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GMP Securities Analyst Recommendations & Stock Picks

This page lists the most recent publicly-reported stock recommendations and ratings issued by analysts at GMP Securities. These ratings and price targets were collected from pubilc media reports and are believed to be accurate, but cannot be verified with 100% certainty. MarketBeat and its parent company are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by GMP Securities.

DateBrokerageActionCompanyRatingPrice TargetImpact on PriceActions
12/3/2019GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetSuncor Energy (SU)C$39.00 -> C$43.00N/A    
11/7/2019GMP SecuritiesDowngradesEndeavour Silver (EXK)Buy -> HoldHigh    
10/28/2019GMP SecuritiesUpgradesUnited Parcel Service (UPS)ReduceLow    
9/30/2019GMP SecuritiesDowngradesImperial Oil (IMO)Hold -> ReduceN/A    
9/23/2019GMP SecuritiesInitiatesVAALCO Energy (EGY)Buy $3.00Medium    
8/22/2019GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetWELL Health Technologies (WELL)BuyC$1.15 -> C$2.25N/A    
8/15/2019GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetPinnacle Renewable (PL)BuyC$13.00 -> C$14.00N/A    
8/15/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetBirchcliff Energy (BIR)C$4.25 -> C$4.00N/A    
8/8/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetHusky Energy (HSE)C$14.00 -> C$9.75N/A    
8/7/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetPine Cliff Energy (PNE)C$0.20 -> C$0.15N/A    
8/7/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesPPL (PPL)Average $59.00Low    
8/6/2019GMP SecuritiesDowngradesHorizon North Logistics (HNL)Hold -> ReduceC$2.00 -> C$1.00N/A    
8/6/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetEnbridge (ENB)C$60.00 -> C$59.00N/A    
8/6/2019GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetAdvantage Oil & Gas (AAV)C$4.00 -> C$4.35N/A    
8/1/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesAlexandria Real Estate Equities (ARE)Buy -> Average $26.00Low    
7/31/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetTc Pipelines (TRP)C$74.00 -> C$73.00N/A    
7/26/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetSuncor Energy (SU)C$43.00 -> C$42.00N/A    
7/26/2019GMP SecuritiesUpgradesMullen Group (MTL)Reduce -> HoldC$8.75 -> C$9.50N/A    
7/26/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetCenovus Energy (CVE)C$15.00 -> C$14.50N/A    
7/26/2019GMP SecuritiesInitiatesGeoPark (GPRK)Buy $26.00Low    
7/24/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesSPDR Wells Fargo Preferred Stock ETF (PSK)Buy $22.00N/A    
7/24/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetPrairieSky Royalty (PSK)C$22.25 -> C$22.00N/A    
7/23/2019GMP SecuritiesDowngradesDetour Gold (DRGDF)Buy -> HoldLow    
7/23/2019GMP SecuritiesDowngradesWheaton Precious Metals (WPM)Buy -> HoldLow    
7/23/2019GMP SecuritiesDowngradesIamgold (IAG)Buy -> HoldLow    
7/23/2019GMP SecuritiesDowngradesFranco Nevada (FNV)Buy -> HoldLow    
7/23/2019GMP SecuritiesDowngradesEldorado Gold (EGO)Buy -> HoldHigh    
7/11/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesTrustCo Bank Corp NY (TRST)Hold $6.00Medium    
7/11/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesKellogg (K)BuyLow    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesSPDR Wells Fargo Preferred Stock ETF (PSK)Buy $22.25N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesEnerplus (ERF)Buy -> Average $16.00Low    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesDowngradesVermilion Energy (VET)Buy -> HoldC$39.00 -> C$30.00N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetTourmaline Oil (TOU)C$28.50 -> C$25.25N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetTORC Oil and Gas (TOG)C$7.75 -> C$6.75N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetTamarack Valley Energy (TVE)C$4.50 -> C$4.25N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetSurge Energy (SGY)C$1.95 -> C$1.75N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetSuncor Energy (SU)C$48.00 -> C$43.00N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetStorm Resources (SRX)C$4.00 -> C$3.75N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetSeven Generations Energy (VII)C$16.00 -> C$13.50N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetPrairieSky Royalty (PSK)C$22.50 -> C$22.25N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetPine Cliff Energy (PNE)C$0.30 -> C$0.20N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetPeyto Exploration & Development (PEY)C$9.50 -> C$6.50N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesDowngradesPetrus Resources (PRQ)Buy -> Speculative BuyC$0.80 -> C$0.70N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetPerpetual Energy (PMT)C$0.40 -> C$0.30N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetParamount Resources (POU)C$9.25 -> C$9.00N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetPainted Pony Energy (PONY)C$2.25 -> C$1.30N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetObsidian Energy (OBE)C$0.40 -> C$1.75N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetNuvista Energy (NVA)C$7.50 -> C$6.00N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetMEG Energy (MEG)C$8.50 -> C$8.00N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesDowngradesLeucrotta Exploration (LXE)Buy -> HoldC$1.40 -> C$1.15N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetKelt Exploration (KEL)C$6.75 -> C$6.00N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetJourney Energy (JOY)C$2.75 -> C$3.00N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetInternational Petroleum (IPCO)C$10.50 -> C$10.25N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetImperial Oil (IMO)C$40.00 -> C$38.00N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesDowngradesHusky Energy (HSE)Buy -> HoldC$16.00 -> C$14.00N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetGear Energy (GXE)C$0.95 -> C$0.70N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetEnerplus (ERF)C$18.00 -> C$16.00N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesDowngradesCrew Energy (CR)Buy -> HoldC$1.65 -> C$1.15N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetCenovus Energy (CVE)C$15.75 -> C$15.00N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetCardinal Energy (CJ)C$4.50 -> C$4.00N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetCanadian Natural Resources (CNQ)C$50.00 -> C$48.00N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetBonavista Energy (BNP)C$1.10 -> C$0.70N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetBirchcliff Energy (BIR)C$6.75 -> C$4.25N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetBaytex Energy (BTE)C$5.00 -> C$4.00N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetARC Resources (ARX)C$14.25 -> C$10.50N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetAltura Energy (ATU)C$0.75 -> C$0.60N/A    
6/28/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetAdvantage Oil & Gas (AAV)C$5.75 -> C$4.00N/A    
6/20/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetGran Tierra Energy (GTE)C$3.50 -> C$2.75N/A    
6/12/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetKeyera (KEY)C$34.50 -> C$33.50N/A    
6/5/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesFleetCor Technologies (FLT)Average $4.00High    
5/30/2019GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetCanadian Natural Resources (CNQ)C$49.00 -> C$50.00N/A    
5/17/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesKeyCorp (KEY)Hold -> Average $34.50Low    
5/16/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesBirchcliff Energy (BIR)Buy -> Average C$6.75N/A    
5/13/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesPark Lawn (PLC)Average C$36.00N/A    
5/13/2019GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetSurge Energy (SGY)C$1.90 -> C$1.95N/A    
5/8/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesAutoCanada (ACQ)Buy -> Average C$16.00N/A    
5/8/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetMEG Energy (MEG)C$9.25 -> C$8.50N/A    
5/8/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetGibson Energy (GEI)C$24.00 -> C$22.50N/A    
5/8/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesActuant (ATU)Buy $0.75Low    
5/7/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesSuncor Energy (SU)Hold $48.00Low    
5/7/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetAltura Energy (ATU)C$0.80 -> C$0.75N/A    
5/7/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesTc Pipelines (TRP)Buy $71.00Low    
5/3/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetSuncor Energy (SU)C$53.00 -> C$48.00N/A    
5/3/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetSource Energy Services (SHLE)C$1.50 -> C$1.25N/A    
5/3/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetPainted Pony Energy (PONY)C$2.50 -> C$2.25N/A    
5/2/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesBlack Diamond Group (BDI)Hold C$2.75N/A    
5/2/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetHusky Energy (HSE)C$16.50 -> C$16.00N/A    
4/30/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesProShares UltraShort Russell2000 (TWM)Buy $2.00N/A    
4/30/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesTc Pipelines (TRP)Buy $69.00Low    
4/26/2019GMP SecuritiesDowngradesMullen Group (MTL)Hold -> ReduceC$12.00 -> C$9.25N/A    
4/26/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesWisdomTree Emerging Markets Local Debt Fund (ELD)Buy $7.25N/A    
4/25/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesCenovus Energy (CVE)Buy $17.50Medium    
4/25/2019GMP SecuritiesUpgradesLeucrotta Exploration (LXE)Hold -> BuyN/A    
4/25/2019GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetCenovus Energy (CVE)C$17.00 -> C$17.50N/A    
4/24/2019GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetPrairieSky Royalty (PSK)C$22.00 -> C$22.50N/A    
4/23/2019GMP SecuritiesDowngradesWheaton Precious Metals (WPM)Buy -> Hold $26.00Low    
4/23/2019GMP SecuritiesUpgradesAgnico Eagle Mines (AEM)Hold -> BuyLow    
4/22/2019GMP SecuritiesUpgradesCanopy Growth (CGC)Hold -> Buy$65.00 -> $72.00High    
4/17/2019GMP SecuritiesDowngradesYamana Gold (AUY)Buy -> HoldLow    
4/15/2019GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetCardinal Energy (CJ)C$4.00 -> C$4.50N/A    
3/26/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesProShares UltraShort Russell2000 (TWM)Buy $2.25N/A    
3/26/2019GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetTidewater Midstream & Infrastructure (TWM)C$2.00 -> C$2.25N/A    
3/26/2019GMP SecuritiesDowngradesJadestone Energy (JSE)Buy -> HoldN/A    
3/21/2019GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetBaytex Energy (BTE)C$4.50 -> C$4.75N/A    
3/14/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetCES Energy Solutions (CEU)C$3.50 -> C$3.00N/A    
3/14/2019GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetBirchcliff Energy (BIR)C$5.50 -> C$6.25N/A    
3/13/2019GMP SecuritiesUpgradesAurora Cannabis (ACB)Hold -> BuyHigh    
3/6/2019GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetGibson Energy (GEI)HoldC$20.50 -> C$23.00N/A    
3/5/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesVillage Farms International (VFF)Buy -> Average C$17.00N/A    
3/3/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesC&J Energy Services (CJ)Buy $4.00Low    
2/28/2019GMP SecuritiesUpgradesCopper Mountain Mining Co.. (CMMC)Buy C$1.75N/A    
2/27/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesBarrick Gold (ABX)Hold C$17.15N/A    
2/25/2019GMP SecuritiesUpgradesIronwood Pharmaceuticals (IRWD)Sell -> Neutral$11.50 -> $14.00High    
2/22/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesIamgold (IMG)Buy C$6.70N/A    
2/22/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesKelt Exploration (KEL)Buy C$6.75N/A    
2/22/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesLundin Gold (LUG)Buy C$8.10N/A    
2/22/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesNew Gold (NGD)Neutral $1.15N/A    
2/22/2019GMP SecuritiesDowngradesKirkland Lake Gold (KL)Buy -> HoldLow    
2/19/2019GMP SecuritiesDowngradesCanopy Growth (CGC)Buy -> HoldLow    
2/14/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesCrane (CR)HoldLow    
2/12/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesAurora Cannabis (ACB)Hold $9.50High    
2/11/2019GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetParex Resources (PXT)C$27.00 -> C$28.50N/A    
2/11/2019GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetCrew Energy (CR)C$1.25 -> C$1.50N/A    
2/8/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetMullen Group (MTL)C$13.50 -> C$12.50N/A    
2/8/2019GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetARC Resources (ARX)C$12.75 -> C$14.25N/A    
2/7/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesSuncor Energy (SU)Neutral -> Hold $47.00Low    
2/7/2019GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetSuncor Energy (SU)C$46.00 -> C$47.00N/A    
2/5/2019GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetPembina Pipeline (PPL)C$56.00 -> C$58.00N/A    
2/5/2019GMP SecuritiesDowngradesCronos Group (CRON)Buy -> HoldHigh    
2/4/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetImperial Oil (IMO)C$38.00 -> C$37.00N/A    
2/4/2019GMP SecuritiesDowngradesGran Tierra Energy (GTE)Buy -> HoldC$5.00 -> C$4.75N/A    
2/4/2019GMP SecuritiesDowngradesGran Tierra Energy (GTE)Buy -> HoldN/A    
1/29/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetEnerplus (ERF)C$20.00 -> C$18.00N/A    
1/28/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesInternational Petroleum (IPCO)Buy C$10.00N/A    
1/18/2019GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetPeyto Exploration & Development (PEY)C$10.50 -> C$8.75N/A    
1/18/2019GMP SecuritiesUpgradesMEG Energy (MEG)Tender -> HoldC$9.05 -> C$6.00N/A    
1/18/2019GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetHusky Energy (HSE)HoldC$16.00 -> C$18.00N/A    
1/8/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesCalfrac Well Services (CFW)Buy -> Average C$5.00N/A    
1/8/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesHorizon North Logistics (HNL)Buy C$2.50N/A    
1/8/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesSTEP Energy Services (STEP)Average C$5.75N/A    
1/8/2019GMP SecuritiesReiteratesTotal (TOT)Buy $16.00Low    
12/17/2018GMP SecuritiesReiteratesAfrica Oil (AOIFF)BuyMedium    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetWhitecap Resources (WCP)C$12.50 -> C$8.75N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetTourmaline Oil (TOU)C$31.75 -> C$25.75N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetTORC Oil and Gas (TOG)C$9.50 -> C$7.75N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetTamarack Valley Energy (TVE)C$6.00 -> C$4.50N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesDowngradesSurge Energy (SGY)Buy -> HoldC$3.00 -> C$1.85N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesDowngradesSuncor Energy (SU)Buy -> HoldC$57.00 -> C$46.00N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetStorm Resources (SRX)C$5.75 -> C$3.75N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetSeven Generations Energy (VII)C$25.50 -> C$17.50N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetPrairieSky Royalty (PSK)C$29.00 -> C$22.00N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetPine Cliff Energy (PNE)C$0.40 -> C$0.35N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesDowngradesPeyto Exploration & Development (PEY)Buy -> HoldC$13.50 -> C$10.50N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetParex Resources (PXT)C$32.00 -> C$27.00N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesDowngradesParamount Resources (POU)Hold -> ReduceC$12.00 -> C$8.00N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetPainted Pony Energy (PONY)C$3.00 -> C$2.25N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetNuvista Energy (NVA)C$9.75 -> C$7.50N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetMEG Energy (MEG)C$12.50 -> C$9.05N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetLeucrotta Exploration (LXE)C$1.50 -> C$1.40N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetKelt Exploration (KEL)C$9.25 -> C$6.75N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesDowngradesJourney Energy (JOY)Buy -> HoldC$2.75 -> C$2.40N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesDowngradesImperial Oil (IMO)Buy -> HoldC$49.00 -> C$38.00N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetHusky Energy (HSE)C$22.00 -> C$17.00N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesUpgradesGear Energy (GXE)Hold -> BuyC$1.15 -> C$0.85N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetEnerplus (ERF)C$21.50 -> C$20.00N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetEncana (ECA)C$15.00 -> C$11.00N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetDelphi Energy (DEE)C$0.90 -> C$0.70N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetCrew Energy (CR)C$2.25 -> C$1.25N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetCrescent Point Energy (CPG)C$10.50 -> C$8.00N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetCenovus Energy (CVE)C$17.00 -> C$14.00N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetCardinal Energy (CJ)C$4.75 -> C$4.25N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetCanadian Natural Resources (CNQ)C$48.00 -> C$47.00N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetBonterra Energy (BNE)C$9.50 -> C$9.00N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesDowngradesBonavista Energy (BNP)Buy -> HoldC$2.00 -> C$1.40N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetBirchcliff Energy (BIR)C$6.25 -> C$5.50N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetBaytex Energy (BTE)C$7.75 -> C$4.50N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetARC Resources (ARX)C$16.75 -> C$12.75N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetAltura Energy (ATU)C$0.70 -> C$0.60N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetAdvantage Oil & Gas (AAV)C$5.50 -> C$5.00N/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesDowngradesJourney Energy (JRNGF)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesDowngradesSurge Energy (ZPTAF)Buy -> HoldHigh    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesDowngradesPeyto Exploration & Development (PEYUF)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesDowngradesParamount Resources (PRMRF)Hold -> ReduceHigh    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesDowngradesBonavista Energy (BNPUF)Buy -> HoldLow    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesDowngradesSuncor Energy (SU)Buy -> HoldMedium    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesDowngradesImperial Oil (IMO)Buy -> HoldN/A    
12/13/2018GMP SecuritiesUpgradesGear Energy (GENGF)Hold -> BuyMedium    
12/10/2018GMP SecuritiesReiteratesCanadian Natural Resources (CNQ)BuyMedium    
12/10/2018GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetCronos Group (CRON)C$14.00 -> C$24.00N/A    
12/5/2018GMP SecuritiesUpgradesKeane Group (FRAC)Hold -> BuyHigh    
12/3/2018GMP SecuritiesInitiatesBRP (DOOO)BuyHigh    
12/3/2018GMP SecuritiesReiteratesPrecision Drilling (PDS)BuyLow    
11/26/2018GMP SecuritiesReiteratesParex Resources (PARXF)BuyLow    
11/26/2018GMP SecuritiesReiteratesLeagold Mining (LMC)Buy C$3.50N/A    
11/19/2018GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetTervita (TEV)C$12.50 -> C$13.00N/A    
11/19/2018GMP SecuritiesReiteratesCronos Group (CRON)BuyMedium    
11/19/2018GMP SecuritiesReiteratesTc Pipelines (TRP)Buy -> Average $66.00High    
11/16/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetBirchcliff Energy (BIR)C$7.25 -> C$6.25N/A    
11/15/2018GMP SecuritiesReiteratesEncana (ECA)BuyMedium    
11/15/2018GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetStorm Resources (SRX)C$5.25 -> C$5.75N/A    
11/9/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetTrican Well Service (TCW)C$2.50 -> C$2.00N/A    
11/9/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetSTEP Energy Services (STEP)C$11.00 -> C$8.50N/A    
11/9/2018GMP SecuritiesDowngradesGear Energy (GXE)Buy -> HoldC$1.65 -> C$1.15N/A    
11/9/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetARC Resources (ARX)C$17.50 -> C$16.75N/A    
11/8/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetPeyto Exploration & Development (PEY)C$14.00 -> C$13.50N/A    
11/8/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetKeyera (KEY)C$40.00 -> C$38.00N/A    
11/8/2018GMP SecuritiesUpgradesImperial Oil (IMO)Hold -> BuyC$45.00 -> C$50.00N/A    
11/8/2018GMP SecuritiesUpgradesImperial Oil (IMO)Hold -> BuyN/A    
11/5/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetCardinal Energy (CJ)C$7.25 -> C$6.25N/A    
11/5/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetBaytex Energy (BTE)C$8.00 -> C$7.75N/A    
11/1/2018GMP SecuritiesUpgradesPHX Energy Services (PHX)Hold -> BuyC$3.50 -> C$5.50N/A    
10/26/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetMullen Group (MTL)C$17.50 -> C$16.50N/A    
10/26/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetHusky Energy (HSE)C$23.00 -> C$22.00N/A    
10/26/2018GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetCalfrac Well Services (CFW)C$8.00 -> C$9.00N/A    
10/12/2018GMP SecuritiesDowngradesExfo (EXFO)Buy -> HoldHigh    
10/9/2018GMP SecuritiesDowngradesSource Energy Services (SHLE)Buy -> HoldC$7.00 -> C$5.00N/A    
10/9/2018GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetPrecision Drilling (PD)C$7.00 -> C$7.50N/A    
9/28/2018GMP SecuritiesReiteratesTervita (TEV)Buy C$12.50N/A    
9/25/2018GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetPembina Pipeline (PPL)C$56.50 -> C$57.00N/A    
8/10/2018GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetPason Systems (PSI)C$22.00 -> C$24.50N/A    
8/10/2018GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetGibson Energy (GEI)C$19.50 -> C$22.25N/A    
8/10/2018GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetAltura Energy (ATU)C$0.80 -> C$0.85N/A    
8/8/2018GMP SecuritiesUpgradesEnsign Energy Services (ESI)Reduce -> HoldC$5.00 -> C$5.75N/A    
7/24/2018GMP SecuritiesUpgradesJadestone Energy (JSE)Speculative Buy -> BuyC$1.10 -> C$1.40N/A    
7/5/2018GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetEnbridge (ENB)C$55.00 -> C$57.00N/A    
6/20/2018GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetKeyera (KEY)C$40.25 -> C$41.00N/A    
6/14/2018GMP SecuritiesDowngradesInternational Petroleum (IPCO)Hold -> ReduceN/A    
5/29/2018GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetVermilion Energy (VET)C$54.00 -> C$57.00N/A    
5/15/2018GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetAthabasca Oil (ATH)C$1.65 -> C$2.25N/A    
5/11/2018GMP SecuritiesSet Price TargetTrican Well Service (TCW) C$5.25N/A    
5/11/2018GMP SecuritiesSet Price TargetMEG Energy (MEG) C$10.00N/A    
5/11/2018GMP SecuritiesSet Price TargetEnbridge (ENB) C$56.00N/A    
5/11/2018GMP SecuritiesSet Price TargetCrew Energy (CR) C$3.75N/A    
5/11/2018GMP SecuritiesSet Price TargetChinook Energy (CKE) C$0.20N/A    
5/9/2018GMP SecuritiesSet Price TargetTourmaline Oil (TOU) C$30.50N/A    
5/9/2018GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetTORC Oil and Gas (TOG)C$9.00 -> C$10.00N/A    
5/9/2018GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetSurge Energy (SGY)C$3.00 -> C$3.50N/A    
5/9/2018GMP SecuritiesSet Price TargetPeyto Exploration & Development (PEY) C$16.00N/A    
5/9/2018GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetParex Resources (PXT)C$30.00 -> C$31.00N/A    
5/9/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetCathedral Energy Services (CET)C$2.75 -> C$2.50N/A    
5/8/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetEnsign Energy Services (ESI)Reduce C$7.25N/A    
5/8/2018GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetBaytex Energy (BTE) C$4.50N/A    
5/4/2018GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetPason Systems (PSI)C$20.00 -> C$22.00N/A    
5/4/2018GMP SecuritiesLowers TargetCrescent Point Energy (CPG)C$14.25 -> C$14.00N/A    
5/4/2018GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetCanadian Natural Resources (CNQ)C$56.00 -> C$57.00N/A    
5/3/2018GMP SecuritiesUpgradesYamana Gold (AUY)Hold -> BuyMedium    
4/27/2018GMP SecuritiesDowngradesHusky Energy (HSE)Buy -> HoldC$22.00 -> C$19.50N/A    
4/6/2018GMP SecuritiesUpgradesCronos Group (CRON)Hold -> BuyHigh    
4/3/2018GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetKeyera (KEY)C$37.00 -> C$38.00N/A    
3/14/2018GMP SecuritiesRaises TargetCabot Energy (CAB)Speculative BuyGBX 8 -> GBX 10N/A    

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MarketBeat Community Rating for GMP Securities

Community Ranking:  1.9 out of 5 (star half star)
Outperform Votes:  17,641 (Vote Outperform)
Underperform Votes:  28,116 (Vote Underperform)
Total Votes:  45,757
MarketBeat's community ratings are surveys of what our community members think about GMP Securities and other research firms. Vote "Outperform" if you believe GMP Securities's recommendations will outperform the S&P 500 over the long term. Vote "Underperform" if you believe GMP Securities's recmomendations will underperform the S&P 500 over the long term. You may vote once every thirty days.

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