3.00N/A    
2/18/2015Pi FinancialDowngradesAlio Gold (ALO)Buy -> Neutral C$1.20N/A    
2/9/2015Pi FinancialRaises TargetGorman-Rupp (GRC)BuyC$1.05 -> C$1.25N/A    
1/30/2015Pi FinancialRaises TargetKlondex Mines (KDX)BuyC$2.65 -> C$2.85N/A    
1/13/2015Pi FinancialDowngradesEndeavour Silver (EXK)NeutralN/A    
1/13/2015Pi FinancialDowngradesEndeavour Silver (EDR)Buy -> NeutralN/A    
12/17/2014Pi FinancialUpgradesEndeavour Silver (EXK)BuyN/A    
12/17/2014Pi FinancialLowers TargetHigh Arctic Energy Services (HWO)BuyC$7.00 -> C$6.50N/A    
12/17/2014Pi FinancialLowers TargetTrican Well Service (TCW)BuyC$17.00 -> C$9.50N/A    
12/17/2014Pi FinancialLowers TargetEssential Energy Services (ESN)BuyC$3.00 -> C$2.00N/A    
12/17/2014Pi FinancialLowers TargetCalfrac Well Services (CFW)BuyC$24.00 -> C$17.00N/A    
12/5/2014Pi FinancialDowngradesENTREC (ENT)NeutralN/A    
11/17/2014Pi FinancialLowers TargetCervus Equipment (CERV)BuyC$28.00 -> C$27.00N/A    
11/11/2014Pi FinancialUpgradesGogold Resources (GGD)Neutral -> BuyC$1.75 -> C$2.00N/A    
11/7/2014Pi FinancialDowngradesParkland Fuel (PKI)Buy -> NeutralC$23.50 -> C$22.00N/A    
11/4/2014Pi FinancialRaises TargetAbsolute Software (ABT)BuyC$9.00 -> C$9.50N/A    
10/28/2014Pi FinancialRaises TargetKlondex Mines (KDX)BuyC$2.80 -> C$2.85N/A    
10/2/2014Pi FinancialLowers TargetTrican Well Service (TCW)BuyC$23.00 -> C$20.00N/A    
9/16/2014Pi FinancialLowers TargetPrimero Mining (P)BuyC$9.40 -> C$9.10N/A    
8/29/2014Pi FinancialRaises TargetTECSYS (TCS)BuyC$9.75 -> C$10.00N/A    
8/19/2014Pi FinancialRaises TargetAbsolute Software (ABT)BuyC$8.60 -> C$9.00N/A    
8/14/2014Pi FinancialUpgradesGreat Canadian Gaming (GC)Neutral -> BuyC$15.00 -> C$20.00N/A    
8/14/2014Pi FinancialRaises TargetHigh Arctic Energy Services (HWO)BuyC$7.00 -> C$7.50N/A    
8/8/2014Pi FinancialLowers TargetAvigilon (AVO)BuyC$38.00 -> C$33.00N/A    
8/7/2014Pi FinancialRaises TargetSolium Capital (SUM)BuyC$9.00 -> C$9.50N/A    
7/31/2014Pi FinancialDowngradesOceanaGold (OGC)Buy -> NeutralN/A    
7/30/2014Pi FinancialRaises TargetCalfrac Well Services (CFW)BuyC$27.00 -> C$28.00N/A    
7/9/2014Pi FinancialRaises TargetTECSYS (TCS)BuyC$9.00 -> C$9.75N/A    
7/7/2014Pi FinancialDowngradesMAG Silver (MAG)Buy -> NeutralN/A    
7/3/2014Pi FinancialReiteratesHigh Arctic Energy Services (HWO)Buy C$7.00N/A    
7/3/2014Pi FinancialReiteratesCalfrac Well Services (CFW)Buy C$26.00N/A    
6/26/2014Pi FinancialInitiatesPremier Gold Mines (PG)Buy C$3.75N/A    
6/23/2014Pi FinancialInitiatesEnterprise Group (E)Buy C$1.50N/A    
6/4/2014Pi FinancialLowers TargetB2Gold (BTO)BuyC$4.40 -> C$3.90N/A    
6/3/2014Pi FinancialDowngradesAgJunction (AJX)Buy -> Neutral C$0.90N/A    
5/28/2014Pi FinancialLowers TargetMAG Silver (MAG)BuyC$10.25 -> C$10.00N/A    
5/15/2014Pi FinancialRaises TargetAg Growth International (AFN)BuyC$53.50 -> C$56.50N/A    
5/9/2014Pi FinancialLowers TargetPrimero Mining (P)C$9.70 -> C$9.40N/A    
5/8/2014Pi FinancialLowers TargetAvigilon (AVO)BuyC$40.00 -> C$38.00N/A    
5/7/2014Pi FinancialRaises TargetSolium Capital (SUM)BuyC$8.25 -> C$9.00N/A    
5/7/2014Pi FinancialDowngradesWajax (WJX)Buy -> NeutralC$40.00 -> C$32.50N/A    
4/25/2014Pi FinancialInitiatesEndeavour Silver (EXK)Buy C$5.80N/A    
4/25/2014Pi FinancialInitiatesEndeavour Silver (EDR)Buy C$5.80N/A    
4/17/2014Pi FinancialInitiatesB2Gold (BTO)BuyN/A    
4/17/2014Pi FinancialInitiatesB2Gold (BTG)BuyN/A    

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