Unilever (UL) Institutional Ownership

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(As of 04/24/2024 ET)

Institutional Ownership Changes (13F Filings) for Unilever (NYSE:UL)

Institutional Ownership
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Institutional Buyers
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UL Institutional Buying and Selling by Quarter

Unilever Major Shareholders & Ownership History

Reporting DateMajor Shareholder NameShares HeldMarket Value% of PortfolioQuarterly Change in SharesOwnership in CompanyDetails
4/24/2024Dakota Wealth Management59,799$3.00M0.1%-3.4%0.002%
4/24/2024Simplicity Wealth LLC43,963$2.21M0.1%N/A0.002%
4/24/2024Spire Wealth Management21,666$1.09M0.0%+15.7%0.001%
4/24/2024First Pacific Financial17,842$896K0.3%+3.5%0.001%
4/24/2024Essex Financial Services Inc.14,635$735K0.1%-6.0%0.001%
4/24/2024Bar Harbor Wealth Management50,107$2.52M0.2%-0.5%0.002%
4/23/2024 Bell Bank44,225$2.22M0.2%+4.9%0.002%
4/23/2024 BSW Wealth Partners7,507$377K0.1%+13.9%0.000%
4/23/2024 Sky Investment Group LLC10,424$523K0.1%-2.5%0.000%
4/23/2024 Absher Wealth Management LLC5,133$258K0.0%+5.9%0.000%
4/23/2024 Global Retirement Partners LLC12,214$613K0.0%-2.4%0.000%
4/23/2024 Sage Mountain Advisors LLC7,225$363K0.0%N/A0.000%
4/23/2024 Live Oak Private Wealth LLC121,854$6.12M1.1%-0.9%0.005%
4/23/2024 Hall Laurie J Trustee54,583$2.74M1.0%-2.5%0.002%
4/23/2024 Fifth Third Bancorp17,231$865K0.0%-6.3%0.001%
4/23/2024 Summit Trail Advisors LLC5,715$287K0.0%+9.5%0.000%
4/23/2024 Regatta Capital Group LLC36,135$1.81M0.4%+1.8%0.001%
4/23/2024 Stablepoint Partners LLC89,871$4.51M0.9%+9.3%0.004%
4/23/2024 Loring Wolcott & Coolidge Fiduciary Advisors LLP MA49,216$2.37M0.0%-13.5%0.002%
4/23/2024 Hanson & Doremus Investment Management17,375$872K0.1%+5.4%0.001%
4/23/2024 Raymond James Financial Services Advisors Inc.306,375$15.38M0.0%-7.5%0.012%
4/23/2024 Stonegate Investment Group LLC4,065$204K0.0%N/A0.000%
4/23/2024 Sapient Capital LLC12,018$603K0.0%-25.7%0.000%
4/22/2024 Nicholas Hoffman & Company LLC.41,105$2.06M0.1%+42.1%0.002%
4/22/2024 Byrne Asset Management LLC8,300$417K0.3%-17.0%0.000%
4/22/2024 Nilsine Partners LLC5,531$278K0.0%+33.1%0.000%
4/22/2024 HF Advisory Group LLC13,352$670K0.4%+37.5%0.001%
4/22/2024 PFG Investments LLC10,572$531K0.0%+36.8%0.000%
4/22/2024 Parsons Capital Management Inc. RI8,369$420K0.0%-10.7%0.000%
4/22/2024 Drive Wealth Management LLC6,013$302K0.1%-20.9%0.000%
4/22/2024 QV Investors Inc.316,024$15.86M1.4%-0.8%0.013%
4/22/2024 Raymond James & Associates2,769,807$139.02M0.1%+4.3%0.111%
4/20/2024 Cohen Investment Advisors LLC7,600$381K0.2%-2.8%0.000%
4/20/2024 Mezzasalma Advisors LLC5,945$298K0.1%N/A0.000%
4/19/2024 Everett Harris & Co. CA1,687,310$84.69M1.1%-0.4%0.067%
4/19/2024 Retirement Guys Formula LLC12,611$633K0.3%+32.9%0.001%
4/19/2024 Powers Advisory Group LLC9,683$486K0.3%-6.0%0.000%
4/19/2024 First Trust Direct Indexing L.P.52,745$2.65M0.2%-7.9%0.002%
4/19/2024 Fluent Financial LLC13,965$701K0.4%-38.2%0.001%
4/19/2024 DMC Group LLC13,059$655K0.6%-11.3%0.001%
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4/19/2024 Abundance Wealth Counselors18,788$943K0.2%+18.4%0.001%
4/19/2024 Norden Group LLC399,124$20.03M0.2%+2,103.6%0.016%
4/19/2024 Arvest Investments Inc.39,351$1.98M0.3%-14.4%0.002%
4/19/2024 Red Tortoise LLC512$26K0.0%N/A0.000%
4/19/2024 Valeo Financial Advisors LLC19,325$970K0.0%-20.8%0.001%
4/19/2024 Carret Asset Management LLC4,044$203K0.0%N/A0.000%
4/19/2024 Azzad Asset Management Inc. ADV59,970$3.01M0.4%+2.4%0.002%
4/18/2024 SeaCrest Wealth Management LLC5,619$282K0.0%-60.9%0.000%
4/18/2024 Naviter Wealth LLC56,499$2.84M0.5%+36.5%0.002%
4/18/2024 InTrack Investment Management Inc27,952$1.40M1.0%+95.2%0.001%
4/18/2024 Buffington Mohr McNeal27,215$1.37M0.2%+1.3%0.001%
4/18/2024 tru Independence LLC103,887$5.21M1.5%-1.3%0.004%
4/18/2024 Allspring Global Investments Holdings LLC969,267$48.65M0.1%+27.2%0.039%
4/18/2024 Hexagon Capital Partners LLC5,120$257K0.1%+50.2%0.000%
4/18/2024 Park Place Capital Corp7,759$389K0.1%-28.6%0.000%
4/18/2024 BKM Wealth Management LLC13,705$688K0.3%+42.9%0.001%
4/18/2024 Diversified Trust Co5,754$289K0.0%+23.3%0.000%
4/18/2024 Aviance Capital Partners LLC37,960$1.91M0.3%N/A0.002%
4/18/2024 Barry Investment Advisors LLC115,168$5.78M1.9%+0.2%0.005%
4/18/2024 Breakwater Capital Group7,065$355K0.1%+7.6%0.000%
4/18/2024 Optas LLC5,389$270K0.1%+8.8%0.000%
4/17/2024 Sandy Cove Advisors LLC10,720$538K0.2%+5.3%0.000%
4/17/2024 Cornerstone Wealth Group LLC6,722$337K0.0%N/A0.000%
4/17/2024 Founders Financial Securities LLC18,613$934K0.1%-30.2%0.001%
4/17/2024 Symphony Financial Ltd. Co.4,895$246K0.1%-10.7%0.000%
4/17/2024 First Bank & Trust27,965$1.40M0.3%-14.1%0.001%
4/17/2024 Saratoga Research & Investment Management2,744,882$137.77M6.3%+19.0%0.110%
4/17/2024 Griffin Asset Management Inc.21,930$1.10M0.1%-1.7%0.001%
4/16/2024 Independence Bank of Kentucky2,985$150K0.0%-9.1%0.000%
4/16/2024 Financial Management Professionals Inc.610$31K0.0%+75.8%0.000%
4/16/2024 Tevis Investment Management78,688$3.95M3.4%+14.2%0.003%
4/16/2024 Courier Capital LLC64,219$3.22M0.2%-2.1%0.003%
4/16/2024 Hennessy Advisors Inc.107,000$5.37M0.2%+14.1%0.004%
4/16/2024 Scharf Investments LLC2,542,872$127.63M3.5%-1.7%0.101%
4/16/2024 Wealth Enhancement Advisory Services LLC93,298$4.68M0.0%-5.3%0.004%
4/16/2024 Cardinal Capital Management38,068$1.91M0.3%+11.1%0.002%
4/16/2024 Franklin Street Advisors Inc. NC5,123$257K0.0%N/A0.000%
4/15/2024 GoalVest Advisory LLC19,255$966K0.3%+7.5%0.001%
4/15/2024 Chemistry Wealth Management LLC9,541$479K0.1%-10.5%0.000%
4/15/2024 Sound Income Strategies LLC171,570$8.61M0.6%+7.6%0.007%
4/13/2024 Columbus Macro LLC28,900$1.45M0.5%-5.2%0.001%
4/12/2024 Dynamic Advisor Solutions LLC72,623$3.65M0.1%+5.2%0.003%
4/12/2024 Gilman Hill Asset Management LLC60,737$3.05M0.5%+7.8%0.002%
4/12/2024 Riverview Trust Co3,849$193K0.1%-13.9%0.000%
4/12/2024 Salvus Wealth Management LLC16,275$817K0.6%+20.0%0.001%
4/12/2024 Ignite Planners LLC9,382$468K0.1%-13.3%0.000%
4/12/2024 Pacifica Partners Inc.34,295$1.70M0.8%-0.9%0.001%
4/12/2024 Global Assets Advisory LLC65,990$3.31M0.0%N/A0.003%
4/12/2024 Range Financial Group LLC10,409$522K0.3%+15.2%0.000%
4/12/2024 Northwest Investment Counselors LLC36,788$1.85M0.4%-4.7%0.001%
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4/11/2024 Opal Wealth Advisors LLC3,265$164K0.1%N/A0.000%
4/11/2024 Radnor Capital Management LLC19,941$1.00M0.2%-8.8%0.001%
4/11/2024 Salem Investment Counselors Inc.1,517$76K0.0%-46.1%0.000%
4/11/2024 Douglas Lane & Associates LLC7,854$394K0.0%-20.1%0.000%
4/11/2024 &PARTNERS7,115$362K0.0%N/A0.000%
4/11/2024 Matthew Goff Investment Advisor LLC172,700$8.67M1.8%+3.6%0.007%
4/11/2024 Hummer Financial Advisory Services Inc5,394$271K0.2%-13.7%0.000%
4/11/2024 Private Harbour Investment Management & Counsel LLC28,354$1.42M1.5%-2.1%0.001%
4/11/2024 Rockland Trust Co.178,047$8.94M0.5%+2.2%0.007%
4/11/2024 First Affirmative Financial Network16,709$839K0.6%+2.1%0.001%
(Data available from 1/1/2016 forward)

UL Institutional Ownership - Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the largest shareholders of UL shares?

During the previous two years, 1,136 institutional investors and hedge funds held shares of Unilever. The most heavily invested institutionals were Wellington Management Group LLP ($1.67B), BlackRock Inc. ($987.44M), Bank of America Corp DE ($542.24M), Fisher Asset Management LLC ($525.05M), Pendal Group Ltd ($508.64M), Morgan Stanley ($438.11M), and FMR LLC ($422.29M).Learn more on UL's institutional investors.

What percentage of Unilever stock is owned by institutional investors?

9.67% of Unilever stock is owned by institutional investors. Learn more on UL's institutional investor holdings.

Which institutional investors have been buying Unilever stock?

Of the 952 institutional investors that purchased Unilever stock in the last 24 months, the following investors and hedge funds have bought the highest volume of shares: Fisher Asset Management LLC ($6.36M), Envestnet Asset Management Inc. ($4.88M), Pendal Group Ltd ($4.62M), Wellington Management Group LLP ($4.23M), Norges Bank ($3.12M), Hamlin Capital Management LLC ($2.37M), and Federated Hermes Inc. ($2.23M).

How much institutional buying is happening at Unilever?

Institutional investors have bought a total of 80,000,187 shares in the last 24 months. This purchase volume represents approximately $3.88B in transactions.

Which Unilever major shareholders have been selling company stock?

Of the 765 institutional investors that sold Unilever stock in the last 24 months, the following investors and hedge funds have sold the highest volume of shares: Gardner Russo & Quinn LLC ($4.25M), Envestnet Asset Management Inc. ($3.97M), Capital International Investors ($3.04M), Cullen Capital Management LLC ($2.42M), Lazard Asset Management LLC ($2.40M), River Road Asset Management LLC ($2.03M), and Harding Loevner LP ($1.91M).

How much institutional selling is happening at Unilever?

Institutional investors have sold a total of 57,354,941 shares in the last 24 months. This volume of shares sold represents approximately $2.79B in transactions.

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