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Nordea Equity Research Analyst Recommendations & Stock Picks

This page lists the most recent publicly-reported stock recommendations and ratings issued by analysts at Nordea Equity Research. These ratings and price targets were collected from pubilc media reports and are believed to be accurate, but cannot be verified with 100% certainty. MarketBeat and its parent company are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Nordea Equity Research.

DateBrokerageActionCompanyRatingPrice TargetImpact on PriceActions
11/21/2019Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesTelia Company AB (publ) (TPDKY)Hold -> BuyLow    
11/21/2019Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesFlex LNG (FLNG)Buy -> HoldHigh    
11/15/2019Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesSalMar ASA (SALRF)Sell -> HoldLow    
11/1/2019Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesTelenor ASA (TELNY)Sell -> HoldLow    
10/24/2019Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesAwilco Drilling (AWLCF)Buy -> HoldMedium    
10/24/2019Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesDiamond Offshore Drilling (DO)Sell -> HoldMedium    
10/24/2019Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesPacific Drilling (PACD)Sell -> BuyHigh    
8/30/2019Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesYara International ASA (YARIY)Hold -> BuyHigh    
8/28/2019Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesFrontline (FRO)Sell -> BuyLow    
7/22/2019Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesAtlas Copco (BDNNY)Hold -> BuyLow    
7/22/2019Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesAutoliv (ALV)Hold -> BuyLow    
6/20/2019Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesYara International ASA (YARIY)Buy -> HoldLow    
5/20/2019Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesNokia Oyj (NOK)Hold -> BuyLow    
4/29/2019Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesAutoliv (ALV)Buy -> HoldLow    
3/20/2019Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesNokia Oyj (NOK)Buy -> HoldLow    
3/15/2019Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesNorsk Hydro ASA (NHYDY)Hold -> BuyMedium    
2/28/2019Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesHoegh LNG Partners (HMLP)Buy -> HoldLow    
2/14/2019Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesVeoneer (VNE)Buy -> HoldHigh    
2/8/2019Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesNorsk Hydro ASA (NHYDY)Buy -> HoldLow    
1/10/2019Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesGolden Ocean Group (GOGL)Hold -> SellLow    
10/23/2018Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesGolden Ocean Group (GOGL)Buy -> HoldHigh    
9/28/2018Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesNoble (NE)Sell -> HoldHigh    
9/6/2018Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesShip Finance International (SFL)Hold -> BuyLow    
7/27/2018Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesNokia Oyj (NOK)Hold -> BuyMedium    
6/27/2018Nordea Equity ResearchInitiatesSpotify (SPOT)BuyMedium    
5/29/2018Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesNokia Oyj (NOK)Buy -> HoldHigh    
9/30/2017Nordea Equity ResearchReiteratesTransocean (RIG)Buy $14.00High    
8/18/2017Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesGolden Ocean Group (GOGL)Hold -> BuyLow    
1/27/2017Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesDiana Shipping (DSX)Hold -> BuyN/A    
1/27/2017Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesGolar LNG (GLNG)Buy -> HoldN/A    
1/26/2017Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesABB (ABB)Hold -> BuyN/A    
11/28/2016Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesHusqvarna (HSQVY)Sell -> HoldN/A    
11/22/2016Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesGolden Ocean Group (GOGL)Buy -> HoldN/A    
6/1/2016Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesGolar LNG (GLNG)Hold -> BuyN/A    
4/9/2016Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesNokia Oyj (NOK)BuyN/A    
4/8/2016Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesNokia Oyj (NOK)Hold -> BuyN/A    
3/22/2016Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesGolden Ocean Group (GOGL)Hold -> BuyN/A    
2/19/2016Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesATLAS COPCO AB/S (ATLKY)Hold -> BuyN/A    
2/5/2016Nordea Equity ResearchReiteratesG4S (GFS)Hold GBX 226.84N/A    
1/15/2016Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesLUNDIN PET AB/S (LUPEY)Sell -> BuyN/A    
1/14/2016Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesA P MOLLER-MAER/ADR (AMKBY)Hold -> BuyN/A    
1/14/2016Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesFrontline (FRO)Hold -> BuyN/A    
1/13/2016Nordea Equity ResearchReiteratesAstraZeneca (AZN)Hold GBX 4,698.35N/A    
12/10/2015Nordea Equity ResearchReiteratesEnquest (ENQ)Hold GBX 22.55N/A    
11/27/2015Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesG4S (GFS)Hold GBX 236.07N/A    
11/24/2015Nordea Equity ResearchReiteratesEnquest (ENQ)Hold GBX 30.30N/A    
11/2/2015Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesAstraZeneca (AZN)Buy -> HoldN/A    
11/2/2015Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesAstraZeneca (AZN)Hold GBX 4,375.55N/A    
9/1/2015Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesNokia Oyj (NOK)Sell -> HoldN/A    
8/31/2015Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesYara International ASA (YARIY)BuyN/A    
8/7/2015Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesNOVOZYMES A/S/S (NVZMY)Buy -> HoldN/A    
8/6/2015Nordea Equity ResearchReiteratesG4S (GFS)Sell GBX 252.34N/A    
7/23/2015Nordea Equity ResearchReiteratesAstraZeneca (AZN)Buy GBX 5,603.14N/A    
7/7/2015Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesSubsea 7 (SUBCY)Hold -> BuyN/A    
7/6/2015Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesSubsea 7 (SUBCY)Hold -> BuyN/A    
7/3/2015Nordea Equity ResearchReiteratesAstraZeneca (AZN)Buy GBX 5,693.61N/A    
6/30/2015Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesCARLSBERG AS/S (CABGY)Hold -> BuyN/A    
6/12/2015Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesA P MOLLER-MAER/ADR (AMKBY)Buy -> HoldN/A    
6/11/2015Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesSwedbank (SWDBF)HoldN/A    
6/1/2015Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesFrontline (FRO)Sell -> HoldN/A    
5/4/2015Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesLUNDIN PET AB/S (LUPEY)Buy -> HoldN/A    
4/27/2015Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesSubsea 7 (SUBCY)Buy -> HoldN/A    
3/27/2015Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesGolar LNG (GLNG)Hold $37.00N/A    
3/18/2015Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesEnquest (ENQ)Hold GBX 38.61N/A    
3/13/2015Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesSANDVIK AB/ADR (SDVKY)HoldN/A    
2/5/2015Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesDryShips (DRYS)Buy -> Sell$5,880.00 -> $3,675.00N/A    
1/21/2015Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesGolar LNG (GLNG)Hold -> Buy$36.50 -> $37.00N/A    
1/21/2015Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesFrontline (FRO)Hold -> Sell$6.60 -> $7.90N/A    
12/12/2014Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesSANDVIK AB/ADR (SDVKY)SellN/A    
11/25/2014Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesFrontline (FRO)Strong Sell -> HoldN/A    
11/3/2014Nordea Equity ResearchLowers TargetDiamond Offshore Drilling (DO)Sell -> Strong Sell$30.00 -> $29.00N/A    
10/16/2014Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesDiamond Offshore Drilling (DO)Strong Sell -> Sell$38.00 -> $30.00N/A    
10/3/2014Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesFrontline (FRO)Sell -> Strong SellN/A    
10/3/2014Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesDryShips (DRYS)Hold -> SellN/A    
10/3/2014Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesDiana Shipping (DSX)Hold -> SellN/A    
7/29/2014Nordea Equity ResearchInitiatesDiamond Offshore Drilling (DO)Strong Sell -> Sell $38.00N/A    
7/29/2014Nordea Equity ResearchReiteratesEnquest (ENQ)Hold GBX 137.83N/A    
7/9/2014Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesAutoliv (ALV)Buy -> HoldN/A    
7/3/2014Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesGolar LNG (GLNG)Strong Sell -> Hold$31.00 -> $63.00N/A    
5/30/2014Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesSeadrill (SDRL)Hold -> SellN/A    
4/10/2014Nordea Equity ResearchReiteratesEnquest (ENQ)Buy GBX 146.10N/A    
3/18/2014Nordea Equity ResearchLowers TargetCARLSBERG AS/S (CABGY)N/A    
2/28/2014Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesFrontline (FRO)Strong Sell -> SellN/A    
1/23/2014Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesNoble (NE)Hold -> Sell$39.00 -> $33.00N/A    
1/23/2014Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesSeadrill (SDRL)Buy -> HoldN/A    
1/23/2014Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesDryShips (DRYS)Buy -> Strong-BuyN/A    
1/23/2014Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesShip Finance International (SFL)Hold -> Buy $21.00N/A    
1/23/2014Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesDiamond Offshore Drilling (DO)Hold -> SellN/A    
1/23/2014Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesTransocean (RIG)Hold -> SellN/A    
11/18/2013Nordea Equity ResearchReiteratesEnquest (ENQ)Buy GBX 150.15N/A    
10/29/2013Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesTeradata (TDC)Buy -> HoldN/A    
10/23/2013Nordea Equity ResearchLowers TargetDiamond Offshore Drilling (DO)Hold$74.00 -> $69.00N/A    
10/22/2013Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesNokia Oyj (NOK)Buy -> SellN/A    
10/10/2013Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesDryShips (DRYS)Hold -> BuyN/A    
9/26/2013Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesDryShips (DRYS)Buy -> HoldN/A    
9/16/2013Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesAstraZeneca (AZN)Sell -> BuyN/A    
9/16/2013Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesDiana Shipping (DSX)Hold -> SellN/A    
7/19/2013Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesTelefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (ERIC)Hold -> SellN/A    
7/11/2013Nordea Equity ResearchReiteratesSkanska (SKA-B)Hold SEK 118N/A    
7/9/2013Nordea Equity ResearchReiteratesSecuritas (SECU-B)Hold SEK 65N/A    
7/4/2013Nordea Equity ResearchReiteratesASSA ABLOY AB/S (ASAZY)Sell SEK 223N/A    
7/4/2013Nordea Equity ResearchReiteratesInvestor (INVE-A)Buy SEK 226N/A    
7/2/2013Nordea Equity ResearchReiteratesEnquest (ENQ)Buy GBX 142.93N/A    
6/20/2013Nordea Equity ResearchReiteratesSsab (SSAB-B)Sell SEK 40N/A    
6/18/2013Nordea Equity ResearchReiteratesElectrolux (ELUXY)Sell SEK 160N/A    
6/18/2013Nordea Equity ResearchReiteratesABB (ABB)Hold -> BuyN/A    
6/4/2013Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesSeadrill (SDRL)Hold -> BuyN/A    
5/14/2013Nordea Equity ResearchReiteratesTele2 (TEL2-A)Hold SEK 83N/A    
4/23/2013Nordea Equity ResearchReiteratesAstraZeneca (AZN)Sell €300.00N/A    
4/23/2013Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesAutoliv (ALV)Buy -> HoldN/A    
4/22/2013Nordea Equity ResearchReiteratesASSA ABLOY AB/S (ASAZY)Sell €223.00N/A    
4/19/2013Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesNokia Oyj (NOK)Strong-Buy -> BuyN/A    
4/19/2013Nordea Equity ResearchReiteratesElectrolux (ELUXY)Sell €145.00N/A    
4/18/2013Nordea Equity ResearchReiteratesDiamond Offshore Drilling (DO)Buy $74.00N/A    
4/18/2013Nordea Equity ResearchReiteratesSandvik (SAND)Buy SEK 111N/A    
4/17/2013Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesShip Finance International (SFL)Strong-Buy -> Hold$22.00 -> $18.00N/A    
4/12/2013Nordea Equity ResearchReiteratesAB SKF (SKF-A)Hold SEK 167.79N/A    
4/11/2013Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesTelia (TELIA)Hold SEK 47.38N/A    
4/11/2013Nordea Equity ResearchReiteratesAlfa Laval (ALFA)Hold SEK 201.30N/A    
4/4/2013Nordea Equity ResearchReiteratesSsab (SSAB-B)Sell SEK 45.79N/A    
3/28/2013Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesEnquest (ENQ)Buy GBX 170.77N/A    
3/19/2013Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesTelefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (ERIC)Buy -> HoldN/A    
3/14/2013Nordea Equity ResearchReiteratesEnquest (ENQ)Strong-Buy GBX 171.52N/A    
3/12/2013Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesDryShips (DRYS)Strong-Buy -> Hold$13,965.00 -> $8,268.75N/A    
2/15/2013Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesNokia Oyj (NOK)Buy -> Strong-BuyN/A    
1/17/2013Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesFrontline (FRO)Sell $9.00N/A    
1/17/2013Nordea Equity ResearchDowngradesDiana Shipping (DSX)Hold -> Sell$7.50 -> $8.30N/A    
1/17/2013Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesDryShips (DRYS)Buy -> Strong-Buy$11,025.00 -> $13,965.00N/A    
12/5/2012Nordea Equity ResearchUpgradesEnquest (ENQ)Strong-Buy GBX 168.01N/A    

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