Completed Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

An initial coin offering (ICO) is a popular fundraising method for cryptocurrency projects that involves creating a new cryptocurrency or crypto-token and trading the newly-minted tokens or coins for established cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. Learn more.

TitleStart DateEnd DateDays RemainingDescription
 TenX logo   TenX (TENX)6/24/20176/25/2017-813Making Digital Currencies Spendable Anytime Anywhere
 0x logo   0x (ZRX)8/15/20178/16/2017-761The protocol for trading tokens
 Agrello logo   Agrello (TBA)7/16/20178/17/2017-760Legally binding smart contracts powered AI
 Rex logo   Rex (REX)7/31/20178/31/2017-746Real Estate Revolution
 Snapup logo   Snapup (SNP)8/28/20179/4/2017-742Disrupt the way you buy premium products
 Arena logo   Arena (ARNA)8/18/20179/4/2017-742eSports Cryptocurrency Speculation Ecosystem
 COSS logo   COSS (COSS)8/8/20179/6/2017-740Crypto-one-stop-solution made easy
 Viberate logo   Viberate (VIB)9/5/20179/6/2017-740crowdsourced live music ecosystem marketplace matching musicians with event organizers
 Hubii Network logo   Hubii Network (HBT)8/24/20179/7/2017-739A Blockchain-based Decentralised Content Marketplace
 Indorse logo   Indorse (IND)8/8/20179/8/2017-738Decentralized professional network
 The Opakeco Foundation logo   The Opakeco Foundation (KRM)9/1/20179/8/2017-738Bringing transparency and Accountability to Humanitarian Causes
 Rivetz logo   Rivetz (RvT)8/10/20179/10/2017-736Decentralised and Mobile Cyber-Security Token
 Prospectors logo   Prospectors (PGL)8/10/20179/10/2017-736Massive multiplayer online real time economic strategy
 Ahoolee logo   Ahoolee (AHT)8/28/20179/11/2017-735Search engine for products
 Veredictum logo   Veredictum (VENT)8/14/20179/11/2017-735Decentralised anti-piracy and content distribution platform
 StuffGoGo logo   StuffGoGo (SGG)8/12/20179/11/2017-735Peer-to-peer Mobile Marketplace
 Aventus logo   Aventus (AVT)9/6/20179/12/2017-734A global standard for a more fair, secure and transparent ticketing industry
 DentalFix logo   DentalFix (DFBT)8/13/20179/13/2017-733Blockchain solution for healthcare
 Propy logo   Propy (PRO)8/15/20179/15/2017-731Global property Store with Decentralized Title Registry
 Smart Investment Fund Token logo   Smart Investment Fund Token (SIFT)8/1/20179/15/2017-731Blockchain asset trading fund
 BitDice logo   BitDice (CSNO)8/15/20179/15/2017-731Crowdfunded Crypto Casino
 EQUI logo   EQUI (EQ)8/15/20179/15/2017-731Decentralize everything
 ICOS logo   ICOS (ICOS)8/15/20179/15/2017-731ICO community voting platform
 KICKICO logo   KICKICO (KC)8/29/20179/16/2017-730Fundraising platform for various projects including the business sphere
 Mill of Blood logo   Mill of Blood (TEIOS)7/1/20179/16/2017-730Decentralized financial solution that solves the regulatory challenges of data privacy
 Kyber.Network logo   Kyber.Network (KNC)9/15/20179/17/2017-729decentralized exchange
 Intelligent Trading Technologies logo   Intelligent Trading Technologies (ITT)8/18/20179/17/2017-729AI-enabled crypto market predictors
 Umbrella Coin logo   Umbrella Coin (UMC)8/20/20179/20/2017-726Insurance platform
 Enigma Catalyst logo   Enigma Catalyst (ECAT)9/11/20179/21/2017-725The data-driven crypto investment platform
 Kencoin logo   Kencoin (KCN)8/22/20179/22/2017-724Targeting the adult entertainment sector
 BBOD logo   BBOD (BBD)9/22/20179/24/2017-722Autonomous decentralized derivatives trading platform
 Red Pulse logo   Red Pulse (RPX)9/10/20179/24/2017-722Research content platform
 Kin logo   Kin (KIN)9/12/20179/26/2017-720A decentralized ecosystem of digital services for daily life
 easyMine logo   easyMine (EMT)8/24/20179/27/2017-719Cryptocoin mining made simple
 Internxt logo   Internxt (INXT)9/7/20179/28/2017-718A new internet
 Integrative Wallet Token logo   Integrative Wallet Token (IWT)8/31/20179/28/2017-718Integrate all your holdings in one place
 Reality Clash logo   Reality Clash (RCC)8/29/20179/29/2017-717Augmented reality combat game
 Xaurum Gamma logo   Xaurum Gamma (XGM)8/1/20179/29/2017-717Crypto smart-street comonwealth
 Oren logo   Oren (OREN)9/15/20179/30/2017-716Complete decentralized gaming solution
 Monetha logo   Monetha (MTH)8/31/20179/30/2017-716Efficient payment solution Empowered by the Ethereum blockchain.
 Just Dating Site logo   Just Dating Site (JDC)8/15/20179/30/2017-716A platform that connects people
 REAL logo   REAL (REAL)8/31/20179/30/2017-716Purchasing Real Estate Participations (RPP) platform
 Avalon logo   Avalon (AVA)8/25/20179/30/2017-716A Membership Platform
 Gimli logo   Gimli (GIM)9/16/201710/1/2017-715Real-time live games betting platform
 Stable logo   Stable (STB)9/3/201710/1/2017-715Stablizing digital tokens universe
 Oxycoin logo   Oxycoin (OXY)9/1/201710/1/2017-715The easiest way to buy cryptocurrencies with fiat
 HelloGold logo   HelloGold (HGT)8/28/201710/2/2017-714Buy & sell gold everywhere
 Centra Tech logo   Centra Tech (CTR)9/19/201710/5/2017-711Creating a world connected to cryptocurrency
 Maecenas logo   Maecenas (ART)9/7/201710/5/2017-711The decentralised Art gallery
 BeOne logo   BeOne (B1)9/7/201710/7/2017-709Decentralized online education platform
 REcoin logo   REcoin (REC)8/7/201710/9/2017-707Cryptocurrency backed by real estate
 LAToken logo   LAToken (LAT)8/22/201710/10/2017-706Asset tokenization and trading platform
 AirSwap logo   AirSwap (AST)10/10/201710/11/2017-705The Ethereum token trading platform
 DomRaider logo   DomRaider (DRT)9/12/201710/11/2017-705Decentralized Blockchain Auctions in Real-Time
 ICON logo   ICON (ICX)9/20/201710/12/2017-704Hyperconnect the World
 Blackmoon Crypto logo   Blackmoon Crypto (BMC)9/12/201710/12/2017-704Framework for tokenized funds to deliver investment opportunities
 Cindicator logo   Cindicator (CND)9/12/201710/12/2017-704Hybrid Intelligence for Effective Asset Management
 Anryze logo   Anryze (RYZ)9/12/201710/12/2017-704Distributed Computing Network for Speech Recognition
 Ties Network logo   Ties Network (TIE)9/21/201710/12/2017-704Business platform for frictionless collaboration logo (NRN)9/28/201710/12/2017-704AI-powered platform for on-demand quantified biology
 Streamr logo   Streamr (DATA)10/6/201710/13/2017-703Unstoppable Data for Unstoppable Apps
 Hash Rush logo   Hash Rush (RC)9/13/201710/13/2017-703Hash powered strategy game
 bitJob logo   bitJob (STU)9/12/201710/13/2017-703Decentralized marketplace for student employment
 Matryx logo   Matryx (MTX)9/13/201710/15/2017-701A decentralized collaboration platform
 REGA Risk Sharing logo   REGA Risk Sharing (RST)10/15/201710/15/2017-701The World's First Crowdsurance Platform On Blockchain
 Paragon logo   Paragon (PRG)9/15/201710/15/2017-701Decentralized legalize autonomous org
 IMMLA logo   IMMLA (IML)9/15/201710/15/2017-701International MultiModal Logistic Application
 BitAir logo   BitAir (BTCA)8/30/201710/16/2017-700Payment solutions for the Travel Industry
 Lescoin logo   Lescoin (LSC)9/18/201710/17/2017-699The first crypto-currency secured by wood
 DOVU logo   DOVU (DOV)10/3/201710/17/2017-699Blockchain Powered Mobility
 Intellium logo   Intellium (INTL)8/20/201710/20/2017-696Cryptocurrency backed investment R&D platform
 SynchroLife logo   SynchroLife (SYC)9/22/201710/20/2017-696Decentralized Restaurant Recommendation Platform
 XRONOS logo   XRONOS (XPO)9/21/201710/21/2017-695Cryptocurrency aggregator
 ARToken logo   ARToken (AR)10/25/201710/22/2017-694Decentralized AR/VR ecosystem for 3D content exchange
 Ambrosus logo   Ambrosus (AMB)9/13/201710/22/2017-694Trusted Quality of Food & Medicine
 Cryptogene logo   Cryptogene (CGT)9/24/201710/24/2017-692Blockchain solutions for African countries
 Swarm Fund logo   Swarm Fund (SWARM)10/21/201710/27/2017-689Cooperative Ownership Platform for Real Assets
 Snip logo   Snip (TM-SNP)9/29/201710/28/2017-688The Future of News on the Blockchain
 Bugu logo   Bugu (BGT)9/28/201710/28/2017-688Community based digital asset valuation platform
 Chex logo   Chex (CHX)7/21/201710/29/2017-687Commodity & Holding Exchange Platform, currently powering the Cannabis industry
 EtherParty logo   EtherParty (FUEL)10/1/201710/29/2017-687A Smart Contract Creator
 Aeron logo   Aeron (ARN)9/19/201710/30/2017-686Blockchain solutions for aviation safety
 BurstIQ logo   BurstIQ (BIQ)9/19/201710/30/2017-686Platform and marketplace for securely sharing health data
 Cryptopay logo   Cryptopay (CPAY)9/25/201710/30/2017-686Central entry pointto a decentralised world
 Horizon State logo   Horizon State (HST)10/16/201710/30/2017-686The future of voting and collaborative decision making
 FundCoin logo   FundCoin (FNDC)9/30/201710/30/2017-686Private equity token
 Atlant logo   Atlant (ATL)9/7/201710/31/2017-685World's Real Estate Blockchain Platform
 Dentacoin logo   Dentacoin (DCN)10/1/201710/31/2017-685The blockchain solution for the global dental industry
 Soferox logo   Soferox (SFX)9/1/201710/31/2017-685Twin Blockchain and Proof of Pact
 REALT logo   REALT (RLT)9/7/201710/31/2017-685World marketplace for real estate rentals,listings, and advertising
 Robot Vera logo   Robot Vera (VERA)10/1/201710/31/2017-685A AI robot-recruiter
 Wolk logo   Wolk (WOLK)9/18/201710/31/2017-685Decentralized database services
 Hazza logo   Hazza (HAZ)10/3/201710/31/2017-685The Global Unified Payment Network
 DisLedger logo   DisLedger (DCL)9/1/201710/31/2017-685Distributed concurrence ledger
 Enjin Coin logo   Enjin Coin (ENJ)10/3/201710/31/2017-685Smart Cryptocurrency for Gaming
 Electroneum logo   Electroneum (ETN)9/14/201710/31/2017-685The Mobile Cryptocurrency
 TokenStars logo   TokenStars (ACE)8/31/201710/31/2017-685Tokenizing celebrities
 HireMatch logo   HireMatch (HIRE)10/1/201710/31/2017-685Decentralized blockchain-based employment marketplace
 Kings Distributed Systems logo   Kings Distributed Systems (SPARC)10/1/201710/31/2017-685A Distributed Supercomputer
 Blockchain Board of Derivatives logo   Blockchain Board of Derivatives (BBD)10/1/201711/1/2017-684Autonomous, decentralized cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform
 SRG logo   SRG (SRG)10/4/201711/1/2017-684International loyalty program of online games
 CarTaxi logo   CarTaxi (CTX)8/30/201711/1/2017-684World's operating car towing platform on blockchain
 Rosecode logo   Rosecode (ROSECOIN)10/4/201711/2/2017-683An interactive cyberpunk thriller
 Dragonchain logo   Dragonchain (DRGN)10/2/201711/2/2017-683A turnkey blockchain platform for business
 SelfPay logo   SelfPay (SXP)10/4/201711/3/2017-682Bridging the gap between traditional payments and cryptocurrency
 OpenMoney logo   OpenMoney (OPEN)10/7/201711/4/2017-681Bridging mainstream software to the blockchain
 Ignis logo   Ignis (JLRDA)8/5/201711/4/2017-681Child Chain on Ardor Blockchain logo (TKT)10/5/201711/5/2017-680Blockchain platform for ticket systems and event organisers
 Ripio Credit Network logo   Ripio Credit Network (RCN)10/17/201711/5/2017-680Global credit network based on co-signed smart contracts
 Pylon Network logo   Pylon Network (PYLNT)9/25/201711/5/2017-680Decentralized energy exchange platform powered by renewable energy
 Raiden Network logo   Raiden Network (RDN)10/18/201711/5/2017-680Off-chain transfer network for Ethereum ERC20 tokens
 1World Online logo   1World Online (1WO)10/5/201711/6/2017-679A decentralized ecosystem for online engagement and services
 SENSE logo   SENSE (SENSE)10/23/201711/6/2017-679Marketplace for peer to peer conversations
 Comsa logo   Comsa (COMSA)10/2/201711/6/2017-679For centralized business to adopt blockchain technologies
 Wishfinance logo   Wishfinance (WISH)11/6/201711/7/2017-678Blockchain Platform as a Service for small business lending
 QASH logo   QASH (QASH)11/6/201711/8/2017-677Providing LIQUIDITY to the Non-Liquid Crypto Economy
 Utrust logo   Utrust (UTK)11/2/201711/8/2017-677The future of online payments
 Science Blockchain logo   Science Blockchain (SCI)10/9/201711/9/2017-676Blockchain startup incubator
 STRIM Network logo   STRIM Network (STR)10/5/201711/10/2017-675Live P2P Video Streaming and Sensor Mining
 UQUID Eco System logo   UQUID Eco System (UQC)10/2/201711/10/2017-675All-in-one solution for cryptocurrency holders
 KUBERA logo   KUBERA (KBR)10/30/201711/10/2017-675Innovative p2p gaming platform powered by Ethereum blockchain
 BitBoost logo   BitBoost (BBT)10/10/201711/10/2017-675Decentralized marketplace for e-commerce
 Goldmint logo   Goldmint (MNTP)9/20/201711/10/2017-675Blockchain based platform which operates gold-backed cryptoassets GOLD
 Qvolta logo   Qvolta (QVT)10/10/201711/10/2017-675P2P cryptocurrency-fiat exchange
 Redemption Technologies logo   Redemption Technologies (BUZZ)10/11/201711/11/2017-674Anonymous open source e-commerce marketplace platform
 VALUS logo   VALUS (VLS)10/13/201711/13/2017-672Connection between Trademarks, Retailers and Customers
 Worldcore logo   Worldcore (WRC)10/14/201711/14/2017-671Award-winning EU payment service evaluated by EY
 Genesis Vision logo   Genesis Vision (GVT)10/15/201711/15/2017-670Platform for the private trust management market
 MakeItViral logo   MakeItViral (MIV)7/18/201711/15/2017-670Video sharing platform
 PayPie logo   PayPie (PPP)10/15/201711/15/2017-670Credit Risk Assessment Based on Blockchain Accounting
 Javvy Crypto Solution logo   Javvy Crypto Solution (JVY)11/1/201711/15/2017-670Ultimate Cryptocurrency Exchange & Wallet
 Crederoom logo   Crederoom (CDRT)10/16/201711/15/2017-670Modern lending company using facebook and google-like analytics for lending business
 Eloplay logo   Eloplay (ELT)10/16/201711/15/2017-670Connects blockchain to eSports
 ErosCoin logo   ErosCoin (ERO)10/11/201711/15/2017-670An open source solution for blockchain payment industries
 Viuly logo   Viuly (VIU)11/1/201711/15/2017-670Decentralized video sharing platform
 Soma logo   Soma (SCT)9/26/201711/15/2017-670Decentralized marketplace logo (BBT)5/9/201811/15/2017-670Stock trading on the blockchain
 Privatix logo   Privatix (PRIXY)10/19/201711/16/2017-669Decentralized autonomous P2P VPN network on blockchain
 B2BX logo   B2BX (B2BX)10/2/201711/17/2017-668Provider of Cryptocurrency Liquidity
 PallyCoin logo   PallyCoin (PAL)10/15/201711/17/2017-668Decentralised Social Travel
 TraderStars Token logo   TraderStars Token (TRS)11/15/201711/17/2017-668The first licensed financial skills tournament platform powered by Blockchain
 Micromoney logo   Micromoney (AMM)10/18/201711/18/2017-667First blockchain credit bureau
 Cash Poker Pro logo   Cash Poker Pro (CASH)10/26/201711/18/2017-667Decentralized poker room
 Blockstack logo   Blockstack (STX)11/13/201711/20/2017-665A New Internet for Decentralized Applications
 MediBond logo   MediBond (MEDI)10/20/201711/20/2017-665Advancing & enhancing the healthcare experience
 Zap logo   Zap (ZAP)10/21/201711/20/2017-665Connecngsmart contracts to the off-chain world
 Wandx logo   Wandx (WAND)10/22/201711/22/2017-663ERC20 Token Products Using Smart Contracts
 Confideal logo   Confideal (CDL)11/2/201711/22/2017-663A smart contract platform
 Divi project logo   Divi project (DIVI)10/27/201711/23/2017-662Crypto Made Easy: The First User-Friendly Cryptocurrency
 Flixxo logo   Flixxo (FLIXX)10/24/201711/23/2017-662Community based video distribution
 Mercury Protocol logo   Mercury Protocol (GMT)10/25/201711/24/2017-661Communication Platforms Built on the Ethereum Blockchain
 Starbase logo   Starbase (STAR)11/9/201711/24/2017-661Blockchain token based crowdfunding and sourcing platform
 Ankorus logo   Ankorus (ANK)11/25/201711/25/2017-660Blockchain asset-backed tokens
 Nitro logo   Nitro (NOX)12/1/201711/26/2017-659Blockchain to democratise the utility of video-games economy
 Bonpay logo   Bonpay (BON)10/31/201711/28/2017-657Global blockchain solution for financial freedom
 Universa logo   Universa (UTN)10/28/201711/28/2017-657Simple, fast and reliable blockchain protocol
 Tokenbox logo   Tokenbox (TBX)11/14/201711/28/2017-657Ecosystem for crypto investors, funds and traders
 DMarket logo   DMarket (DMT)11/14/201711/28/2017-657Global marketplace based on blockchain and smart contracts
 Wabi logo   Wabi (WABI)11/28/201711/29/2017-656Digital token backed by safe products in China
 Worldwide Asset eXchange logo   Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX)11/15/201711/29/2017-656Global Decentralized Marketplace for Video Game Virtual Assets
 Datum Network logo   Datum Network (DAT)10/29/201711/29/2017-656Global data exchange by turning data into tradeable commodities
 Crowdstart Capital logo   Crowdstart Capital (XSC)11/29/201711/29/2017-656Blockchain technology accelerator
 Solar DAO logo   Solar DAO (SDAO)7/27/201711/30/2017-655PV Solar Plants Construction through Crowdfunding
 SmartOne logo   SmartOne (LGL)11/15/201711/30/2017-655Legal solutions for the crypto community
 Presearch logo   Presearch (PST)7/25/201711/30/2017-655Decentralized search engine
 Paycent logo   Paycent (PYN)11/2/201711/30/2017-655Bridging the gap between Fiat and Cryptocurrency
 Payfair logo   Payfair (PFR)11/1/201711/30/2017-655A decentralized escrow platform based on Ethereum
 Lionscoin logo   Lionscoin (LIC)11/11/201711/30/2017-655Your smart banking service
 Crypto20 logo   Crypto20 (C20)10/16/201711/30/2017-655The First Tokenized Cryptocurrency Index Fund
 Esports logo   Esports (ERT)11/1/201711/30/2017-655The Home of Esports
 iBuildApp Network logo   iBuildApp Network (IBA)10/18/201711/30/2017-655Mobile Blockchain Advertising Platform
 Snovio logo   Snovio (SNOV)10/31/201711/30/2017-655Decentralized lead generation
 LockChain logo   LockChain (LOC)10/29/201711/30/2017-655Hotel Booking & Vacation Rental Marketplace With 0% Commissions
 Hacken logo   Hacken (HKN)10/31/201711/30/2017-655Decentralized Ecosystem for Cybersecurity Professionals based on Ethereum
 CopPay logo   CopPay (COP)10/30/201711/30/2017-655Decentralized International Multiсryptocurrency Payment System
 HydroMiner logo   HydroMiner (H3O)10/31/201711/30/2017-655Green crypto mining
 Publica logo   Publica (PBL)11/1/201712/1/2017-654Blockchain revolution for the publishing economy
 Proof Suite logo   Proof Suite (PRFT)11/1/201712/1/2017-654Decentralized Certainty for Investments & Anonymous Participant Accountability logo (PKT)11/1/201712/1/2017-654Decentralized Cloud Gaming Platform
 Crowdholding logo   Crowdholding (YUP)11/1/201712/1/2017-654Decentralized open innovation platform.
 Simple Token logo   Simple Token (ST)11/14/201712/1/2017-654The token to power your business
 Rockchain logo   Rockchain (ROK)11/1/201712/1/2017-654Distributed Data Privacy
 Vezt logo   Vezt (VZT)11/4/201712/1/2017-654Blockchain-secured Music Monetization Platform
 FidentiaX logo   FidentiaX (fdX)11/6/201712/5/2017-650Marketplace for Tradable Insurance Policies
 CyberMiles logo   CyberMiles (CMT)11/21/201712/5/2017-650Empowering the Decentralization of Online Marketplaces
 Cashaa logo   Cashaa (CAS)11/6/201712/5/2017-650Banking Platform for the Billions Worldwide
 Qchain logo   Qchain (EQC)10/24/201712/5/2017-650Marketing & advertising on blockchain technology
 Global Jobcoin logo   Global Jobcoin (GJC)10/28/201712/6/2017-649World's First International Job Platform on Blockchain
 Tokens logo   Tokens (DTR)11/6/201712/6/2017-649Next generation cryptocurrency trading platform
 Storm logo   Storm (STORM)11/7/201712/7/2017-648Gamified micro-task
 Leverj logo   Leverj (LEV)11/7/201712/7/2017-648Decentralized Leveraged Exchange
 Aphelion logo   Aphelion (APH)11/15/201712/7/2017-648A Revolutionary Decentralized P2P Exchange Solution
 Hut34 Project logo   Hut34 Project (ENT)10/2/201712/7/2017-648Shared global superintelligence
 Protos logo   Protos (PRTS)11/7/201712/7/2017-648Cryptocurrency asset management
 BitClave logo   BitClave (CAT)11/8/201712/8/2017-647Decentralized Search Engine
 SportyFi logo   SportyFi (SPF)11/21/201712/8/2017-647Decentralized sports investment & funding ecosystem
 Genaro Network logo   Genaro Network (GNX)11/17/201712/9/2017-646Public chain + decentralized storage network for blockchain applications
 Honestis Network logo   Honestis Network (HNT)12/4/201712/10/2017-645Decentralized Business and Social Media
 Karma logo   Karma (KRMP)11/27/201712/10/2017-645P2P-interchange platform
 Spectre logo   Spectre (SPEC)11/17/201712/10/2017-645Broker-less financial trading platform
 Quantstamp logo   Quantstamp (QSP)11/12/201712/11/2017-644The Protocol for Securing Smart Contracts
 Wala logo   Wala (DALA)12/1/201712/11/2017-644A financial platform
 BitIndia logo   BitIndia (BITINDIA)9/12/201712/11/2017-644Blockchain wallet & crypto exchange of india
 Guts Tickets logo   Guts Tickets (GET)11/15/201712/13/2017-642Smart ticketing solution on the blockchain
 MediBloc logo   MediBloc (MED)11/27/201712/14/2017-641Blockchain based Healthcare Information Ecosystem
 Bloom logo   Bloom (BLT)11/30/201712/14/2017-641Decentralized credit scoring powered by Ethereum and IPFS
 Ammbr logo   Ammbr (AMMBR)11/14/201712/14/2017-641A wireless mesh network built on blockchain
 DreamTeam logo   DreamTeam (DTT)11/11/201712/14/2017-641Esports and gaming recruitment and management network
 Rocket ICO logo   Rocket ICO (ROCK)11/1/201712/15/2017-640Decentralized startup accelerator
 Prosume Energy logo   Prosume Energy (PEF)11/6/201712/15/2017-640Blockchain Based Platform Fostering P2P Energy Exchange
 Aigang logo   Aigang (AIX)11/15/201712/15/2017-640Blockchain protocol for digital insurance
 CROMhub logo   CROMhub (CRO)12/1/201712/15/2017-640Digital marketing tracking and instant settlement platform
 DAO IPCI logo   DAO IPCI (MITO)11/15/201712/15/2017-640Blockchain protocol boosting green finance markets
 Oracles Network logo   Oracles Network (POA)12/1/201712/15/2017-640Ethereum-based public network with PoA consensus
 Naga Group logo   Naga Group (NGC)12/1/201712/15/2017-640Smart cryptocurrency for gaming & stock trading
 injii Access Coin logo   injii Access Coin (IAC)11/20/201712/15/2017-640Connecting content creators with charities on a open sourced broadcast
 Coinlancer logo   Coinlancer (CL)10/14/201712/15/2017-640An Ethereum based platform for freelance community
 Delphi Systems logo   Delphi Systems (PHI)11/1/201712/15/2017-640We are attempting to bring truth into smart contracts
 Earth Token logo   Earth Token (EARTH)11/17/201712/15/2017-640Natural Asset Exchange Marketplace
 Trive logo   Trive (TRV)11/16/201712/15/2017-640Trive kills fake news with crowds and crypto
 UpToken logo   UpToken (UP)10/16/201712/16/2017-639A crypto ATM on every corner
 Nebulas logo   Nebulas (NAS)12/8/201712/16/2017-639Decentralized search framework
 NeuFund logo   NeuFund (NEU)11/17/201712/17/2017-638Community-owned fundraising platform
 Reftoken logo   Reftoken (REF)11/17/201712/17/2017-638Decentralized affiliate platform
 Clout logo   Clout (CLOUT)11/17/201712/17/2017-638Media Decentralised
 SophiaTX logo   SophiaTX (SPHTX)12/7/201712/17/2017-638Business Platform
 PROPS logo   PROPS (PROPS)12/11/201712/18/2017-637A​ ​Decentralized​ Ecosystem of​ ​Video Applications
 Foreground logo   Foreground (DEAL)11/28/201712/19/2017-636A Decentralized Affiliate Marketing and Advertising Solution
 Angel Token logo   Angel Token (ANGL)11/27/201712/19/2017-636Angel Token is a fund helping altcoins grow.
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What is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

Before the advent of cryptocurrencies, startup businesses had limited options for raising equity. In many cases, their best option was to approach one or more venture capitalists and ask them for startup capital. For larger private companies that were attempting to go public, this process would take place using an event known as an Initial Public Offering (IPO). In an IPO, an investor offers shares of their company (an equity stake) in return for cash.

In recent years, however, startups are taking a new approach to raise funds called an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Instead of issuing shares of their company in exchange for fiat currency (e.g. U.S. dollars), they offer virtual tokens in exchange for an investor’s startup capital (usually delivered as cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or more commonly Ethereum).

The primary risk of investing in an ICO is that in a traditional initial public offering, an investor receives something of tangible value (i.e. an ownership stake in the company) for their investment dollars. With an ICO, investors receive something that has no tangible value – at least not initially. An ICO investor is gambling (yes, gambling) that the currency they “own” which at the moment has no value will increase in value and allow them to make a lot of money. The ICO market also has few, if any, regulations. Since literally anyone with an idea and the technical know-how to create an ICO can initiate one it is up to the individual investor to perform their due diligence on every ICO.


Throughout history, startups have come up with new and innovative ways to raise funds to help launch their businesses. One of the latest and most popular fundraising strategies for today’s startup companies is the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). In this article, we’ll break down what an ICO is and how it is different from an Initial Public Offering (IPO). The article will also go over a step-by-step process on how an ICO works and review some of the common risks involved in an ICO.

What is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

An initial coin offering (sometimes called a token offering) is a crowdfunding tool whereby an investor gives a business an existing cryptocurrency (usually Bitcoin or Ethereum) and in some cases traditional fiat currency (i.e. U.S. dollars) in exchange for tokens. These tokens represent a piece of the underlying money supply for the technology project.

For example, let’s say an individual has an idea for creating a digital and encrypted payment system for the secondary ticket market. For this idea to work there has to be a new cryptocurrency. In this case, we’ll call it TixCoin. But since TixCoin is just an idea and not an actual asset, it has to be created. The individual or development team will set up an initial coin offering that will let them raise money to make TixCoin (which like any cryptocurrency is just software) without giving up any ownership stake in the company. This is important for many ICOs because in many cases the business cannot exist without the new currency. ,

Interested investors will send the developers either an existing cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) or traditional fiat currency in exchange for tokens which can be exchanged for TixCoin. The investor is speculating that TixCoin will get used a lot. The high circulation will raise the value of the currency which will make it profitable for the investor.

How does an ICO work?

Several steps are common to just about every Initial Coin Offering. They are:

  1. The development team for the startup proposes a viable blockchain project. Blockchain is the technology that is a key component to any ICO proposal. The decentralized, record-keeping technology provides accurate, secure data storage on a digital ledger. Any new project that is requesting an ICO has to have a viable project that would use the new cryptocurrency.
  2. The developers will also provide a white paper that explains the technical specifications, the business model, how the company plans to generate revenue, and future opportunities.
  3. In some cases, particularly for more complex ideas, the developers may include a working prototype to help potential investors better understand the project.
  4. The team markets the ICO through online avenues such as social media and blogs.
  5. The team provides information regarding the number of tokens that will be available, the price and utility of the tokens, and a maximum target price.
  6. The ICO is launched and coins are distributed to bidders.
  7. Once the ICO is complete, the tokens are made available to trade on a cryptocurrency exchange.

Initial Coin Offerings entail a high degree of risk

Our TixCoin example above illustrates the risk and potential reward of an ICO. As an investor, you are buying the tokens before a company has built the underlying technology. If TixCoin takes off and is well used, then the value of your TixCoin should correlate with the value of the business.

However, when you consider that most IPOs fail even though there is regulation in place, you can imagine the risk for an ICO that is highly unregulated. Remember this; an ICO is about launching a cryptocurrency. It is not about getting seed money for a bakery or a restaurant. Investors own a piece of a future technology ecosystem. Therein lies the risk.

In a traditional IPO, an investor gives the startup money in exchange for something tangible, an ownership stake in the business. Many investors in these startups will not only provide the funds, but they may also want a say in how the business is run.

In the case of an ICO, things get a little more complex. In the first place, an investor is not getting an ownership stake in the business. What they are getting is a currency that, at the moment of the ICO, has no value. The hope is that the business will thrive and the value of their new cryptocurrency will increase in value.

Another risk of Initial Coin Offerings is that there are few if any, regulations on an ICO. Anybody with an idea for a cryptocurrency project can issue one. With the proper technical set up, there’s nothing to stop an individual from creating an elaborate plan that makes it appear they have a great business idea when in reality all they are looking to do is make off with investors dollars.

How to research an ICO

Without a regulatory authority in place, the only recourse for investors to protect themselves from a fraudulent ICO is to do meticulous research on the company. In many cases, this will involve scrutinizing the white paper (a white paper that lacks a lot of detail is a red flag), digging deeply into the team members, keyboard members or investors. In this information age, prospective employers can find out a lot about you just by running a Google search. The same is true of anyone looking for your investment dollars.

There are third party resources such as that list ICOs only after they have reviewed them and found them to be legitimate opportunities. While this does not mean that there is no risk to the ICO, it can help narrow down your list of prospective opportunities.

What does the future hold for ICOs?

Today there are over 3,000 cryptocurrencies. However, only about half of these are available through exchanges. In December 2017, the SEC classified tokens from ICOs as securities. At that time, SEC Chairman Jack Clayton said, “a token constituted an investment contract and therefore was a security under our federal securities laws. Specifically, we concluded that the token offering represented an investment of money in a common enterprise with a reasonable expectation of profits to be derived from the entrepreneurial or managerial efforts of others.”

With a statement like that, it’s clear that the SEC will be looking to take an active role in regulating ICOs that are deemed to be misleading.

The final word on Initial Coin Offerings

Blockchain technology is changing the digital economy in exciting new ways. As the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies, blockchain is allowing entrepreneurs to create new cryptocurrencies as the underlying technology for their projects. To fund those projects, developers are turning to Initial Coin Offerings.

No investment is without risk, but an ICO is a speculative investment at best. Many Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) fail. And with over 3,000 cryptocurrencies in existence, and more being created almost daily, there is a high probability that any give ICO will fail. However, unlike an initial public offering (or IPO), an ICO leaves an investor with no asset of tangible, or intrinsic, value. There is a possibility of the investor recouping their investment multiple times over. However, there is also the possibility that the project – and the cryptocurrency that supports the underlying blockchain application fails.

The ICO market is also currently unregulated, although that may be changing. This means that aside from the inherent risk that exists with any new business venture, the ICO market is susceptible to scams. Sites like can help guide investors to ICOs that have a higher likelihood of being legitimate.

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