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7 Manufacturing Stocks to Buy as Sector Activity Increases


Manufacturing is the lifeblood of any country's economy. That's why many investors have one or more manufacturing stocks in their portfolios. However, while you can find some buy-and-hold forever stocks in this group, many are cyclical in nature.  

Those cyclical stocks tend to outperform the market when the economy is expanding. But when the economy is contracting, these stocks can fall back. In 2024, the outlook for the economy continues to give off mixed signals, but there are signs that manufacturing may be getting ready to recover.  

If that's the case, you'll want to look for best-in-class companies that can outperform the market. This special presentation highlights 7 manufacturing stocks to buy as activity in the sector increases. Each of these stocks may make good long-term investments, but they look particularly attractive before the sector really heats up.  

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