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DNB Markets Analyst Recommendations & Stock Picks

This page lists the most recent publicly-reported stock recommendations and ratings issued by analysts at DNB Markets. These ratings and price targets were collected from pubilc media reports and are believed to be accurate, but cannot be verified with 100% certainty. MarketBeat and its parent company are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by DNB Markets.

DateBrokerageActionCompanyRatingPrice TargetImpact on PriceActions
11/29/2019DNB MarketsUpgradesSalMar ASA (SALRF)Hold -> BuyLow    
11/22/2019DNB MarketsUpgradesHoegh LNG Partners (HMLP)Sell -> HoldHigh    
11/18/2019DNB MarketsDowngradesA P MOLLER-MAER/ADR (AMKBY)Hold -> SellHigh    
11/14/2019DNB MarketsInitiatesAtlas Copco (BDNNY)BuyLow    
10/28/2019DNB MarketsDowngradesHoegh LNG Partners (HMLP)Hold -> SellHigh    
10/28/2019DNB MarketsDowngradesElectrolux (ELUXY)Hold -> SellMedium    
10/28/2019DNB MarketsDowngradesWARTSILA OYJ/ADR (WRTBY)Hold -> SellLow    
10/25/2019DNB MarketsDowngradesCGG (CGGYY)Buy -> HoldLow    
10/14/2019DNB MarketsUpgradesDynagas LNG Partners (AVACF)Hold -> BuyLow    
10/14/2019DNB MarketsUpgradesDorian LPG (LPG)Hold -> Buy $16.30Low    
10/4/2019DNB MarketsDowngradesATLAS COPCO AB/S (ATLKY)Hold -> SellMedium    
9/27/2019DNB MarketsDowngradesEquinor ASA (EQNR)Buy -> HoldLow    
6/25/2019DNB MarketsDowngradesTelenor ASA (TELNY)Hold -> SellLow    
6/21/2019DNB MarketsDowngradesDorian LPG (LPG)Buy -> HoldLow    
6/20/2019DNB MarketsDowngradesPetroleum Geo-Services ASA (PGSVY)Hold -> SellHigh    
3/22/2019DNB MarketsDowngradesTelenor ASA (TELNY)Buy -> HoldLow    
3/4/2019DNB MarketsDowngradesABB (ABB)Buy -> HoldLow    
2/12/2019DNB MarketsUpgradesFrontline (FRO)Hold -> BuyLow    
2/12/2019DNB MarketsUpgradesEuronav (EURN)Hold -> BuyLow    
2/12/2019DNB MarketsUpgradesTeekay Tankers (TNK)Hold -> BuyHigh    
2/12/2019DNB MarketsUpgradesDHT (DHT)Hold -> BuyLow    
2/8/2019DNB MarketsUpgradesDorian LPG (LPG)Hold -> BuyHigh    
1/9/2019DNB MarketsUpgradesDiamond Offshore Drilling (DO)Sell -> HoldMedium    
1/9/2019DNB MarketsUpgradesTransocean (RIG)Hold -> BuyLow    
1/4/2019DNB MarketsInitiatesStar Bulk Carriers (SBLK)BuyHigh    
12/9/2018DNB MarketsDowngradesFrontline (FRO)Buy -> Hold $7.30High    
11/30/2018DNB MarketsDowngradesDHT (DHT)Buy -> HoldHigh    
11/30/2018DNB MarketsDowngradesEuronav (EURN)Buy -> HoldLow    
11/30/2018DNB MarketsDowngradesFrontline (FRO)Buy -> Hold $7.30Low    
11/30/2018DNB MarketsDowngradesTeekay Tankers (TNK)Buy -> HoldHigh    
11/26/2018DNB MarketsUpgradesGasLog (GLOG)Hold -> BuyHigh    
11/7/2018DNB MarketsUpgradesGolar LNG Partners (GMLP)Sell -> HoldMedium    
11/5/2018DNB MarketsDowngradesGasLog (GLOG)Buy -> HoldLow    
10/30/2018DNB MarketsUpgradesTransocean (RIG)Sell -> HoldHigh    
10/25/2018DNB MarketsUpgradesNokia Oyj (NOK)Hold -> BuyHigh    
9/5/2018DNB MarketsDowngradesGolar LNG Partners (GMLP)Hold -> SellHigh    
9/5/2018DNB MarketsUpgradesGasLog (GLOG)Hold -> Buy $17.80Medium    
9/3/2018DNB MarketsInitiatesABB (ABB)BuyLow    
8/3/2018DNB MarketsDowngradesHoegh LNG Partners (HMLP)Buy -> HoldLow    
7/25/2018DNB MarketsDowngradesAutoliv (ALV)Buy -> HoldHigh    
6/18/2018DNB MarketsInitiatesEagle Bulk Shipping (EGLE)BuyHigh    
5/11/2018DNB MarketsUpgradesTechnipFMC (FTI)Hold -> BuyLow    
5/3/2018DNB MarketsDowngradesH. Lundbeck A/S- (HLUYY)Buy -> SellLow    
4/25/2018DNB MarketsUpgradesScorpio Tankers (STNG)Hold -> BuyHigh    
3/6/2018DNB MarketsUpgradesEuronav (EURN)Hold -> BuyMedium    
3/6/2018DNB MarketsUpgradesFrontline (FRO)Hold -> BuyLow    
3/6/2018DNB MarketsUpgradesTeekay Tankers (TNK)Hold -> BuyHigh    
3/6/2018DNB MarketsUpgradesDHT (DHT)Hold -> BuyLow    
10/27/2017DNB MarketsDowngradesDorian LPG (LPG)Buy -> HoldN/A    
9/13/2017DNB MarketsDowngradesGasLog (GLOG)Buy -> Hold $17.80High    
9/1/2017DNB MarketsUpgradesVOLVO AB/ADR (VLVLY)Hold -> BuyN/A    
8/15/2017DNB MarketsUpgradesYara International ASA (YARIY)Sell -> HoldN/A    
7/7/2017DNB MarketsUpgradesLoomis (LOIMY)Hold -> BuyN/A    
7/4/2017DNB MarketsUpgradesGolden Ocean Group (GOGL)Hold -> BuyHigh    
4/6/2017DNB MarketsUpgradesGolden Ocean Group (GOGL)Hold -> BuyHigh    
1/27/2017DNB MarketsUpgradesSafe Bulkers (SB)Hold -> BuyN/A    
12/14/2016DNB MarketsUpgradesA P MOLLER-MAER/ADR (AMKBY)Hold -> BuyN/A    
12/12/2016DNB MarketsUpgradesElectrolux (ELUXY)Sell -> HoldN/A    
10/31/2016DNB MarketsDowngradesNovo Nordisk A/S (NVO)Buy -> HoldN/A    
10/21/2016DNB MarketsDowngradesTelefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (ERIC)Buy -> HoldN/A    
7/1/2016DNB MarketsUpgradesGolar LNG (GLNG)Hold -> BuyN/A    
5/20/2016DNB MarketsDowngradesTeekay Tankers (TNK)Buy -> HoldN/A    
4/29/2016DNB MarketsDowngradesGolar LNG (GLNG)Buy -> HoldN/A    
4/15/2016DNB MarketsDowngradesGolden Ocean Group (GOGL)Buy -> HoldN/A    
3/7/2016DNB MarketsUpgradesGolden Ocean Group (GOGL)Hold -> BuyN/A    
2/11/2016DNB MarketsUpgradesH. Lundbeck A/S- (HLUYY)Hold -> BuyN/A    
1/13/2016DNB MarketsUpgradesFrontline (FRO)Hold -> BuyN/A    
1/12/2016DNB MarketsUpgradesSwedbank (SWDBY)Hold -> BuyN/A    
9/2/2015DNB MarketsUpgradesELEKTA AB/ADR (EKTAY)Hold -> BuyN/A    
8/20/2015DNB MarketsUpgradesH. Lundbeck A/S- (HLUYY)Hold -> BuyN/A    
5/20/2015DNB MarketsInitiatesYara International ASA (YARIY)SellN/A    
5/12/2015DNB MarketsUpgradesHENNES & MAURIT/ADR (HNNMY)Sell -> HoldN/A    
5/4/2015DNB MarketsUpgradesScorpio Tankers (STNG)Hold -> Buy$97.00 -> $110.00N/A    
4/14/2015DNB MarketsInitiatesH. Lundbeck A/S- (HLUYY)SellN/A    
2/17/2015DNB MarketsUpgradesTSAKOS ENERGY N/SH (TNP)Hold -> Buy $9.10N/A    
2/17/2015DNB MarketsUpgradesTeekay Tankers (TNK)Hold -> Buy $53.60N/A    
2/17/2015DNB MarketsUpgradesDHT (DHT)Hold -> Buy $10.30N/A    
1/16/2015DNB MarketsDowngradesTeekay Tankers (TNK)Buy -> Hold$52.80 -> $53.60N/A    
1/16/2015DNB MarketsDowngradesDHT (DHT)Buy -> Hold$12.40 -> $10.30N/A    
12/18/2014DNB MarketsDowngradesRoyal Caribbean Cruises (RCL)Hold -> Sell$62.15 -> $69.97N/A    
12/18/2014DNB MarketsDowngradesNorwegian Cruise Line (NCLH)Buy -> Hold$36.00 -> $44.00N/A    
11/12/2014DNB MarketsUpgradesSafe Bulkers (SB)Hold -> BuyN/A    
10/23/2014DNB MarketsUpgradesScorpio Tankers (STNG)Sell -> Hold$80.00 -> $86.00N/A    
7/25/2014DNB MarketsDowngradesRoyal Caribbean Cruises (RCL)Buy -> HoldN/A    
6/13/2014DNB MarketsDowngradesScorpio Tankers (STNG)Hold -> SellN/A    
2/26/2014DNB MarketsUpgradesTeekay Tankers (TNK)Hold -> BuyN/A    
1/30/2014DNB MarketsUpgradesGolar LNG (GLNG)Hold -> BuyN/A    
1/23/2014DNB MarketsUpgradesFrontline (FRO)Sell -> HoldN/A    
1/22/2014DNB MarketsUpgradesNoble (NE)Sell -> HoldN/A    
1/15/2014DNB MarketsDowngradesAutoliv (ALV)Buy -> HoldN/A    
1/10/2014DNB MarketsDowngradesRoyal Caribbean Cruises (RCL)Buy -> HoldN/A    
1/8/2014DNB MarketsDowngradesTransocean (RIG)Hold -> Sell$50.00 -> $45.00N/A    
10/25/2013DNB MarketsUpgradesTelefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (ERIC)Hold -> BuyN/A    
10/4/2013DNB MarketsDowngradesSeadrill (SDRL)Buy -> HoldN/A    
9/20/2013DNB MarketsDowngradesTelefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (ERIC)Buy -> HoldN/A    
7/17/2013DNB MarketsUpgradesTSAKOS ENERGY N/SH (TNP)Sell -> HoldN/A    
7/15/2013DNB MarketsInitiatesTelefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (ERIC)BuyN/A    
7/11/2013DNB MarketsReiteratesAlfa Laval (ALFA)Sell SEK 120N/A    
7/11/2013DNB MarketsReiteratesASSA ABLOY AB/S (ASAZY)Sell SEK 230N/A    
7/11/2013DNB MarketsReiteratesElectrolux (ELUXY)Sell SEK 155N/A    
6/13/2013DNB MarketsReiteratesSwedish Match (SWMA)Buy SEK 290N/A    
6/4/2013DNB MarketsReiteratesAlfa Laval (ALFA)Sell SEK 120N/A    
6/4/2013DNB MarketsReiteratesTele2 (TEL2-A)Sell SEK 70N/A    
5/30/2013DNB MarketsInitiatesKNOT Offshore Partners (KNOP)BuyN/A    
5/3/2013DNB MarketsDowngradesElectrolux (ELUXY)Sell SEK 160N/A    
4/18/2013DNB MarketsReiteratesSsab (SSAB-B)Hold SEK 50N/A    
4/11/2013DNB MarketsReiteratesASSA ABLOY AB/S (ASAZY)Sell $279.22N/A    
4/11/2013DNB MarketsReiteratesSandvik (SAND)Hold SEK 103.64N/A    
4/3/2013DNB MarketsDowngradesGolar LNG (GLNG)Buy -> HoldN/A    
4/2/2013DNB MarketsReiteratesTele2 (TEL2-A)Sell SEK 104.26N/A    
3/12/2013DNB MarketsUpgradesFirst Solar (FSLR)Sell -> Hold $27.00N/A    
2/28/2013DNB MarketsInitiatesNorwegian Cruise Line (NCLH)HoldN/A    
2/22/2013DNB MarketsUpgradesSafe Bulkers (SB)HoldN/A    
2/19/2013DNB MarketsDowngradesTransocean (RIG)Buy -> HoldN/A    
1/9/2013DNB MarketsInitiatesRoyal Caribbean Cruises (RCL)BuyN/A    
12/12/2012DNB MarketsReiteratesScorpio Tankers (STNG)Buy$73.00 -> $75.00N/A    
12/7/2012DNB MarketsInitiatesAutoliv (ALV)Buy $69.20N/A    
11/30/2012DNB MarketsLowers TargetGolar LNG (GLNG)Buy$49.00 -> $46.00N/A    
11/8/2012DNB MarketsDowngradesSafe Bulkers (SB)Buy -> Hold$7.50 -> $6.00N/A    
11/7/2012DNB MarketsInitiatesDiana Shipping (DSX)Buy $8.80N/A    
9/26/2012DNB MarketsLowers TargetGolar LNG (GLNG)Buy$50.00 -> $48.00N/A    
9/26/2012DNB MarketsRaises TargetGasLog (GLOG)Buy$13.30 -> $15.50N/A    
8/22/2012DNB MarketsRaises TargetGasLog (GLOG) $13.30N/A    
8/13/2012DNB MarketsDowngradesFirst Solar (FSLR)SellN/A    
8/2/2012DNB MarketsRaises TargetFirst Solar (FSLR)$19.00 -> $21.00N/A    
5/29/2012DNB MarketsInitiatesSafe Bulkers (SB)Buy $8.90N/A    
5/9/2012DNB MarketsInitiatesGasLog (GLOG)Hold $12.90N/A    
5/4/2012DNB MarketsUpgradesFirst Solar (FSLR)Hold -> Buy$23.00 -> $25.00N/A    

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