S&P 500   3,145.54 (+0.90%)
DOW   27,960.62 (+1.02%)
QQQ   204.58 (+1.06%)
AAPL   268.94 (+1.27%)
FB   200.47 (+0.55%)
MSFT   150.75 (+0.55%)
GOOGL   1,338.96 (+1.52%)
AMZN   1,748.09 (-0.72%)
CGC   18.59 (-0.05%)
NVDA   212.35 (+1.40%)
MU   48.17 (+3.32%)
BABA   200.83 (+0.41%)
GE   11.01 (+2.04%)
TSLA   336.13 (+0.93%)
T   38.34 (+0.39%)
AMD   39.83 (+0.35%)
ACB   2.45 (+0.41%)
F   8.98 (+0.56%)
NFLX   304.07 (-0.08%)
BAC   33.69 (+1.78%)
GILD   66.99 (+0.36%)
DIS   147.53 (+0.06%)
S&P 500   3,145.54 (+0.90%)
DOW   27,960.62 (+1.02%)
QQQ   204.58 (+1.06%)
AAPL   268.94 (+1.27%)
FB   200.47 (+0.55%)
MSFT   150.75 (+0.55%)
GOOGL   1,338.96 (+1.52%)
AMZN   1,748.09 (-0.72%)
CGC   18.59 (-0.05%)
NVDA   212.35 (+1.40%)
MU   48.17 (+3.32%)
BABA   200.83 (+0.41%)
GE   11.01 (+2.04%)
TSLA   336.13 (+0.93%)
T   38.34 (+0.39%)
AMD   39.83 (+0.35%)
ACB   2.45 (+0.41%)
F   8.98 (+0.56%)
NFLX   304.07 (-0.08%)
BAC   33.69 (+1.78%)
GILD   66.99 (+0.36%)
DIS   147.53 (+0.06%)
S&P 500   3,145.54 (+0.90%)
DOW   27,960.62 (+1.02%)
QQQ   204.58 (+1.06%)
AAPL   268.94 (+1.27%)
FB   200.47 (+0.55%)
MSFT   150.75 (+0.55%)
GOOGL   1,338.96 (+1.52%)
AMZN   1,748.09 (-0.72%)
CGC   18.59 (-0.05%)
NVDA   212.35 (+1.40%)
MU   48.17 (+3.32%)
BABA   200.83 (+0.41%)
GE   11.01 (+2.04%)
TSLA   336.13 (+0.93%)
T   38.34 (+0.39%)
AMD   39.83 (+0.35%)
ACB   2.45 (+0.41%)
F   8.98 (+0.56%)
NFLX   304.07 (-0.08%)
BAC   33.69 (+1.78%)
GILD   66.99 (+0.36%)
DIS   147.53 (+0.06%)
S&P 500   3,145.54 (+0.90%)
DOW   27,960.62 (+1.02%)
QQQ   204.58 (+1.06%)
AAPL   268.94 (+1.27%)
FB   200.47 (+0.55%)
MSFT   150.75 (+0.55%)
GOOGL   1,338.96 (+1.52%)
AMZN   1,748.09 (-0.72%)
CGC   18.59 (-0.05%)
NVDA   212.35 (+1.40%)
MU   48.17 (+3.32%)
BABA   200.83 (+0.41%)
GE   11.01 (+2.04%)
TSLA   336.13 (+0.93%)
T   38.34 (+0.39%)
AMD   39.83 (+0.35%)
ACB   2.45 (+0.41%)
F   8.98 (+0.56%)
NFLX   304.07 (-0.08%)
BAC   33.69 (+1.78%)
GILD   66.99 (+0.36%)
DIS   147.53 (+0.06%)
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B. Riley Analyst Recommendations & Stock Picks

This page lists the most recent publicly-reported stock recommendations and ratings issued by analysts at B. Riley. These ratings and price targets were collected from pubilc media reports and are believed to be accurate, but cannot be verified with 100% certainty. MarketBeat and its parent company are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by B. Riley.

DateBrokerageActionCompanyRatingPrice TargetImpact on PriceActions
12/6/2019B. RileyInitiatesFederal Home Loan Mortgage (FMCC)Neutral $2.00High    
12/4/2019B. RileyInitiatesG-III Apparel Group (GIII)Buy $33.00Medium    
12/5/2019B. RileyReiteratesReady Capital (RC)Buy $17.00Medium    
12/5/2019B. RileyInitiatesEMCORE (EMKR)Buy $4.20High    
12/5/2019B. RileyInitiatesNewmont Goldcorp (NEM)Hold $42.40High    
12/5/2019B. RileyReiteratesTilly's (TLYS)Buy $15.00High    
12/5/2019B. RileyReiteratesThe Rubicon Project (RUBI)Buy $11.00Low    
12/5/2019B. RileyReiteratesImax (IMAX)Buy $30.00Low    
12/5/2019B. RileyReiteratesAMC Entertainment (AMC)Buy $15.00Low    
12/5/2019B. RileyInitiatesX4 Pharmaceuticals (XFOR)Buy $25.00High    
12/5/2019B. RileyUpgradesSunCoke Energy (SXC)Neutral -> Buy $8.00High    
12/4/2019B. RileyInitiatesMarvell Technology Group (MRVL)Buy $32.00High    
12/4/2019B. RileyReiteratesSeaWorld Entertainment (SEAS)Buy $37.00Low    
12/4/2019B. RileyReiteratesGuess? (GES)Buy $25.00Low    
12/4/2019B. RileyReiteratesViewray (VRAY)Buy -> Neutral$9.00 -> $5.00High    
12/3/2019B. RileyLowers TargetEZCORP (EZPW)Buy$14.00 -> $12.00High    
12/3/2019B. RileyRaises TargetCumberland Pharmaceuticals (CPIX)Buy$9.00 -> $9.75Medium    
12/3/2019B. RileyInitiatesMedical Transcription Billing (MTBC)Buy $6.25High    
12/2/2019B. RileyDowngradesCedar Fair (FUN)Buy -> Neutral$60.00 -> $57.00Low    
11/27/2019B. RileyInitiatesTG Therapeutics (TGTX)Buy $12.00High    
11/27/2019B. RileyInitiatesSpectrum Pharmaceuticals (SPPI)Buy $18.00Medium    
11/27/2019B. RileyInitiatesArQule (ARQL)Buy $14.00Low    
11/27/2019B. RileyReiteratesCymaBay Therapeutics (CBAY)Hold $2.00Low    
11/27/2019B. RileyReiteratesCytosorbents (CTSO)Buy $12.00Low    
11/27/2019B. RileyReiteratesAbercrombie & Fitch (ANF)Hold $15.00High    
11/27/2019B. RileyReiteratesQAD (QADA)Buy $60.00Low    
11/27/2019B. RileyReiteratesGuess? (GES)Buy $25.00Low    
11/27/2019B. RileyReiteratesMonmouth R.E. Inv. (MNR)Buy $17.00Low    
11/27/2019B. RileyReiteratesChico's FAS (CHS)Buy $5.50Medium    
11/27/2019B. RileyInitiatesNovavax (NVAX)Buy $12.00High    
11/27/2019B. RileyReiteratesArrowhead Pharmaceuticals (ARWR)Buy$59.00 -> $83.00High    
11/25/2019B. RileyReiteratesHanesbrands (HBI)Buy $26.00High    
11/26/2019B. RileyReiteratesDycom Industries (DY)Buy $57.00High    
11/26/2019B. RileyReiteratesCapital Southwest (CSWC)Hold $23.00Low    
11/26/2019B. RileyInitiatesSaul Centers (BFS)Hold $58.00Low    
11/26/2019B. RileyReiteratesGENFIT S A/ADR (GNFT)Buy $43.00Low    
11/26/2019B. RileyInitiatesGladstone Land (LAND)Buy $13.50High    
11/26/2019B. RileyDowngradesAirgain (AIRG)Buy -> Neutral$18.00 -> $11.50High    
11/26/2019B. RileyInitiatesFortress Transprtn and Infr Investrs (FTAI)Buy $23.00High    
11/22/2019B. RileyReiteratesGAP (GPS)Hold $18.00Low    
11/22/2019B. RileyReiteratesSelect Interior Concepts (SIC)Buy $17.00Low    
11/25/2019B. RileyInitiatesRMR Group (RMR)Buy$70.00 -> $66.00Low    
11/25/2019B. RileyReiteratesFoot Locker (FL)Buy $60.00Low    
11/25/2019B. RileyReiteratesGreat Ajax (AJX)Buy $16.00Low    
11/25/2019B. RileyReiteratesStarwood Property Trust (STWD)Buy $25.50Low    
11/25/2019B. RileyReiteratesPlug Power (PLUG)Buy$3.50 -> $6.00High    
11/22/2019B. RileyLowers TargetAshford (AINC)Buy$59.00 -> $42.00Low    
11/22/2019B. RileyRaises TargetAmerisafe (AMSF)Buy$75.00 -> $81.00Low    
11/22/2019B. RileyReiteratesCypress Energy Partners (CELP)Buy $11.00Low    
11/22/2019B. RileyInitiatesFormFactor (FORM)Buy $26.00Low    
11/22/2019B. RileyReiteratesShip Finance International (SFL)Hold $15.50Low    
11/22/2019B. RileyReiteratesConcrete Pumping (BBCP)Buy $7.00Low    
11/22/2019B. RileyInitiatesBroadmark Realty Capital (BRMK)Buy$13.00 -> $13.00Low    
11/22/2019B. RileyDowngradesMarcus (MCS)Buy -> Neutral$46.00 -> $37.00High    
11/22/2019B. RileyDowngradesCinemark (CNK)Buy -> Neutral$46.50 -> $37.00Medium    
11/20/2019B. RileyReiteratesSeacoast Banking Co. of Florida (SBCF)Hold $30.00Low    
11/21/2019B. RileyInitiatesViking Therapeutics (VKTX)Buy $16.00Low    
11/21/2019B. RileyReiteratesMeta Financial Group (CASH)Buy $40.00Low    
11/21/2019B. RileyReiteratesL Brands (LB)Buy $30.00Low    
11/21/2019B. RileyReiteratesFarmland Partners (FPI)Hold $7.00Medium    
11/20/2019B. RileyReiteratesNexstar Media Group (NXST)Buy $140.00Medium    
11/20/2019B. RileyReiteratesUrban Outfitters (URBN)Hold $23.00Low    
11/20/2019B. RileyInitiatesLuxfer (LXFR)Buy $25.00Low    
11/19/2019B. RileyInitiatesAgenus (AGEN)Buy $6.00Low    
11/19/2019B. RileyInitiatesGeron (GERN)Buy $4.00High    
11/19/2019B. RileyDowngradesAmerican Software (AMSWA)Buy -> Neutral $17.00High    
11/18/2019B. RileyInitiatesInfinity Pharmaceuticals (INFI)Buy $3.50High    
11/18/2019B. RileyReiteratesOoma (OOMA)Buy $20.50Medium    
11/18/2019B. RileyInitiatesPostal Realty Trust (PSTL)Buy $18.50High    
11/15/2019B. RileyReiteratesOpera (OPRA)Buy $20.00High    
11/15/2019B. RileyReiteratesMalibu Boats (MBUU)Buy $52.00Medium    
11/15/2019B. RileyReiteratesConturaEnergyInc . (CTRA)Buy $25.00High    
11/15/2019B. RileyInitiatesApplied Materials (AMAT)Buy$67.00 -> $71.00High    
11/15/2019B. RileyInitiatesLegacy Housing (LEGH)Buy $18.00Medium    
11/15/2019B. RileyInitiatesWidePoint (WYY)Buy $1.00N/A    
11/15/2019B. RileyInitiatesAvid Technology (AVID)Buy $10.00High    
11/13/2019B. RileyReiteratesHorizon Global (HZN)NeutralHigh    
11/13/2019B. RileyRaises TargetSkyworks Solutions (SWKS)Buy$105.00 -> $115.00Medium    
11/13/2019B. RileyRaises TargetArrowhead Pharmaceuticals (ARWR)Buy$46.00 -> $59.00Low    
11/13/2019B. RileyReiteratesInfinera (INFN)Buy $8.40High    
11/13/2019B. RileyReiteratesShotspotter (SSTI)Buy $50.00Low    
11/13/2019B. RileyReiteratesCherry Hill Mortgage Investment (CHMI)Buy $15.00Medium    
11/13/2019B. RileyReiteratesNew York Community Bancorp (NYCB)Buy $13.00Low    
11/13/2019B. RileyDowngradesKEMET (KEM)Buy -> Hold$29.00 -> $27.20Low    
11/13/2019B. RileyUpgradesVerso (VRS)Neutral -> Buy$16.00 -> $24.00Low    
11/13/2019B. RileyUpgradesSSR Mining (SSRM)Neutral -> Buy$16.70 -> $23.00Medium    
11/12/2019B. RileyDowngradesCarbonite (CARB)Buy -> Neutral $23.00Low    
11/12/2019B. RileyLowers TargetArch Coal (ARCH)Buy$118.00 -> $100.00Medium    
11/12/2019B. RileyRaises TargetAlcoa (AA)Buy$26.00 -> $28.00Low    
11/11/2019B. RileyReiteratesUMH PROPERTIES/SH SH (UMH)BuyMedium    
11/11/2019B. RileyReiteratesNexPoint Residential Trust (NXRT)BuyLow    
11/11/2019B. RileyReiteratesKulicke and Soffa Industries (KLIC)Buy $32.00Low    
11/11/2019B. RileyUpgradesDolby Laboratories (DLB)Neutral -> Buy $73.00Medium    
11/11/2019B. RileyRaises TargetCable One (CABO)Buy$1,400.00 -> $1,490.00Medium    
11/11/2019B. RileyDowngradesRed Lion Hotels (RLH)Buy -> Neutral$11.00 -> $3.75Medium    
11/4/2019B. RileyReiteratesFranklin Street Properties (FSP)BuyN/A    
11/8/2019B. RileyReiteratesII-VI (IIVI)NeutralMedium    
11/8/2019B. RileyReiteratesPhysicians Realty Trust (DOC)BuyLow    
11/8/2019B. RileyDowngradesLightPath Technologies (LPTH)Buy -> Neutral $0.75Low    
11/6/2019B. RileyReiteratesFinjan (FNJN)BuyLow    
11/7/2019B. RileyRaises TargetTutor Perini (TPC)Buy$18.00 -> $23.00Low    
11/7/2019B. RileyDowngradesSensus Healthcare (SRTS)Buy -> Neutral$14.00 -> $5.50High    
11/6/2019B. RileyRaises TargetIchor (ICHR)Buy$35.00 -> $40.00Low    
11/1/2019B. RileySet Price TargetAmerisafe (AMSF)Buy $75.00Low    
11/1/2019B. RileySet Price TargetIntriCon (IIN)Buy $36.00Medium    
11/1/2019B. RileySet Price TargetStoneridge (SRI)Hold $33.00Low    
11/4/2019B. RileyReiteratesFranklin Street Properties (FSP)BuyMedium    
11/4/2019B. RileyReiteratesFranklin Covey (FC)BuyMedium    
11/5/2019B. RileyDowngradesNational CineMedia (NCMI)Buy -> Neutral$9.75 -> $8.50High    
11/4/2019B. RileyRaises TargetBuilders FirstSource (BLDR)$23.00 -> $29.00High    
11/4/2019B. RileyRaises TargetAxos Financial (AX)Buy$33.00 -> $39.00Low    
10/31/2019B. RileyReiteratesSilvercrest Metals (SIL)NeutralN/A    
11/1/2019B. RileyRaises TargetSkyworks Solutions (SWKS)Buy$95.00 -> $105.00Low    
11/1/2019B. RileyRaises TargetLumentum (LITE)Buy$71.00 -> $75.00High    
10/31/2019B. RileyInitiatesSilverCrest Metals (SILV)NeutralLow    
10/31/2019B. RileyUpgradesServicesource International (SREV)Neutral -> Buy $1.50Medium    
10/31/2019B. RileyDowngradesRoyal Gold (RGLD)Buy -> Neutral$127.10 -> $122.00Low    
10/30/2019B. RileyRaises TargetCentury Communities (CCS)Buy$36.00 -> $40.00Low    
10/30/2019B. RileyDowngradesPeabody Energy (BTU)Buy -> Neutral$26.00 -> $12.00High    
10/29/2019B. RileyRaises TargetTrex (TREX)Neutral$72.00 -> $93.00High    
10/29/2019B. RileyLowers TargetGENFIT S A/ADR (GNFT)Buy$52.00 -> $43.00High    
10/28/2019B. RileyReiteratesRogers (ROG)BuyMedium    
10/25/2019B. RileySet Price TargetInfinera (INFN)Buy $8.00N/A    
10/25/2019B. RileySet Price TargetCiena (CIEN)Buy $56.00N/A    
10/25/2019B. RileySet Price TargetConsol Energy (CEIX)Buy $27.00N/A    
10/25/2019B. RileySet Price TargetAlliance Resource Partners (ARLP)Hold $20.00N/A    
10/25/2019B. RileySet Price TargetCONSOL Coal Resources (CCR)Buy $17.00N/A    
10/25/2019B. RileySet Price TargetHallador Energy (HNRG)Buy $10.00N/A    
10/25/2019B. RileySet Price TargetForesight Energy (FELP)Hold $1.00N/A    
10/25/2019B. RileySet Price TargetAshford (AINC)Buy $59.00N/A    
10/25/2019B. RileySet Price TargetNew Residential Investment (NRZ)Buy $18.50N/A    
10/28/2019B. RileyDowngradesSeacoast Banking Co. of Florida (SBCF)Buy -> Neutral$29.00 -> $30.00Medium    
10/25/2019B. RileyRaises TargetAkamai Technologies (AKAM)Buy$102.00 -> $111.00Low    
10/24/2019B. RileyUpgrades8X8 (EGHT)Sell -> Neutral $18.50High    
10/21/2019B. RileySet Price TargetArrowhead Pharmaceuticals (ARWR)Buy $46.00High    
10/21/2019B. RileySet Price TargetCytosorbents (CTSO)Buy $10.00Low    
10/21/2019B. RileySet Price TargetOSI Systems (OSIS)Buy $119.00Medium    
10/21/2019B. RileySet Price TargetInsight Enterprises (NSIT)Buy $79.00Medium    
10/21/2019B. RileySet Price TargetON Semiconductor (ON)Buy $28.00Low    
10/21/2019B. RileySet Price TargetFreeport-McMoRan (FCX)Buy $13.00High    
10/21/2019B. RileySet Price TargetSmith Micro Software (SMSI)Buy $8.50High    
10/21/2019B. RileySet Price TargetIntevac (IVAC)Buy $7.00Medium    
10/21/2019B. RileySet Price TargetThe Rubicon Project (RUBI)Buy $11.00High    
10/21/2019B. RileySet Price TargetBiomerica (BMRA)Buy $6.30Low    
10/22/2019B. RileyRaises TargetZynex (ZYXI)Buy$10.75 -> $12.00High    
10/22/2019B. RileyLowers TargetU.S. Silica (SLCA)Buy$20.00 -> $15.00Low    
10/22/2019B. RileyRaises TargetStamps.com (STMP)Neutral$62.50 -> $80.00High    
10/18/2019B. RileyReiteratesIntellicheck Mobilisa (IDN)BuyHigh    
10/21/2019B. RileyLowers TargetTurning Point Brands (TPB)Buy$56.00 -> $38.00Low    
10/21/2019B. RileyLowers TargetSeabridge Gold (SA)Buy$25.40 -> $25.30Low    
10/21/2019B. RileyLowers TargetRoyal Gold (RGLD)Buy$132.90 -> $127.10Low    
10/21/2019B. RileyLowers TargetPretium Resources (PVG)Buy$25.40 -> $23.40Low    
10/21/2019B. RileyLowers TargetPan American Silver (PAAS)Neutral$23.20 -> $19.00Low    
10/21/2019B. RileyLowers TargetNewmont Goldcorp (NEM)Neutral$43.90 -> $41.30Low    
10/21/2019B. RileyRaises TargetLam Research (LRCX)Buy$240.00 -> $280.00Low    
10/21/2019B. RileyRaises TargetGentex (GNTX)Buy$29.00 -> $35.00Low    
10/21/2019B. RileyRaises TargetCoStar Group (CSGP)Buy$610.00 -> $640.00Low    
10/17/2019B. RileyLowers TargetMcEwen Mining (MUX)Buy$4.20 -> $3.80High    
10/17/2019B. RileySet Price TargetClipper Realty (CLPR)Buy $18.00Low    
10/18/2019B. RileySet Price TargetTristate Capital (TSC)Buy $27.00Medium    
10/15/2019B. RileyReiteratesAshford (AINC)BuyN/A    
10/15/2019B. RileyReiteratesZynex (ZYXI)BuyLow    
10/15/2019B. RileyReiteratesScorpio Bulkers (SALT)BuyMedium    
10/15/2019B. RileyReiteratesRLI (RLI)NeutralLow    
10/15/2019B. RileyReiteratesMGIC Investment (MTG)BuyHigh    
10/15/2019B. RileyReiteratesMonmouth R.E. Inv. (MNR)BuyMedium    
10/15/2019B. RileyReiteratesMetlife (MET)NeutralMedium    
10/15/2019B. RileyReiteratesAmerisafe (AMSF)BuyMedium    
10/15/2019B. RileyReiteratesAshford (AINC)BuyLow    
10/15/2019B. RileyReiteratesAmerican Equity Investment Life (AEL)NeutralMedium    
10/18/2019B. RileyRaises TargetTriumph Bancorp (TBK)Buy$33.00 -> $35.00Low    
10/18/2019B. RileyLowers TargetMatthews International (MATW)Buy$70.00 -> $65.00Medium    
10/18/2019B. RileyLowers TargetAsante Solutions (PUMP)Buy$29.00 -> $17.00High    
10/18/2019B. RileyInitiatesIntellicheck (IDN)Buy $8.00N/A    
10/15/2019B. RileySet Price TargetTaylor Morrison Home (TMHC)Buy $29.00Low    
10/15/2019B. RileySet Price TargetTRI Pointe Group (TPH)Buy $18.00Low    
10/15/2019B. RileySet Price TargetRoyal Gold (RGLD)Buy $133.00Low    
10/17/2019B. RileyRaises TargetLimelight Networks (LLNW)Buy$3.70 -> $4.10High    
10/17/2019B. RileyLowers TargetConturaEnergyInc . (CTRA)Buy$59.00 -> $44.00Low    
10/17/2019B. RileyLowers TargetPeabody Energy (BTU)Buy$27.00 -> $26.00Low    
10/17/2019B. RileyLowers TargetArch Coal (ARCH)Buy$116.00 -> $109.00Low    
10/17/2019B. RileyLowers TargetAlcoa (AA)Buy$27.00 -> $26.00Medium    
10/17/2019B. RileyInitiatesNGM Biopharmaceuticals (NGM)Buy $24.00High    
10/16/2019B. RileyInitiatesQuantum (QMCO)Buy $7.25High    
10/16/2019B. RileyInitiatesDonnelley Financial Solutions (DFIN)Buy $16.00High    
10/15/2019B. RileyUpgradesNMI (NMIH)Neutral -> Buy$30.00 -> $34.00High    
10/11/2019B. RileySet Price TargetSaratoga Investment (SAR)Buy $26.00Low    
10/11/2019B. RileySet Price TargetGolar LNG (GLNG)Buy $21.00Low    
10/11/2019B. RileySet Price TargetGain Capital (GCAP)Buy $7.00Medium    
10/14/2019B. RileyLowers TargetJeld-Wen (JELD)Neutral$21.00 -> $18.00Low    
10/8/2019B. RileySet Price TargetAudioeye (AEYE)Buy $9.80Low    
10/8/2019B. RileySet Price TargetNet 1 UEPS Technologies (UEPS)Buy $7.00Low    
10/9/2019B. RileySet Price TargetTeck Resources (TECK)Buy $39.00Low    
10/9/2019B. RileySet Price TargetCallaway Golf (ELY)Buy $30.00Low    
10/9/2019B. RileyUpgradesBraemar Hotels & Resorts (BHR)Buy $13.00Low    
10/9/2019B. RileySet Price TargetSyndax Pharmaceuticals (SNDX)Buy $14.00Low    
10/11/2019B. RileyLowers TargetSSR Mining (SSRM)Neutral$18.70 -> $16.70Low    
10/11/2019B. RileyLowers TargetHecla Mining (HL)Neutral$2.30 -> $1.80Low    
10/9/2019B. RileyDowngradesJames River Group (JRVR)Neutral -> Sell$45.00 -> $40.00High    
10/8/2019B. RileyLowers TargetFreeport-McMoRan (FCX)Buy$14.00 -> $13.00Medium    
10/7/2019B. RileyLowers TargetArbutus Biopharma (ABUS)Buy$7.00 -> $3.00High    
10/4/2019B. RileyLowers TargetSeacoast Banking Co. of Florida (SBCF)Buy$30.00 -> $29.00Medium    
10/4/2019B. RileyRaises TargetFlagstar Bancorp (FBC)Buy$38.00 -> $42.00Low    
10/4/2019B. RileyRaises TargetStamps.com (STMP)Neutral$50.00 -> $62.50Low    
10/4/2019B. RileyLowers TargetComerica (CMA)Neutral$73.00 -> $65.00High    
10/4/2019B. RileyLowers TargetFirst Busey (BUSE)Neutral$28.00 -> $27.00Low    
10/3/2019B. RileyReiteratesUrstadt Biddle Properties (UBA)NeutralLow    
9/30/2019B. RileySet Price TargetVista Outdoor (VSTO)Buy $11.00Medium    
9/30/2019B. RileySet Price TargetAlimera Sciences (ALIM)Buy $30.00Low    
9/30/2019B. RileySet Price TargetImmunomedics (IMMU)Buy $28.00High    
9/30/2019B. RileySet Price TargetCapital Southwest (CSWC)Hold $23.00Low    
9/30/2019B. RileySet Price TargetArchrock (AROC)Buy $17.00Low    
9/30/2019B. RileySet Price TargetColony Capital (CLNY)Buy $8.00Medium    
9/30/2019B. RileySet Price TargetFederal National Mortgage Association (FNMA)Hold $3.00Low    
10/2/2019B. RileyRaises TargetThe Medicines (MDCO)Buy$74.00 -> $95.00Low    
10/1/2019B. RileyRaises TargetFormFactor (FORM)Buy$22.00 -> $25.00Low    
10/1/2019B. RileyLowers TargetCleveland-Cliffs (CLF)Buy$16.00 -> $13.00Medium    
9/26/2019B. RileySet Price TargetPlug Power (PLUG)Buy $3.50High    
9/27/2019B. RileySet Price TargetG1 Therapeutics (GTHX)Buy $55.00Low    
9/27/2019B. RileySet Price TargetNet 1 UEPS Technologies (UEPS)Buy $7.00High    
9/27/2019B. RileySet Price TargetDynagas LNG Partners (DLNG)Hold $2.30High    
9/30/2019B. RileyInitiatesGlobal Ship Lease (GSL)Buy $15.00Low    
9/30/2019B. RileyDowngradesSunCoke Energy (SXC)Buy -> Neutral$12.00 -> $8.00High    
9/27/2019B. RileyLowers TargetShotspotter (SSTI)Buy$59.00 -> $50.00Medium    
9/23/2019B. RileyReiteratesLumentum (LITE)BuyHigh    
9/23/2019B. RileySet Price TargetArotech (ARTX)Buy $4.50Low    
9/23/2019B. RileySet Price TargetThe Rubicon Project (RUBI)Buy $11.00Medium    
9/23/2019B. RileySet Price TargetHorizon Global (HZN)Hold $2.50Low    
9/24/2019B. RileySet Price TargetRed Lion Hotels (RLH)Buy $11.00Low    
9/24/2019B. RileyRaises TargetInfinera (INFN)Buy$6.50 -> $8.00High    
9/24/2019B. RileySet Price TargetNovavax (NVAX)Buy $35.00High    
9/24/2019B. RileySet Price TargetScorpio Tankers (STNG)Buy $40.00Medium    
9/26/2019B. RileyLowers TargetAlcoa (AA)Buy$34.00 -> $27.00Medium    
9/25/2019B. RileyInitiatesTristate Capital (TSC)Buy $27.00High    
9/24/2019B. RileyLowers TargetEyepoint Pharmaceuticals (EYPT)Buy$5.75 -> $4.00Medium    
9/24/2019B. RileyRaises TargetCoeur Mining (CDE)Buy$7.50 -> $7.80Medium    
9/24/2019B. RileyLowers TargetGolar LNG (GLNG)Buy$30.00 -> $21.00Medium    
9/23/2019B. RileyRaises TargetLimelight Networks (LLNW)Buy$2.90 -> $3.70Low    
9/18/2019B. RileyReiteratesIheartmedia (IHRT)NeutralHigh    
9/18/2019B. RileySet Price TargetBrooks Automation (BRKS)Buy $47.00Low    
9/18/2019B. RileySet Price TargetJernigan Capital (JCAP)Buy $26.00Low    
9/20/2019B. RileyInitiatesEton Pharmaceuticals (ETON)Buy $13.50High    
9/19/2019B. RileyLowers TargetS&W Seed (SANW)Buy$4.80 -> $4.60Low    
9/19/2019B. RileyRaises TargetDril-Quip (DRQ)Neutral$48.00 -> $51.00High    
9/19/2019B. RileyReiteratesGain Capital (GCAP)Buy $7.00Medium    
9/18/2019B. RileyReiteratesPFSweb (PFSW)Buy $4.50High    
9/18/2019B. RileyInitiatesGain Capital (GCAP)Buy $7.00High    
9/18/2019B. RileyDowngradesNeoPhotonics (NPTN)Buy -> Neutral $6.50High    
9/13/2019B. RileySet Price TargetLightPath Technologies (LPTH)Buy $2.00Low    
9/13/2019B. RileyReiteratesVectrus (VEC)Buy $49.00Low    

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