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Pgim Aaa Clo Etf (PAAA) Holdings

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(As of 05/23/2024 ET)

Top 50 PAAA Holdings

RankCompanyCurrent PriceWeightShares Held
1BROAD RIVER BSL FUNDING CLO LTD 6.75617%N/A2.67%4,250,000
2Cifc Funding 2015-IV Limited 6.65617%N/A2.35%3,750,000
3Prudential Govt Money Mkt FdN/A2.35%3,745,219
4Cbam 2020-12 Ltd / Llc 6.76617%N/A2.19%3,500,000
5Ppm Clo 5 Ltd/Llc 6.78854%N/A2.19%3,500,000
6Z CAPITAL CREDIT PARTNERS BSL CLO 2024-1 LTD 7.28125%N/A2.05%3,250,000
7Voya Clo 2020-2 Ltd / Llc 6.74817%N/A2.04%3,250,000
8CLOVER CLO 2018-1 LLC 6.85441%N/A1.89%3,000,000
9Madison Park Funding Xxxvii Ltd/Llc 6.8524%N/A1.89%3,000,000
10OCEAN TRAILS CLO XV LTD 7.02185%N/A1.89%3,000,000
11TRALEE CLO VII LTD 6.90516%N/A1.89%3,000,000
12AGL CLO 5 LTD 6.74617%N/A1.88%3,000,000
13Balboa Bay Loan Funding 2021-2 LTD / LLC 6.75617%N/A1.88%3,000,000
14CROWN CITY CLO III 6.75617%N/A1.88%3,000,000
15OCTAGON 51 LTD 6.73617%N/A1.88%3,000,000
16RAD CLO 12 LTD 6.76111%N/A1.88%3,000,000
17Sound Pt Clo Xxi Ltd / Sound Pt 144A FRN 0%N/A1.88%3,000,000
18TCW CLO LTD 6.75617%N/A1.88%3,000,000
19Columbia Cent Clo 31 Ltd 6.78617%N/A1.72%2,750,000
20BATTALION CLO XIV LTD 6.77617%N/A1.57%2,500,000
21Cqs Us Clo 2023-3 Ltd / Cqs Us 144A FRN 7.20899%N/A1.57%2,500,000
22Galaxy Xxv Clo. Ltd. 6.74355%N/A1.57%2,500,000
23Ticp Clo Xii Ltd / Ticp Clo Xii Llc 6.76017%N/A1.57%2,500,000
24WELLFLEET CLO LTD 6.81017%N/A1.57%2,500,000
26Neuberger Berman CLO XVI-S LTD/LLC 6.63017%N/A1.56%2,500,000
27WIND RIVER CLO LTD 6.73617%N/A1.53%2,450,000
28Elmwood Clo V Ltd / Elmwood Clo V Llc 6.73617%N/A1.41%2,250,000
29Ticp Clo Vii Ltd / Ticp Clo Vii FRN 6.62856%N/A1.41%2,250,000
30OAKTREE CLO LTD 6.74017%N/A1.39%2,210,000
31CANYON CLO 2022-1 LTD 6.65766%N/A1.28%2,041,000
32Elmwood Clo 25 Ltd / Elmwood C FRN 6.81887%N/A1.26%2,000,000
33Silver Rock Clo Iii Ltd / Silv FRN 7.21662%N/A1.26%2,000,000
34TRINITAS CLO XXII LTD 7.17456%N/A1.26%2,000,000
35TRNTS 2023-26A A1 FRN 1/20/2035N/A1.26%2,000,000
36Cifc Funding 2021-V Ltd / Cifc Funding 2021-V Llc 6.73017%N/A1.25%2,000,000
37Elevation Clo 2021-13 Ltd / Llc 6.78017%N/A1.25%2,000,000
38Regatta VII Funding LTD/LLC 6.74412%N/A1.25%2,000,000
39Oaktree CLO Ltd 2021-1 6.75017%N/A1.17%1,875,000
40KKR CLO 46 LTD 7.17456%N/A1.10%1,750,000
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41TIKEHAU US CLO V LTD 7.3113%N/A1.10%1,750,000
42WHITEBOX CLO II LTD 6.80455%N/A1.00%1,600,000
43Atlas Static Sr Ln Fd I Ltd / Atlas FRN 7.07856%N/A0.96%1,525,014
44GENERATE CLO 7 LTD 7.29907%N/A0.94%1,500,000
45MARBLE POINT CLO XXI LTD 6.81868%N/A0.94%1,500,000
46NORTHWOOD CAPITAL 22 LTD 7.33297%N/A0.94%1,500,000
47RAD CLO 14 LTD 6.76017%N/A0.94%1,500,000
48Tikehau US CLO III Ltd/Tikehau US CLO III LLC 7.19456%N/A0.94%1,500,000
49TRINITAS CLO XX LTD 6.85456%N/A0.94%1,500,000
50WARWICK CAPITAL CLO 2 LTD 7.32658%N/A0.94%1,500,000

Geographic Exposure

  • United States
  • Cayman Islands

Currency Exposure

  • USD

Coupon Exposure

  • 6-8
  • 4-6

Maturity Exposure

  • 10-15
  • 5-10

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