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Cencora (COR) Institutional Ownership

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Institutional Ownership Changes (13F Filings) for Cencora (NYSE:COR)

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COR Institutional Buying and Selling by Quarter

Cencora Major Shareholders & Ownership History

Reporting DateMajor Shareholder NameShares HeldMarket Value% of PortfolioQuarterly Change in SharesOwnership in CompanyDetails
7/23/2024Fifth Third Wealth Advisors LLC1,789$403K0.0%N/A0.001%
7/23/2024MFA Wealth Advisors LLC132$30K0.0%N/A0.000%
7/22/2024Atria Wealth Solutions Inc.7,949$1.79M0.0%-3.8%0.004%
7/22/2024Aaron Wealth Advisors LLC911$205K0.0%N/A0.000%
7/22/2024Fifth Third Bancorp18,770$4.23M0.0%-2.5%0.009%
7/22/2024Ayrshire Capital Management LLC24,151$5.44M2.8%+7.4%0.012%
7/22/2024Chevy Chase Trust Holdings LLC91,118$20.53M0.1%-1.4%0.046%
7/22/2024Carnegie Investment Counsel5,875$1.32M0.0%-11.2%0.003%
7/22/2024M3 Advisory Group LLC1,670$376K0.3%+6.9%0.001%
7/22/2024Harel Insurance Investments & Financial Services Ltd.12,067$2.75M0.1%+847.2%0.006%
7/22/2024Dakota Wealth Management91,850$20.69M0.5%+12.8%0.046%
7/20/2024 First Horizon Advisors Inc.11,339$2.56M0.1%-1.8%0.006%
7/20/2024 Parsons Capital Management Inc. RI18,185$4.10M0.3%-0.5%0.009%
7/20/2024 Raymond James Financial Services Advisors Inc.103,458$23.31M0.0%-6.5%0.052%
7/20/2024 Milestone Asset Management LLC3,327$750K0.2%+278.5%0.002%
7/20/2024 Nisa Investment Advisors LLC74,621$16.81M0.1%-12.0%0.037%
7/20/2024 Hennion & Walsh Asset Management Inc.5,333$1.20M0.1%-30.4%0.003%
7/19/2024 Leeward Investments LLC MA70,966$15.99M0.7%-25.5%0.036%
7/19/2024 KFG Wealth Management LLC2,171$489K0.2%+3.9%0.001%
7/19/2024 Vaughan Nelson Investment Management L.P.131,873$29.71M0.3%+185.5%0.066%
7/19/2024 Vista Investment Partners LLC19,393$4.37M1.5%+1.0%0.010%
7/19/2024 Raymond James & Associates267,124$60.18M0.0%-1.7%0.134%
7/19/2024 Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings Inc.972,063$219.01M0.2%-0.9%0.487%
7/19/2024 Sumitomo Life Insurance Co.4,913$1.11M0.0%-11.1%0.002%
7/19/2024 1858 Wealth Management LLC1,266$285K0.2%+10.7%0.001%
7/19/2024 Genesee Capital Advisors LLC6,472$1.46M0.7%-25.6%0.003%
7/19/2024 World Equity Group Inc.3,357$756K0.2%-50.4%0.002%
7/18/2024 Brookstone Capital Management4,598$1.04M0.0%-5.6%0.002%
7/18/2024 Stanley Laman Group Ltd.19,353$4.36M0.6%+4.6%0.010%
7/18/2024 Blue Trust Inc.1,330$323K0.0%+58.5%0.001%
7/18/2024 Sawgrass Asset Management LLC5,324$1.20M0.1%-14.5%0.003%
7/18/2024 Assenagon Asset Management S.A.23,526$5.30M0.0%-58.0%0.012%
7/18/2024 Swedbank AB1,363,345$307.16M0.4%+3.4%0.684%
7/17/2024 Clear Harbor Asset Management LLC5,922$1.33M0.1%-1.2%0.003%
7/17/2024 Archford Capital Strategies LLC15,679$3.53M0.6%+1.4%0.008%
7/17/2024 Investment Advisory Services Inc. TX ADV3,136$706K0.3%-7.2%0.002%
7/17/2024 Wedge Capital Management L L P NC153,353$34.55M0.6%-6.4%0.077%
7/17/2024 SteelPeak Wealth LLC4,990$1.12M0.1%-35.3%0.003%
7/17/2024 Baader Bank Aktiengesellschaft927$207K0.0%N/A0.000%
7/17/2024 Redhawk Wealth Advisors Inc.9,826$2.21M0.3%+1.6%0.005%
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7/16/2024 Envestnet Portfolio Solutions Inc.17,257$3.89M0.0%-13.7%0.009%
7/16/2024 PGGM Investments84,688$19.08M0.3%-5.8%0.042%
7/16/2024 ORG Partners LLC363$81K0.0%N/A0.000%
7/16/2024 Farmers Trust Co.8,425$1.90M0.4%-2.2%0.004%
7/16/2024 Riverview Trust Co155$35K0.0%-52.6%0.000%
7/16/2024 Bill Few Associates Inc.16,988$3.83M1.5%-1.9%0.009%
7/16/2024 TRUE Private Wealth Advisors2,156$486K0.1%+7.3%0.001%
7/16/2024 Ferguson Wellman Capital Management Inc.128,721$29.00M0.6%-4.1%0.065%
7/16/2024 V Square Quantitative Management LLC3,502$789K0.1%-1.8%0.002%
7/16/2024 Wealth Enhancement Advisory Services LLC268,441$60.48M0.1%-2.5%0.135%
7/16/2024 Diversified Trust Co51,426$11.59M0.3%+6.7%0.026%
7/16/2024 Maia Wealth LLC6,883$1.53M0.5%N/A0.003%
7/16/2024 Wedmont Private Capital1,863$415K0.0%+12.0%0.001%
7/16/2024 Martin Capital Partners LLC3,466$781K0.3%-16.5%0.002%
7/16/2024 Cooper Financial Group2,920$658K0.1%+3.2%0.001%
7/16/2024 Sequoia Financial Advisors LLC5,385$1.21M0.0%+4.8%0.003%
7/16/2024 LVW Advisors LLC3,210$723K0.1%+25.2%0.002%
7/15/2024Dynamic Advisor Solutions LLC1,012$228K0.0%+9.4%0.001%
7/15/2024 Occidental Asset Management LLC15,528$3.50M0.6%+4.8%0.008%
7/15/2024 Park National Corp OH40,576$9.14M0.3%+65.8%0.020%
7/15/2024 Securian Asset Management Inc.9,433$2.13M0.1%-3.3%0.005%
7/15/2024 Livforsakringsbolaget Skandia Omsesidigt20,475$4.61M0.4%+7.9%0.010%
7/15/2024 Czech National Bank31,546$7.11M0.1%+8.3%0.016%
7/13/2024 MJP Associates Inc. ADV2,372$534K0.1%+3.2%0.001%
7/12/2024 Diversify Advisory Services LLC5,326$1.18M0.1%-13.2%0.003%
7/12/2024 Bruce G. Allen Investments LLC124$28K0.0%-29.1%0.000%
7/12/2024 Gateway Investment Advisers LLC4,024$907K0.0%+15.7%0.002%
7/12/2024 SG Americas Securities LLC34,478$7.77M0.0%+39.9%0.017%
7/12/2024 QRG Capital Management Inc.19,669$4.43M0.1%-2.7%0.010%
7/12/2024 Annex Advisory Services LLC1,067$240K0.0%-4.7%0.001%
7/11/2024 Symmetry Partners LLC6,981$1.57M0.1%-8.8%0.004%
7/11/2024 Clarius Group LLC1,588$358K0.0%-4.4%0.001%
7/11/2024 CX Institutional8,214$1.85M0.1%-1.3%0.004%
7/10/2024 Csenge Advisory Group1,205$271K0.0%-13.4%0.001%
7/10/2024 Valeo Financial Advisors LLC1,566$353K0.0%+3.4%0.001%
7/10/2024Simplicity Wealth LLC55,568$12.52M0.3%-0.3%0.028%
7/10/2024 Contravisory Investment Management Inc.5,491$1.24M0.3%+3.3%0.003%
7/10/2024 NBC Securities Inc.5,469$1.23M0.1%+36.1%0.003%
7/10/2024 Linden Thomas Advisory Services LLC6,655$1.50M0.2%+14.3%0.003%
7/10/2024 CWM LLC11,898$2.68M0.0%+4.5%0.006%
7/9/2024 Park Avenue Securities LLC8,637$1.95M0.0%-0.7%0.004%
7/9/2024 Kingswood Wealth Advisors LLC2,905$655K0.1%N/A0.001%
7/9/2024 Fulton Bank N.A.4,802$1.08M0.0%+9.0%0.002%
7/9/2024 Mather Group LLC.2,713$659K0.0%+11.5%0.001%
7/9/2024 Burns Matteson Capital Management LLC1,453$327K0.2%N/A0.001%
7/8/2024 Insight Wealth Strategies LLC8,815$1.99M0.3%+2.5%0.004%
7/8/2024 Trust Co. of Toledo NA OH1,061$239K0.0%N/A0.001%
7/8/2024 Birch Capital Management LLC22,878$5.15M2.7%+1.3%0.011%
7/5/2024 Thurston Springer Miller Herd & Titak Inc.4,158$937K0.3%N/A0.002%
7/5/2024 DNB Asset Management AS29,007$6.54M0.0%+13.4%0.015%
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7/2/2024 Massmutual Trust Co. FSB ADV720$162K0.0%-25.5%0.000%
7/2/2024 First Hawaiian Bank8,633$1.95M0.1%+29.4%0.004%
7/2/2024 GAMMA Investing LLC2,762$622K0.1%+35.5%0.001%
7/2/2024 Transcend Capital Advisors LLC15,855$3.57M0.3%+12.2%0.008%
7/1/2024 Kathmere Capital Management LLC1,300$267K0.0%-13.2%0.001%
7/1/2024 Jackson Wealth Management LLC17,479$3.94M0.8%-37.0%0.009%
6/21/2024Cape Investment Advisory Inc.4,680$1.14M0.5%N/A0.002%
6/20/2024HM Payson & Co.2,913$708K0.0%N/A0.001%
6/11/2024 Jackson Wealth Management LLC27,737$6.74M0.8%N/A0.014%
6/11/2024American Trust1,629$396K0.0%N/A0.001%
(Data available from 1/1/2016 forward)

COR Institutional Ownership - Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the largest shareholders of COR shares?

During the previous two years, 1,062 institutional investors and hedge funds held shares of Cencora. The most heavily invested institutionals were Vanguard Group Inc. ($4.94B), BlackRock Inc. ($3.28B), Price T Rowe Associates Inc. MD ($2.18B), State Street Corp ($1.49B), JPMorgan Chase & Co. ($1.20B), Boston Partners ($1.00B), and FMR LLC ($706.72M).Learn more on COR's institutional investors.

What percentage of Cencora stock is owned by institutional investors?

97.52% of Cencora stock is owned by institutional investors. Learn more on COR's institutional investor holdings.

Which institutional investors have been buying Cencora stock?

Of the 950 institutional investors that purchased Cencora stock in the last 24 months, the following investors and hedge funds have bought the highest volume of shares: Vanguard Group Inc. ($20.80M), Price T Rowe Associates Inc. MD ($15.07M), JPMorgan Chase & Co. ($5.55M), Boston Partners ($4.80M), Bessemer Group Inc. ($4.25M), Capital Research Global Investors ($2.68M), and Edmp Inc. ($2.28M).

How much institutional buying is happening at Cencora?

Institutional investors have bought a total of 101,367,983 shares in the last 24 months. This purchase volume represents approximately $20.85B in transactions.

Which Cencora major shareholders have been selling company stock?

Of the 530 institutional investors that sold Cencora stock in the last 24 months, the following investors and hedge funds have sold the highest volume of shares: Envestnet Asset Management Inc. ($1.97M), FMR LLC ($1.01M), BlackRock Inc. ($953.87K), JPMorgan Chase & Co. ($887.02K), Pacer Advisors Inc. ($780.34K), Burgundy Asset Management Ltd. ($644.57K), and Pensioenfonds Rail & OV ($508.07K).

How much institutional selling is happening at Cencora?

Institutional investors have sold a total of 18,566,555 shares in the last 24 months. This volume of shares sold represents approximately $3.02B in transactions.

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