S&P 500   3,911.74
DOW   31,500.68
QQQ   294.61
S&P 500   3,911.74
DOW   31,500.68
QQQ   294.61
S&P 500   3,911.74
DOW   31,500.68
QQQ   294.61
S&P 500   3,911.74
DOW   31,500.68
QQQ   294.61

Barrick Gold Earnings Date, Estimates & Call Transcripts (2022)

+0.23 (+1.24%)
(As of 06/24/2022 12:00 AM ET)
Today's Range
50-Day Range
52-Week Range
19.54 million shs
Average Volume
21.06 million shs
Market Capitalization
$33.42 billion
P/E Ratio
Dividend Yield
Price Target

Earnings Summary

Earnings Date
Aug. 8Estimated
Actual EPS
(May. 4)
$0.26 Beat By $0.03
Consensus EPS
(May. 4)
Last Year's Q2 EPS
Skip Charts & View Estimated and Actual Earnings Data

GOLD Earnings Estimates and Actuals by Quarter

The chart below shows up to four years of a company's earnings history. The dark blue line represents the company's actual earnings per share. The light blue area represents the range of Wall Street analysts' earnings estimates for each quarter.

GOLD Estimated and Actual Revenue by Quarter

The chart below shows up to four years of a company's revenue history. The dark blue line represents the company's actual revenue. The light blue line represents the company's estimated revenue based on the consensus of Wall Street analysts for each quarter.

Barrick Gold Earnings Estimates

QuarterNumber of EstimatesLow EstimateHigh EstimateAverage Estimate
Q1 20224$0.22$0.27$0.25
Q2 20224$0.25$0.31$0.29
Q3 20224$0.27$0.38$0.32
Q4 20224$0.29$0.42$0.33
FY 202216$1.03$1.38$1.19
Q1 20231$0.24$0.24$0.24
Q2 20231$0.24$0.24$0.24
Q3 20231$0.24$0.24$0.24
Q4 20231$0.23$0.23$0.23
FY 20234$0.95$0.95$0.95

GOLD Earnings Date and Information

Barrick Gold last issued its quarterly earnings results on May 4th, 2022. The gold and copper producer reported $0.26 earnings per share for the quarter, topping analysts' consensus estimates of $0.23 by $0.03. The company had revenue of $2.85 billion for the quarter, compared to analysts' expectations of $2.75 billion. Its quarterly revenue was down 3.5% on a year-over-year basis. Barrick Gold has generated $1.14 earnings per share over the last year ($1.14 diluted earnings per share) and currently has a price-to-earnings ratio of 16.5. Earnings for Barrick Gold are expected to grow by 14.78% in the coming year, from $1.15 to $1.32 per share. Barrick Gold has not formally confirmed its next earnings publication date, but the company's estimated earnings date is Monday, August 8th, 2022 based off prior year's report dates.

Barrick Gold Earnings History by Quarter

DateQuarterConsensus EstimateReported EPSBeat/MissGAAP EPSRevenue EstimateActual RevenueCall Transcript
5/4/2022Q1 2022$0.23$0.26+$0.03$0.27$2.75 billion$2.85 billion    
2/16/2022Q4 2021$0.30$0.35+$0.05$0.29$3.20 billion$3.31 billion    
11/3/20219/30/2021$0.23$0.24+$0.01$0.28$2.87 billion$2.83 billion    
8/8/20216/30/2021$0.26$0.29+$0.03$0.35$2.92 billion$2.89 billion    
5/4/20213/31/2021$0.27$0.29+$0.02$0.28$3.17 billion$2.96 billion  
2/17/202112/31/2020$0.31$0.35+$0.04$0.31$3.22 billion$3.28 billion  
11/5/20209/30/2020$0.32$0.41+$0.09$0.32$3.44 billion$3.54 billion  
11/5/2020Q3 2020$0.32$0.41+$0.09$0.32$3.35 billion$3.54 billion
8/10/2020Q2 20$0.18$0.23+$0.05$0.26$2.90 billion$2.11 billion  
8/10/2020Q2 2020$0.19$0.23+$0.04$0.26$2.66 billion$3.06 billion  
5/6/2020Q1$0.16$0.16$0.10$2.79 billion$2.72 billion  
5/6/2020Q1 2020$0.16$0.16$0.10$2.74 billion$2.72 billion
2/12/2020Q4$0.14$0.17+$0.03($0.44)$2.83 billion$2.88 billion  
2/12/2020Q4 2019$0.14$0.17+$0.03($0.44)$2.86 billion$2.88 billion
11/6/2019Q3$0.10$0.15+$0.05($1.00)$2.70 billion$2.68 billion  
11/6/2019Q3 2019$0.10$0.15+$0.05($1.00)$2.62 billion$2.68 billion
8/12/2019Q2$0.10$0.09($0.01)$0.07$2.08 billion$2.06 billion  
8/12/2019Q2 2019$0.10$0.09($0.01)$0.07$2.09 billion$2.06 billion
5/8/2019Q1$0.10$0.11+$0.01$0.16$2.15 billion$2.09 billion  
5/8/2019Q1 2019$0.10$0.11+$0.01$0.16$2.16 billion$2.09 billion
2/13/2019Q4$0.06$0.06$1.14$1.97 billion$1.90 billion
2/13/2019Q4 2018$0.06$0.06$1.14$1.94 billion$1.90 billion
11/6/20189/30/2018$0.61$0.64+$0.03$0.64$243.57 million
10/24/20189/30/2018$0.06$0.08+$0.02$0.51$1.80 billion$1.84 billion
10/24/2018Q3 2018$0.06$0.08+$0.02$0.51$1.81 billion$1.84 billion
8/9/2018Q2 2018$0.58$0.54($0.04)$0.54$283.66 million
7/25/20186/30/2018$0.12$0.07($0.05)$0.22$1.74 billion$1.71 billion
7/25/2018Q2 2018$0.12$0.07($0.05)$0.22$1.66 billion$1.71 billion
5/10/20183/31/2018$0.68$0.60($0.08)$0.60$273.28 million
4/23/2018Q1 18$0.14$0.15+$0.01$0.16$1.81 billion$1.79 billion
4/23/2018Q1 2018$0.15$0.15$0.16$1.76 billion$1.79 billion
2/14/2018Q4 2017$0.20$0.22+$0.02$0.71$2.18 billion$2.23 billion
2/14/2018n/a$0.20$0.22+$0.02$0.71$2.21 billion$2.23 billion
2/5/2018n/a$0.84$0.79($0.05)$0.79$328.62 million  
11/2/2017Q3 2017$0.51+$0.51$0.51$298.09 million
10/25/2017Q3 2017$0.17$0.16($0.01)$0.33$1.96 billion$1.99 billion
10/25/20179/30/2017$0.17$0.16($0.01)$0.33$2.02 billion$1.93 billion
8/4/20176/30/2017$0.74$0.88+$0.14$0.88$336.79 million  
7/26/20176/30/2017$0.17$0.22+$0.05($0.49)$2.03 billion$2.16 billion
7/26/2017Q2 2017$0.20$0.22+$0.02($0.49)$2.16 billion$2.16 billion
5/4/20173/31/2017$0.71$0.73+$0.02$0.73$316.71 million  
4/24/20173/31/2017$0.21$0.14($0.07)($0.30)$2.22 billion$1.99 billion
4/24/2017Q1 2017$0.24$0.14($0.10)($0.30)$2.18 billion$1.99 billion
2/15/2017Q4 2016$0.21$0.22+$0.01$0.08$2.20 billion$2.32 billion
2/15/2017Q416$0.20$0.22+$0.02$0.08$2.27 billion$2.32 million
2/6/201712/31/2016$0.90$0.83($0.07)$0.83$356.39 million  
11/3/20169/30/2016$1.13$0.69($0.44)$0.69$300.00 million
10/26/2016Q316$0.20$0.24+$0.04$0.33$2.25 billion$2.30 billion
10/26/2016Q3 2016$0.19$0.24+$0.05$0.33$2.20 billion$2.30 billion
8/4/2016Q2 2016$0.65$0.52($0.13)$0.52$276.84 million
7/27/2016Q216$0.15$0.14($0.01)$0.16$2.02 billion$2.01 billion
7/27/2016Q2 2016$0.14$0.14$0.16$2.04 billion$2.01 billion
5/4/2016Q116$0.56$0.57+$0.01$0.57$267.56 million
4/26/2016Q116$0.10$0.11+$0.01$0.29$1.95 billion$1.93 billion  
4/26/2016Q1 2016$0.10$0.11+$0.01$0.29$1.97 billion$1.93 billion
2/17/2016Q4 2015$0.07$0.08+$0.01$2.41$2.40 billion$2.24 billion
2/17/2016Q415$0.06$0.08+$0.02$2.41$2.25 billion$2.24 billion  
2/8/2016Q4 2015$0.48$0.47($0.01)$0.47$272.09 million
11/5/2015Q3$0.48$0.45($0.03)$0.45$250.52 million
10/28/2015Q315$0.07$0.11+$0.04$0.45$2.32 billion$2.32 billion  
10/28/2015Q3 2015$0.06$0.11+$0.05$0.45$2.35 billion$2.32 billion
8/6/2015Q2$0.53$0.57+$0.04$0.57$247.59 million
8/5/2015Q215$0.05$0.05$0.11$2.31 billion$2.23 billion
5/7/2015Q1 2015$0.57$0.51($0.06)$0.51$231.23 million
4/27/2015Q1 2015$0.10$0.05($0.05)$0.05$2.33 billion$2.25 billion
4/27/2015Q1 2015$0.10$0.05($0.05)$0.05$2.33 billion$2.25 billion
2/18/2015Q4 2014$0.12$0.15+$0.03$2.75$2.51 billion$2.51 billion
2/18/2015Q115$0.09$0.05($0.04)$2.75$2.48 billion$2.25 billion
2/9/2015Q4$0.78$0.53($0.25)$0.53$302.00 million$226.30 million
11/6/2014Q413$0.76$0.62($0.14)$0.62$288.02 million$283.23 million
10/29/2014Q314$0.16$0.19+$0.03$0.27$2.47 billion$2.60 billion  
10/29/2014Q3 2014$0.16$0.19+$0.03$0.27$2.48 billion$2.60 billion
8/7/2014Q2$0.79$0.56($0.23)$0.56$288.74 million$294.90 million
7/30/2014Q214$0.14$0.14$0.51$133.95 million$2.43 billion
7/30/2014Q2 2014$0.14$0.14$0.51$2.42 billion$2.43 billion
5/8/2014Q1 2014$0.68$0.79+$0.11$0.79$284.35 million
4/30/2014Q114$0.19$0.20+$0.01$0.32$2.60 billion$2.60 billion  
4/30/2014Q1 2014$0.19$0.20+$0.01$0.32$2.64 billion$2.63 billion
2/13/2014Q4 2013$0.42$0.37($0.05)$3.35$2.82 billion$2.93 billion
2/13/2014Q4 2013$0.42$0.37($0.05)$3.35$2.90 billion$2.93 billion
2/3/2014Q4 2013$0.72$0.87+$0.15$0.87$305.70 million$291.79 million  
11/7/2013Q3 2013$0.55$0.88+$0.33$0.88$489.90 million$353.70 million
10/31/2013Q3 2013$0.50$0.58+$0.08$0.99$2.94 billion$2.99 billion
8/7/2013Q2 2013$0.47$0.50+$0.03$0.50$456.20 million$233.20 million
8/1/2013Q2 2013$0.56$0.66+$0.10$9.87$3.09 billion$3.20 billion  
5/2/2013Q1 2013$1.06$0.75($0.31)$0.75$344.80 million$309.04 million  
4/24/2013Q1 2013$0.86$0.92+$0.06$0.99$3.73 billion$3.44 billion  
4/24/2013Q1 2013$0.86$0.92+$0.06$0.99$3.65 billion$3.44 billion
2/14/2013Q412$1.06$1.11+$0.05$3.90 billion$4.19 billion
2/4/2013Q412$1.32$1.32$428.60 million$381.60 million  
11/7/2012Q312$1.44$1.12($0.32)$379.13 million$319.90 million
11/1/2012Q312$0.99$0.85($0.14)$3.61 billion$3.44 billion
8/4/2011Q2 2011$0.81$1.22+$0.41$1.22
5/5/2011Q1 2011$0.54$0.45($0.09)$0.45
2/7/2011Q4 2010$0.56$0.29($0.27)$0.29
11/9/2010Q3 2010$0.32$0.26($0.06)$0.26
10/28/2010Q3 2010$0.75$0.83+$0.08$0.82
8/19/2010Q2 2010$0.27$0.38+$0.11$0.38
7/29/2010Q2 2010$0.72$0.76+$0.04$0.73
5/21/2010Q1 2010$0.25$0.21($0.04)$0.21
4/28/2010Q1 2010$0.63$0.74+$0.11$0.72
2/18/2010Q4 2009$0.57$0.61+$0.04$1.01
2/8/2010Q4 2009$0.22$0.35+$0.13$0.35
11/12/2009Q3 2009$0.22$0.14($0.08)$0.14
10/29/2009Q3 2009$0.47$0.54+$0.07$7.15
7/30/2009Q2 2009$0.37$0.49+$0.12$0.42
7/27/2009Q2 2009$0.24$0.19($0.05)$0.19
5/7/2009Q1 2009$0.14+$0.14$0.14
4/29/2009Q1 2009$0.38$0.34($0.04)$0.26
2/20/2009Q4 2008$0.30$0.32+$0.02$1.17
10/30/2008Q3 2008$0.51$0.40($0.11)$0.51
10/16/2008Q3 2008$0.27$0.52+$0.25$0.52
7/31/2008Q2 2008$0.20$0.24+$0.04$0.24
7/31/2008Q2 2008$0.56$0.55($0.01)$0.55
5/6/2008Q1 2008$0.58$0.62+$0.04$0.65
2/21/2008Q4 2007$0.54$0.57+$0.03$0.52
2/4/2008Q4 2007$0.28$0.19($0.09)$0.19

Barrick Gold Earnings - Frequently Asked Questions

When is Barrick Gold's earnings date?

Barrick Gold has not confirmed its next earnings publication date, but the company's estimated earnings date is Monday, August 8th, 2022 based off last year's report dates. Learn more on GOLD's earnings history.

Did Barrick Gold beat their earnings estimates last quarter?

In the previous quarter, Barrick Gold (NYSE:GOLD) reported $0.26 earnings per share (EPS) to beat the analysts' consensus estimate of $0.23 by $0.03. Learn more on analysts' earnings estimate vs. GOLD's actual earnings.

How can I listen to Barrick Gold's earnings conference call?

The conference call for Barrick Gold's latest earnings report can be listened to online. Listen to Conference Call

How can I read Barrick Gold's conference call transcript?

The conference call transcript for Barrick Gold's latest earnings report can be read online. Read Transcript

How much revenue does Barrick Gold generate each year?

Barrick Gold (NYSE:GOLD) has a recorded annual revenue of $11.99 billion.

How much profit does Barrick Gold generate each year?

Barrick Gold (NYSE:GOLD) has a recorded net income of $2.02 billion. GOLD has generated $1.14 earnings per share over the last four quarters.

What is Barrick Gold's price-to-earnings ratio?

Barrick Gold (NYSE:GOLD) has a trailing price-to-earnings ratio of 16.47 and a forward price-to-earnings ratio of 16.33. The price/earnings-to-growth ratio is 10.52.

What is Barrick Gold's EPS forecast for next year?

Barrick Gold's earnings are expected to grow from $1.15 per share to $1.32 per share in the next year, which is a 14.78% increase.

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