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Pimco Total Return ETF (BOND) Institutional Ownership

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(As of 07/17/2024 ET)

Institutional Ownership Changes (13F Filings) for Pimco Total Return ETF (NYSEARCA:BOND)

Number of
Institutional Buyers
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Institutional Sellers
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BOND Institutional Buying and Selling by Quarter

Pimco Total Return ETF Major Shareholders & Ownership History

Reporting DateMajor Shareholder NameShares HeldMarket Value% of PortfolioQuarterly Change in SharesOwnership in CompanyDetails
7/17/2024AdvisorNet Financial Inc53,218$4.85M0.4%+68.8%0.116%
7/16/2024Cornerstone Wealth Management LLC96,453$8.79M0.7%+2.8%0.210%
7/16/2024Envestnet Portfolio Solutions Inc.107,271$9.77M0.0%+9.4%0.233%
7/16/2024ORG Partners LLC6,252$564K0.1%N/A0.014%
7/16/2024Wealth Enhancement Advisory Services LLC142,142$12.95M0.0%-3.9%0.309%
7/16/2024BCS Wealth Management30,235$2.75M1.3%+8.7%0.066%
7/16/2024EWG Elevate Inc.22,867$2.08M0.8%+4.8%0.050%
7/16/2024Cooper Financial Group27,027$2.46M0.4%+42.7%0.059%
7/16/2024Alpha Cubed Investments LLC216,252$19.70M0.9%+4.2%0.470%
7/15/2024MorganRosel Wealth Management LLC65,469$5.96M2.1%+1.2%0.142%
7/15/2024Dynamic Advisor Solutions LLC41,583$3.79M0.1%+5.2%0.090%
7/15/2024RFG Advisory LLC357,013$32.52M1.1%+8.6%0.776%
7/13/2024Retirement Planning Group LLC59,619$5.43M0.3%+1,005.3%0.130%
7/13/2024Mechanics Bank Trust Department3,319$302K0.0%-35.1%0.007%
7/12/2024Williams & Novak LLC37,165$3.39M3.2%+35.3%0.081%
7/12/2024FSM Wealth Advisors LLC167,312$15.24M5.1%+13.4%0.364%
7/12/2024Cardinal Point Capital Management ULC165,161$15.04M2.6%-1.2%0.359%
7/12/2024Opal Wealth Advisors LLC8,793$801K0.3%+1.8%0.019%
7/12/2024Kwmg LLC126,687$11.54M1.2%+6.2%0.275%
7/12/2024First National Corp MA ADV49,933$4.55M1.1%+461.5%0.109%
7/12/2024Southland Equity Partners LLC248,224$22.61M6.5%+0.5%0.540%
7/11/2024John W. Brooker & Co. CPAs175,939$16.03M8.0%-7.9%0.383%
7/11/2024Strategic Advisors LLC41,078$3.74M0.7%-8.7%0.089%
7/11/2024Pacifica Partners Inc.63,068$5.74M2.5%-2.6%0.137%
7/11/2024Kaydan Wealth Management Inc.2,448$223K0.1%+10.8%0.005%
7/10/2024 Csenge Advisory Group78,836$7.18M0.4%-13.9%0.171%
7/10/2024Simplicity Wealth LLC127,269$11.59M0.3%+5.5%0.277%
7/10/2024 CWM LLC3,106,782$282.97M1.3%+5.1%6.755%
7/10/2024 Apella Capital LLC5,476$501K0.0%-9.2%0.012%
7/9/2024 Kingswood Wealth Advisors LLC3,805$347K0.0%+24.4%0.008%
7/9/2024 Northwest Capital Management Inc2,705$246K0.1%-16.5%0.006%
7/9/2024 Trust Co. of Vermont775$71K0.0%N/A0.002%
7/9/2024 Fragasso Financial Advisors Inc27,230$2.48M0.2%-50.0%0.059%
7/9/2024 Mather Group LLC.7,816$718K0.0%-37.2%0.017%
7/2/2024 First Hawaiian Bank39,399$3.59M0.1%-0.7%0.086%
6/28/2024Bright Futures Wealth Management LLC.9,018$825K0.4%N/A0.020%
6/26/2024Old Port Advisors4,064$373K0.1%-12.1%0.009%
6/11/2024EverSource Wealth Advisors LLC842$75K0.0%+75.1%0.002%
6/10/2024Hamilton Wealth LLC49,700$4.57M1.4%-4.7%0.108%
5/24/2024Cetera Advisor Networks LLC285,691$26.24M0.1%-0.8%0.621%
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5/24/2024Cetera Advisors LLC22,200$2.04M0.0%+35.8%0.048%
5/24/2024Cetera Investment Advisers346,903$31.87M0.1%+636.4%0.754%
5/21/2024Atria Investments Inc24,470$2.25M0.0%+2.4%0.053%
5/17/2024WealthPlan Investment Management LLC2,448$225K0.0%-21.1%0.005%
5/17/2024Comerica Bank25,485$2.34M0.0%+7.3%0.055%
5/16/2024B. Riley Wealth Advisors Inc.156,696$13.77M0.3%+56.0%0.341%
5/16/2024Dynasty Wealth Management LLC5,435$499K0.0%N/A0.012%
5/16/2024Prudent Investors Network Inc.213,338$19.60M7.4%N/A0.464%
5/16/2024Waverly Advisors LLC43,401$3.99M0.1%N/A0.094%
5/16/2024Econ Financial Services Corp22,787$2.09M1.3%N/A0.050%
5/15/2024Blue Edge Capital LLC3,831$352K0.1%+7.1%0.008%
5/15/2024Manhattan West Asset Management LLC3,214$295K0.1%N/A0.007%
5/15/2024Kestra Advisory Services LLC142,238$13.07M0.1%+29.0%0.309%
5/15/2024Linscomb Wealth Inc.30,730$2.82M0.1%+6.5%0.067%
5/14/2024EP Wealth Advisors LLC23,845$2.19M0.0%-15.6%0.052%
5/14/2024CreativeOne Wealth LLC231,883$21.30M0.8%+105.8%0.504%
5/13/2024PAX Financial Group LLC95,682$8.79M1.8%+28.3%0.208%
5/11/2024Mark Sheptoff Financial Planning LLC330$30K0.0%N/A0.001%
5/10/2024Osaic Holdings Inc.1,026,412$94.30M0.2%-21.8%2.232%
5/10/2024Kelman Lazarov Inc.213,832$19.64M3.8%+5.5%0.465%
5/10/2024GM Advisory Group LLC108,738$9.99M0.7%-33.6%0.236%
5/9/2024Orion Portfolio Solutions LLC81,631$7.50M0.1%-51.6%0.177%
5/9/2024Kingsview Wealth Management LLC8,992$826K0.0%+12.4%0.020%
5/9/2024SageView Advisory Group LLC21,994$2.02M0.1%N/A0.048%
5/9/2024D Orazio & Associates Inc.41,632$3.82M0.6%-18.9%0.091%
5/9/2024Fortis Capital Advisors LLC3,732$343K0.1%-19.2%0.008%
5/9/2024Koshinski Asset Management Inc.27,353$2.51M0.3%+590.9%0.059%
5/8/2024Bleakley Financial Group LLC120,647$11.08M0.3%+4.8%0.262%
5/8/2024Focused Wealth Management Inc7,605$699K0.1%-9.6%0.017%
5/8/2024Avantax Advisory Services Inc.155,084$14.25M0.1%+29.0%0.337%
5/8/2024Addison Capital Co6,739$619K0.3%+23.2%0.015%
5/8/2024Inspire Advisors LLC68,351$6.28M0.9%N/A0.149%
5/7/2024Concurrent Investment Advisors LLC278,282$25.56M1.0%+396.3%0.605%
5/7/2024CarsonAllaria Wealth Management Ltd.46,984$4.32M2.7%-9.1%0.102%
5/7/2024Tectonic Advisors LLC1,779,677$163.48M12.5%+4.4%3.870%
5/7/2024EQ LLC8,335$766K0.5%+89.7%0.018%
5/7/2024Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.9,449$868K0.0%-12.9%0.021%
5/6/2024Envestnet Portfolio Solutions Inc.98,085$9.01M0.0%+17.0%0.213%
5/6/2024CFO4Life Group LLC13,779$1.27M0.2%-78.1%0.030%
5/6/2024Gallacher Capital Management LLC4,686$430K0.2%-20.6%0.010%
5/4/2024Geneos Wealth Management Inc.37,728$3.47M0.2%+3.2%0.082%
5/4/2024Gould Asset Management LLC CA62,593$5.75M1.4%+6.9%0.136%
5/4/2024 Csenge Advisory Group91,540$8.41M0.5%+0.2%0.199%
5/3/2024Rehmann Capital Advisory Group8,017$736K0.1%+113.3%0.017%
5/2/2024USAdvisors Wealth Management LLC19,559$1.80M0.7%+6.8%0.043%
5/2/2024FinTrust Capital Advisors LLC115,464$10.61M2.0%+15.7%0.251%
5/2/2024Family Firm Inc.25,104$2.31M0.6%+5.3%0.055%
5/2/2024Moloney Securities Asset Management LLC7,345$675K0.1%+124.5%0.016%
5/2/2024Palisade Asset Management LLC538$49K0.0%N/A0.001%
5/1/2024Janney Montgomery Scott LLC26,105$2.40M0.0%-10.2%0.057%
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5/1/2024Intelligence Driven Advisers LLC93,109$8.55M1.3%-20.4%0.202%
5/1/2024Concourse Financial Group Securities Inc.3,631$334K0.0%-10.7%0.008%
5/1/2024Sequoia Financial Advisors LLC5,888$541K0.0%-78.1%0.013%
4/30/2024Private Advisor Group LLC92,274$8.48M0.1%-15.8%0.201%
4/30/2024J.W. Cole Advisors Inc.4,749$436K0.0%+32.1%0.010%
4/30/2024Hartline Investment Corp2,308$212K0.0%N/A0.005%
4/30/2024Mainstay Capital Management LLC ADV4,305$395K0.1%-48.4%0.009%
4/30/2024Macroview Investment Management LLC5,140$472K0.5%-14.2%0.011%
4/30/2024Hutchens & Kramer Investment Management Group LLC5,218$474K0.3%+139.8%0.011%
4/29/2024Commonwealth Equity Services LLC232,893$21.39M0.0%+23.3%0.506%
(Data available from 1/1/2016 forward)

BOND Institutional Ownership - Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the largest shareholders of BOND shares?

During the previous two years, 408 institutional investors and hedge funds held shares of Pimco Total Return ETF. The most heavily invested institutionals were Aspire Private Capital LLC ($171.78B), CWM LLC ($282.97M), Tectonic Advisors LLC ($163.48M), Envestnet Asset Management Inc. ($128.24M), B. Riley Wealth Management Inc. ($117.99M), Osaic Holdings Inc. ($94.30M), and Brinker Capital Investments LLC ($66.13M).Learn more on BOND's institutional investors.

Which institutional investors have been buying Pimco Total Return ETF stock?

Of the 331 institutional investors that purchased Pimco Total Return ETF stock in the last 24 months, the following investors and hedge funds have bought the highest volume of shares: Osaic Holdings Inc. ($1.88M), CWM LLC ($1.21M), Orion Portfolio Solutions LLC ($740.71K), Ferguson Shapiro LLC ($596.84K), Essential Planning LLC. ($467.93K), Captrust Financial Advisors ($416.88K), and KWB Wealth ($393.81K).

How much institutional buying is happening at Pimco Total Return ETF?

Institutional investors have bought a total of 15,084,688 shares in the last 24 months. This purchase volume represents approximately $1.38B in transactions.

Which Pimco Total Return ETF major shareholders have been selling company stock?

Of the 250 institutional investors that sold Pimco Total Return ETF stock in the last 24 months, the following investors and hedge funds have sold the highest volume of shares: Envestnet Asset Management Inc. ($505.62K), Focused Wealth Management Inc ($466.89K), JPMorgan Chase & Co. ($414.43K), Your Advocates Ltd. LLP ($366.66K), Fragasso Group Inc. ($307.90K), Osaic Holdings Inc. ($286.33K), and Mercer Global Advisors Inc. ADV ($280.69K).

How much institutional selling is happening at Pimco Total Return ETF?

Institutional investors have sold a total of 8,909,023 shares in the last 24 months. This volume of shares sold represents approximately $824.05M in transactions.

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