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7 Downgraded Stocks That Still May Be Worth a Look


A key reason a stock price drops is one or more analyst downgrades. An analyst typically downgrades a stock because they believe it is overvalued based on an analysis of factors such as the company's fundamentals, its competition, new industry regulations, and macroeconomic conditions. 

However, a downgrade doesn't necessarily mean issuing a “Sell" rating. In many cases, analysts move a stock from “Buy" (or an equivalent rating) to “Hold" (or an equivalent rating).  

Investors should also focus on the number of analysts downgrading a stock. One or two downgrades won't mean a lot for stocks that dozens of analysts cover. But if the stock receives a significant amount of downgrades over a period of time, it's likely to put pressure on the stock price.  

In this special presentation, we're looking at seven heavily downgraded stocks that are still worth a look, and investors can consider buying on a pullback. The stocks chosen have received a significant amount of analyst downgrades in the last 90 days ending April 30, 2024.  

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