Current Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

TitleStart DateEnd DateDays RemainingDescription
 Taskfair logo   Taskfair (TM-TFT)3/15/20185/25/20181Decentralized Ecosystem for Home Service on Demand
 OLXA logo   OLXA (OLXA)3/1/20185/25/20181Cryptocurrency You Can Spend Anywhere Anytime
 PentaCore logo   PentaCore (PENT)4/28/20185/26/20182Actively Managed Tokenized Crypto Fund
 Skillchain logo   Skillchain (SKI)5/11/20185/26/20182Your Certified Skills on Blockchain
 BlockNubie logo   BlockNubie (NUB)5/13/20185/26/20182Decentralised Ecosystem for Blockchain Startups
 DataBroker DAO logo   DataBroker DAO (TM-DATA)4/26/20185/26/20182A global market for local data
 EXMO Coin logo   EXMO Coin (EXO)4/25/20185/26/20182Grow your crypto capital
 Disciplina logo   Disciplina (DSCP)4/27/20185/27/20183The first blockchain for education and HR under development by TeachMePlease logo (MASP)4/16/20185/27/20183Data Storage, Transmission and Direct Content Distribution
 BACE Exchange logo   BACE Exchange (BACE)4/23/20185/28/20184Simple access to digital assets
 eMarketChain logo   eMarketChain (EMAC)4/29/20185/28/20184Buy & Sell products with 0% commissions
 Quant Network Overledger logo   Quant Network Overledger (QNT)4/2/20185/30/20186Blockchain operating system for the future
 Ambit logo   Ambit (AMBT)4/27/20185/30/20186The next generation mining infrastructure
 FLUX logo   FLUX (FLUX)4/17/20185/31/20187Decentralized global gaming ecosystem
 Omnitude logo   Omnitude (ECOM)3/28/20185/31/20187Middleware layer allowing eCommerce businesses to adopt blockchain logo (CR8)5/1/20185/31/20187World's first blockchain protocol for content creation
 Blue Whale logo   Blue Whale (BWX)4/30/20185/31/20187The Decentralized Ecosystem for the Self-Employed
 STeX Exchange logo   STeX Exchange (A2A)5/1/20185/31/20187All coins trading in one place
 The HACK Fund logo   The HACK Fund (HACK)2/28/20185/31/20187A liquid venture fund on the blockchain
 Clinicoin logo   Clinicoin (CLIN)2/21/20185/31/20187cryptocurrency-based health and wellness community
 Sharpay logo   Sharpay (SHRP)3/1/20185/31/20187Share button with blockchain profit
 DIW Token logo   DIW Token (DIW)5/3/20185/31/20187Decentralize Security
 BitRewards logo   BitRewards (BIT)4/12/20185/31/20187Decentralized AI-based loyalty platform
 ClickableTV logo   ClickableTV (CTV)1/22/20185/31/20187Pay per click TV creating stored value for viewers
 Reporter Community logo   Reporter Community (NEWS)1/31/20185/31/20187Blockchain based news provider
 FLATLAY logo   FLATLAY (CCOIN)5/1/20185/31/20187Blockchain affiliate & content marketing network
 Papyrus logo   Papyrus (PRP)3/21/20185/31/20187Decentralized Advertising Ecosystem
 Qurrex logo   Qurrex (QRX)5/16/20185/31/20187The first hybrid cryptocurrency exchange
 Echarge logo   Echarge (ECHG)4/14/20185/31/20187Electric Charging Station Redefined
 Opiria logo   Opiria (PDATA)5/1/20185/31/20187Secure trading of personal data
 Birdchain logo   Birdchain (BIRD)3/1/20185/31/20187DAPP that rewards
 Rate3 Network logo   Rate3 Network (RTE)4/16/20185/31/20187The Future of Global E-commerce Transactions
 Iconic Ecosystem logo   Iconic Ecosystem (NIC)5/1/20185/31/20187An icos ecosystem built through decentralized assurance
 miBoodle logo   miBoodle (MIBO)5/1/20185/31/20187Decentralized application enabling consumers to make money online
 Aeternum logo   Aeternum (ALF)5/1/20186/1/20188World's First Science and Intellectual Property driven ICO
 BitMinutes logo   BitMinutes (BMT)4/30/20186/1/20188Better crypto for a better world
 eCoinomic logo   eCoinomic (CNC)5/1/20186/1/20188Providing traditional financial services to cryptocurrency holders
 Dbrain logo   Dbrain (TM-DBR)4/15/20186/1/20188Platform to label data and to build AI Apps
 Spotcoin logo   Spotcoin (SPOT)5/1/20186/1/20188Making digital currencies work for everyone
 LAPO logo   LAPO (LAX)3/22/20186/1/20188Decentralized Finance Reinvented
 MoneyToken logo   MoneyToken (IMT)5/2/20186/2/20189Platform for smart loans backed by crypto-assets
 Safinus logo   Safinus (SAF)5/2/20186/2/20189Revolutionary Platform for Investments in Cryptocurrencies and ICOs
 Traxia logo   Traxia (TM-TMT)5/1/20186/2/20189A blockchain solution to disrupt trade finance
 PacManCoin logo   PacManCoin (PMC)5/5/20186/5/201812The Connection between past and future.
 Emrify Health Passport logo   Emrify Health Passport (HIT)5/7/20186/5/201812Decentralized personalhealth record platform
 Cool Cousin logo   Cool Cousin (CUZ)5/15/20186/5/201812Revolutionizing travel with a sharing economy powered by blockchain
 TopiaCoin logo   TopiaCoin (TOPIA)5/15/20186/5/201812Secure Decentralized File Sharing (SDFS) Network
 Opporty logo   Opporty (OPP)3/20/20186/6/201813Opporty is a dual-layered business relationships ecosystem
 SCANETCHAIN logo   SCANETCHAIN (SWC)4/9/20186/7/201814The world's first AR Blockchain
 DAOstack logo   DAOstack (GEN)5/1/20186/7/201814Catalyzing the Future of Collaboration
 BIT GAME EXCHANGE logo   BIT GAME EXCHANGE (BGX)5/8/20186/8/201815Exchange for block chain games.
 8th Continent logo   8th Continent (ECB)5/18/20186/8/201815The next-generation digital economy in China
 UbiatarPlay logo   UbiatarPlay (UAC)5/9/20186/8/201815A P2P marketplace of the ubiatar service
 Dynatiq logo   Dynatiq (DTQ)4/25/20186/9/201816Dynatiq is decentralized blockchain based marketplace
 MyDFS logo   MyDFS (MYDFS)5/21/20186/10/201817Blockchain-powered daily fantasy sports
 Smarter Than Crypto logo   Smarter Than Crypto (TM-STC1)5/13/20186/10/201817SMARTER THAN BETA tokenized portfolio
 Multiversum logo   Multiversum (MTV)5/1/20186/10/2018174th Generation Relational Blockchain
 PavoCoin logo   PavoCoin (PAVO)4/4/20186/11/201818IoT Blockchain for the AgTech Ecosystem
 AX1 logo   AX1 (AX1)4/16/20186/11/201818Captal appreciation mining token
 Hash Card logo   Hash Card (HSHC)5/1/20186/12/201819The Only Crypto Debit Card That Works
 Scroll Network logo   Scroll Network (SCRL)4/10/20186/14/201821Protect your data
 autorize logo   autorize (ATR)5/14/20186/14/201821A decentralized sharing economy protocol for movable goods
 Vexanium logo   Vexanium (VEX)5/16/20186/15/201822Decentralized marketing ecosystem
 Contract Vault logo   Contract Vault (VLT)5/1/20186/15/201822Next generation agreements for everyone on the Ethereum blockchain
 Wemark logo   Wemark (WMK)5/7/20186/15/201822A Blockchain-based Marketplace for Digital Content
 Whalesburg logo   Whalesburg (WBT)5/15/20186/15/201822Software bundle for cryptocurrency miners
 Alt.Estate logo   Alt.Estate (ALT)5/16/20186/15/201822Trade Tokenized Real Estate
 Mobilum logo   Mobilum (MBM)4/15/20186/15/201822Every cryptocurrency to any payment card
 A2B Taxi logo   A2B Taxi (TAXI)3/12/20186/15/201822Revolutionary taxi platform
 Augmate logo   Augmate (MATE)12/15/20176/15/201822IoT Device Management using Distributed Ledger Technology
 LocalCoinSwap logo   LocalCoinSwap (LCS)4/15/20186/15/201822The world's most inclusive and expansive P2P crypto marketplace
 CryptoFlix logo   CryptoFlix (FLIX)5/15/20186/15/201822Blockchain streaming platform to disrupt the global Film, TV and e-learning market
 Sandblock logo   Sandblock (SAT)5/16/20186/16/201823Satisfaction Protocol
 Plentix logo   Plentix (PTN)5/20/20186/17/201824A tokenized recommendation platform for the referral economy
 Global Risk Exchange logo   Global Risk Exchange (GRE)5/18/20186/18/201825Risk management contract exchange market and public chain.
 CryptalDash Exchange Coin logo   CryptalDash Exchange Coin (CRD)4/19/20186/19/201826The Worlds First Multi-Access Crypto Exchange
 CryptoRobotics logo   CryptoRobotics (ROBO)5/20/20186/20/201827One-stop-shop trade terminal for cryptocurrency exchanges
 MoBee Project logo   MoBee Project (MBE)5/15/20186/20/201827Synergy of blockchain and telecom market
 TravelerToken logo   TravelerToken (TLT)5/21/20186/21/201828Spend Less. Travel More.
 Vanywhere logo   Vanywhere (VANY)5/21/20186/21/201828Ultimate skill-sharing platform
 Tradingene logo   Tradingene (TNG)5/16/20186/23/201830Blockchain based marketplace of trading algorithms
 Zeew logo   Zeew (ZEEW)4/25/20186/23/201830“Right Now” Delivery Disruption
 ICO HeadStart logo   ICO HeadStart (MOAT)3/26/20186/24/201831The Best ICOs.
 Welltrado logo   Welltrado (WTL)4/30/20186/25/201832Invest Your Crypto Assets
 SBC Platform logo   SBC Platform (SBCE)4/17/20186/27/201834Automated ICO solution for Startups and SMEs
 BotChain logo   BotChain (BOTC)5/8/20186/28/201835The platform for identity & audit of ai systems
 Valorem Foundation logo   Valorem Foundation (VLR)1/28/20186/28/201835Value based utility crypto currency platform
 AI Crypto logo   AI Crypto (ACI)5/9/20186/30/201837Lead the AI Industry with Blockchain
 EQUI Capital logo   EQUI Capital (EQUI)3/15/20186/30/201837Innovative Token that will Transform the Venture Capital Market
 BitNautic logo   BitNautic (BTNT)5/1/20186/30/201837Decentralised shipping platform for the web 3.0
 SwissRealCoin logo   SwissRealCoin (SRC)5/23/20186/30/201837The stable crypto token you were waiting for
 Photochain logo   Photochain (PHT)4/5/20186/30/201837DApp for fair, p2p and trusted stock photography
 INTRO logo   INTRO (ITR)5/1/20186/30/201837Global marketplace of real estate at developers’ prices
 IoTeX logo   IoTeX (IOTX)3/1/20186/30/201837A Decentralized Network for Internet of Things
 AmicorumLive logo   AmicorumLive (AMI)5/1/20186/30/201837Decentralizing ticket re-sale industry with blockchain
 UUNIO logo   UUNIO (UUNIO)5/1/20186/30/201837Blockchain based Reward-Driven Social Media Marketplace
 WinStars logo   WinStars (WINS)5/10/20187/3/201840Decentralized gaming platform with a catalog of gambling resources
 Xsearch logo   Xsearch (XSE)5/9/20187/10/201847Innovating Research System. We unfix the idea of online advertising
 Mandala logo   Mandala (MDX)4/21/20187/13/201850A revolutionary digital assets exchange
 Kleros logo   Kleros (PNK)5/15/20187/15/201852The Blockchain Dispute Resolution Layer
 Midas Protocol logo   Midas Protocol (MAS)5/16/20187/15/201852Intelligent platform to manage, invest, trade & exchange cryptoassets
 VERNAM logo   VERNAM (VRN)5/15/20187/15/201852The World's First 0% commission insurance on blockchain
 REME Coin logo   REME Coin (REME)5/2/20187/15/201852Up to 100% cashback online and offline
 Treon logo   Treon (TXO)5/21/20187/17/201854Crypto Revolution To Utility Payments
 Kepler Technologies logo   Kepler Technologies (KEP)5/22/20187/17/201854AI & Robotics Ecosystem Powered By Blockchain
 YourBlock logo   YourBlock (YBK)3/12/20187/18/201855Comparison and incentivised personal data storage platform
 BMI Coin logo   BMI Coin (BMI)3/23/20187/20/201857Blockchain-based Connection Research System
 TV-TWO logo   TV-TWO (TTV)5/24/20187/24/201861The decentralized TV ecosystem
 Darico logo   Darico (DRC)1/30/20187/30/201867Your gateway to cryptocurrency investment
 Cryptonia Poker logo   Cryptonia Poker (CPC)4/10/20187/30/201867Play poker online with cryptocurrency
 GreenX logo   GreenX (GEX)5/15/20187/31/201868The world's most sophisticated greenenergy network
 DECOIN logo   DECOIN (DTEP)4/23/20187/31/201868De Coin Of De People
 Property Coin logo   Property Coin (PCX)5/1/20187/31/201868A professionally managed portfolio of real estate assets via the blockchain
 Productivist logo   Productivist (PROD)5/16/20187/31/201868Disrupted Manufacturing
 Ubex logo   Ubex (UBEX)5/21/20188/13/201881Artificial Intelligence in Advertising
 Profede logo   Profede (PATO)3/1/20189/15/2018114Giving power back to the professional user with Blockchain
 Coinnup logo   Coinnup (CU)4/22/20189/25/2018124Blockchain Powered FinTeck and e-Commerce platform
 Hydrocoin logo   Hydrocoin (TM-HYC)3/31/20189/29/2018128Providing clean energy forthe blockchain era
 LookRev logo   LookRev (LOK)9/8/20179/30/2018129P2P decentralized marketplace based on blockchain technology
 Memority logo   Memority (EMT)5/16/201810/1/2018130Decentralized ultra-secure data storage on blockchain logo (BCIO)5/14/201810/14/2018143Your Gateway to the Internet of Value
 DeskBell Chain logo   DeskBell Chain (DBT)5/21/201811/1/2018161Blockchain platform of the hotel and tourism industry
 Deedcoin logo   Deedcoin (DEED)4/30/201812/31/2018221Own Deedcoin, Own Your Home
 Ethfinex Nectar Token logo   Ethfinex Nectar Token (NEC)2/13/201812/31/2018221The home of digital tokens trading & discussion
 FAST INVEST logo   FAST INVEST (FIT)4/1/20184/1/2019312Investment Bank
 Crowd Machine logo   Crowd Machine (CMCT)4/1/20185/22/2019363Where anyone can develop distributed blockchain apps
 Nexo logo   Nexo (NEXO)4/1/2018N/AN/AThe World's First Instant Crypto Overdrafts
 MAD Network logo   MAD Network (MAD)2/28/2018N/AN/AA DecentralizedNetwork forthe AdvertisingIndustry
 PolicyPal Network logo   PolicyPal Network (PAL)3/3/2018N/AN/AFuture of Insurance for the Unbanked and Cryptoassets
 Nebula AI logo   Nebula AI (NBAI)3/31/2018N/AN/ADecentralized AI blockchain
 Consensus logo   Consensus (SEN)3/31/2018N/AN/ADecentralized AI for Collective Governance
 Academy logo   Academy (ACAD)3/15/2018N/AN/AFirst accredited school for blockchain
 Cardstack logo   Cardstack (CARD)3/6/2018N/AN/AThe experience layer of the decentralized internet
 Ocean Protocol logo   Ocean Protocol (OCN)3/7/2018N/AN/ADecentralized Data Exchange Protocol to Unlock Data for AI
 Metronome logo   Metronome (MTN)3/15/2018N/AN/AThe world's first cross-blockchain cryptocurrency
 Kairos logo   Kairos (KAIROS)4/15/2018N/AN/AFace recognition made easy
 Lendroid logo   Lendroid (LST)2/19/2018N/AN/ADecentralized margin trading logo (DOCK)2/21/2018N/AN/ADecentralized professional data exchange powered by Ethereum logo (AIX)3/15/2018N/AN/ADecentralized Network for Artificial Intelligence
 Neonexchange logo   Neonexchange (NEX)4/15/2018N/AN/ADecentralized cryptographic trade and payment service creation
140 Results Found.

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