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Williams Capital Analyst Recommendations & Stock Picks

This page lists the most recent publicly-reported stock recommendations and ratings issued by analysts at Williams Capital. These ratings and price targets were collected from pubilc media reports and are believed to be accurate, but cannot be verified with 100% certainty. MarketBeat and its parent company are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Williams Capital.

DateBrokerageActionCompanyRatingPrice TargetImpact on PriceActions
11/8/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesExtraction Oil & Gas (XOG)Buy $5.50High    
11/6/2019Williams CapitalUpgradesOtter Tail (OTTR)Sell -> HoldLow    
11/6/2019Williams CapitalUpgradesNorthwest Natural (NWN)Hold -> BuyLow    
11/5/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesPioneer Natural Resources (PXD)Buy $190.00Medium    
11/5/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesCimarex Energy (XEC)Buy $64.00High    
11/1/2019Williams CapitalUpgradesIDACORP (IDA)Sell -> Hold$90.00 -> $104.00Low    
11/1/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesGulfport Energy (GPOR)Hold $3.00High    
11/1/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesSM Energy (SM)Buy $15.00High    
10/30/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesConcho Resources (CXO)Buy $100.00High    
10/30/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesMatador Resources (MTDR)Buy $26.00High    
10/29/2019Williams CapitalInitiatesNorthwest Natural (NWN)Hold $70.00Low    
10/24/2019Williams CapitalUpgradesQEP Resources (QEP)Hold -> Buy $5.00High    
10/21/2019Williams CapitalSet Price TargetCallon Petroleum (CPE)Buy $8.00Low    
10/15/2019Williams CapitalSet Price TargetLaredo Petroleum (LPI)Buy $4.50Medium    
10/15/2019Williams CapitalDowngradesJagged Peak Energy (JAG)Buy -> Hold $8.00High    
9/30/2019Williams CapitalSet Price TargetCabot Oil & Gas (COG)Hold $22.00High    
9/18/2019Williams CapitalInitiatesMatador Resources (MTDR)Buy $26.00Medium    
9/16/2019Williams CapitalDowngradesAvista (AVA)Hold -> Sell$41.00 -> $42.00Low    
9/16/2019Williams CapitalRaises TargetMdu Resources Group (MDU)Buy$31.00 -> $32.00Low    
9/3/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesConcho Resources (CXO)Buy $114.00High    
8/26/2019Williams CapitalUpgradesNorthWestern (NWE)Sell -> Hold $66.00Medium    
8/22/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesCabot Oil & Gas (COG)Hold $22.00Medium    
8/22/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesConcho Resources (CXO)Buy $114.00Low    
8/22/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesJagged Peak Energy (JAG)Buy $11.00Medium    
8/22/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesQEP Resources (QEP)Hold $5.00Medium    
8/19/2019Williams CapitalDowngradesGulfport Energy (GPOR)Buy -> HoldLow    
8/19/2019Williams CapitalDowngradesCarrizo Oil & Gas (CRZO)Buy -> HoldLow    
8/12/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesPinnacle West Capital (PNW)Hold -> Hold$87.00 -> $97.00Low    
8/7/2019Williams CapitalDowngradesOasis Petroleum (OAS)Buy -> Hold$7.50 -> $5.00High    
8/6/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesWPX Energy (WPX)Buy $18.00High    
8/1/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesConcho Resources (CXO)Buy -> Buy$171.00 -> $155.00High    
7/30/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesDiamondback Energy (FANG)Buy $165.00High    
7/19/2019Williams CapitalSet Price TargetConcho Resources (CXO)Buy $171.00Low    
7/22/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesCabot Oil & Gas (COG)Hold $27.00Low    
7/22/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesCimarex Energy (XEC)Buy $83.00Low    
7/22/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesCarrizo Oil & Gas (CRZO)Buy $14.00Medium    
7/22/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesWPX Energy (WPX)Buy $18.00Low    
7/22/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesQEP Resources (QEP)Hold $8.00Medium    
7/16/2019Williams CapitalLowers TargetCallon Petroleum (CPE)Buy -> Buy$12.00 -> $10.00High    
6/18/2019Williams CapitalUpgradesSouthwest Gas (SWX)Hold -> Buy$81.00 -> $96.00Medium    
6/17/2019Williams CapitalInitiatesJagged Peak Energy (JAG)Buy -> Buy $13.00Medium    
6/13/2019Williams CapitalSet Price TargetCallon Petroleum (CPE)Buy $12.00Medium    
5/23/2019Williams CapitalSet Price TargetDiamondback Energy (FANG)Buy $165.00Low    
5/16/2019Williams CapitalUpgradesLaredo Petroleum (LPI)Hold -> Buy$4.00 -> $5.50Low    
5/10/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesLilis Energy (LLEX)Hold $1.50N/A    
5/8/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesOasis Petroleum (OAS)Buy $9.00High    
5/8/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesDiamondback Energy (FANG)Buy $165.00High    
5/2/2019Williams CapitalSet Price TargetMdu Resources Group (MDU)Buy $30.00Low    
5/2/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesPDC Energy (PDCE)Buy $61.00High    
5/2/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesParsley Energy (PE)Hold $26.00Medium    
4/21/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesCabot Oil & Gas (COG)Hold $28.00Low    
4/21/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesConcho Resources (CXO)Buy $182.00High    
4/21/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesOasis Petroleum (OAS)Buy $9.00High    
4/9/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesCallon Petroleum (CPE)Buy $12.00Low    
3/18/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesSouthwest Gas (SWX)HoldMedium    
3/18/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesPinnacle West Capital (PNW)HoldLow    
3/18/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesPNM Resources (PNM)SellLow    
3/18/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesEversource Energy (ES)BuyLow    
3/18/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesNorthWestern (NWE)SellLow    
3/18/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesMdu Resources Group (MDU)BuyLow    
3/18/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesBlack Hills (BKH)HoldLow    
3/13/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesLilis Energy (LLEX)Hold $2.00N/A    
3/4/2019Williams CapitalUpgradesEl Paso Electric (EE)Sell -> Hold$49.00 -> $53.00Low    
2/27/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesCallon Petroleum (CPE)Buy $12.00High    
2/26/2019Williams CapitalSet Price TargetCarrizo Oil & Gas (CRZO)Buy $19.00High    
2/22/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesCabot Oil & Gas (COG)Hold $27.00Low    
2/21/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesWPX Energy (WPX)Buy $21.00High    
2/20/2019Williams CapitalSet Price TargetConcho Resources (CXO)Buy $182.00High    
2/20/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesDiamondback Energy (FANG)Buy $153.00High    
2/19/2019Williams CapitalUpgradesALLETE (ALE)Sell -> Hold$69.00 -> $76.00Low    
2/11/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesCabot Oil & Gas (COG)Hold $27.00Medium    
2/11/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesCallon Petroleum (CPE)Buy $12.00High    
2/11/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesConcho Resources (CXO)Buy $182.00High    
2/11/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesPDC Energy (PDCE)Buy $55.00High    
2/11/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesParsley Energy (PE)Hold $22.00Medium    
2/6/2019Williams CapitalDowngradesBlack Hills (BKH)Buy -> Hold $64.00Medium    
2/4/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesWPX Energy (WPX)Buy $21.00High    
1/22/2019Williams CapitalSet Price TargetCimarex Energy (XEC)Buy $104.00Low    
1/22/2019Williams CapitalSet Price TargetExtraction Oil & Gas (XOG)Buy $8.00Medium    
1/22/2019Williams CapitalSet Price TargetPDC Energy (PDCE)Buy $55.00Medium    
1/23/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesCarrizo Oil & Gas (CRZO)Buy $19.00High    
1/23/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesLaredo Petroleum (LPI)Hold $5.00Medium    
1/18/2019Williams CapitalReiteratesGulfport Energy (GPOR)Buy $14.00High    
1/8/2019Williams CapitalInitiatesWPX Energy (WPX)Buy $21.00Low    
1/4/2019Williams CapitalUpgradesAvista (AVA)Sell -> Hold$40.00 -> $41.00Medium    
12/19/2018Williams CapitalInitiatesJinkoSolar (JKS)Sell -> Sell $1.00High    
12/12/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetCabot Oil & Gas (COG)Hold $27.00High    
12/12/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetCarrizo Oil & Gas (CRZO)Buy $22.00Medium    
12/12/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetCimarex Energy (XEC)Buy $109.00Low    
12/12/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetExtraction Oil & Gas (XOG)Buy $9.00Low    
12/12/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetGulfport Energy (GPOR)Buy $15.00High    
12/12/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetLaredo Petroleum (LPI)Hold $6.00Low    
12/12/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetOasis Petroleum (OAS)Buy $11.00Medium    
12/12/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesParsley Energy (PE)Hold $25.00Medium    
12/12/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesPDC Energy (PDCE)Buy $62.00Low    
12/12/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesQEP Resources (QEP)Buy $12.00Medium    
12/12/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesSM Energy (SM)Buy $36.00Low    
12/12/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesCallon Petroleum (CPE)Buy $12.00Medium    
12/12/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesConcho Resources (CXO)Buy $182.00Low    
12/12/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesDiamondback Energy (FANG)Buy $153.00Medium    
12/10/2018Williams CapitalDowngradesALLETE (ALE)Hold -> Sell $69.00Low    
12/3/2018Williams CapitalRaises TargetSouthwest Gas (SWX)Hold -> Hold$74.00 -> $78.00Low    
11/19/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetQEP Resources (QEP)Buy $15.00Low    
11/19/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetCimarex Energy (XEC)Buy $129.00Low    
11/7/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetQEP Resources (QEP)Buy $15.00High    
11/7/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetPioneer Natural Resources (PXD)Hold $231.00High    
11/7/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetDiamondback Energy (FANG)Buy $171.00High    
11/7/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetCimarex Energy (XEC)Buy $129.00High    
11/7/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetCallon Petroleum (CPE)Buy $16.00Low    
11/7/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetExtraction Oil & Gas (XOG)Buy $15.00High    
11/6/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetPDC Energy (PDCE)Buy $77.00Medium    
11/6/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetCarrizo Oil & Gas (CRZO)Buy $38.00High    
11/6/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesLaredo Petroleum (LPI)Hold $8.00High    
11/6/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetOasis Petroleum (OAS)Buy $17.00Low    
11/2/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetSM Energy (SM)Buy $44.00High    
11/2/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetParsley Energy (PE)Hold $38.00Medium    
11/2/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetGulfport Energy (GPOR)Buy $16.00High    
10/31/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesConcho Resources (CXO)Buy $200.00Medium    
10/29/2018Williams CapitalLowers TargetSouth Jersey Industries (SJI)Buy -> Buy$39.00 -> $36.00Low    
10/26/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetCabot Oil & Gas (COG)Hold $26.00High    
10/24/2018Williams CapitalInitiatesCallon Petroleum (CPE)Buy $16.00High    
10/18/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetGulfport Energy (GPOR)Buy $16.00High    
10/19/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesExtraction Oil & Gas (XOG)Buy $15.00High    
10/18/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetSM Energy (SM)Buy $44.00Low    
10/17/2018Williams CapitalDowngradesLilis Energy (LLEX)Buy -> Hold$8.00 -> $5.00N/A    
10/15/2018Williams CapitalRaises TargetPinnacle West Capital (PNW)Hold -> Hold$80.00 -> $84.00Low    
8/20/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetCimarex Energy (XEC)Buy $129.00Low    
8/20/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetPDC Energy (PDCE)Buy $77.00Medium    
8/20/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetParsley Energy (PE)Hold $36.00Low    
8/20/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetQEP Resources (QEP)Buy $15.00High    
8/21/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesExtraction Oil & Gas (XOG)Buy $20.00Medium    
8/21/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesLaredo Petroleum (LPI)Hold $10.00Medium    
8/21/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesPioneer Natural Resources (PXD)Hold $225.00Low    
8/20/2018Williams CapitalUpgradesDiamondback Energy (FANG)Hold -> Buy$165.00 -> $167.00Low    
8/15/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetDiamondback Energy (FANG)Hold -> Hold $165.00High    
8/15/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetCarrizo Oil & Gas (CRZO)Buy $41.00High    
8/9/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesDiamondback Energy (FANG)Hold $162.00Low    
8/9/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetPDC Energy (PDCE)Buy $82.00Low    
8/8/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetParsley Energy (PE)Hold $38.00Low    
8/8/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesExtraction Oil & Gas (XOG)Buy $22.00Low    
8/8/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesPioneer Natural Resources (PXD)Hold $226.00High    
8/8/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesCimarex Energy (XEC)Buy $134.00High    
8/7/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesCarrizo Oil & Gas (CRZO)Buy $41.00High    
7/31/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesPioneer Natural Resources (PXD)Hold $226.00Low    
7/30/2018Williams CapitalUpgradesPortland General Electric (POR)Sell -> Hold$41.00 -> $44.00High    
7/23/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesQEP Resources (QEP)Buy $18.00Medium    
7/23/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesConcho Resources (CXO)Buy $189.00Low    
7/23/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesCimarex Energy (XEC)Buy $134.00Low    
7/23/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesCarrizo Oil & Gas (CRZO)Buy $41.00Low    
7/16/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesGulfport Energy (GPOR)Buy $16.00Low    
6/26/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesOasis Petroleum (OAS)Buy $18.00Low    
6/18/2018Williams CapitalInitiatesConcho Resources (CXO)Buy $178.00Medium    
6/11/2018Williams CapitalDowngradesEl Paso Electric (EE)Hold -> Sell$52.00 -> $49.00Low    
6/11/2018Williams CapitalDowngradesALLETE (ALE)Buy -> Hold$76.00 -> $73.00High    
6/4/2018Williams CapitalDowngradesIDACORP (IDA)Hold -> Sell $80.00High    
5/31/2018Williams CapitalDowngradesOtter Tail (OTTR)Hold -> Sell $42.00High    
5/24/2018Williams CapitalRaises TargetSunPower (SPWR)Hold$6.00 -> $8.00Low    
5/23/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesCimarex Energy (XEC)Buy $132.00High    
5/23/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesCarrizo Oil & Gas (CRZO)Buy $38.00Medium    
5/23/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesGulfport Energy (GPOR)Buy $16.00Low    
5/23/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesOasis Petroleum (OAS)Buy $18.00High    
5/23/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesSM Energy (SM)Buy $44.00Low    
5/11/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetGASTAR EXPL INC/SH (GST)Hold $1.00N/A    
5/9/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetCimarex Energy (XEC)Buy $138.00High    
5/9/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesDiamondback Energy (FANG)Hold $134.00High    
5/9/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetExtraction Oil & Gas (XOG)Buy $20.00High    
5/9/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetGulfport Energy (GPOR)Buy $14.00High    
5/8/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetCarrizo Oil & Gas (CRZO)Buy $26.00High    
5/8/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetOasis Petroleum (OAS)Buy $13.00Low    
5/4/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetSM Energy (SM)Buy $35.00Low    
5/4/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetParsley Energy (PE)Hold $32.00High    
5/3/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetPioneer Natural Resources (PXD)Hold $202.00High    
5/3/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetPDC Energy (PDCE)Buy $79.00High    
5/3/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetLaredo Petroleum (LPI)Hold $11.00High    
4/30/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetOasis Petroleum (OAS)Buy $13.00High    
4/27/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesCabot Oil & Gas (COG)Hold $28.00Low    
4/27/2018Williams CapitalRaises TargetFirst Solar (FSLR)Buy -> Buy$75.00 -> $83.00High    
4/26/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesQEP Resources (QEP)Buy $16.00Medium    
4/24/2018Williams CapitalRaises TargetSouth Jersey Industries (SJI)Buy -> Buy$35.00 -> $38.00Low    
4/10/2018Williams CapitalInitiatesSouthwest Gas (SWX)Hold -> Hold $73.00Low    
4/5/2018Williams CapitalLowers TargetAcuity Brands (AYI)Hold$175.00 -> $151.00High    
4/4/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetSM Energy (SM)Buy $38.00High    
3/16/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetGASTAR EXPL INC/SH (GST)Hold $1.00N/A    
3/7/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesCree (CREE)Hold -> Hold$36.00 -> $38.00High    
3/2/2018Williams CapitalDowngradesPattern Energy Group (PEGI)Buy -> Hold$28.00 -> $19.00Medium    
3/1/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesEversource Energy (ES)Buy -> Buy$65.00 -> $63.00Low    
3/1/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetQEP Resources (QEP)Buy -> Buy$14.00 -> $18.00High    
2/28/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetExtraction Oil & Gas (XOG)Buy $22.00High    
2/28/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetOasis Petroleum (OAS)Buy $13.00High    
2/27/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesCree (CREE)Hold -> Hold$32.00 -> $36.00High    
2/27/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesPDC Energy (PDCE)Buy -> Buy$69.00 -> $76.00High    
2/27/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesCarrizo Oil & Gas (CRZO)Buy -> Buy$32.00 -> $28.00High    
2/26/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesIDACORP (IDA)Hold -> Hold$86.00 -> $80.00Medium    
2/23/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetCabot Oil & Gas (COG)Hold $30.00Low    
2/22/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetParsley Energy (PE)Hold $34.00Medium    
2/22/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetSM Energy (SM)Buy $40.00High    
2/22/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetGulfport Energy (GPOR)Buy $17.00Medium    
2/22/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesAvista (AVA)Sell -> Sell$42.00 -> $40.00Medium    
2/15/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetGASTAR EXPL INC/SH (GST)Hold $1.00N/A    
2/15/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesOtter Tail (OTTR)Hold -> Hold$41.00 -> $42.00Medium    
2/15/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesLaredo Petroleum (LPI)Hold $11.00Medium    
2/15/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetCimarex Energy (XEC)Buy $154.00Medium    
2/14/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetDiamondback Energy (FANG)Hold $137.00High    
2/8/2018Williams CapitalLowers TargetMdu Resources Group (MDU)Buy -> Buy$30.00 -> $28.00Low    
2/2/2018Williams CapitalUpgradesALLETE (ALE)Hold -> Buy $76.00Low    
1/30/2018Williams CapitalSet Price TargetGulfport Energy (GPOR)Buy $17.00High    
1/30/2018Williams CapitalDowngradesParsley Energy (PE)Buy -> Hold$38.00 -> $34.00High    
1/29/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesPinnacle West Capital (PNW)Hold -> Hold$87.00 -> $84.00Medium    
1/25/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesLaredo Petroleum (LPI)Hold $13.00High    
1/24/2018Williams CapitalUpgradesCree (CREE)Sell -> Hold$27.00 -> $32.00High    
1/18/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesExtraction Oil & Gas (XOG)Buy $22.00High    
1/10/2018Williams CapitalUpgradesBlack Hills (BKH)Hold -> Buy$70.00 -> $62.00Low    
1/10/2018Williams CapitalDowngradesAcuity Brands (AYI)Buy -> Hold$204.00 -> $175.00Low    
1/10/2018Williams CapitalReiteratesSM Energy (SM)Buy $39.00High    
12/21/2017Williams CapitalSet Price TargetGulfport Energy (GPOR)Buy $18.00High    
12/21/2017Williams CapitalSet Price TargetCabot Oil & Gas (COG)Hold $30.00High    
12/19/2017Williams CapitalSet Price TargetExtraction Oil & Gas (XOG)Buy $21.00Medium    
12/12/2017Williams CapitalSet Price TargetOasis Petroleum (OAS)Buy $13.00High    
12/12/2017Williams CapitalLowers TargetPDC Energy (PDCE)Buy$64.00 -> $60.00Medium    
12/8/2017Williams CapitalInitiatesQEP Resources (QEP)Buy $13.00Low    
11/27/2017Williams CapitalSet Price TargetGulfport Energy (GPOR)Buy $18.00Low    
11/27/2017Williams CapitalSet Price TargetCarrizo Oil & Gas (CRZO)Buy $29.00High    
11/8/2017Williams CapitalReiteratesCarrizo Oil & Gas (CRZO)Buy $26.00N/A    
10/30/2017Williams CapitalSet Price TargetCabot Oil & Gas (COG)Hold $30.00N/A    
10/23/2017Williams CapitalSet Price TargetGulfport Energy (GPOR)Buy $18.00N/A    
10/23/2017Williams CapitalRaises TargetEversource Energy (ES)Buy$64.00 -> $66.00N/A    
10/19/2017Williams CapitalDowngradesCree (CREE)Hold -> Sell $27.00N/A    
10/18/2017Williams CapitalRaises TargetSM Energy (SM)Buy -> Buy$30.00 -> $32.00N/A    
10/18/2017Williams CapitalLowers TargetPioneer Natural Resources (PXD)Hold -> Hold$165.00 -> $162.00N/A    
10/18/2017Williams CapitalRaises TargetPDC Energy (PDCE)Buy -> Buy$58.00 -> $60.00N/A    
10/18/2017Williams CapitalLowers TargetParsley Energy (PE)Buy -> Buy$36.00 -> $33.00N/A    
10/18/2017Williams CapitalRaises TargetLaredo Petroleum (LPI)Hold -> Hold$13.00 -> $14.00N/A    
10/18/2017Williams CapitalReiteratesDiamondback Energy (FANG)Hold -> Hold$110.00 -> $114.00N/A    
10/18/2017Williams CapitalRaises TargetCimarex Energy (XEC)Buy$132.00 -> $140.00N/A    
10/17/2017Williams CapitalUpgradesSouth Jersey Industries (SJI)Hold -> Buy$36.00 -> $37.00N/A    
10/16/2017Williams CapitalInitiatesPattern Energy Group (PEGI)Buy -> Buy $28.00N/A    
10/12/2017Williams CapitalReiteratesALLETE (ALE)Buy -> Hold $79.00N/A    
10/9/2017Williams CapitalReiteratesCarrizo Oil & Gas (CRZO)Buy $26.00N/A    
10/9/2017Williams CapitalReiteratesCabot Oil & Gas (COG)Hold $28.00N/A    
10/6/2017Williams CapitalDowngradesBlack Hills (BKH)Buy -> Hold$75.00 -> $70.00N/A    
10/3/2017Williams CapitalReiteratesDiamondback Energy (FANG)Hold -> Hold$105.00 -> $110.00Low    
10/2/2017Williams CapitalReiteratesExtraction Oil & Gas (XOG)Buy -> Buy $21.00High    
9/26/2017Williams CapitalInitiatesLilis Energy (LLEX)Buy $7.00Low    
9/18/2017Williams CapitalDowngradesSouth Jersey Industries (SJI)Buy -> Hold $36.00High    
9/18/2017Williams CapitalDowngradesPNM Resources (PNM)Hold -> Sell $38.00Medium    
9/15/2017Williams CapitalReiteratesSM Energy (SM)Buy $30.00High    
8/9/2017Williams CapitalSet Price TargetGulfport Energy (GPOR)Buy $21.00High    
8/9/2017Williams CapitalReiteratesCimarex Energy (XEC)Buy $136.00High    
8/8/2017Williams CapitalSet Price TargetCarrizo Oil & Gas (CRZO)Buy $35.00High    
8/8/2017Williams CapitalSet Price TargetPDC Energy (PDCE)Buy $67.00High    

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