S&P 500   4,023.89
DOW   32,196.66
QQQ   301.94
S&P 500   4,023.89
DOW   32,196.66
QQQ   301.94
S&P 500   4,023.89
DOW   32,196.66
QQQ   301.94
S&P 500   4,023.89
DOW   32,196.66
QQQ   301.94

General Dynamics Institutional Ownership

+2.82 (+1.26%)
(As of 05/13/2022 07:00 PM ET)
Today's Range
50-Day Range
52-Week Range
1.56 million shs
Average Volume
1.53 million shs
Market Capitalization
$62.85 billion
P/E Ratio
Dividend Yield

Institutional Ownership Changes (13F Filings) for General Dynamics (NYSE:GD)

Institutional Ownership
Number of
Institutional Buyers
(last 12 months)
Institutional Inflows
(last 12 months)
$4.82 B
Number of
Institutional Sellers
(last 12 months)
Institutional Outflows
(last 12 months)
$5.43 B
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Institutional Buying and Selling by Quarter

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General Dynamics (NYSE:GD) Institutional Buying and Selling

Reporting DateHedge FundShares HeldMarket Value% of PortfolioQuarterly Change in SharesOwnership in CompanyDetails
5/13/2022SVB Wealth LLC1,466$0.35M0.0%-32.5%0.001%
5/13/2022Proficio Capital Partners LLC1,021$0.25M0.0%N/A0.000%
5/13/2022Centaurus Financial Inc.2,534$0.61M0.0%+7.0%0.001%
5/13/2022Ameritas Investment Partners Inc.19,194$4.63M0.2%+0.3%0.007%
5/13/2022Renaissance Technologies LLC23,800$5.74M0.0%-91.6%0.009%
5/13/2022Turim 21 Investimentos Ltda.7,576$1.83M0.8%N/A0.003%
5/13/2022Northern Trust Corp2,329,073$561.73M0.1%-2.3%0.839%
5/13/2022Cadence Bank30,383$7.33M0.9%+8.2%0.011%
5/13/2022Certified Advisory Corp100$25K0.0%N/A0.000%
5/13/2022Industrial Alliance Investment Management Inc.1,720$0.42M0.0%+30.2%0.001%
5/13/2022ING Groep NV36,568$8.82M0.1%+20.9%0.013%
5/13/2022Ancora Advisors LLC25,613$4.65M0.1%-1.3%0.009%
5/13/2022Charles Schwab Investment Management Inc.1,288,469$310.75M0.1%+2.3%0.464%
5/13/2022KCM Investment Advisors LLC20,179$4.87M0.2%+1.2%0.007%
5/13/2022Frontier Wealth Management LLC3,455$0.84M0.0%+1.6%0.001%
5/13/2022Edgestream Partners L.P.12,998$3.14M0.2%N/A0.005%
5/13/2022Premier Asset Management LLC1,434$0.35M0.1%-29.2%0.001%
5/13/2022Signet Financial Management LLC1,884$0.45M0.1%-6.8%0.001%
5/13/2022Clark Estates Inc. NY25,000$6.03M1.0%-28.6%0.009%
5/13/2022Utah Retirement Systems44,419$10.71M0.1%-1.6%0.016%
5/13/2022Mariner LLC45,375$10.94M0.0%+7.9%0.016%
5/13/2022Nelson Van Denburg & Campbell Wealth Management Group LLC233$56K0.0%+158.9%0.000%
5/13/2022Easterly Investment Partners LLC56,300$13.58M1.0%+52.5%0.020%
5/13/2022Nations Financial Group Inc. IA ADV902$0.22M0.0%N/A0.000%
5/13/2022Syntal Capital Partners LLC6,933$1.67M0.7%N/A0.002%
5/13/2022Caisse DE Depot ET Placement DU Quebec389,269$93.88M0.2%-54.0%0.140%
5/13/2022Edgar Lomax Co. VA315,139$76.01M4.5%+24.6%0.113%
5/13/2022Arrowstreet Capital Limited Partnership63,120$15.22M0.0%-29.1%0.023%
5/13/2022International Assets Investment Management LLC2,565$0.62M0.1%-17.9%0.001%
5/13/2022Worth Asset Management LLC1,007$0.23M0.1%N/A0.000%
5/13/2022Laurel Wealth Advisors Inc.10,159$2.45M0.2%-16.4%0.004%
5/13/2022qPULA Trading Management LP1,363$0.33M0.4%N/A0.000%
5/13/2022Fund Management at Engine No. 1 LLC1,951$0.47M0.1%N/A0.001%
5/13/2022Symphony Financial Ltd. Co.4,538$1.11M0.3%N/A0.002%
5/13/2022First Trust Advisors LP1,464,032$353.10M0.4%-2.3%0.527%
5/13/2022Lumature Wealth Partners LLC7,436$1.79M0.7%+30.8%0.003%
5/13/2022XTX Topco Ltd2,675$0.65M0.3%N/A0.001%
5/13/2022Cibc World Markets Corp14,015$3.38M0.0%+69.7%0.005%
5/13/2022Royal London Asset Management Ltd.95,944$23.14M0.1%+3.4%0.035%
5/13/2022Prudential Financial Inc.566,647$136.66M0.2%-37.0%0.204%
5/13/2022Federated Hermes Inc.8,745$2.11M0.0%-6.8%0.003%
5/13/2022USS Investment Management Ltd21,721$5.24M0.0%-59.6%0.008%
5/13/2022Equitable Holdings Inc.10,930$2.64M0.0%+11.8%0.004%
5/13/2022American International Group Inc.63,654$15.35M0.1%-3.5%0.023%
5/13/2022Bridgewater Associates LP86,678$20.91M0.1%+244.5%0.031%
5/13/2022Mackenzie Financial Corp108,586$26.19M0.0%+0.6%0.039%
5/13/2022Barometer Capital Management Inc.37,349$8.96M1.6%+541.6%0.013%
5/13/2022NewEdge Advisors LLC34,153$8.24M0.1%+51.6%0.012%
5/13/2022Clark Financial Services Group Inc. BD2,901$0.70M0.5%+8.2%0.001%
5/13/2022Merit Financial Group LLC6,301$1.52M0.1%+1.7%0.002%
5/13/2022Doyle Wealth Management851$0.21M0.0%N/A0.000%
5/13/2022Mather Group LLC.57,967$13.98M0.3%-3.4%0.021%
5/13/2022Covestor Ltd973$0.24M0.2%+45.9%0.000%
5/13/2022Empirical Financial Services LLC d.b.a. Empirical Wealth Management5,922$1.43M0.1%+5.7%0.002%
5/13/2022Parkside Financial Bank & Trust1,869$0.45M0.1%-23.9%0.001%
5/13/2022Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.1,275$0.31M0.0%+791.6%0.000%
5/13/2022MMA Asset Management LLC1,788$0.41M0.3%+56.0%0.001%
5/13/2022Zions Bancorporation N.A.540$0.13M0.0%+294.2%0.000%
5/13/2022Baird Financial Group Inc.104,682$25.25M0.1%-10.4%0.038%
5/13/2022Financial Advisors Network Inc.3,091$0.75M0.2%+71.2%0.001%
5/13/2022Vanguard Group Inc.20,326,396$4.90B0.1%+0.7%7.320%
5/13/2022National Pension Service347,708$83.86M0.2%-5.3%0.125%
5/13/2022Brighton Jones LLC2,169$0.52M0.0%-3.3%0.001%
5/13/2022Sequoia Financial Advisors LLC6,655$1.61M0.0%-84.6%0.002%
5/13/2022Ignite Planners LLC1,204$0.29M0.2%+6.3%0.000%
5/13/2022Moors & Cabot Inc.4,202$1.01M0.1%+13.2%0.002%
5/13/2022Mackay Shields LLC33,092$7.98M0.1%-4.3%0.012%
5/13/2022Cetera Investment Advisers26,115$6.30M0.1%-11.2%0.009%
5/13/2022Prudential PLC12,642$3.05M0.0%N/A0.005%
5/13/2022Aviva PLC71,814$17.32M0.1%-27.0%0.026%
5/13/2022Symmetry Investments LP3,700$0.89M0.1%N/A0.001%
5/13/2022Sei Investments Co.218,211$52.55M0.1%-15.4%0.079%
5/13/2022Blair William & Co. IL201,928$48.70M0.2%+1.3%0.073%
5/13/2022Dimensional Fund Advisors LP1,246,540$300.64M0.1%-2.5%0.449%
5/13/2022Fiduciary Group LLC6,599$1.50M0.2%-3.8%0.002%
5/13/2022Connolly Sarah T.5,043$1.22M0.7%+3.8%0.002%
5/13/2022Cohen Lawrence B8,596$2.07M1.2%+3.1%0.003%
5/12/2022Cibc World Market Inc.61,844$14.92M0.0%+25.8%0.022%
5/12/2022Synovus Financial Corp26,667$6.42M0.1%+7.3%0.010%
5/12/2022BRITISH COLUMBIA INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT Corp36,641$8.84M0.1%-12.2%0.013%
5/12/2022Kinloch Capital LLC13,885$3.35M2.0%+4.9%0.005%
5/12/2022Westwood Holdings Group Inc.204,264$49.27M0.5%+1.7%0.074%
5/12/2022Raymond James Trust N.A.18,393$4.44M0.1%-12.9%0.007%
5/12/2022Richard Bernstein Advisors LLC17,831$4.30M0.1%N/A0.006%
5/12/2022ICW Investment Advisors LLC8,010$1.93M1.1%+0.6%0.003%
5/12/2022Citizens Financial Group Inc RI7,968$1.92M0.1%-2.1%0.003%
5/12/2022Meridian Wealth Management LLC3,059$0.74M0.1%-3.9%0.001%
5/12/2022LSV Asset Management360,797$87.02M0.2%-5.6%0.130%
5/12/2022Prospector Partners LLC34,430$8.30M1.0%+5.5%0.012%
5/12/2022U.S. Capital Wealth Advisors LLC31,581$7.62M0.3%+11.6%0.011%
5/12/2022Yousif Capital Management LLC68,030$16.41M0.2%-0.3%0.024%
5/12/2022Rosenbaum Jay D.3,689$0.89M1.4%+2.8%0.001%
5/12/2022Principle Wealth Partners LLC27,883$6.73M0.7%+5.7%0.010%
5/12/2022Moreno Evelyn V22,837$5.51M1.1%-1.9%0.008%
5/12/2022Verity Asset Management Inc.58,392$0.60M0.4%+1,682.4%0.021%
5/12/2022Great West Life Assurance Co. Can75,991$19.19M0.0%-1.1%0.027%
5/12/2022Shelton Capital Management13,518$3.26M0.1%+790.5%0.005%
5/12/2022Beacon Investment Advisory Services Inc.914$0.22M0.0%N/A0.000%
5/12/2022Exencial Wealth Advisors LLC1,111$0.27M0.0%+9.4%0.000%
5/12/2022X Square Capital LLC16,613$4.01M2.1%-2.6%0.006%
(Data available from 1/1/2016 forward)

General Dynamics (NYSE:GD) Institutional Ownership Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the institutional owners of General Dynamics?

During the previous two years, 1,560 institutional investors and hedge funds held shares of General Dynamics. The most heavily invested institutionals were Border to Coast Pensions Partnership Ltd ($26.52B), Longview Asset Management LLC ($5.45B), Vanguard Group Inc. ($4.90B), Newport Trust Co ($4.09B), BlackRock Inc. ($3.73B), Wellington Management Group LLP ($3.16B), and State Street Corp ($2.26B).Learn more on GD's institutional investors.

What percentage of General Dynamics stock is owned by institutional investors?

85.84% of General Dynamics stock is owned by institutional investors. Learn more on GD's institutional investor holdings.

Which institutional investors have been buying General Dynamics stock?

Of the 1,362 institutional investors that purchased General Dynamics stock in the last 24 months, the following investors and hedge funds have bought the highest volume of shares: Norges Bank ($5.01M), Boston Partners ($2.84M), Massachusetts Financial Services Co. MA ($2.23M), Prospera Financial Services Inc ($1.88M), BlackRock Inc. ($1.84M), The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company ($1.51M), and First Trust Advisors LP ($1.09M).

How much institutional buying is happening at General Dynamics?

Institutional investors have bought a total of 51,764,466 shares in the last 24 months. This purchase volume represents approximately $9.19B in transactions.

Which General Dynamics institutionals have been selling company stock?

Of the 959 institutional investors that sold General Dynamics stock in the last 24 months, the following investors and hedge funds have sold the highest volume of shares: Caisse DE Depot ET Placement DU Quebec ($4.17M), Barrow Hanley Mewhinney & Strauss LLC ($2.61M), Newport Trust Co ($2.23M), Longview Asset Management LLC ($2.17M), Prospera Financial Services Inc ($1.89M), Invesco Ltd. ($1.64M), and BlackRock Inc. ($1.09M).

How much institutional selling is happening at General Dynamics?

Institutional investors have sold a total of 42,591,514 shares in the last 24 months. This volume of shares sold represents approximately $7.92B in transactions.

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