Arlington Asset Investment (AAIC) Institutional Ownership

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Institutional Ownership Changes (13F Filings) for Arlington Asset Investment (NYSE:AAIC)

Institutional Ownership
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Institutional Buyers
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AAIC Institutional Buying and Selling by Quarter

Arlington Asset Investment Major Shareholders & Ownership History

Reporting DateMajor Shareholder NameShares HeldMarket Value% of PortfolioQuarterly Change in SharesOwnership in CompanyDetails
11/21/2023 Almitas Capital LLC285,885$1.22M0.6%+95.9%0.976%
11/14/2023 Quadrature Capital Ltd36,363$155K0.0%N/A0.124%
11/14/2023 Beryl Capital Management LLC45,060$193K0.0%N/A0.154%
11/13/2023 Algert Global LLC12,704$54K0.0%-60.6%0.043%
11/13/2023 Acadian Asset Management LLC557,718$2.39M0.0%-2.1%1.905%
11/13/2023 Wolverine Asset Management LLC184,372$789K0.0%+233.0%0.630%
11/8/2023 GABELLI & Co INVESTMENT ADVISERS INC.339,001$1.45M0.2%+1.4%1.158%
11/7/2023 Barclays PLC15,298$66K0.0%N/A0.052%
10/26/2023 Punch & Associates Investment Management Inc.1,460,000$6.25M0.4%+14.5%4.986%
8/15/2023 Black Maple Capital Management LP221,410$1.03M0.6%N/A0.781%
8/15/2023 Corsair Capital Management L.P.127,588$591K0.2%-9.9%0.450%
8/11/2023 Almitas Capital LLC145,907$673K0.3%N/A0.514%
8/11/2023 JBF Capital Inc.100,000$463K0.1%N/A0.353%
8/10/2023 GABELLI & Co INVESTMENT ADVISERS INC.334,310$1.55M0.3%N/A1.179%
8/7/2023 Acadian Asset Management LLC569,946$2.64M0.0%-1.3%2.010%
8/7/2023 Wolverine Asset Management LLC55,362$256K0.0%-76.7%0.195%
8/7/2023 Cowen AND Company LLC56,717$263K0.0%N/A0.200%
8/4/2023 Gator Capital Management LLC777,575$3.60M2.5%+21.5%2.742%
7/27/2023Virtu Financial LLC44,412$206K0.0%N/A0.157%
7/21/2023 Wealth Enhancement Advisory Services LLC75,141$348K0.0%N/A0.265%
7/18/2023 Wealth Effects LLC7,045$257K0.1%N/A0.025%
5/12/2023 Corsair Capital Management L.P.141,642$405K0.2%-12.2%0.499%
5/11/2023 Acadian Asset Management LLC577,398$1.65M0.0%+26.0%2.036%
5/8/2023 Wolverine Asset Management LLC237,909$680K0.0%+20.4%0.839%
5/4/2023 Barclays PLC1,139,856$3.26M0.0%-19.0%4.019%
4/24/2023 Capital Square LLC11,800$32K0.0%-25.3%0.042%
2/10/2023 Gator Capital Management LLC91,597$268K0.2%N/A0.317%
2/10/2023 Capital Square LLC15,800$46K0.0%-53.3%0.055%
2/1/2023 Wolverine Asset Management LLC197,643$579K0.0%+27.4%0.684%
2/1/2023 Kestra Private Wealth Services LLC74,375$218K0.0%-19.3%0.257%
1/10/2023 Wiley BROS. Aintree Capital LLC255,183$736K0.4%-8.7%0.883%
11/10/2022 Wolverine Asset Management LLC155,110$421K0.0%-64.4%0.537%
11/3/2022 Barclays PLC1,421,438$3.87M0.0%-2.8%4.920%
10/11/2022 Wiley BROS. Aintree Capital LLC279,633$761K0.4%-3.0%0.968%
8/15/2022 Kestra Private Wealth Services LLC92,175$300K0.0%-4.0%0.311%
8/3/2022 Nisa Investment Advisors LLC9,369$30K0.0%-33.1%0.032%
8/3/2022 Wolverine Asset Management LLC435,690$1.42M0.0%-2.4%1.469%
7/6/2022 Wiley BROS. Aintree Capital LLC288,383$937K0.5%-5.5%0.972%
5/26/2022 Kestra Private Wealth Services LLC95,975$333K0.0%-3.5%0.316%
5/12/2022 Acadian Asset Management LLC497,357$1.72M0.0%-3.7%1.637%
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5/12/2022 Running Point Capital Advisors LLC10,000$35K0.0%N/A0.033%
5/4/2022 Wolverine Asset Management LLC446,384$1.55M0.0%+45.2%1.469%
5/2/2022 Capital Investment Counsel Inc10,000$227K0.0%-28.6%0.033%
4/29/2022 Nisa Investment Advisors LLC14,000$49K0.0%N/A0.046%
2/15/2022 Corsair Capital Management L.P.60,754$213K0.0%+192.7%0.193%
2/11/2022 Public Employees Retirement Association of Colorado13,318$47K0.0%N/A0.042%
2/10/2022 Acadian Asset Management LLC516,373$1.81M0.0%+15.9%1.640%
2/10/2022 Gator Capital Management LLC99,572$349K0.3%N/A0.316%
2/10/2022 WINTON GROUP Ltd16,567$58K0.0%-79.9%0.053%
2/9/2022 Wolverine Asset Management LLC307,361$1.08M0.0%+11.1%0.976%
2/3/2022 Advisor Group Holdings Inc.75,671$266K0.0%+8.6%0.240%
2/2/2022 Capital Investment Counsel Inc14,000$438K0.1%N/A0.044%
1/18/2022 Capital Square LLC30,760$108K0.1%+136.6%0.098%
1/12/2022 Wiley BROS. Aintree Capital LLC306,383$1.07M0.6%+2.5%0.973%
11/17/2021 Centiva Capital LP1,580,000$5.85M0.3%-32.2%5.019%
11/16/2021 Squarepoint Ops LLC38,229$141K0.0%-7.5%0.118%
11/16/2021 Two Sigma Advisers LP246,454$912K0.0%-18.0%0.762%
11/16/2021 Two Sigma Investments LP324,953$1.20M0.0%-8.6%1.005%
11/16/2021 Centiva Capital LP1,580,000$5.85M0.4%-32.2%4.887%
11/15/2021 Marshall Wace LLP53,876$199K0.0%N/A0.167%
11/12/2021 Renaissance Technologies LLC279,724$1.04M0.0%-58.5%0.865%
11/12/2021 Wolverine Asset Management LLC276,741$1.02M0.0%+14.1%0.856%
11/12/2021 Hotchkis & Wiley Capital Management LLC520,940$1.93M0.0%-3.6%1.611%
11/12/2021 Geode Capital Management LLC378,843$1.40M0.0%+17.1%1.172%
11/10/2021 Goldman Sachs Group Inc.195,633$724K0.0%-19.9%0.605%
11/9/2021 BlackRock Inc.1,107,715$4.10M0.0%-1.0%3.426%
11/2/2021 Capital Square LLC13,000$48K0.0%N/A0.040%
10/20/2021AJ Wealth Strategies LLC52,910$196K0.0%N/A0.164%
10/7/2021 Wiley BROS. Aintree Capital LLC298,783$1.11M0.7%+2.6%0.924%
9/10/2021 Punch & Associates Investment Management Inc.880,267$3.57M0.2%+9.8%2.723%
9/3/2021Parametric Portfolio Associates LLC132,900$540K0.0%-16.2%0.411%
8/17/2021 Millennium Management LLC560,392$2.28M0.0%+708.2%1.733%
8/17/2021 Price T Rowe Associates Inc. MD98,900$402K0.0%+23.5%0.306%
8/16/2021 Squarepoint Ops LLC41,309$168K0.0%N/A0.128%
8/16/2021 LMR Partners LLP20,660$84K0.0%N/A0.064%
8/16/2021 Diametric Capital LP12,957$53K0.0%N/A0.040%
8/16/2021 Charles Schwab Investment Management Inc.11,092$46K0.0%-86.3%0.034%
8/16/2021 State Street Corp314,941$1.28M0.0%-60.9%0.974%
8/16/2021Tibra Equities Europe Ltd84,400$343K0.1%N/A0.261%
8/16/2021 Punch & Associates Investment Management Inc.1,378,267$5.60M0.3%+71.9%4.263%
8/16/2021 Goldman Sachs Group Inc.244,375$992K0.0%-22.2%0.756%
8/16/2021 Hotchkis & Wiley Capital Management LLC540,160$2.19M0.0%+10.7%1.671%
8/13/2021 Renaissance Technologies LLC673,426$2.73M0.0%+2.4%2.016%
8/13/2021 Anson Funds Management LP90,000$365K0.0%+88.3%0.269%
8/13/2021 Northern Trust Corp69,011$280K0.0%-78.9%0.207%
8/13/2021 Jump Financial LLC39,500$160K0.0%N/A0.118%
8/13/2021 Qube Research & Technologies Ltd13,799$56K0.0%N/A0.041%
8/13/2021 Geode Capital Management LLC323,450$1.31M0.0%-42.2%0.968%
8/13/2021 Vanguard Group Inc.1,457,476$5.92M0.0%-15.2%4.363%
8/12/2021 JPMorgan Chase & Co.46,892$191K0.0%-54.8%0.140%
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8/12/2021 Bank of Montreal Can368,665$1.55M0.0%+4,704.1%1.104%
8/12/2021Ergoteles LLC133,319$541K0.0%N/A0.399%
8/11/2021 Bank of New York Mellon Corp18,961$77K0.0%-84.8%0.057%
8/11/2021 BlackRock Inc.1,118,428$4.54M0.0%-64.0%3.348%
8/10/2021 WINTON GROUP Ltd84,636$344K0.0%+3.8%0.253%
8/6/2021 Nisa Investment Advisors LLC16,483$67K0.0%N/A0.049%
8/6/2021 Sei Investments Co.30,270$116K0.0%+16.4%0.091%
8/2/2021 Advisor Group Holdings Inc.70,148$285K0.0%+13.2%0.210%
7/31/2021Eidelman Virant Capital17,500$71K0.0%N/A0.052%
5/18/2021 Millennium Management LLC69,341$280K0.0%-18.6%0.208%
(Data available from 1/1/2016 forward)

AAIC Institutional Ownership - Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the largest shareholders of AAIC shares?

During the previous two years, 21 institutional investors and hedge funds held shares of Arlington Asset Investment. The most heavily invested institutionals were Punch & Associates Investment Management Inc. ($6.25M), Gator Capital Management LLC ($3.60M), Acadian Asset Management LLC ($2.39M), GABELLI & Co INVESTMENT ADVISERS INC. ($1.45M), Almitas Capital LLC ($1.22M), Black Maple Capital Management LP ($1.03M), and Wolverine Asset Management LLC ($789K).Learn more on AAIC's institutional investors.

What percentage of Arlington Asset Investment stock is owned by institutional investors?

38.44% of Arlington Asset Investment stock is owned by institutional investors. Learn more on AAIC's institutional investor holdings.

Which institutional investors have been buying Arlington Asset Investment stock?

Of the 15 institutional investors that purchased Arlington Asset Investment stock in the last 24 months, the following investors and hedge funds have bought the highest volume of shares: GABELLI & Co INVESTMENT ADVISERS INC. ($339.00K), Almitas Capital LLC ($285.89K), Gator Capital Management LLC ($229.37K), Black Maple Capital Management LP ($221.41K), Wolverine Asset Management LLC ($211.81K), Punch & Associates Investment Management Inc. ($185.41K), and Acadian Asset Management LLC ($119.12K).

How much institutional buying is happening at Arlington Asset Investment?

Institutional investors have bought a total of 1,972,040 shares in the last 24 months. This purchase volume represents approximately $8.43M in transactions.

Which Arlington Asset Investment major shareholders have been selling company stock?

Of the 9 institutional investors that sold Arlington Asset Investment stock in the last 24 months, the following investors and hedge funds have sold the highest volume of shares: Wolverine Asset Management LLC ($473.82K), Barclays PLC ($307.23K), Wiley BROS. Aintree Capital LLC ($50.10K), Corsair Capital Management L.P. ($33.80K), Kestra Private Wealth Services LLC ($25.08K), Capital Square LLC ($22K), and Acadian Asset Management LLC ($19.68K).

How much institutional selling is happening at Arlington Asset Investment?

Institutional investors have sold a total of 955,867 shares in the last 24 months. This volume of shares sold represents approximately $3.11M in transactions.

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