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7 of the Best Stocks to Buy Under $50


Stocks under $50 present investors with an interesting decision. On the one hand, these stocks are inexpensive enough that an investor can accumulate a significant amount of shares with a modest investment.  

If these stocks have a significant catalyst, they can quickly turn this modest investment into the core of a growing portfolio. This potential growth is why investors should never forget that many of the Magnificent 7 stocks were trading under $50 at one time.  

However, there are times when stocks are cheap for a reason. That means that you can lose some or all of your investment. That's why investors should take extra care to understand why stocks under $50 are trading at that level. 

This special presentation looks at seven of the best stocks to buy under $50. For each stock, we'll give you a reason to consider owning it and do our best to mention any reasons for caution.  

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