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iShares Core Total USD Bond Market ETF (IUSB) Institutional Ownership

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(As of 05/24/2024 04:15 PM ET)

Institutional Ownership Changes (13F Filings) for iShares Core Total USD Bond Market ETF (NASDAQ:IUSB)

Number of
Institutional Buyers
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Institutional Inflows
(last 12 months)
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Institutional Sellers
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IUSB Institutional Buying and Selling by Quarter

iShares Core Total USD Bond Market ETF Major Shareholders & Ownership History

Reporting DateMajor Shareholder NameShares HeldMarket Value% of PortfolioQuarterly Change in SharesOwnership in CompanyDetails
5/24/2024 Cetera Advisor Networks LLC1,971,828$89.90M0.4%+30.1%0.318%
5/24/2024 Cetera Advisors LLC2,046,535$93.30M0.7%+78.5%0.330%
5/24/2024 Cetera Investment Advisers8,653,706$394.52M0.9%+129.9%1.394%
5/24/2024Invst LLC861,146$38.87M4.6%+6.1%0.139%
5/21/2024 Atria Investments Inc1,414,878$64.50M0.9%+40.3%0.228%
5/20/2024 Independent Wealth Network Inc.7,284$332K0.2%+3.9%0.001%
5/17/2024 Semmax Financial Advisors Inc.22,617$1.02M0.3%+106.9%0.004%
5/17/2024 Comerica Bank191,525$8.73M0.0%-13.7%0.031%
5/16/2024 Redwood Investment Management LLC65,594$2.99M0.3%+14.5%0.011%
5/16/2024 Global Financial Private Client LLC10,299$465K0.2%+27.4%0.002%
5/16/2024 B. Riley Wealth Advisors Inc.633,060$27.67M0.6%+34.8%0.102%
5/16/2024 Ancora Advisors LLC207,048$9.44M0.2%+11.6%0.033%
5/16/2024 Dynasty Wealth Management LLC153,318$6.99M0.2%N/A0.025%
5/16/2024 High Falls Advisors Inc1,214,341$55.36M13.9%+32.4%0.196%
5/16/2024 Icon Wealth Advisors LLC1,076,972$49.10M4.6%+43.5%0.173%
5/16/2024 Kraft Davis & Associates LLC83,375$3.75M1.2%+48.5%0.013%
5/15/2024 Mount Yale Investment Advisors LLC137,569$6.27M0.5%+17.8%0.022%
5/15/2024 Kestra Advisory Services LLC732,973$33.42M0.2%+64.4%0.118%
5/15/2024 Linscomb Wealth Inc.26,374$1.20M0.1%-1.1%0.004%
5/14/2024 JT Stratford LLC46,604$2.13M0.4%+332.1%0.008%
5/14/2024 Cadence Bank5,030$229K0.0%+10.3%0.001%
5/14/2024 Axxcess Wealth Management LLC10,384$473K0.0%+119.9%0.002%
5/14/2024 CreativeOne Wealth LLC2,393,402$109.12M4.3%+114.8%0.386%
5/14/2024 Tiemann Investment Advisors LLC268,122$12.22M5.5%+7.4%0.043%
5/13/2024 PAX Financial Group LLC606,496$27.65M5.5%-1.8%0.098%
5/11/2024 Resurgent Financial Advisors LLC36,986$1.69M0.9%+38.5%0.006%
5/11/2024 Catalytic Wealth RIA LLC4,978$227K0.0%N/A0.001%
5/10/2024 Osaic Holdings Inc.1,998,851$91.14M0.2%-78.2%0.322%
5/10/2024 Wintrust Investments LLC212,939$9.71M0.9%-7.3%0.034%
5/10/2024 GM Advisory Group LLC1,038,260$47.33M3.3%-6.6%0.167%
5/10/2024 Nwam LLC56,506$2.54M0.2%+47.0%0.009%
5/9/2024 Orion Portfolio Solutions LLC805,180$36.71M0.4%+36.1%0.130%
5/9/2024 Renasant Bank30,643$1.40M1.0%+7.9%0.005%
5/9/2024 Kingsview Wealth Management LLC5,185$236K0.0%-15.1%0.001%
5/9/2024 HBK Sorce Advisory LLC12,942$590K0.0%-38.6%0.002%
5/9/2024 SageView Advisory Group LLC3,739$170K0.0%-82.8%0.001%
5/9/2024 Charles Schwab Investment Advisory Inc.4,952$226K0.0%N/A0.001%
5/9/2024 Interchange Capital Partners LLC10,677$509K0.3%+43.8%0.002%
5/9/2024 Jacobson & Schmitt Advisors LLC624,246$28.46M6.7%+5.8%0.100%
5/8/2024 West Wealth Group LLC288,029$13.13M4.9%+96.5%0.046%
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5/8/2024 TSA Wealth Managment LLC364,071$16.60M7.2%+45.0%0.059%
5/8/2024 Avantax Advisory Services Inc.832,448$37.95M0.3%+39.2%0.134%
5/8/2024 US Bancorp DE1,773,682$80.86M0.1%+31.1%0.285%
5/8/2024 Cornerstone Planning Group LLC17,459$783K0.2%-39.1%0.003%
5/8/2024 QRG Capital Management Inc.4,886$223K0.0%N/A0.001%
5/8/2024 New Republic Capital LLC18,957$864K0.5%+39.9%0.003%
5/8/2024 Semus Wealth Partners LLC11,857$541K0.5%+5.3%0.002%
5/7/2024 Verus Capital Partners LLC145,140$6.62M0.7%+67.1%0.023%
5/7/2024 Sfmg LLC4,750$217K0.0%N/A0.001%
5/7/2024 White Lighthouse Investment Management Inc.93,685$4.27M0.9%+3.3%0.015%
5/7/2024 Stonebrook Private Inc.130,501$5.95M1.7%-18.2%0.021%
5/7/2024 Concurrent Investment Advisors LLC75,543$3.44M0.1%+72.8%0.012%
5/7/2024 Atomi Financial Group Inc.239,358$10.91M1.0%N/A0.039%
5/7/2024 WealthPLAN Partners LLC78,900$3.60M0.4%+76.0%0.013%
5/7/2024 BOS Asset Management LLC22,319$1.02M0.5%-50.1%0.004%
5/7/2024 EQ LLC23,766$1.08M0.7%+209.4%0.004%
5/7/2024 Shared Vision Wealth Group LLC419,646$19.13M11.9%+75.7%0.068%
5/7/2024 Windward Private Wealth Management Inc.27,803$1.27M0.5%+6.0%0.004%
5/7/2024 PFG Advisors243,389$11.10M0.8%+1.7%0.039%
5/7/2024 Wealthspire Advisors LLC886,506$40.42M0.5%-5.2%0.143%
5/7/2024 Stokes Family Office LLC554,516$25.28M3.2%+67.9%0.089%
5/6/2024 Envestnet Portfolio Solutions Inc.19,623,354$894.63M3.4%+37.8%3.158%
5/6/2024 CFO4Life Group LLC134,698$6.14M1.1%+3.0%0.022%
5/6/2024 Advisory Services Network LLC194,428$8.86M0.2%+49.8%0.031%
5/6/2024 W.H. Cornerstone Investments Inc.16,727$763K0.5%-26.0%0.003%
5/4/2024 Financial Connections Group Inc.11,061$505K0.6%+6.7%0.002%
5/4/2024 R. W. Roge & Company Inc.206,433$9.41M5.7%-3.0%0.033%
5/4/2024 Beacon Bridge Wealth Partners LLC4,835$220K0.1%-29.7%0.001%
5/4/2024 Geneos Wealth Management Inc.48,344$2.20M0.1%+10.1%0.008%
5/4/2024 9258 Wealth Management LLC317,913$14.49M2.3%+0.6%0.051%
5/4/2024 WBI Investments LLC32,681$1.49M0.3%N/A0.005%
5/4/2024 Commonwealth Retirement Investments LLC5,352$244K0.1%+18.6%0.001%
5/4/2024 Csenge Advisory Group201,491$9.19M0.5%+38.1%0.032%
5/4/2024 Richardson Financial Services Inc.24,908$1.14M0.8%+12.0%0.004%
5/3/2024 Catalina Capital Group LLC32,589$1.49M0.6%+88.3%0.005%
5/3/2024 Avidian Wealth Solutions LLC671,281$30.60M1.5%+8.9%0.108%
5/3/2024 TFB Advisors LLC18,542$823K0.3%+98.9%0.003%
5/3/2024 C2P Capital Advisory Group LLC d.b.a. Prosperity Capital Advisors28,595$1.30M0.2%-9.6%0.005%
5/3/2024 BCU Wealth Advisors LLC100,738$4.59M3.9%+45.1%0.016%
5/3/2024 Liberty Wealth Management LLC325,904$14.81M2.9%+25.1%0.053%
5/3/2024 Central Pacific Bank Trust Division73,623$3.32M0.4%N/A0.012%
5/3/2024 Smith Salley Wealth Management225,244$10.27M0.8%-11.1%0.036%
5/3/2024 Absolute Capital Management LLC46,890$2.14M1.4%+30.8%0.008%
5/2/2024 Mutual Advisors LLC267,307$12.19M0.4%+7.2%0.043%
5/2/2024 Cliftonlarsonallen Wealth Advisors LLC69,915$3.19M0.1%-24.2%0.011%
5/2/2024 Financial Counselors Inc.13,379$610K0.0%+2.4%0.002%
5/2/2024 Adapt Wealth Advisors LLC185,653$8.46M6.0%N/A0.030%
5/2/2024 Baron Silver Stevens Financial Advisors LLC17,632$804K0.2%+141.9%0.003%
5/2/2024 FinTrust Capital Advisors LLC28,512$1.30M0.3%+28.2%0.005%
5/2/2024 Vantage Financial Partners LLC18,601$848K0.2%-4.1%0.003%
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5/2/2024 Lincoln National Corp217,571$9.92M0.2%+68.8%0.035%
5/2/2024 Life Planning Partners Inc101,498$4.63M4.6%-2.7%0.016%
5/2/2024 Stash Investments LLC548,567$25.01M17.9%+13.5%0.088%
5/2/2024 Greenwood Capital Associates LLC4,443$203K0.0%N/A0.001%
5/2/2024 Argent Advisors Inc.27,916$1.27M0.5%+8.9%0.005%
5/2/2024 Hanlon Investment Management Inc.68,316$3.12M0.9%+23.0%0.011%
5/1/2024 Resonant Capital Advisors LLC4,417$201K0.0%N/A0.001%
5/1/2024 KFA Private Wealth Group LLC70,694$3.22M1.0%+16.9%0.011%
5/1/2024 Janney Montgomery Scott LLC8,083,304$368.52M1.1%+36.5%1.304%
5/1/2024 Intelligence Driven Advisers LLC1,203,425$54.86M8.1%N/A0.194%
(Data available from 1/1/2016 forward)

IUSB Institutional Ownership - Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the largest shareholders of IUSB shares?

During the previous two years, 698 institutional investors and hedge funds held shares of iShares Core Total USD Bond Market ETF. The most heavily invested institutionals were Envestnet Asset Management Inc. ($4.62B), BlackRock Inc. ($2.79B), Jones Financial Companies Lllp ($2.21B), Wells Fargo & Company MN ($1.67B), LPL Financial LLC ($1.04B), Envestnet Portfolio Solutions Inc. ($894.63M), and CWM LLC ($754.24M).Learn more on IUSB's institutional investors.

Which institutional investors have been buying iShares Core Total USD Bond Market ETF stock?

Of the 639 institutional investors that purchased iShares Core Total USD Bond Market ETF stock in the last 24 months, the following investors and hedge funds have bought the highest volume of shares: Envestnet Asset Management Inc. ($52.25M), CFS Investment Advisory Services LLC ($28.41M), Jones Financial Companies Lllp ($23.55M), Envestnet Portfolio Solutions Inc. ($20.03M), JPMorgan Chase & Co. ($12.58M), LPL Financial LLC ($9.66M), and Cetera Investment Advisers ($8.69M).

How much institutional buying is happening at iShares Core Total USD Bond Market ETF?

Institutional investors have bought a total of 288,992,483 shares in the last 24 months. This purchase volume represents approximately $20.53B in transactions.

Which iShares Core Total USD Bond Market ETF major shareholders have been selling company stock?

Of the 402 institutional investors that sold iShares Core Total USD Bond Market ETF stock in the last 24 months, the following investors and hedge funds have sold the highest volume of shares: Envestnet Asset Management Inc. ($30.99M), CFS Investment Advisory Services LLC ($15.31M), BlackRock Inc. ($8.26M), Osaic Holdings Inc. ($7.19M), CWM LLC ($4.80M), UBS Group AG ($4.23M), and FMR LLC ($1.97M).

How much institutional selling is happening at iShares Core Total USD Bond Market ETF?

Institutional investors have sold a total of 107,124,845 shares in the last 24 months. This volume of shares sold represents approximately $6.83B in transactions.

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