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Hovde Group Analyst Recommendations & Stock Picks

This page lists the most recent publicly-reported stock recommendations and ratings issued by analysts at Hovde Group. These ratings and price targets were collected from pubilc media reports and are believed to be accurate, but cannot be verified with 100% certainty. MarketBeat and its parent company are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Hovde Group.

DateBrokerageActionCompanyRatingPrice TargetImpact on PriceActions
11/20/2019Hovde GroupUpgradesSignature Bank (SBNY)Market Perform -> Outperform $140.00Low    
10/29/2019Hovde GroupInitiatesMetroCity Bankshares (MCBS)Outperform $18.00Low    
9/23/2019Hovde GroupDowngradesCapital City Bank Group (CCBG)Outperform -> Market Perform $30.00Medium    
8/27/2019Hovde GroupUpgradesSynovus Financial (SNV)Market Perform -> Outperform$40.00 -> $42.00Medium    
8/9/2019Hovde GroupUpgradesOpus Bank (OPB)Market Perform -> Outperform$21.50 -> $24.00Low    
8/5/2019Hovde GroupDowngradesGerman American Bancorp. (GABC)Outperform -> Market Perform $34.00High    
7/12/2019Hovde GroupDowngradesEvans Bancorp (EVBN)Outperform -> Market PerformN/A    
6/17/2019Hovde GroupInitiatesWesBanco (WSBC)Outperform -> Outperform $42.00Low    
6/3/2019Hovde GroupInitiatesCity (CHCO)Market Perform -> Market Perform $76.00Low    
5/31/2019Hovde GroupInitiatesOrrstown Financial Services (ORRF)Outperform $25.00High    
5/22/2019Hovde GroupInitiatesFirst Merchants (FRME)Market Perform $39.00High    
5/14/2019Hovde GroupUpgradesSeacoast Banking Co. of Florida (SBCF)Underperform -> Market PerformMedium    
5/6/2019Hovde GroupInitiatesFirst Bank (FRBA)Outperform -> Outperform $13.00Low    
5/6/2019Hovde GroupInitiatesFirst Mid-Illinois Bancshares (FMBH)Market Perform -> Market Perform $39.00Low    
4/9/2019Hovde GroupReiteratesFranklin Financial Network (FSB)Market Perform -> Market Perform$33.00 -> $30.00Low    
3/22/2019Hovde GroupInitiatesCitizens Community Bancorp (CZWI)Outperform -> Outperform $14.00High    
3/20/2019Hovde GroupUpgradesProvident Financial (PROV)Market Perform -> Outperform$19.00 -> $23.00High    
3/8/2019Hovde GroupInitiatesMvb Financial (MVBF)Outperform -> Outperform $18.50Medium    
3/4/2019Hovde GroupDowngradesSeacoast Banking Co. of Florida (SBCF)Market Perform -> Underperform$28.00 -> $27.50High    
3/1/2019Hovde GroupDowngradesProsperity Bancshares (PB)Outperform -> Market Perform $79.00Low    
2/15/2019Hovde GroupDowngradesCounty Bancorp (ICBK)Outperform -> Market Perform$22.00 -> $20.00Low    
2/4/2019Hovde GroupInitiatesBayCom (BCML)Outperform -> Outperform $24.50High    
1/29/2019Hovde GroupReiteratesRepublic Bancorp, Inc. KY (RBCAA)Market Perform $41.00Medium    
1/28/2019Hovde GroupReiteratesMercantile Bank (MBWM)Hold $36.50Low    
1/28/2019Hovde GroupReiteratesMeridian Bancorp (EBSB)Hold $15.00Low    
1/28/2019Hovde GroupReiteratesSierra Bancorp (BSRR)BuyLow    
1/28/2019Hovde GroupReiteratesRenasant (RNST)Market Perform -> Market Perform$34.00 -> $38.00Low    
1/28/2019Hovde GroupDowngradesFirst Internet Bancorp (INBK)Outperform -> Market Perform $22.00Low    
1/18/2019Hovde GroupReiteratesHancock Whitney (HWC)Outperform -> Outperform$45.00 -> $48.00Low    
1/2/2019Hovde GroupDowngradesSignature Bank (SBNY)Outperform -> Market PerformMedium    
1/2/2019Hovde GroupDowngradesSeacoast Banking Co. of Florida (SBCF)Outperform -> Market PerformMedium    
1/2/2019Hovde GroupUpgradesProsperity Bancshares (PB)Market Perform -> Outperform $70.00High    
1/2/2019Hovde GroupUpgradesGerman American Bancorp. (GABC)Market Perform -> Outperform $31.00Medium    
1/2/2019Hovde GroupUpgradesEvans Bancorp (EVBN)Market Perform -> Outperform $38.00N/A    
11/16/2018Hovde GroupUpgradesIBERIABANK (IBKC)Market Perform -> Outperform$82.00 -> $86.00Low    
11/5/2018Hovde GroupUpgradesCapital Bancorp (CBNK)Market Perform -> OutperformLow    
10/25/2018Hovde GroupLowers TargetSterling Bancorp (STL)Outperform$30.00 -> $22.00High    
10/22/2018Hovde GroupInitiatesCapital Bancorp (CBNK)Market Perform -> Market Perform $14.00Low    
10/19/2018Hovde GroupUpgradesServisFirst Bancshares (SFBS)Market Perform -> OutperformLow    
10/12/2018Hovde GroupDowngradesMBT Financial (MBTF)Outperform -> Market PerformLow    
9/21/2018Hovde GroupUpgradesSB One Bancorp (SBBX)Market Perform -> Outperform$33.00 -> $30.00Medium    
9/19/2018Hovde GroupUpgradesCivista Bancshares (CIVB)Market Perform -> Outperform $26.00Medium    
9/10/2018Hovde GroupInitiatesMBT Financial (MBTF)Outperform -> Outperform $12.00Low    
8/29/2018Hovde GroupUpgradesCounty Bancorp (ICBK)Market Perform -> Outperform $28.00Medium    
8/27/2018Hovde GroupDowngradesEvans Bancorp (EVBN)Outperform -> Market Perform $50.00N/A    
8/13/2018Hovde GroupInitiatesCoastal Financial (CCB)Outperform $20.00Low    
8/10/2018Hovde GroupInitiatesFirst Choice Bancorp (FCBP)Outperform $31.00Low    
8/8/2018Hovde GroupUpgradesSignature Bank (SBNY)Market Perform -> Outperform$144.00 -> $133.00Medium    
8/6/2018Hovde GroupReiteratesNicolet Bankshares (NCBS)Hold $60.00Low    
8/3/2018Hovde GroupReiteratesCapital City Bank Group (CCBG)Buy $29.00Low    
8/2/2018Hovde GroupReiteratesCivista Bancshares (CIVB)Hold $26.00Low    
7/30/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetUnited Community Banks (UCBI)Buy $34.00Low    
7/30/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetNational Bank (NBHC)Hold $40.00Low    
7/30/2018Hovde GroupReiteratesMacatawa Bank (MCBC)Neutral -> Hold $13.00Low    
7/28/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetTrustmark (TRMK)Hold $35.00Low    
7/27/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetIndependent Bank Co.(MI) (IBCP)Hold $27.00Low    
7/26/2018Hovde GroupRaises TargetBOK Financial (BOKF)Market Perform$100.00 -> $105.00Low    
7/26/2018Hovde GroupRaises TargetBridge Bancorp (BDGE)Market Perform$37.00 -> $38.00High    
7/25/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetIndependent Bank Group (IBTX)Buy $80.00Low    
7/25/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetPeoples Bancorp (PEBO)Hold $40.00Low    
7/26/2018Hovde GroupReiteratesOld National Bancorp (ONB)HoldMedium    
7/26/2018Hovde GroupReiteratesSierra Bancorp (BSRR)Buy $32.00Medium    
7/24/2018Hovde GroupDowngradesCommunity Bank System (CBU)Outperform -> Market PerformLow    
7/23/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetWintrust Financial (WTFC)Hold $98.00Medium    
7/23/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetRepublic Bancorp, Inc. KY (RBCAA)Hold $51.00High    
7/23/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetCVB Financial (CVBF)Hold $25.00Low    
7/23/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetUmpqua (UMPQ)Hold $24.00Low    
7/23/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetFulton Financial (FULT)Hold $19.00Low    
7/20/2018Hovde GroupReiteratesLegacyTexas Financial Group (LTXB)Hold $46.00Low    
7/9/2018Hovde GroupUpgradesProsperity Bancshares (PB)Underperform -> Market Perform $70.00Medium    
7/5/2018Hovde GroupReiteratesPinnacle Financial Partners (PNFP)OutperformLow    
6/29/2018Hovde GroupRaises TargetSmartFinancial (SMBK)Outperform$27.00 -> $29.00Low    
6/29/2018Hovde GroupUpgradesFirst Horizon National (FHN)Market Perform -> Outperform $21.00High    
6/25/2018Hovde GroupReiteratesOceanFirst Financial (OCFC)Buy $34.00Low    
6/15/2018Hovde GroupRaises TargetSeacoast Banking Co. of Florida (SBCF)Outperform$29.00 -> $36.00Low    
6/8/2018Hovde GroupReiteratesPinnacle Financial Partners (PNFP)Outperform$72.00 -> $75.00Medium    
5/3/2018Hovde GroupInitiatesOld Line Bancshares, Inc. (MD) (OLBK)Outperform -> Outperform $39.00Low    
4/24/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetPeoples Bancorp (PEBO)Hold $39.00Low    
4/24/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetSierra Bancorp (BSRR)Buy $31.00Low    
4/24/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetIndependent Bank Co.(MI) (IBCP)Hold $26.00Medium    
4/24/2018Hovde GroupInitiatesNicolet Bankshares (NCBS)Market Perform -> Market Perform $62.00Low    
4/23/2018Hovde GroupReiteratesOld National Bancorp (ONB)Hold $19.00Medium    
4/23/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetTexas Capital Bancshares (TCBI)Hold $105.00Low    
4/23/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetWintrust Financial (WTFC)Hold $95.00Low    
4/23/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetRepublic Bancorp, Inc. KY (RBCAA)Hold $43.00Medium    
4/23/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetBancorpsouth Bank (BXS)Hold $35.00Low    
4/23/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetUmpqua (UMPQ)Hold $25.00Low    
4/23/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetCVB Financial (CVBF)Hold $24.00Low    
4/23/2018Hovde GroupReiteratesFulton Financial (FULT)Hold $18.00Low    
4/18/2018Hovde GroupReiteratesMercantile Bank (MBWM)Hold $37.00Low    
4/18/2018Hovde GroupUpgradesPinnacle Financial Partners (PNFP)Market Perform -> Outperform $72.00Low    
4/16/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetFirst Horizon National (FHN)Hold $21.00Low    
4/6/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetOpus Bank (OPB)Hold $30.00Low    
4/3/2018Hovde GroupInitiatesMackinac Financial (MFNC)Outperform $19.00Low    
3/28/2018Hovde GroupUpgradesCommunity Bank System (CBU)Market Perform -> Outperform $58.00Medium    
3/21/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetPacific Mercantile Bancorp (PMBC)Buy $11.00Medium    
3/16/2018Hovde GroupReiteratesCounty Bancorp (ICBK)Hold $33.00Low    
3/5/2018Hovde GroupDowngradesSB One Bancorp (SBBX)Outperform -> Market Perform $33.00High    
2/28/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetCVB Financial (CVBF)Hold $25.00Low    
2/14/2018Hovde GroupUpgradesSierra Bancorp (BSRR)Market Perform -> Outperform $30.00High    
2/8/2018Hovde GroupReiteratesWintrust Financial (WTFC)Market Perform -> Market Perform$85.00 -> $90.00Medium    
2/7/2018Hovde GroupUpgradesSeacoast Banking Co. of Florida (SBCF)Market Perform -> Outperform$30.00 -> $29.00Low    
2/7/2018Hovde GroupDowngradesBankUnited (BKU)Outperform -> Market Perform$45.00 -> $44.00Medium    
2/6/2018Hovde GroupReiteratesUmpqua (UMPQ)Hold $22.50Low    
2/5/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetTrustmark (TRMK)Hold $33.00Medium    
2/5/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetSierra Bancorp (BSRR)Hold $30.00Low    
2/5/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetProvident Financial (PROV)Hold $20.00Medium    
2/2/2018Hovde GroupReiteratesFinancial Institutions (FISI)Buy $36.00Low    
2/1/2018Hovde GroupReiteratesPeapack-Gladstone Financial (PGC)Buy $39.00Medium    
1/31/2018Hovde GroupDowngradesMidSouth Bancorp (MSL)Outperform -> Market Perform $15.00High    
1/31/2018Hovde GroupReiteratesValley National Bancorp (VLY)Buy $14.00Low    
1/30/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetPacific Mercantile Bancorp (PMBC)Buy $10.00Low    
1/29/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetFirst Financial Bankshares (FFIN)Hold $23.00Low    
1/29/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetMacatawa Bank (MCBC)Hold $11.00Low    
1/26/2018Hovde GroupReiteratesFranklin Financial Network (FSB)HoldLow    
1/26/2018Hovde GroupReiteratesUnited Financial Bancorp (UBNK)HoldLow    
1/25/2018Hovde GroupDowngradesBOK Financial (BOKF)Outperform -> Market Perform $103.00Low    
1/24/2018Hovde GroupUpgradesCapital City Bank Group (CCBG)Market Perform -> Outperform $26.50Low    
1/23/2018Hovde GroupReiteratesSynovus Financial (SNV)Hold $53.00Low    
1/23/2018Hovde GroupInitiatesCounty Bancorp (ICBK)Market Perform -> Market Perform $34.00Low    
1/23/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetServisFirst Bancshares (SFBS)Hold $44.00High    
1/22/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetFirst Horizon National (FHN)Hold $22.00Low    
1/19/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetRenasant (RNST)Hold $47.00Medium    
1/18/2018Hovde GroupReiteratesMercantile Bank (MBWM)Hold $38.50Low    
1/12/2018Hovde GroupReiteratesSeacoast Banking Co. of Florida (SBCF)Neutral -> HoldLow    
1/10/2018Hovde GroupUpgradesEvans Bancorp (EVBN)Market Perform -> Outperform $49.00N/A    
1/3/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetNational Bank (NBHC)Hold $35.00Medium    
1/3/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetCivista Bancshares (CIVB)Hold $24.00Low    
1/3/2018Hovde GroupReiteratesGerman American Bancorp. (GABC)HoldLow    
1/3/2018Hovde GroupSet Price TargetSeacoast Banking Co. of Florida (SBCF)Hold $27.00Low    
1/2/2018Hovde GroupDowngradesProsperity Bancshares (PB)Market Perform -> Underperform$70.00 -> $68.00Low    
12/29/2017Hovde GroupReiteratesInvestar (ISTR)Outperform -> Outperform $28.00High    
10/26/2017Hovde GroupRaises TargetEntegra Financial (ENFC)Outperform$27.00 -> $32.00N/A    
10/23/2017Hovde GroupRaises TargetFirst Internet Bancorp (INBK)Outperform -> Outperform$37.00 -> $43.00N/A    
10/23/2017Hovde GroupDowngradesIBERIABANK (IBKC)Outperform -> Market Perform$88.00 -> $82.00N/A    
10/23/2017Hovde GroupRaises TargetBancorpsouth Bank (BXS)Market Perform -> Market Perform$32.00 -> $33.00N/A    
10/16/2017Hovde GroupRaises TargetFirst Horizon National (FHN)Market Perform$20.00 -> $21.00N/A    
10/11/2017Hovde GroupInitiatesReliant Bancorp (RBNC)Outperform -> Outperform $26.50N/A    
10/9/2017Hovde GroupInitiatesOceanFirst Financial (OCFC)Outperform -> Outperform $32.00N/A    
10/4/2017Hovde GroupDowngradesRepublic Bancorp, Inc. KY (RBCAA)Outperform -> Market Perform$39.00 -> $41.00Low    
9/29/2017Hovde GroupDowngradesEvans Bancorp (EVBN)Outperform -> Market Perform$45.00 -> $48.00High    
9/11/2017Hovde GroupUpgradesSignature Bank (SBNY)Underperform -> Market Perform $132.00Medium    
9/8/2017Hovde GroupInitiatesBank First National (BFNC)Outperform $44.00N/A    
8/8/2017Hovde GroupReiteratesWintrust Financial (WTFC)Market Perform$76.50 -> $80.00Medium    
8/4/2017Hovde GroupInitiatesFranklin Financial Network (FSB)Market Perform $38.00Medium    
8/2/2017Hovde GroupReiteratesWintrust Financial (WTFC)Market Perform -> Market Perform$76.50 -> $80.00Low    
8/1/2017Hovde GroupRaises TargetTexas Capital Bancshares (TCBI)Market Perform -> Market Perform$85.00 -> $86.00Low    
7/31/2017Hovde GroupUpgradesValley National Bancorp (VLY)Market Perform -> Outperform $13.50Medium    
7/28/2017Hovde GroupRaises TargetSierra Bancorp (BSRR)Market Perform -> Market Perform$26.50 -> $27.75Low    
7/27/2017Hovde GroupRaises TargetCapital City Bank Group (CCBG)Market Perform -> Market Perform$22.50 -> $23.00Low    
7/26/2017Hovde GroupUpgradesIndependent Bank Group (IBTX)Market Perform -> Outperform$68.00 -> $69.00Medium    
7/10/2017Hovde GroupLowers TargetFirst Horizon National (FHN)Market Perform$20.50 -> $20.00Low    
6/28/2017Hovde GroupLowers TargetBOK Financial (BOKF)Outperform -> Outperform$97.00 -> $94.00Low    
6/26/2017Hovde GroupLowers TargetProsperity Bancshares (PB)Market Perform$70.00 -> $68.00Low    
6/23/2017Hovde GroupDowngradesTrustmark (TRMK)Outperform -> Market Perform $34.00Low    
6/14/2017Hovde GroupLowers TargetMidSouth Bancorp (MSL)Outperform$16.00 -> $14.00Low    
6/8/2017Hovde GroupLowers TargetMidSouth Bancorp (MSL)Outperform -> Outperform$18.00 -> $16.00High    
6/5/2017Hovde GroupUpgradesIBERIABANK (IBKC)Market Perform -> Outperform $87.00Medium    
5/19/2017Hovde GroupUpgradesCVB Financial (CVBF)Underperform -> Market Perform $21.00Low    
5/3/2017Hovde GroupUpgradesUnited Community Banks (UCBI)Market Perform -> Outperform $31.00Low    
5/1/2017Hovde GroupUpgradesPacific Mercantile Bancorp (PMBC)Market Perform -> Outperform $9.00Low    
4/27/2017Hovde GroupRaises TargetTrustmark (TRMK)Outperform -> Outperform$36.00 -> $38.00Low    
4/25/2017Hovde GroupRaises TargetWintrust Financial (WTFC)Market Perform -> Market Perform$74.00 -> $76.50Low    
4/18/2017Hovde GroupUpgradesServisFirst Bancshares (SFBS)Underperform -> Market Perform $37.00High    
4/17/2017Hovde GroupInitiatesFirst Internet Bancorp (INBK)Outperform -> Outperform $32.50Medium    
4/17/2017Hovde GroupLowers TargetFirst Horizon National (FHN)Market Perform -> Market Perform$21.50 -> $20.00Low    
4/13/2017Hovde GroupInitiatesPeapack-Gladstone Financial (PGC)Outperform -> Outperform $33.00High    
4/11/2017Hovde GroupInitiatesProvident Financial (PROV)Market Perform -> Market Perform $20.00Low    
4/5/2017Hovde GroupInitiatesEntegra Financial (ENFC)Outperform -> Outperform $27.50High    
3/29/2017Hovde GroupUpgradesRepublic Bancorp, Inc. KY (RBCAA)Market Perform -> Outperform $39.00Low    
3/22/2017Hovde GroupUpgradesFirst Financial Bankshares (FFIN)Underperform -> Market Perform $21.50High    
3/22/2017Hovde GroupUpgradesTrustmark (TRMK)Market Perform -> Outperform $36.00Low    
3/20/2017Hovde GroupInitiatesFinancial Institutions (FISI)Outperform -> OutperformMedium    
3/15/2017Hovde GroupInitiatesPacific Mercantile Bancorp (PMBC)Market Perform -> Market Perform $8.25Low    
3/8/2017Hovde GroupUpgradesSterling Bancorp (STL)Market Perform -> Outperform $27.00High    
3/6/2017Hovde GroupInitiatesUmpqua (UMPQ)Market Perform -> Market Perform $20.00N/A    
2/27/2017Hovde GroupDowngradesProsperity Bancshares (PB)Market PerformN/A    
2/14/2017Hovde GroupUpgradesBankUnited (BKU)Market Perform -> Outperform $44.00N/A    
2/6/2017Hovde GroupUpgradesMidSouth Bancorp (MSL)Market Perform -> Outperform$11.25 -> $17.00N/A    
2/3/2017Hovde GroupRaises TargetSmartFinancial (SMBK)Outperform$19.50 -> $25.00N/A    
1/31/2017Hovde GroupRaises TargetServisFirst Bancshares (SFBS)Underperform$31.50 -> $37.00N/A    
1/30/2017Hovde GroupDowngradesOpus Bank (OPB)Outperform -> Market Perform $31.00N/A    
1/19/2017Hovde GroupUpgradesFirst Community (FCCO)Market Perform -> Outperform$20.00 -> $21.00N/A    
1/9/2017Hovde GroupDowngradesSterling Bancorp (STL)Outperform -> Market PerformN/A    
1/9/2017Hovde GroupDowngradesSynovus Financial (SNV)Outperform -> Market Perform $44.00N/A    
1/6/2017Hovde GroupInitiatesBridge Bancorp (BDGE)Market Perform $40.00N/A    
12/19/2016Hovde GroupRaises TargetOpus Bank (OPB)Outperform$25.00 -> $31.00N/A    
12/16/2016Hovde GroupReiteratesFirst Community Bankshares (FCBC)Market Perform $20.00N/A    
12/14/2016Hovde GroupInitiatesFirst Community (FCCO)Market Perform $20.00N/A    
12/12/2016Hovde GroupUpgradesBOK Financial (BOKF)Market Perform -> Outperform$74.00 -> $94.00N/A    
12/5/2016Hovde GroupDowngradesSierra Bancorp (BSRR)Outperform -> Market Perform$20.50 -> $23.50N/A    
12/2/2016Hovde GroupInitiatesRepublic Bancorp, Inc. KY (RBCAA)Market Perform $39.00N/A    
11/28/2016Hovde GroupDowngradesCapital City Bank Group (CCBG)Outperform -> Market Perform$15.75 -> $21.00N/A    
11/23/2016Hovde GroupRaises TargetIndependent Bank Group (IBTX)Market Perform$50.00 -> $61.00N/A    
11/21/2016Hovde GroupDowngradesCVB Financial (CVBF)Market Perform -> Underperform $19.00N/A    
11/21/2016Hovde GroupInitiatesMercantile Bank (MBWM)Market Perform $32.00N/A    
11/18/2016Hovde GroupDowngradesServisFirst Bancshares (SFBS)Market Perform -> Underperform$55.50 -> $63.00N/A    
11/18/2016Hovde GroupDowngradesFirst Financial Bankshares (FFIN)Market Perform -> Underperform$18.75 -> $21.50N/A    
11/18/2016Hovde GroupDowngradesFulton Financial (FULT)Outperform -> Market Perform$16.50 -> $19.00N/A    
11/14/2016Hovde GroupDowngradesSignature Bank (SBNY)Market Perform -> UnderperformN/A    
11/14/2016Hovde GroupDowngradesProsperity Bancshares (PB)Outperform -> Market PerformN/A    
11/1/2016Hovde GroupUpgradesBankUnited (BKU)Underperform -> Market Perform$28.00 -> $29.00N/A    
10/28/2016Hovde GroupRaises TargetSmartFinancial (SMBK)Outperform$17.50 -> $19.50N/A    
10/27/2016Hovde GroupDowngradesUnited Community Banks (UCBI)Outperform -> Market Perform$22.00 -> $23.00N/A    
10/25/2016Hovde GroupRaises TargetCommunity Bank System (CBU)Market Perform$43.00 -> $49.00N/A    
10/24/2016Hovde GroupRaises TargetCivista Bancshares (CIVB)Market Perform$15.25 -> $15.75N/A    
10/20/2016Hovde GroupRaises TargetUnited Financial Bancorp (UBNK)Market Perform$14.00 -> $15.00N/A    
10/18/2016Hovde GroupRaises TargetServisFirst Bancshares (SFBS)Market Perform$55.00 -> $55.50N/A    
10/10/2016Hovde GroupInitiatesSterling Bancorp (STL)Outperform $20.00N/A    
9/26/2016Hovde GroupDowngradesFirst Horizon National (FHN)Outperform -> Market Perform $16.50N/A    
9/23/2016Hovde GroupInitiatesIndependent Bank Co.(MI) (IBCP)Market Perform $17.50N/A    
9/12/2016Hovde GroupInitiatesFulton Financial (FULT)Outperform $16.00N/A    
9/7/2016Hovde GroupInitiatesNational Bank (NBHC)Market Perform $25.00N/A    
9/6/2016Hovde GroupDowngradesSeacoast Banking Co. of Florida (SBCF)Outperform -> Market PerformN/A    
9/1/2016Hovde GroupDowngradesBankUnited (BKU)Market Perform -> Underperform$30.00 -> $28.00N/A    
8/29/2016Hovde GroupInitiatesSmartFinancial (SMBK)Outperform $17.50N/A    
8/24/2016Hovde GroupInitiatesWintrust Financial (WTFC)Market Perform $59.00N/A    
8/19/2016Hovde GroupRaises TargetSynovus Financial (SNV)Outperform$34.00 -> $35.50N/A    
8/12/2016Hovde GroupInitiatesNorthfield Bancorp (NFBK)Market Perform $16.00N/A    
8/3/2016Hovde GroupInitiatesOld National Bancorp (ONB)Market Perform $14.00N/A    
7/29/2016Hovde GroupRaises TargetSB One Bancorp (SBBX)Outperform$16.00 -> $18.00N/A    
7/27/2016Hovde GroupRaises TargetIndependent Bank Group (IBTX)Market Perform$43.00 -> $45.50N/A    
7/26/2016Hovde GroupRaises TargetCommunity Bank System (CBU)Market Perform$38.00 -> $43.00N/A    
7/25/2016Hovde GroupLowers TargetCivista Bancshares (CIVB)Market Perform$15.25 -> $14.50N/A    
7/21/2016Hovde GroupDowngradesBankUnited (BKU)Outperform -> Market Perform$33.00 -> $30.00N/A    
7/21/2016Hovde GroupRaises TargetLegacyTexas Financial Group (LTXB)Market Perform$27.00 -> $30.00N/A    
7/20/2016Hovde GroupDowngradesUnited Financial Bancorp (UBNK)Outperform -> Market Perform $14.00N/A    
7/11/2016Hovde GroupDowngradesCivista Bancshares (CIVB)Outperform -> Market Perform$13.25 -> $14.50N/A    
6/29/2016Hovde GroupUpgradesProsperity Bancshares (PB)Market Perform -> Outperform $54.00N/A    
6/22/2016Hovde GroupInitiatesCVB Financial (CVBF)Market Perform $17.00N/A    
6/13/2016Hovde GroupUpgradesFirst NBC Bank (FNBCQ)Market Perform -> Outperform $20.00N/A    
6/10/2016Hovde GroupInitiatesSierra Bancorp (BSRR)Outperform $19.00N/A    
6/3/2016Hovde GroupInitiatesOpus Bank (OPB)Outperform $44.00N/A    
6/1/2016Hovde GroupInitiatesEvans Bancorp (EVBN)Outperform $29.00N/A    
5/25/2016Hovde GroupInitiatesMacatawa Bank (MCBC)Market Perform $7.75N/A    
5/11/2016Hovde GroupUpgradesSeacoast Banking Co. of Florida (SBCF)Market Perform -> Outperform$16.00 -> $18.25N/A    
5/11/2016Hovde GroupUpgradesTexas Capital Bancshares (TCBI)Underperform -> Market Perform$41.00 -> $44.00N/A    
5/6/2016Hovde GroupRaises TargetMidSouth Bancorp (MSL)Market Perform$7.75 -> $9.75N/A    
5/4/2016Hovde GroupRaises TargetIBERIABANK (IBKC)Market Perform$50.00 -> $57.00N/A    
4/27/2016Hovde GroupRaises TargetPeoples Bancorp (PEBO)Market Perform$19.00 -> $23.00N/A    
4/27/2016Hovde GroupRaises TargetIndependent Bank Group (IBTX)Market Perform$31.00 -> $38.00N/A    
4/25/2016Hovde GroupUpgradesCivista Bancshares (CIVB)Market Perform -> Outperform$11.75 -> $12.50N/A    
4/25/2016Hovde GroupRaises TargetFirst Financial Bankshares (FFIN)Market Perform$13.75 -> $16.25N/A    
4/23/2016Hovde GroupReiteratesTexas Capital Bancshares (TCBI)SellN/A    
4/22/2016Hovde GroupRaises TargetTexas Capital Bancshares (TCBI)Underperform$36.00 -> $41.00N/A    
4/22/2016Hovde GroupRaises TargetBancorpsouth Bank (BXS)Market Perform$21.50 -> $25.00N/A    
4/20/2016Hovde GroupRaises TargetSynovus Financial (SNV)Outperform$31.50 -> $34.50N/A    
4/1/2016Hovde GroupDowngradesTexas Capital Bancshares (TCBI)Market Perform -> UnderperformN/A    
3/29/2016Hovde GroupDowngradesGerman American Bancorp. (GABC)Outperform -> Market Perform $35.00N/A    
3/1/2016Hovde GroupInitiatesSB One Bancorp (SBBX)Outperform $15.25N/A    

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